tagIncest/TabooDaddy Finds a Daughter

Daddy Finds a Daughter


This is a TRUE story and not a work of fiction.

A little about myself:

I am a 45 year old white male, 5'10", 200 lbs, size 34" waist jeans, somewhat of an athletic build, brown hair and hazel eyes. During the last 3 years, I had been separated from my wife. The paper work for a divorce had been started, but never completed. I had been married, with children, for over 20 + years. My wife was the one that took my virginity after I had met her at college. She was the only girl that I went "all the way" with. We had been dating off and on during the separation.

About 4-5 months into the separation (3 years ago this month) I found this wonderful site called Craigslist. It had normal personals and the sexy personals in the "casual encounters" section. I soon become a regular searcher and replied to several postings of others at first. However, I started writing my own posts for what I was looking for, after I realized 95 % of the female posts were by spammers, cam-show girls, or adult dating site recruiters.

During this time, I decided to explore my sexual side and fantasies. I eventually became a "swinger" and I have many exciting stories to share.... I have always loved family sex stories. I enjoyed them all. I eventually found the father-daughter, or daddy-daughter stories to be the most exciting for me. I had role played online hundreds of times as a "daddy". I was now looking for skin on skin contact. I even posted on craigslist, locally, for "daughters" to role play in person. I had met 3 ladies locally and had great fun!

However, I am flash forwarding to August of this year (2010) for this true story.

I found myself in Utah on a family trip. I decided to post to the local craigslist and to see if there were any naughty daddy's girls among this largely Mormon community. My posting is below:

Daddy seeks Step-daughter OR Daughter for Kinky Role Play - m4w

Hi Princess, Or Daddy's Girl,

Yes, I am a kinky "Daddy" that likes to role play. I have done this online with some "ONLINE daughters", or "online step-daughters" and I am looking to do this in person, after we have chatted online.

Tell me what scenarios or scenes you like, too. Please tell me what AGE you want to be and how you would like "Daddy" to call you (princess, daddy's lil girl, sweetie, baby girl, sweetheart, honey, or maybe some name calling like Daddy's lil slut, or Daddy's whore, etc.) after all, this if for you and I want you to enjoy this and have fun! Daddy will have fun regardless of your preferences, because these types of role plays turn me on. Daddy, is very willing to please his daughter/step-daughter as most daddies' girls have their fathers wrapped around their little fingers.

Do your fantasies include being naughty and daddy needs to "punish" you, by taking you over my knee, lifting your skirt up, pulling your panties down (if you're wearing some) and giving you a few spankings.....

Or daddy catches you masturbating while calling daddy's name as you moan, or you catching daddy masturbating to the name of his princess?

Use your imagination... especially if these are too tame for my little girl...and let's make your favorite scene/role play a reality =)



Love Daddy


To my great joy, I got this reply to my post from a cute and sexy 27 year old, named Beth.

Dear Daddy,

I am so sorry the principle had to call you in from work, and that I am suspended for showing my bare pussy to the boys. I didn't mean to. I forgot that I ran out of clean panties, and so didn't put any on.

Even though I am 18, I'll always be your baby girl. I know I have to be punished, but don't be too hard on me Daddy. I'll be a big girl and take my punishment. (I am not at all opposed to name calling while being punished). Please forgive me.


Your baby girl Beth

Daddy: Mmmm only lil sluts show their bare pussy to boys... How did you show them? Wearing no panties is not as bad, but showing is... You will be taken over my knees and spanked for starters...

Beth: They double dog dared me to show them the panties under my uniform because they heard me and my friends talking about how we would wear wild underwear under our uniforms. Well I forgot that it was laundry day and had no clean panties. So when I flipped up the front of my skirt to show them, they saw my naked pussy. A teacher was walking past and grabbed me and took me to the principal's office. I am so sorry Daddy.

Daddy: I see you like to flash and what if they had double dog dared you to get on your knees?

Beth: I am pretty sure I know better than that daddy. You have warned me. I didn't think panties were such a big thing. I honestly try not to be naughty Daddy, but it feels so nice and powerful. And sometimes it is much easier than being your lil angel all the time

Daddy: I see that my baby likes to be naughty. I have a few ideas to break you of it, or to train you properly... Yes, you know how to control men, I see, and get them wrapped around your finger... would you like to trade pics?

Beth: I would like that. I either What kind of pictures are you looking to see Daddy?

