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Daddy's Breeder


Mara dropped her school bag by the front door and slid out of her uniform black shoes. It had been a long week of final exams and Mara was tired of everything she had to deal with at school. She was 18 years old and about to graduate from high school. Depending on her grades of the exams she had just taken. She hoped her exam scores were good enough to get her into the Biochemistry course she wanted in University.

The Catholic school she currently attended pushed her hard, but she knew it would pay off in the long run. Her schools colours were green and blue. Her short plaid skirt was folded over at the top so that it was shorter than it should be. It showed off her long tanned legs and gorgeous ass. She also wore a pressed white blouse, buttoned only high enough so that it showed her ample cleavage. Her socks were a navy blue and came up just past her knee.

Mara had been the school slut until her father, Jacob, got wind of it through the grapevine. Now he made sure his was the only cock she rode, and he made sure she rode it often. She had no complaints. She loved her dad madly and loved being his little girl.

Mara looked up the stairs inquisitively. "Daddy?" she called out. "Daddy! I'm home!" She heard some muffled talking coming from the living room so she went to investigate. Mara rounded the corner of the hallway and pushed open the door to the closed off living room. She saw her farther sitting on the sofa and opposite him was a man whose face she recognized but she couldn't place a name to.

"Dad?" She walked to the front of the couch, only then noticing that her Dad's pants were unzipped and he was stroking his cock. Mara widened her eyes at her dad and then looked at the other man sitting opposite him.

"Am I interrupting something, Daddy?" She glanced down at his cock.

"No, not at all, honey." He continued to stroke his cock. "This is Xavier. He moved in a couple weeks ago across the street with his wife."

Mara looked over at Xavier and realized he was massaging his crotch, though his pants were still zipped up. He smiled at her. Mara smiled back quickly before looking at her dad again.

"Sweetie, come sit on your Daddy's cock and show our neighbour what a good little slut you are." Jacob looked up at his daughter and raised his eyebrow.

Mara grinned at her dad. She didn't quite understand what was going on, but she knew she would love to feel his cock inside her cunt right now. Mara never wore underwear under he skirt. It started when she first lost her virginity. Someone made a joke that she should give easier access - so she did.

She walked up to her dad and straddled him while facing him. She lifted up one leg and ran her hand down her smooth thigh, looking back at their neighbour who now had his cock out of his pants and was stroking his rather large hard-on. He was focused on her and looked rather stern. Mara bit her lower lip and looked back at her Dad. She slid down on his cock and moaned softly.

"That's it, baby. Ride my cock in front of Xavier."

"Oooh...yes, Daddy." Mara leaned back and pumped her Daddy's cock inside her pussy. She tossed her long blond hair back and grabbed her breasts.

Xavier stroked his large cock vigorously looking at his friend get fucked by his daughter. "Dirty little slut...fucking your daddy's cock..." mumbled Xavier.

Mara moved her hips rhythmically along her dad's cock, her pussy coating every inch of it. Jacob had his hands cupped on his daughters smooth ass as she rode him. He brought one hand up to the back of her neck and grabbed her hair firmly. He started pumping into his daughter from beneath her, making her moan even louder.


Mara pumped her slit against her Daddy and began to cum on his cock, moaning even louder.

"That's it, baby. Take Daddy's cock in your tight little cunt. Daddy has something a little different in store for you today, baby girl." Jacob moved his daughter off his cock and pushed her down onto her knees on the floor of the living room. He motioned for Xavier to approach them.

Xavier stood, dropping his pants and boxers to the ground and bringing his t-shirt over his head, revealing a smooth muscular chest. Mara looked over at Xavier from her place on the floor and bit her lower lip. She was going to get both of them today and she knew it. Xavier stroked his cock as he approached Jacob and Mara eagerly.

Mara tossed her blond hair to the side and looked up at the two men standing in front of her. "You want me, don't you?"

Jacob grabbed his daughters hair roughly. "Let's see how you talk with a mouth full of balls, slut."

