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Daddy and Babygirl Plus Two


*All participants are willing and over the age of 18. This is a fantasy story, if it offends you please do not read. As always, feel free to leave feedback*


Daddy awoke this morning to an empty bed, which was something that didn't normally happen in this house. Babygirl loved being in bed with Daddy and usually took full advantage of staying there as long as possible with him. This morning was different though. She had woken up before him and snuck out to the kitchen to prepare him breakfast. Today was Daddy's birthday and she wanted to make sure it started off as wonderful as possible.

He could hear her maneuvering around in the kitchen but decided to just stay in bed. After all, it was his birthday and he was in no hurry to wake up and start the day. He had planned on making Babygirl wait on him hand and foot today. Not that that was too different from the expectations he held for her most days, but today he would make her work for it. They had just had a recent conversation about her wanting to just *have a little fun* and he was going to give her just that. He lay in bed thinking about some of the things he could make her do for him when he heard her footsteps coming down the hallway. He rolled over to his side and pretended to be asleep.

Babygirl was almost done with Daddy's breakfast and figured she should go wake him up, she found it strange that he hadn't made his way out of bed yet. She was hoping he was feeling alright because she had some good plans in mind for his big day! She walked down the hallway to their bedroom and slowly opened the door. Daddy was still laying where he was over an hour ago. His breathing was quite steady as she watched him, so she assumed he was just still sleeping. Babygirl walked over to the side of the bed and gently shook him.

"Daddy, it's time to get up. I have breakfast ready for you." Daddy didn't budge. She shook him gently again.

"Daddy, time to wake up." She leaned over and kissed his cheek. He stirred slightly on the bed. Babygirl gave him another kiss.

"Hey birthday-boy, you need to get up." She held in a small giggle as she watched his face flinch. She knew he was awake now and that it was going to take more than a simple shake to get him up out of bed.

"Okay, I guess I'll just go eat the breakfast myself and the old man can stay in bed and sleep all day. I imagine that is what happens when one gets to be this age." It was very hard for her not to break into laughter as she made her comment. She turned her head a moment to quickly and didn't see his arm come flying up off the bed. He grabbed her by the hair and jerked her back down to the bed.

"Just who are you calling old man?" Daddy questioned her with a grin.

"Well, the one who is still in bed even though half the day is almost gone!" She laughed. "Come on Daddy, I made you breakfast. You should come eat."

"I'm not ready to get up yet." Daddy sighed and rolled back over to his side.

"I hear they can do wonders with that little problem nowadays Daddy, perhaps you should see a doctor!" Babygirl started giggling. Sometimes he just made it too easy to tease him.

"I KNOW you're not trying to insinuate that Daddy has a problem with that particular area, are you?!" She could see he had something brewing as he continued to talk. "I would sure hate to have to prove you wrong so early in the day."

"Oh yeah, well maybe you should. Unless of course, that would be too hard on you." She smiled at him.

"If you want hard, I can certainly show you hard!" Daddy's hand came up behind her head and she was being guided to his cock before she could even blink. She obediently followed and took Daddy's throbbing dick in her mouth. She tried to work some spit into her mouth to make it wet for Daddy and easier to stroke him. Her tongue rubbed the underside of his cock and she could feel him twitch in her mouth.

Daddy's hips were thrusting upwards to her mouth, encouraging her to take him deeper. Babygirl tried relaxing her throat against the invasion and she could feel him slip further inside. She quickly brought her head back up as she started gagging around him. She took her mouth from his cock and licked her way to his balls. Swirling her tongue around each one and then trailing a line down to his ass. Babygirl allowed her tongue to dance around Daddy's asshole as she used her hand to stroke his cock. When Daddy nudged the back of her head she brought her mouth's attention back to his dick. She took him once again as deep in her mouth as she could and when Daddy lifted his hips up fast he slide right into throat. He could feel her throat spasming around his cock and held his hands behind her head before she could bring herself back up. Daddy made her stay that way for a few more moments before giving her the relief she was seeking. Babygirl continued to stroke Daddy's dick with her mouth. Her tongue moving under him as she bobbed her head up and down his length.

Daddy placed his hands on either side of her head and started fucking her mouth at his own pace. Using her mouth simply as a tool to stroke himself. When he was ready to cum he pushed her head down hard and sat up, wrapping himself behind her head so she couldn't lift up and came in her throat. Babygirl kept his throbbing dick inside her mouth for a few more moments before slowly backing off and licking him clean.