We then began trading pictures. I sent the typical cock pictures from soft to hard and a few body shots. She returned the favor. She sent me a nice shot of her breasts that showed her nipples to be pierced and a picture of her wet pussy.

Beth: Oh daddy, I just love the look of your banana. Looks so yummy and mouth watering. Hope you enjoy these as much.

Daddy: Daddy loved the pics! Your principle must be gay because I would have tasted you in my office :)

Beth: Thank you daddy! I think the last picture is nice and pretty too ;)

Daddy: Thanks princess! Or do you want to be daddy's lil slut?

Beth: Could I be? Would you teach me how to please you daddy?

Daddy: Yes, daddy would love to see how you take daddy's banana and to teach you how to be a good lil daddy's slut =). Mommy is away if you want to come see daddy... So he can spank you for showing off that yummy pussy and getting in trouble at school....

Beth: oh daddy that would be wonderful. You are at the hotel right? I am very nervous too daddy.

Daddy: Yes, I am. You will have fun =) I am respectful and last girl friends were 21 and 22. They liked how I treated them, and that I lasted more than 5 minutes lol. Are you on your way and what are you wearing?

She then texted me from her phone that she was on her way. She was wearing a short black pleated skirt and pink top.

I answered the knock at my hotel room door and feasted my eyes on this 5'5" beauty. She was curvy in all the right places. Her hair was short and curly, dark brown, almost black, in color. She had big beautiful brown eyes. Her breasts were a very full, 36C's, that were pushing against that pink top. She had a nice cute ass that I checked out with my eyes, as I let her in. She was very nervous, since this was her first time meeting anyone from craigslist like this for sex. I told her to come in and sit on the edge of the bed so we could talk.

She told me that she had only had sex with two other men close to her age before. She was a Mormon and had been a virgin up until a year ago. She was very concerned about her lack of experience. She had only given her first blow job 9 months prior and only a few more times since then.

I told her not to worry, that I was a very patient and understanding gentleman. She was still quite nervous and shaky, slightly trembling. I asked her if it would be easier, for us to start, to do the role play she and I had started online.

She smiled and said yes that would make it easier.

So, I said, "Show me princess, what you did at school, which got you sent to the principal's office, and for the reason he had to call and bother me at work."

She got off the bed excitedly and stood standing two feet away from me, as she slowly lifted the front of her black pleated skirt, revealing that she was panty less. She smiled and said, while showing her bare baby girl pussy to me, that she had lifted her skirt to show the boys at school, when the teacher caught them.

I got up and went over to sit on the ottoman in front of a chair in the corner of the room.

"Come her young lady, it is time for your punishment. All little sluts need to be spanked."

She bit her worried lip a little and walked across the room and was standing before me. "Lay across my lap now, slut!".

"Yes daddy" she said, as she knelt and laid across my lap. Oh, what a sight she was, as she lay across my lap, with her pleated black skirt barely covering her naked ass cheeks now.

"Bad lil girls that show their bare pussies to the boys at school need to be spanked."

Her voice trembled as she replied, "I know daddy." With her body was trembling like her voice, as I lifted her skirt up and over her waist to expose her sexy bare bottom.

A loud smack sounded as my palm administered the first spanking to both her cheeks. I continued to spank her right cheek and then the left cheek of her cute ass while telling her that this is what bad little sluts deserved. She just moaned with pleasure as she continued to tremble across my lap. After spanking her several times, I started to caress her now, hot red bottom. While feeling the heat from her now very red ass, I found her cunt was also on fire, and completely soaking wet between her legs.

"You little slut! Your pussy is soaking wet from daddy spanking you! Does having your bare bottom spanked and being exposed to your daddy excite you?"

"Oh , daddy, it so hot!"

"So, you enjoy being a slut?" I asked as I started to finger her.

"Mmmm yes daddy....and your fingers feel so good too."

"Oh, you like being a slut and having your pussy finger fucked by your daddy!?!"

All she could do was moan"Oh, daddy" as I continued fucking her with my glistening fingers. My cock was growing hard right now and was starting to poke her tummy as she lay across my lap.

"Well then daddy is going to treat you like a slut then!" I continued to finger fucker her soaking wet pussy.

"Have you had a boy's cock in your mouth before?"

"Yes, daddy. A couple times."

I yelled "You little whore!" as I spanked her hard a few more times, as she moaned and trembled on my lap. I then began to finger fuck her very roughly.

