tagIncest/TabooDaddy Dearest

Daddy Dearest


I had been sent on assignment to attend the showing of a new film. I told Dad that I would be spending the night in the city because the cast would be open to interviews after the movie. It didn't come off that way. Only a few of the members showed up and I really didn't get anything worthwhile so I decided to drive home after the interviews.

Actually it was a really good show, good plot and very close to being rated an X. They touted it as an R but I was skeptical about that. Driving home I passed the time reliving the past few years of my life. Mom had been an actress of sorts. Never a headliner, but always close to it.

She was beautiful by any ones standards and between doing movies, she would fill in modeling. That's how Brittany and I started out modeling. We are only a year apart in age and blessed with good shapes, so with a little help from mom we began making money for college by modeling lingerie for some of the more risqué catalogues that companies send out.

Both of us wear the same size clothes so we were always trading off. Both of us are blondes and have the same figures. 35C breasts, 24 inch waists and hips that are a bit large at 32 inches. Working hard, we've both been able to keep our weight at around 135 to maybe 140 tops. I'm 5'7"; she's a bit shorter at 5'6".

Anyway when mom died we had to decide between a career, and going to college. Dad was all for the college thing but we both took the other option, a career. I work a TV news show and will soon be its anchor. Brittany moved out west and began a business as a designer. With Dads financing she opened her own business and is quite successful.

Now I should explain that when our real father passed away, mom remarried after several years. Dad is some thirteen years younger than mom was and both Brittany and I really were closer to Dad than mom. She was always off to Europe or somewhere and Dad really raised us. Mom would show up for a few weeks now and then to show her face, but it was a strained relationship. We called her "the iron butterfly." Quite frankly I suspect she cheated on Dad quite a bit because she seemed to be a bit oversexed and sometimes demanding in that department. She couldn't last too long without being fucked.

When she was home she was constantly after Dad to take her to the bedroom and to be perfectly frank, sex with her was noisy. Britt would listen to them going at it all night long and sometimes we would both sit in her bedroom and wonder what they were doing.

Sure, it was exciting just to listen and wonder what was happening, and that's when we began to confide our innermost thoughts to each other. Finally one afternoon Britt asked me to her bedroom and showed me a small hole she had made in the back of her closet.

From there you could see almost the whole master bedroom and we waited for the butterfly to drag Dad to her bed.

She was demanding. We watched, as teens often do, as they made love. Mom always strutted around play acting before they would do anything. I mean she liked to role play. But always she was a tease and would end up lying on her back with Daddy between her legs, kissing her pussy. Or that's what we thought at the time. He would spend a good half hour doing that and all the time mom was cumming. I mean she was really bouncing around and making all sorts of moaning and sobbing noises. When she was satisfied, she would suck on Daddy's cock. But we really never got to see too much of that because she would be down on her knees with her back to us blocking our view.

Sometimes she would make him lay on his back and she would straddle him, facing away, then slide his cock in her and fuck herself on it while watching herself in the full length mirror on the closet door. Other times she would kneel and have Dad go up against her back side. That was when she would be the loudest. Then there were times when she would lay on her back and put her legs on Dad's shoulders and he would go in her. But all the time she was in control, telling him what she wanted, and telling him to go deeper or faster and all that. In the end she would always urge him to cum for her. Mostly he was supposed to finish in her but sometimes she liked him to back off and squirt on her tummy or on her back. Then she would sort of rub it over her breasts or lick her fingers.

About that time we learned about our own bodies and watching them do it was exciting, and I would leave and go back to my room and use my fingers to fuck myself.

After a while I didn't even do that. I would stay in her room and we would both masturbate until we were exhausted. I don't know what Britt was thinking about when we did that but I was always imagining that Dad was fucking me.

Anyway, Brittany had been sending Emails about her affairs and how disappointed she had become with her relationships. I had been dating and to be honest, I'd gone to bed with four or five guys I had gotten close to, but each time I would get hot enough to really cum, it turned out the same. The guys always expected me to suck them off first. Sometimes they would cum and it would be all over and they were useless. One actually shot all over a very expensive black sheath that I was wearing after a party and I had to wash it out before sending it to be cleaned.