Xavier approached his neighbours daughter and brought his cock down to her mouth, grabbing her head and forcing her mouth onto it. Jacob moved behind his daughter and teased her clit with his cock before shoving it into her cunt once more. He brought her hips against his cock as Xavier forced his daughter to suck his cock.

"Dirty little whore. Pleasing two men." Jacob growled at her.

He stuck his thumb into his daughters ass and massaged it. Then he brought his cock out of his daughters pussy and slowly began to pump her ass with his cock. Xavier was busy fucking Mara's mouth.

"I'm going to fucking cum in your ass you little slut." Jacob grabbed his daughters hair again and began ramming into her ass. All Mara could do was moan loudly on Xaviers cock as he fucked her mouth harder and harder. Jacob let out a loud grunt as he came in his daughters ass. As he pulled out, cum began to drip down her inner thigh.

"Xavier, I want you to fuck my daughter, now." Jacob smacked his daughters ass and teased her clit with his still hard cock. Xavier didn't have to be told twice. He approached Mara's dripping wet pussy and plunged his cock in to the hilt. "Oh yeah...you're such a tight little slut" He grabbed onto her hips as he pounded into her wet cunt. Jacob grabbed his daughters hair and shoved his still hard cock into her mouth. "You like how you taste, whore?"

Xavier spanked Mara's ass sharply as he drove his cock deep inside her. "Such a fucking slut...letting your daddy fuck you and cum in your ass. I know just what to do with dirty little slut's like you."

Jacob moved his daughters head along his cock while holding tightly to her hair. He brought her head up briefly "You want us to use you like the little slut you are, don't you?"

Mara nodded eagerly. She couldn't believe how wet she was. Getting fucked by her Daddy and a stranger at the same time. She knew she would do whatever her Daddy wanted.

Xavier pounded into her tight cunt harder and harder and Mara knew he would cum soon. She looked wide eyed at her Daddy, but he just brought her head back down to his cock.

Xavier let out a loud groan. "Oh, you've done it now, you slut. I'm cumming inside you." He grabbed her hips so she wouldn't move, and Jacob held tightly to her hair.

"Good little slut," said her Daddy. "Getting bred like the fucking whore you are."

Xavier pumped his seed into his neighbours daughter. "Take all of my seed you little slut"

Mara's eyes began to tear up a little. Nobody told her this was going to happen. Jacob let go of his daughters hair and held her face in his hands and kissed her on her forehead.

Xavier pulled out of Mara slowly, making sure that his seed didn't spill out of her pussy. The two men stood up and Xavier walked over to his pants and reached in his pocket, pulling out his wallet. He handed Jacob a wad of bills and the two shook hands.

"Who knew having an infertile wife would be so fun?" Xavier smirked.

"I'll give you a call later in the week, Xavier so we can book a session for next week. We'll get you a baby to be proud of."

Mara sat on the ground pouting and rubbing her belly. "Am I going to have a baby, Daddy?"

Xavier walked out of the living room, letting himself out and Jacob sat on the couch above his daughter. "Yes, baby. I made a deal with the neighbour to breed you. You're going to have a baby for him and his wife. He going to come by and breed you for the next couple of weeks until we know you're pregnant."

Mara loved her Daddy and knew he wouldn't do anything to really hurt her. She wasn't sure how she felt about having a baby for someone else. Maybe next time Daddy would give her his seed so she could have his baby.

She had to admit, though, that she was looking forward to next weeks session with her Daddy and Xavier.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous04/30/18

I too want to breed my daughter but afraid of her and other family members as she is just 16years old

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by Anonymous04/18/18

So hot!

Loved this story!

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by Anonymous03/30/18

please daddy

i want to be bred by daddy and his friends too!

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by Anonymous11/29/17

My own breeding

When I was very young, my grandfather bred me. I really learned to love sex, before that I had been masturbating from when I was about 4 that I could remember. grandpa made me pregnant, it was wonderful.more...

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