"Oh, daddy! I am going to cum! Please daddy, can I cum? Can I cum daddy?"

"Go ahead and cum, you little slut!"

She moaned loudly and said that she was cumming as she shook violently on my lap. I had only been actually finger fucking her for a minute or two. By now I was semi erect. I would have been fully erect if she was not on my lap.

After her orgasm, I told her to get off of daddy's lap and to show me how she sucked the boy's cock.

"Yes, daddy."

I told her to "kneel before me like a good lil slut and unzip daddy's jeans...just like how the whores do it."

"Yes daddy." She was still shaking nervously a little as she unzipped and unbuttoned my jeans and as she grabbed my cock and freed it from my pants .

"Oh, daddy, it looks much thicker than your pictures!"

"Thanks princess, but daddy wants to see how you sucked that boy's cock. Put it in your mouth you little whore!"

She slowly slid my cock into her warm wet mouth and started licking and slurping on my hardening cock. Her slightly chilled hands grasping my balls and base of my cock as she sucked it firmly.

"Mmmm that feels good princess, that's it, suck daddy's cock just like that. "

"Am, I doing it right daddy?"

"Oh, God, yes princess! Now look up into daddy's eyes like a good slut as you suck my cock. Daddy is going to teach you how to be a good whore and slut for daddy."

She smiled as she looked up and continued sucking me to full erection.

"Now see how much of daddy you can get into your mouth." She occasionally gagged as she tried to fit more of me into her mouth. She could only get about 5 inches of my 7 inches into her mouth. I grabbed the back of her head and guided her mouth up and down on my cock.

"Play with your pussy like a good lil whore, as you suck your daddy's cock." She mumbled a "Mmmmm yes daddy" while my cock was still in her mouth. I loved the feel as she mumbled and then began to moan as she played with her pussy with one hand and held onto her daddy's cock with the other, as I face fucked my little girl. I loved the vibrations around my cock from her moans. She began licking the underside of my cock and running her tongue over the length.

"That's a good girl! You are doing such a good job sucking your daddy!"

"Daddy you are just so yummy."

She was really starting to drive me crazy. For someone with limited experience, she was a natural at it. I finally stopped her and told her that I wanted to taste her wet pussy. I told her that I wanted to 69 with her on the bed. Pulling off my shirt and stepping out of my white boxer briefs, I went and laid down on my back. I told her to keep her skirt on, that I think it is sexy to lift it enough, just above her ass.

She slowly slid her pink top up, revealing the smooth white flesh of her stomach and breasts. Standing briefly before me, I enjoyed the view of her breasts that were now heaving with her excitement, before she climbed on the bed to join me. I told her to turn around and to sit onto daddy's face.

"Yes, daddy. Like this?"

"Yes, that's it and now straddle daddy's face.... Mmmmm you taste good princess!"

"Thank you daddy."

"Now suck daddy's cock while daddy licks your wet cunt!"

"Oh, yes just like that baby girl! Daddy loves your bare baby girl pussy and how sweet and wet it is."

"Thanks daddy" she mumbles with my cock in her mouth. We soon have each other moaning like crazy. I moan as I lick, suck, and nibble on her lips and into her pussy. I lick deep inside her and moan into her open pussy as she sucks and moans on her daddy's cock. My best blow jobs are ones I have gotten are as a woman is being fucked from behind from another man, or from them moaning while she is being licked. My inexperienced little girl was becoming a very good little fuck slut.

As I sucked on her clit, nice and hard, she pulled off of my cock just long enough to moan loudly, "I am cumming daddy!"

She then covered my face in delicious baby girl cum. God, I love to eat pussy and have her cum on my face!

After she stopped trembling and a few more sucks of daddy's cock, I stopped her and told her "daddy wants to fuck his little girl's tight pussy now. Get up and lean over the bed with your ass in the air while daddy gets a condom. If you are going to be a good slut, you need to practice safe sex."

"Of course, daddy. I don't want the other boys to make me pregnant, so I will do that always."

"That's a good girl!"

I now start rubbing my condom covered cock up and down her dripping wet slit. I then guide it into her tight pussy.

"Oh, daddy, please go slow!" She is very tight. I push slow and steady until I am all the way in.

"Do you like the feel of daddy's cock?"

"Oh, daddy, I feel so full and so fucking good! Fuck me daddy, I am ready!"

