Daddy, Don't Look! I'm Naked.


"Eww. Gross."

Even though I have fleeting thoughts about having sex with Daddy, especially whenever I hear him masturbating, I can't even go there. I go back and forth from being excited thinking about him thinking of me, when he's masturbating, to being grossed out to think that he may be masturbating over me. My thoughts have been so twisted lately, because of thinking about getting naked at this Earth Day nude photo shoot.

It's bad enough that I'm exposed to my brother jerking off all the time, but to imagine my Dad masturbating too, is just too much of a perverse thought for me to entertain for very long. I'd rather not sexually think of my Dad in that way, especially if he is thinking of me sexually. I'd rather just think of him as my Daddy. Still, I can't help but wonder, while masturbating himself, if Daddy is thinking about feeling my tits, while I'm sucking his cock.

"Eww, double eww."

While walking in my brother's room unannounced to put away his clean laundry, I've accidentally caught him, more than once, with his cock in his hand jerking off. He's such a pervert. He does nothing to conceal it. He doesn't care if I see his cock of see him masturbating. Instead, he stares at me, while continuing to masturbate. Maybe, he wishes I'd take over and stroke his cock, before taking it in my mouth. I think he actually gets off on exposing his cock to me. He's such a degenerate.

"Eww. Jimmy, you're such a pervert. Put it away and give it a rest or I'll tell Mom."

"Go ahead. Tell Mom. I don't care. She's seen my cock before. She's even seen me beating off, before."

"Eww. Gross. Mom!"

Admittedly, it's more exciting for me to think of my brother jerking off and masturbating over the thought of me naked and having sex with me, than it is for me to think of my dad masturbating over the thought of me naked and having sex with me. When I caught my brother masturbating, I'm not ashamed to say that I looked. I couldn't help myself for staring. Trying to shame him and make him feel embarrassed, I even stood in the doorway scolding him, as an excuse for me to look at his exposed cock longer.

I'm not sure why I found it so exciting to see my brother's cock and to watch him masturbate, but I did. Further, I'm not ashamed to admit that seeing my brother's cock, while watching him stroking it, made me horny. A double edged sword, when I'm not horny, if I think about seeing my brother's cock, I'm grossed out over the thought of it. Yet, if I see his cock, especially by accident, I'm excited by the sight of it. Go figure. I'd never have incestuous sex with my brother, of course, but even though the thought of my brother's cock grosses me out more than it excites me, I've masturbated over the thought of touching and stroking my brother's cock, while he's sleeping or passed out drunk.

I don't know why, but that's something I've always fantasized about and something that makes me so very excited, happening along and seeing some guy, who is passed out, and having a peek and a feel of his package without him knowing. I wouldn't want to awaken him, though. I wouldn't want him to know that I was having my way with his cock. I'd just like to do my own thing, look at his prick, inspect it, examine it, touch it, feel it, caress it, stroke it, and maybe even put it in my mouth, without him ever knowing.

Wow, that would be such a hot thing to do. That would be so hot to touch an unconscious guy in that way. It's just a fantasy, of course, but, whenever I think about doing all of that to someone, I find that so erotically exciting. The thought of that fantasy makes me want to touch myself.

I got the idea for the fantasy from watching a Japanese video on the Internet. It may have been contrived, but it looked real enough to me. A guy happens along and sees a woman wearing a short skirt lying on a bench. She's either asleep or passed out drunk and he explores her body by sitting next to her and discreetly lifting her skirt and gently pulling down her panties without waking her. It's funny how that scenario, a guy exploring my body in that way and without me knowing, doesn't excite me, as much as my fantasy scenario of me doing that to some guy.

I read that some people do that with the dead, necrophilia, but I could never touch a dead body in a sexual way. I couldn't even touch a dead body. It makes me sick to think about having sex with a dead person. I wonder if there are morticians who have sex with the dead. I can't even imagine the thought of someone getting lucky with my dead body. So long as I was did and didn't know about what they did to my dead body, good luck to them, if someone did that to me and had sex with my dead body.

"Eww. Gross."

