tagIncest/TabooDaddy Isn't Sleeping

Daddy Isn't Sleeping


My room faced the front of the house, exposing shadows, and teasing the passers as I undressed. It is always cold here, but this night in particular was extremely frosty. Still, I only put my loose shirt on as I always do and wrapped myself up in my warm blankets upon my waterbed. My hard nipples and wet pussy made it hard to sleep.

A tap on the window stalled the concentration further. Throwing my covers off, I peered behind the curtains knowing well who it was. I saw the shadowy outline of my lover.

He climbed through my window slowly as he does every night for the past few weeks. We have kept this dirty little secret of sneaking in and out for a long time. This time it was different. This time, my mom was out for a business trip, and my father sleeps through anything.

"Come in out of the cold, you must be freezing," I purred.

He landed on the floor. Automatically he stood up, embarrassed from the tumble. I giggled and wrapped my arms around him.

"Mmmmm baby, you are looking so sexy tonight," he whispered in my ear.

I took his hands from my waist and placed them on my ass.

"Ohhhh! You have no panties on," he groaned.

I gave him a long hard kiss and felt his cock harden through his thin running pants. His hands squeezed my ass. My whole body was on fire for him.

I backed off from him and sat on the bed. His hands roughly worked my thighs as he knelt in front of me. My lover spread my legs wide apart and licked my inner thighs. Trembling to his tongue, I raised my hips expressing how much I wanted him to eat me. Still, he continued to tease. His tongue ran around the outside of my pussy.

"You smell so good," he sighed.

"Lick me. Please, I am so wet for you," I begged.

"Are you sure you want me to lick you?" he smiled.

"Mm hmm."

He pressed his tongue against my swollen clit. I whimpered. He managed to slide a finger in me while tonguing my clit making me rock my hips. I began to moan like crazy. His fingers went deeper in my hot, tight, cunt. Then back out. Over and over with his tongue amusing itself with my hard clit.

"Mmmm that feels so good! Yes! I'm going to cum. Fuck yes! I'm going to cum!"

"Shhh baby! Someone will hear you."

Just then there was a knock on the door. My lover immediately got up as the door swung open. My father came in. He glared at me and then to my boyfriend.

"What is the meaning of this boy?" Daddy wanted to know.


Daddy came over to me and slid one of his cold fingers along my pussy. I immediately closed my legs to retaliate him. I did not know how to react to my Daddy's finger on my clit.

"You got my baby girl wet boy," he looked up at my man who just stood baffled in the corner.


"Hush baby girl," he ordered with a grin. "Now open your legs for Daddy."


"Don't argue with me girl! Do it!"

I did not respond to his order. Daddy frowned and placed his cold hands against my hot flesh. He forced my legs wide open. Slowly, he knelt down in front of me. Daddy began warm his fingers as they toyed with my hot pussy lips.

"You know what baby girl? I hear you whimper. I hear you moan and play with your hot little clit. Baby girl you drive me wild! I get so hot when I hear you. Now that good old mommy's away, I catch you red-handed."

His eyes were transfixed on my pink pussy. Lord, and I am trying so hard not to moan. This is wrong. I should not like my Daddy touching me. All the while I feel my hot cunt begin to drip. I gasp as he flicks my hard clit with the tip of his tongue. I lay myself down on the bed, succumbing to his touches.

"That's it baby. Oh, yes, you like that don't you? Daddy makes you tingle doesn't he?"

"Daddy," I whisper.

"Yes, moan baby girl. I want to hear you scream for me. I want to hear how much my slutty girl loves her Daddy," he started to softly suck on my clit.

"Oh Daddy!"

He slurped and lapped at my pussy. My hands fist the blankets as I feel myself getting close to cumming.

"Daddy I'm cumming!!"

Daddy backed off. He left me there, tingling for more. I regain control of my breath. My pussy was oozing. Aching to cum.

"Kneel before me, now," Daddy demanded.

I went to my knees and stared at the bulge in his pants.

"Take my cock in your mouth girl. I want you to suck your Daddy off."

I unzipped his pants and pulled them down. I stroked his hard cock on the outside of his boxers. Now that I think of it, my Daddy was pretty hot. He was in damn good shape. Ohh and he has such a big cock. I licked my lips I wanted it in my mouth.

"Mmm baby girl."

I took my fingers and placed them on the rim of his boxers. I slid them over his hard cock and down to the floor. I took his balls in my hands. Cupping them, I kissed and licked them. I sucked on them gently and ran my tongue over his cum-filled sack. I started to touch my throbbing, swollen pussy.

"No, baby girl, don't touch that cunt just yet. You have to wait for Daddy."

I took my hand off of my pussy. I licked hungrily up and down his shaft. My fingers still wet from my pussy, I placed them slowly in his ass. With that came a long groan.

I then heard another groan, but not from my Daddy, but from my lover in the corner who was now jerking himself off as I made my Dad horny.

I saw a bead of pre cum juice form at the head of my Daddy's dick. Making sure my Daddy was watching his little girl; I took the tip of my tongue to the pre-cum on his cock. I drew my head back a little, letting his cum bead out. I began to suck on the tip of my Daddy's eight-inch cock.

"That's it baby girl, worship your Daddy's cock. Yes. Oooo, you are such a good cocksucker. Yeah you're my little slut."

I let his hard dick slide in my mouth deeper and deeper. It touched the back of my throat and I let it slide down further. I took his whole cock in my mouth. My warm lips were tight around his thick shaft. All the way down my throat so my lips met his balls. Hot cum was just dribbling down my legs now. I felt my Daddy's balls tighten as he eased me away.

"Stop baby girl."

Daddy pulled me to my feet. He sat down with his hard organ just taunting me to suck him off more.

"Sit on my lap. You are going to ride your Daddy like the little whore I know you are."

I sat myself on his lap. He allowed only the tip of his cock in me. Daddy grabbed my ass and slowly pulled me in.

"Fuck Daddy you are too big," I gasped

"Nonsense baby girl. I know you want it now don't you?"

"Yes Daddy. Yes don't stop!"

Daddy pulled my ass cheeks apart. My lover's slick cock started to slide in my tight virgin ass. Daddy impaled me suddenly all the way on his cock. Breaking my virginity.

"Fuck me! Yes! Like that! Oh, God, fuck me!! Faster!"

Both cock's in me. Both cocks were fucking me unmercifully.

"Oh yes! Oh, fuck! I'm cumming!! Ohhhhhh!!!"

I felt the whole room shake as the two shot their hot loads in me. Filling me as we came in an intense triple climax.

"Now, get dressed boy and go home before I call your parents. We speak of this to no one."

"Yes sir," my lover said as he hurried to get dressed.

"And as for you, baby girl, you will continue to please your Daddy when ever he wants. Do you have a problem with that?"

"No Daddy."

"Good," a smile spread across his face. "Good night my sexy little whore."

My lover gone, Daddy walked out of my bedroom. I flop on the bed, exhausted and utterly satisfied. Beaming with the thought that Mommy is not coming coming home for another two weeks.

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