I start to fuck her in nice slow and long strokes. I bring the tip of my cock to the entrance and then slam it back into her hard and deep. She moans loudly.

"Do you like that, my little slut? How daddy fucks you by slowly pulling you at and fucking you deeply very hard?"


I then start to pound her wet cunt harder than and as deep as I can. It starts to sound like people are applauding as our bodies slap together harder and faster, my hips, smacking her ass. I reach up to pull her hair as I fuck her good and hard. It is difficult to hang onto her hair, since her black curly hair is cut fairly short. She begins to moan louder. I reach under her and grab her breasts firmly. She moans and bucks even more. I pinch her pierced nipples and roll them between my finger tips.

"Do you like how daddy plays and squeezes your nipples and tits?"

"Oh, yes, daddy! That feels so damn good!" she cries.

I redouble my pace and fuck her even harder and faster, as I hang on to her waist with both hands, pulling her hard back onto my cock.

"Fuck me daddy!"

"You like being daddy's lil fuck slut?" As I slap her ass a few times as I fuck her from behind, bent over the bed.

"YES! I am your whore! Use me daddy! Oh Daddy I am cumming!"

With that I feel her already tight pussy contract and spasm around my cock. I can feel her juices squirt onto my groin area surrounding my cock. I can't take it anymore.. Her tight pussy milking my cock while she continues her orgasm. My orgasm is near and starts with that tingling sensation around my cock head, down the shaft, and down into my balls ...

"Oh, God princess, DADDY'S CUMMING TOO!"

"Cum, for me daddy!" as she presses hard back into me and onto my cock.

"Mmmmm, Ahhhh, that's it keep fucking daddy, while I cum!"

Just as I start to shoot into the condom, her cunt squeezes me out of that tight pussy with her final orgasmic contraction.

"Wow, baby! You squeezed me out!"

"Sorry, daddy."

"It's Ok baby, daddy has never been squeezed out of a pussy like that before!"

I smile and kiss her. I then go and clean up in the bathroom.

When I get back she is still ready for some more.

"You are a little slut aren't you!"

"Yes, daddy. I want to keep playing"

She is now lying on her back across the bed. I climb onto the bed with my limp cock hanging by her mouth. She sucks me into her mouth and runs her tongue all around the tip of daddy's cock, as I finger fuck her, with her legs spread wide open for her daddy. I squeeze and caress her breasts and then I grab her nipples and pinch them.

"So, are you enjoying being my little slut baby?"

She pulls my cock out of her mouth.

"Yes, daddy! I have never had a man lick my pussy before you did."

"Really??? Not even by your boyfriend that you gave your first blow job too?"


"I am sorry baby."

She soons begins to rock her hips up off the bed meeting my fingers as I finger fuck her and play with her clit.

"It was also the first time I came with a cock in my pussy, too."

"Daddy is glad that I could be the first to eat you and make you cum from fucking. Daddies should always be the first ones to teach their daughters" I said smiling.

She is also beaming and grinning from ear to ear as she grinds on my fingers. With that, she starts sucking my cock again, as I continue to finger fuck her wet cunt. My little girl's juices are running down to her ass. Her moans get louder around my cock. She lets my cock slip from her mouth, "Oh, daddy! I am cumming again!"

"That's it baby, cum for your daddy! Be a good slut and coat my fingers with your cum!"

"Mmmmm, Daddy! Don't stop!" I continue to finger fuck her as fast as I can while she has her orgasm.

As she is catching her breath, I look at the clock. "I am sorry baby slut, but we have to stop. Mommy will be home in about ten minutes.

"Thank you daddy!"

With that we kiss and say goodbye at the hotel door.

A few minutes later she sends me a picture from her car of how large and engorged her clit is. She tells her "daddy" that no one has done that to her before. The daddy-daughter role play was more exciting than she could have imagined. She is now daddy's slut!

Role playing online is fun, but role playing in person is the best!


I hope you enjoyed my experience. I have lived a wild life these past few years. When I have the time, I will write and share more (gang bangs, 3somes, other group sex, 1 on 1, hosting swinger parties, and more craigslist experiences, etc.), if there is a demand, or audience for it. If you like this story/experience, then please comment. Please feel free to Private message me if you have similar experiences with role playing in person, or if you have any constructive suggestions for me, or my baby girl (she helped with details and editing this story. She made it much better than my original draft). THANKS FOR READING!

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