The guy would have to be alive, albeit passed out drunk, for me to become aroused and satisfy my fantasy of having my way with some Dude's cock without him knowing. I realized, of course, that most medical professionals are, just that, professional and would never abuse a patient in their charge and in their care, but I can't help but wonder if orderlies, nurses, or doctors do that in a hospital, mental institution, or a nursing home, inappropriately touch you, while you are unconscious. I mean, who would know?

I wonder if EMT's do that with your body, while you're unconscious and in the back of a speeding ambulance. Why not take a little peek or get a little feel, especially if the person is not really sick but just passed out drunk? They're human and they all have sexual needs. Just because they are medical personal doesn't make them exempt from having fantasies and perverted peccadilloes, in the way that everyone else has. Hey, if guys do that to women with Roofies, why couldn't women do that with a guy? Why couldn't I give a guy a Roofie and have my way with him without him ever knowing about it?


That would be so cool to fondle some guy without him knowing. I'd never do that, of course, but wow, the thought of just thinking about doing that to someone makes me horny. That would be so hot to touch a total stranger in that way without him knowing and having him feel obligated to touch me. That'd be such a turn on and such a rush. I wonder if he'd still be able to have an erection. Why not? Guys get boners all the time when they are asleep, don't they? It would be so awesome to experience a guy in that way without him ever knowing or suspecting that I gave him a hand job and/or a blowjob.

Still, I'd never do that, of course, touch and stroke my brother's cock, even if he was passed out drunk. I don't know, maybe I would, if I was horny enough and/or drunk enough, too. Just as there's nothing wrong with me looking at his cock, especially when he's purposely exposing it to me and showing me what he has, while masturbating, there's nothing wrong with me imagining touching and stroking his cock, so long as I don't actually do it. It's one thing for me look at it, while he's exposing it to me and to imagine touching and stroking my brother's cock, and quite another thing to actually touch it and stroke it. It's healthy to have sexual fantasies. There's nothing wrong with that. We all do and I don't feel ashamed for being normal.

My brother is always drunk or high. At only 20-years-old, you'd think he'd be doing other things, such as sports or studying, rather than getting high. I'm 23-years-old, legally able to drink in a bar, and I don't drink nearly as much as he does. Maybe it's just a guy thing and drinking, until unconscious, is a rite of passage for testosterone filled, young men.

Now that I think about it, genetically the same, I'm the product of my mother and my father, of course. Yet, I wonder if my Mom has the same sexual fantasy that I do, about happening along and seeing a passed out guy. Wouldn't that be weird, if my Mom and I shared the same fantasy? If she does share my fantasy, I wonder if she's already experienced it with a neighbor at one of her drunken pool parties.


Now that I think about it, I wonder if she did that to my brother, when he came home drunk, and she used his bad behavior, as her excuse to go upstairs on the pretense of talking to him about his drinking and his drunkenness. What if he was already passed out drunk and sleeping by the time she went in his room and she did to my brother all of what I imagined doing to a passed out man in my sexual fantasy? It excites me to think she did that to my brother.


I wonder if my Mom looked at her son's cock. I wonder if she inspected it, examined it, touched it, felt it, caressed it, stroked it, and put it in her mouth, without him even knowing. Maybe my brother knew she was doing that and just pretended he was passed out drunk. It wouldn't surprised me. They are two of a kind, my Mom is a slut and my brother is a pervert. Just thinking about my Mom doing that to my brother makes me sick.


Even though it grosses me out to think about my Mom doing all of that to my brother, looking at him, fondling him, stroking him, and blowing him, while he's passed out drunk, it excites me to think about me doing that to him. I'm not going to feel bad or guilty about having sexual thoughts about my brother and his cock. He's a good looking guy. All the women are after him, including my friends and even some my Mom's cougar friends. Just because he's my brother doesn't stop the attraction. I'm human and I have sexual needs, too. Part of growing up and sexually maturing, it's normal to be sexually attracted to my brother, in the same way that he's attracted to me, no doubt.

At our ages, at a time when our hormones are running wild, it's normal to have sexual thoughts about siblings, it is, especially when living in the same house and under the same roof. Our rooms are next to one another and I can hear my brother and feel my bed shaking, whenever he's masturbating, which seemingly is all the time, at least, a couple times a day. He's a regular cum machine.