If they didn't cum prematurely, then it all went too fast anyway. They would finish before I was even half way ready. I would always wait until they went to sleep and quietly masturbate until I was satisfied.

Apparently Brittany had the same experiences and she finally asked me if I remembered how mom and Dad used to always satisfy each other. Then in one of her Emails she wrote: Tiffany, I don't think I'm ever going to be satisfied.

Just because a guy is good looking, doesn't excite me anymore. In all the times I've been fucked, not once did any of them want to go down on me and eat me or do all the things Daddy did with mom.

Have any of your dates ever spent the time to really do that? I mean eat your pussy and care about what you're feeling? Has any guy ever made you cum by fucking you? I think sex stinks. I might even consider going to bed with a women. At least she'd know what a woman needs.

I had to agree with her. Guys were all for themselves, at least all the young guys I had dated. Even their conversations were basically "me, me, me," and rarely anything else. They were all bumbling clods. I was about to give up too.

Then it happened, and I wrote Brittany that I had finally found the perfect lover. She decided to take a vacation and return home to meet him.

Turning the corner I arrived home and I saw Brittany's convertible in the driveway. I rushed in to greet her. She was sitting at the kitchen table chatting with Dad.

She had found the bottle of brandy and she was slurring slightly as she stood up and cooed, "welcome home Tiffany, Dad and I have been catching up on things. Did you know he's thinking about dating again? It been almost a year and a half since mom died. About time don't you think?"

I nodded yes and changed the subject. Actually I had been trying to convince him that it was too soon to start dating.

Another hour of chit chat and Dad left for his room. Brittany took my arm and walked with me to my bedroom and closed the door. Hers was next to Dads and he might hear us.

"So tell me about this mystery man of yours. How did you meet him and is he really the super great lover that you've been looking for?"

I took a deep breath and began. "You know, I got to thinking. Britt and I came to the conclusion that we're looking for Mr. Right in the wrong age group. Older men, ones who have good marriages or have come from good marriages are better lovers. That's why they're all take.

So I changed the way I've been thinking. Who would you think would be the best lover that we've ever known? Who do we compare our dates to? Who do we know about that we would want to clone if we could?

She looked confused, then pursing her lips as if thinking, before answering. "Daddy." "You don't mean...You and DAD? Noooo, I don't believe it. Daddy and you. How? What happened? When? Have you actually, you know, done it?"

I didn't answer for a moment then began at the beginning.

A little more than a year ago, I was going thru some of those portfolios that we put together when we were modeling. One of the envelopes I had saved was of those the photographer had talked me into taking. You know the ones of me in the nude or that sexy baby doll outfit. She interrupted. "You mean the flyway baby doll outfit with the silk G string bottom and shelf bra?"

I nodded yes. And went on. "Anyway I had cleaned out Dad's office and emptied his paper shredder and decided to get rid of my photos. Being in a rush I gave them to Dad and asked him to shred them for me. About a week later I was doing his office again and the shredder was still empty."

She stared at me. "He kept them? He saw you in those poses... Oh my god Tiffany they were sort of risqué."

I went on. "I know! Two or three nights later I came home from work unexpectedly and rather late. I bathed and found that baby doll outfit in the closet and put it on. God did I look hot in it. I did something stupid then. I went down the hall to say good night to Dad wearing it. I guess I wanted to see his reaction."

Her mouth aghast, Britt asked. "You wanted to have him see you in that outfit didn't you? So was he awake? Did he see you wearing it?"

"Yeah I went on, but it didn't happen exactly the way I had expected. When I got to his room, the light was on and the door ajar. Oh maybe seven or eight inches so I could see in real good. He was lying on the bed looking down at something and slowly sliding his hand up and down his cock." "Dad jerking off? She asked.

"So help me god, yes! I guess all men do it, I know women do it but to see your father doing it sort of left me dumbfounded.

"What did you do?"

"Nothing for a minute or so. I was going to sneak away but the more I watched the more excited I got. I waited hoping to see him cum but he was sort of slow.

So I just stood there in the hallway and watched. Finally I saw his hand begin to move faster and faster as he stroked up and down. By that time I had sort of pushed my thong aside and had my fingers thrusting in and out of my pussy." "Did you see him cum?" She asked in a hushed voice.