"Thank you Daddy" she sighed softly.

"I'm hungry, let's eat now." Daddy got up and headed for the closet to get dressed. Babygirl returned to the kitchen to finish up Daddy's breakfast. She was glad she had planned on a little extra time to wake him up. Breakfast was just being dished up when Daddy came out and sat down. They talked a little about what they would do that day and enjoyed their food.

Daddy and Babygirl went about their day after breakfast ... they did a little shopping, went to a movie, ran a few errands, and then went back home to get ready for the birthday party that night. They were going to meet some friends later in the evening for dinner and drinks, and Babygirl was hoping a lot more as well!

Later on at the club, Daddy was still at the table talking to some of his friends when Babygirl wandered off to find a couple friends she had invited. They were out dancing so Babygirl walked out on the floor and joined them for the song. She talked to them about coming back over to the house afterwards for a swim and a special present for Daddy's birthday. They both agreed as usual and plans were made for the remainder of the evening.

Daddy was watching Babygirl and her friends dancing and thought they looked like they kept getting closer to each other. He stood up and slowly started making his way over to them, stopping on occasion to chat with a friend. Babygirl noticed Daddy watching them on the dance floor and they decided to start the foreplay early for him. They started dancing really close to each other, grinding against one another, and it appeared to be working. She seen Daddy leave the table and start heading towards the dance floor. The three girls welcomed him in to their dance party when Daddy finally made his way over to them.

"Mind if I steal her a moment ladies?" He grinned.

"Sure thing, but make sure you return her" they all giggled.

Daddy grabbed Babygirl for the next song and the danced together while he asked what she was up to. "Just making some plans for us tonight Daddy, I thought you might enjoy it."

"Are they coming over after we are done here?"

"Yes Daddy, they are."

"Good, are we done here?" They both laughed.

"Almost Daddy, almost." They started dancing their way back to the other two girls and finished out the song. Daddy went back to talking to people and Babygirl continued dancing with her friends. She could see Daddy's eyes wandering back to them while he was socializing. They, of course, made sure that he was getting a very good show!

People were slowly starting to leave and the night was approaching its end. Babygirl made her way over to Daddy and asked him if he was ready to go home. He was certainly ready to take the party elsewhere. So they did.

Daddy and Babygirl hadn't been home for more than a few minutes when the doorbell rang. She went to let her friends in and they all headed out back to the pool. Daddy was working on getting drinks out there and Babygirl went and grabbed the radio so they could have a little music.

There was no need for swimsuits tonight, they would have just gotten in the way. So everyone stripped off their clothes and jumped in the pool one by one. Daddy was the last one in and within seconds of coming up to the top he had three girls surrounding him. They teased him a moment or two and then each darted off their own way. The three girls and Daddy swam around in the pool, goofing off and having some fun, and of course teasing each other like crazy. Daddy was ready to do more than play and so he managed to corner all three girls in one part of the pool.

They were each lined up with their backs against the side and Daddy stood before each one separately, kissing them, grinding himself against their awaiting pussies. He could just imagine each pussy opening up as he excited the girl, preparing for the intrusion he would soon bring to each of them. He made his way down to the end of the line and then kept going further down the pool, leaving the girls standing there - breathless, excited, and full of desire to please him. They, of course, followed him down to the shallow end of the pool where it would be easier for them to indulge in their upcoming fuckfest.

Alexis was the first one down to him and she wrapped her arms around his neck as he lifted her up to the edge of the pool. She grabbed a nearby towel to lay back on as Daddy positioned himself between her legs. Stephanie hopped out of the pool and straddled Alexis' face so that she could have a front row view of Daddy pounding her pussy and give Daddy a front row view of Alexis licking her pussy. Babygirl stayed in the pool and knelt beside Daddy to bring him extra pleasure from her mouth.

Babygirl took Daddy's cock in her hand and placed it at the tiny hole of the pussy in front of him. Daddy rocked his hips forwards hard, just once, and was quickly positioned deep inside Alexis. She let out a loud groan and lifted her head which placed her mouth right in Stephanie's pussy. She let her tongue quickly find it's way to Stephanie's clit and wrapped her arms around the sides of her legs. Daddy started pounding away at Alexis which in turn was making both her and Stephanie's tits bounce. Babygirl let her head fall back to float on the water and laid underneath Daddy to lick his balls as they slid back and forth across her mouth. Daddy was fucking Alexis so hard and would occasionally slip out, sending Babygirl's head right under the water. She kept coming up spitting and coughing and went right back to her position to please Daddy. After several minutes of fucking Alexis, Stephanie decided she wanted a turn. She crawled off of her face and maneuvered down so she was straddling Alexis. Daddy had two pussies in front of his cock sitting one on top of the other. He was really liking that sight and wasted no time in burying his cock deep into Stephanie.