I'm curious and for him to be so horny all the time, I wonder what he thinks about when jerking off. I wonder if he thinks about the same thing or different things. I wonder if he thinks about seeing me naked or touching me and feeling my body. I wonder if he thinks about me masturbating him or sucking his cock. It wouldn't surprise me if he thinks about bending me over and fucking me, while he fondles my tits. It wouldn't surprise me if he thinks about me in that way.

It's so frightening forbidden and it's so erotically exciting to imagine having an incestuous relationship with him. Why not? I think about him sexually. Why wouldn't he think about me sexually?

Sometimes, the thought of him masturbating turns me on and I touch myself with the thought of touching him, while imagining him playing with himself. I've yet to catch him exploding cum, though. I'd like to see that, even just once. I'd like to open his bedroom door, just as he shot a huge load of cum everywhere. I'd like to see the look on his face, when his cum spurted out of his cock and flew across the room. That would be an exciting thing to see.

I'd pretend I was grossed out by berating him. Yelling at him, while staring, would give me a reason to stay longer and enjoy the show. Only, sometimes the thought of him masturbating grosses me out and I pull the covers over my head, so that I don't hear him as much. Other times it turns me on to hear him and to know that he's in his room beating off. Those are the times that I wonder if he's beating off over me. Whenever I think about him masturbating over me, the thought of that makes me want to tease him and drive him wild with lust for me, so that he'll masturbate even more, while thinking of seeing and touching my naked body.

He needs a girlfriend. He needs to get laid. Now that I think about it, I need a boyfriend. I need to get laid.

I wonder if all families are as horny as our family. If only people knew what a bunch of incestuous perverts we were. It makes me laugh to think about our family, as the wholesome family, chosen by Wholesome Family Foods. Why not? Their company started out as a hippie commune with everyone having sex with all who inhabited the commune. Filled with free sex, it was an orgy, back then, as much as it was a farm, a funny farm. Just because all of those people, who once inhabited the commune, are older now and are rich, after their farm went public, doesn't mean that they aren't as sexually depraved, as they once were.

Now that I think about it, my brother started exposing himself to me after he had broken up with his girlfriend and I started staring at my brother's cock about the same time, after I had broken up with my boyfriend. Born from the same horny genes, as my perverted Dad and my slutty Mom, to say that my brother and I are both as horny, as our sexually active parents, is an understatement. Still, there's nothing wrong with looking, especially if he's purposely showing. It's a game we play, pretending we're not interested, but both of us knowing that we are, while both of us are afraid to cross the dark and forbidden imaginary line of incest.

At first, I was curious what his cock looked like and, now that I know what it looks like, I can't help being curious what it would feel like in my hand and/or in my mouth. Every time I see it, I can't help but look, stare at it, actually. It makes me horny to see his cock and I'm mesmerized by the sight of his big prick. I've seen my share of cocks, but I haven't seen a lot of cocks and it still fascinates me, whenever I see one, even if it is my brother's cock.

I was shocked to discover that my little brother has a big cock, bigger than my ex-boyfriend's cock and to be honest, I was horny enough that I would have given my brother a hand job had he asked me or if we were both drunk. It's just a hand job, after all. A hand job is no big deal. We're both of legal age. I've given plenty of hand jobs to guys. I like giving hand jobs. I'm good at it. Besides, giving a hand job doesn't mean anything. It's not like it's having real sex like making love.

Definitely, if I ever found my brother passed out drunk, I'd have my way with his unconscious cock. I know I would. So long as he never suspected and never found out that I was fondling his prick, it makes me wet and my nipples erect, just thinking about touching him in the way that a sister should never touch her brother. Only, I'd be so afraid that he'd wake up and see me and feel me touching him, stroking him, and sucking him. Boy, if he ever caught me, he'd hold that over my head and blackmail and threaten to tell my parents. He'd probably make me his sex slave and force me to have sex with him, whenever he wanted. Should he awaken and catch me, how in the Hell would I explain why I had his cock in my mouth?

"Oops? Sorry. I must have slipped and fallen and your big prick impaled my mouth when I was screaming for help for someone to save me from falling."