"Not just then. But by now I had myself really worked up and the faster he slid his hand up and down on that enormous cock, the faster I was sliding my fingers in and out of my own cunt. He is circumcised and must have put oil or something on his hand because I could hear this sort of slippery sound each time his hand moved up and down. Finally I couldn't stop myself and I began to cum. By then I was panting pretty loud too, and just as I felt that throbbing flutter I always get just before I cum, it happened, I lost my balance and fell forward, pushing the door open."

Brittany gasped. "He saw you?"

"Worse than that," I answered. "There I was framed in the doorway, one hand on the door frame and my other hand with two fingers plunging in and out of my soupy cunt. I squealed aloud but couldn't stop it. I was cumming and I couldn't stop myself.

Dad turned and saw me. He grabbed the sheet and pulled it over his waist but the pictures and box of tissues lying next to him flew onto the floor. We just stared at each other, panting." With her mouth aghast, Britt just stared at me.

"I was half way into the room by now and did the only thing I could think of. I began to stutter.

"It's all right Dad. I know it's hard not having anyone. We all need to do it. I do it too, almost every night. Men should cum when they need to, it's healthy and I understand." Pretty feeble but it was the only thing I could come up with.

Then, wanting to show him that I understood, I walked to the foot of the bed and took my thong off and let it fall. Looking down, I saw the pictures he had been looking at. They were of me. He had saved the ones I asked him to shred. I went on.

"Look Dad, you don't need the pictures, I'm here. Why don't we finish together? Just this once. I'm sorta hot tonight and I thought we could do it together. Just this once. You watch me finish and we can do it together."

He never said a word. He just stared at me. His eyes roamed from my face down to my exposed pussy then back up. I stood there at the foot of the bed and started finger fucking myself again. For maybe a minute he just watched. Then he pulled the sheet off and started to slowly stroke his cock again.

My god did that turn me on. I began to really shove my two fingers in and out of my cunt at that point. I had to spread my feet slightly but I was already wet and slippery so it was sort of easy but noisy. My fingers sort of made a thwacking sound as my hand slapped against my clit and I really started to rev up. I couldn't take my eyes off Dads cock. He was huge and by now he was going faster as he stared at me. "Brittany, can you imagine what it was like? I was standing in front of Dad and we were both jerking our selves off. It was fantastic."

"Go on Tiffany, did you both do it? I mean cum at the same time?"

"Not exactly. I was afraid that I was going to cum too fast, and Dad was sort of slow so I kinda urged him on."

"Come on Dad, Go faster. Just let it happen. I want to watch you spurt. Please go faster. Jerk off faster. I need to see you cum. Dad? Daddy, just think what it would feel like to have your hard cock deep inside my pussy. I'm tight and wet, and warm. Here look."

I pulled my two fingers out and lifted them to my lips. Spreading them, a cobweb of stringy girl cum, shone in the light as I put my fingers in my mouth and sucked them off.

As I slid my fingers back in my pussy he finally began to chuck his fist up and down his cock faster and faster. That set me off. I finally had to gasp. "Dad...Daddy I'm cumming. Shoot for me. Gimmee it! Let yourself cum so I can see it! Cum for me Daddy."

That was the first time since I came into the room that he said anything.

"Oh god Tiffany, what am I doing? Honey, I'm going to....... I'm ready Tiff. I'm there!" So was I. I was panting like a horse and my fingers were a blur as my hand fluttered and my fingers stroked my G spot. When it happened, I went over the top. His hand suddenly stopped sliding up and down and he held still for a second. Suddenly a sort of jet of thin, almost clear cum shot out. Just a few drops in the beginning but then he suddenly erupted. A long thick stream of milky cum shot up and arched over before splattering all over his chest and abs.

My eyes must have looked like saucers and even though I was cumming, I constantly watched Daddy spurting again and again. Finally it stopped and we were both huffing and puffing. I had never had an orgasm that intense in my entire life. And I had never seen so much cum before either. He must have stored it up for weeks. The box of tissues were on the floor on the other side of the bed, so I just picked up my satin G string and moved to Dads side and cleaned off his chest and tummy. Then I gave him a kiss on the lips and left.