Babygirl changed her position in the water and instead knelt behind Daddy and pleasured his ass. She ran her tongue back and forth across his asshole each time it came closer to her face. She placed her hands on his ass for balance and spread him apart just enough to get her tongue against him. She licked all over his ass, making little trails with the tip of her tongue then flattening her tongue to let the ball roll across his sensitive skin. Daddy was fucking the girls in front of him about as hard as he could. Babygirl could hear the moans and groans of both of them getting louder.

Daddy stopped and reached behind him and pulled Babygirl to the side of the pool as well. She climbed out and he guided her over so that she was now straddling Stephanie. Alexis slid down a little while Daddy helped her hook her legs around Stephanie and Babygirl. Daddy took a small step back and looked at the three pussies lined up in front of him. All there for his pleasure. All there to be used. Each one begging for him to fill with his throbbing member.

Daddy took a couple steps in and guided his cock to Babygirl, quickly slamming himself balls deep into her aching pussy. He pounded her like this for several minutes. Each thrust forward causing the girls to bounce. His cock thrusting in Babygirl's pussy, his balls slapping against Stephanie's pussy, and his thighs smacking against Alexis' pussy. The girls were each squirming and moaning as Daddy continued his assault against them. Removing his throbbing dick from one only to bury it just as deep in another.

Three pussies being abused by his dick, each one showing the results of his forcefulness - red and puffy and yet still begging for more. Daddy kept looking at those three tight little assholes, he could see them throbbing from his abuse to the pussies so near to them. It only took a split second and Daddy had made his decision.

He started with Alexis. She was on the bottom and would have no choice of being able to get away. The two girls atop her would prevent her from being able to move up much, and her being up against the side of the pool would prevent her being able to move forward. He placed the tip of his cock at the entrance to her little ass and pushed his way through. She was trying so desperately to squirm but had nowhere to go.

"Daddy what are you doing?? That hurts! Oh please Daddy!" she begged of him. He ignored her pleas and continued to rape her poor little asshole. The other girls, suddenly nervous of his new plans, were beginning to squirm as well. Each new better than to move though, and each truly did have the desire to please Daddy. So they held their positions and waited for their turns to have their asses pierced by Daddy's rock hard cock. Daddy took turns abusing their asses much the same way he had abused their pussies. He had made his way up to Babygirl's ass and was fucking her as hard as he could when he was ready to cum. He pulled his cock from her and shot it all over her ass and on to the next. He stood there and watched as his cum dripped down to each of the three asses before him. After a few moments the girls all climbed down and cleaned one another up. Alexis lay flat on the cement while Stephanie straddled over her face, Babygirl stood before Stephanie and bent forward to reach Alexis. There before Daddy's eyes was a triangle of girls licking his seed from one another. He stood in the pool and stroked himself as he watched. A few seconds later each girl slid back down to the pool and it was Daddy who climbed out this time. He laid back on the towel as the girls used their tongue to clean him up as well. Six hands and three tongues roaming across the lower half of his body. Cleaning every inch of him. Daddy's cock never even had a chance to soften, the girls made sure of that. They were ready to please him some more! This time when Daddy came, there were three mouths open and waiting to catch his cum.

"Thank you Daddy for allowing us to share your cum!" Babygirl stated.

"Yeah, thanks for using us Daddy!" Alexis said.

"And thanks for allowing us to pleasure you Daddy!" Stephanie grinned.

When everything was finished Babygirl walked Alexis and Stephanie to the door. "Thanks for helping me out with Daddy's birthday present. Talk to you soon!" The three girls said their goodbyes and then Babygirl went back to clean things up. She got everything put back in place and headed back inside to find Daddy. He was already in bed waiting for her. She went to the bathroom and got herself ready and then made her way to the bedroom. She walked around the side and climbed up to her spot on the bed. She propped herself up on her elbows next to him...

"Happy Birthday Daddy, I hope that you have enjoyed your day!" She gave him a long, tongue-filled kiss to end the evening.

"Good girl. Yes, I did enjoy my birthday, very much." Daddy stroked her hair as she laid her head against his chest and allowed her fingers to roam across his skin.

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