Those times when I'm horny and in the mood, just the thought of wrapping my hand around my brother's cock gives me goose bumps. I probably could blow him, too, if I had a couple drinks in me. A blowjob isn't really a big deal, it's just a blowjob. Blowjobs aren't really considered sex like making love and having intercourse, not really, but I could never fuck my brother.

Having him stick his big cock in my pussy, his sister's pussy, would be crossing the line, just as having my brother touch me sexually would be crossing the line, too. It's different for a woman to touch a man because we really don't consider that as being sex. Whereas when a man touches a woman, even feeling her tit or her ass, he considers that getting to first base and considers that as having sex.

It would more excite me for me to have control of the experience and for me to touch him and have my way with him, rather than to have him touch me and for him to have his way with me. For now, it's nothing more than just a sexual fantasy, albeit an incestuous sexual fantasy that makes me hot and makes me want to touch myself. Whenever I think about my brother and my brother's cock, which is usually, just before I go to bed at night, I masturbate the lust away that I feel for him, otherwise who knows what I'd do without that release of incestuous sexual tension continuing to build.

I have this one fantasy where I imagine my brother barging in the bathroom just wearing a bathrobe with nothing underneath, while I'm submerged in the bathtub and taking a bubble bath. If only he had opened the door a second before, he would have caught me naked, just getting in the tub and I wonder if that was his intension.

"Jimmy! What the Hell are you doing? Get out! I'm taking a bath," I say feebly protesting, but suddenly excited with the thought of what he can see of me, while hoping he shows me more of himself.

"You're covered in bubbles, Susan. I can't see anything. I just wanted to talk to you and this is one way that I have your full attention."

He sits on the edge of the tub and just starts talking to me, as if I'm fully dressed. His bathrobe is parted and I can see most of his thigh, while hoping he'll show me a little more. It's wildly erotic wondering if he's going to accidentally on purpose flash me his cock, which he always has a way of doing, whenever I least expect it. I'm a little excited that he's there, while I'm naked beneath the water, but the bubbles hide him from seeing any part of me that he's intent on seeing, no doubt. Only, while talking to me, he suddenly stands, removes his bathrobe, and starts masturbating right there in front of me.

"Jimmy! What the fuck? What are you doing? Stop that. That's disgusting. Are you crazy? You better not get cum on me."

What can I do but watch? I can't get up out of the bathtub without having him see me naked. Then the bubbles start disappearing and I know with each bursting bubble, he's seeing more of me, while he masturbates faster and faster.

"You make me horny, Susan, seeing you sitting in the bathtub and knowing that you're naked beneath all those bubbles. I want you to watch me cum."

"Then, get out, if I make you horny. I don't want to watch you masturbating," I imagine saying in my dream, even though I'm enthralled with watching him masturbating and excited about the thought of finally seeing him spurt a load of cum from his cock. "Eww. Gross. Mom! Dad!"

"No one is home, Susan. We're alone."

Then, the dream ends without anything more happening. I've had the same dream a few times now and it always ends the same way. I wake up before he finishes masturbating. It would have been hot if he shot cum everywhere, especially in my bath water and I jumped up with the feigned shock of having his cum touch my naked body. It would have been hot if I exposed my naked body to him, or it would have been so hot to have him grab my hand and force me to masturbate him, or if he put a hand around the back of my head and force me to blow him, but I have no control of my dreams and fantasies in that way. They just happen when I least expect it, usually, right after I masturbate, and after falling to sleep.

When masturbating myself, I've imagined my brother feeling me up and sucking my nipples. My nipples are very sensitive, especially sensitive. They are one of my many erogenous zones and I love having my nipples touched, played with, and sucked. Definitely, I'd suck his cock if he ever touched my nipples. If he continued touching my nipples, I'd even allow him to cum in my mouth and I'd swallow his cum, too. I'm such an incestuous cum slut.

I'm making myself horny just by thinking about my brother sucking my nipples. Now that I think about it, I wonder if my brother takes after my Dad. I wonder if my Dad has a big cock, too. I wouldn't know, as I've never seen my Dad's cock, but chances are, if we get this Earth Day nude family photo shoot modeling job, even if we only audition for this job, I'll be seeing Daddy's cock.

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