That night I slept with my panties on the pillow next to me. It was both of us. My own wetness mixed with his. I still have it in my top dresser drawer and when I feel horny; I take it out and remember the moment.

Brittany looked at me. "So that's it? You never did that again?"

I smiled. "That was only the beginning. For three days we sort of avoided each other. What could we say really?" Then on Friday night I got up the courage to start it up again. "Want to help me out tonight Daddy? I'm lonesome and sort of...well you know. Please Daddy. Just one more time. Could we do it again? You know sort of help each other out. Pleeeese?"

"No honey. That was an accident. It was wrong but we did it and it's done."

I put on my best pout and kept begging. "Maybe just me this time. You could help me cum and just watch maybe. Could we do that?"

He was thinking of an answer when I took his hand and led him to my bedroom.

After a little argument, I had Dad down to his shorts. He wouldn't go any further than that.

I was already excited and began to get that twitching feeling between my legs. I lay down on my back and had him lay next to me. He hesitated as if wondering what to do.

I began stroking the outside of my pussy and twisted towards him, and taking his hand, placed it on my breast. I guess old habits never die. He knew what I needed.

Pushing me back he leaned over me. I closed my eyes and felt his warm breath as it brushed across my nipple. That sudden rush of sensations flooded my pussy.

It was almost as if there were some magical connection between my nipples and my cunt. I squirmed and waited. Suddenly his hot mouth closed over my breast. His teeth trapped my nipple and gently raked over it. I held my breath and finally let out a little moan. He was doing it. Just as I remember him doing to mom. My hand speeded up and my body shook. When he began to suckle my nipple, dragging his tongue around the swollen auricle I was deliriously close to my first orgasm.

Slowly I felt his hand slide down my tummy and come to rest atop my own hand. He moved it aside and replaced it with his own. His fingers began to play. He was masturbating me. I reached up and clutched at his back.

"More! Oh god Daddy that feels so good. Do more. I want it. Help me Daddy I want to finish a hundred times tonight. Make me cum for you. Please?"

Warm fingers strummed up and down the valley of my pussy. Sometimes they paused to stroke around and over my swollen clit, sometimes delving into my oozing vagina.

His fingers searched for my G spot, and finding it, he sort of clamped his thumb over my clit while his other fingers caressed within.

I couldn't breathe. I was gasping for air. My ass began bucking up and down trying to fuck his hand. I was frantic and on impulse I slid my hand under his hips and searched for his cock.

Perhaps he couldn't stop himself, or perhaps he just surrendered to his need. I don't know but when my hand wrapped around his growing shaft, he moved slightly to one side giving me more room to move.

I came. Oh my god did I ever come. I arched my back and squealed aloud. "Daddy, I'm cumming. I am. Yes, OOOOooh yeah I'm cumming Daddy."

I thought he would stop but by now I had his cock firmly locked in my grip and I was squeezing and kneading it until it was almost fully erect. Finally his mouth left my nipple and he panted. "More Tiffany? Does my little girl need more? Would you like to feed Daddy? Here, just spread a little wider and Daddy will show you."

He was going to do it. In my wildest dreams I had hoped but never really thought it would happen. He pulled his fingers from my pussy and replaced them with his lips.

If I had thought his fingers were miraculously talented, his tongue was even better. How he did it I'll never know.

Parting my labia with his fingers, his hot breath gave warning of what he was going to do. Lapping the hot membranes of my splayed opening, his tongue flickered up and down. Now stabbing in and fluttering, now drawing out and sweeping its way up my clit. The tip of his tongue wiggled between the soft sheath that hid it and forced it back. His lips pursed and he gently drew it into his mouth. Now his tongue fluttered like butterfly wings over it and I screamed.

I never thought I could do it but I ejaculated. I felt myself go completely submissive. My cunt contracted hard and something deep inside seemed to burst.

My body quaked and shuddered. My ass began to tighten up, and then relax, over and over again. It was almost as if my whole body was reacting. My nipples were on fire, my face was flushed and my pussy was convulsing as my legs began to quiver.

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