tagIncest/TabooDaddy's Dirty Buttslut Act 01

Daddy's Dirty Buttslut Act 01


Preface - PLEASE READ!:

This is the first of what will be a running story. It is all about the taboo. You will not find romance here. Any notion and talk of love is subverted to serve the taboo.

Anal sex and incest are MAJOR themes of this story.

You may want to not read this part and future parts if you take offence to any of the following in a lurid, obscene (and of course fantastical) context: incest, rough sex, submission and domination, degradation, extreme sodomy, ass worship, extreme dirty assplay, light or implied scat, and EFRO (erotic female relieving observance).

All characters involved are 18 or older.

Act 1

"Ohh yeah, fuck my pussy, fuck your little girl's wet cunt, fuck me harder daddy, harder! Why do you never fuck my bottom daddy? Do you not like my big, sweet ass? Do you not want to penetrate my tight, hot butthole? Please daddy, see me holding it open for you, please fuck my bum daddy, I promise I won't tell..."

You wake up suddenly, to the sound of a clattering downstairs. You were so close to sodomising your cute daughter in your dream too. Frustrated, you sit up and look at the clock. 3:00am. You blearily rub your eyes and put boxers on. Your daughter, Ana, must be back from her night out and drunkenly making a racket. You head downstairs to check out out the damage, trying to push the image of your daughter riding your cock out of your mind so you don't surprise her with a sizeable tent in your boxers.

You enter the kitchen to see half the pots and pans on the floor. Ana is slowly and clumsily trying to gather them all up.

She looks up as you enter. "Daad! I'm sorryy! Did I wake you up?" She says, in the lusty tones of someone who's been drinking and singing over loud music all night.

You rub your eyes again. "Uh-huh." You say unnecessarily.

"They just all fell out the cupboard." She says, giving you the puppy dog eyes.

"Uh-huh." You say again. Your eyes open a little more as they adjust to the bright lights of the kitchen. Ana was already out by the time you'd got home so you hadn't seen her leave. Now you see she is in one of her usual cockteasing get-ups. A halter top holds her large, pert and thrust out breasts, with as much cleavage on display as she can manage. She is tottering about in her high heels, which complement her petite stature. She is also wearing one of sexiest (i.e. shortest) miniskirts, which shows off what, in your opinion, is her best asset: her expansive bubble butt. At the moment it is pretty much falling out of the thin strip of material that makes her skirt, the lower part of the cheeks clearly visible from the back or even the side, given the jutting out nature of her full apple bottom. Her small frame and size makes her curves appear even more impressive.

"I see you're dressed per usual." You say, a little sardonically. Some fathers you know would not let their teenage daughter leave the house dressed like that, but you know she's an adult and can dress how she likes. Well... that's how you reason it out loud, but the truth is simply that her boner-inducing outfits are just too sexual to forbid. Many a time you've masturbated thinking back to how she looked in them, imagining bending her over, lifting up her miniskirt and thrusting hard in between her meaty buttcheeks.

"Yes daad." Ana rolls her eyes. "We both know you like it more than anyone." She giggles.

You let this comment slide. You and Ana are well used to being cheeky and mock-flirtatious with each other. "Don't you think you're showing a bit too much...erm... skin?" You ask lamely, both of you knowing you're not going to make a thing of it.

"Not really dad, too much where?" She smiles like a minx, and wobbles a little on her high heels.

"From that wagon you're dragging." You grin.

Ana laughs, and spins around so her back is to you. "You mean this little thing?" She clamps her small hands on her cheeks, giving them a squeeze and making you groan inwardly.

"Not so little." You tease. "Those apples look ripe to be plucked."

"Well fuck them then." She clamps a hand to her mouth and giggles. "Oops! I meant pluck them then!"

You don't know if the slip was intentional or not, but either way you're struggling to keep your cock from rising up. "Bit naughtier than normal are we?" You manage, her back still turned to you and her sexy globes staring at your eyes.

"Maybee. Being naughty is fun!" She gives a little bounce, making her asscheeks wobble up and down.

At this you groan outwardly. "C'mon Ana, you're killing your poor old dad here! We need to get you into bed."

"Aw, does my booty excite you too much dad?" She laughs. "You say you need to get me into bed?"

"But of course." You say in a sarcastic tone but actually fully agreeing with her spin on your words. "Your ass is just too much for me, young lady."

"I bet it is." She gives another bounce. "It's too much for everyone."

"No such thing as too much." You say truthfully. You hope she doesn't turn around anytime soon as your large cock is definitely starting to tent your boxers.

"Maybe not for you dad." She squeezes it again. "You've never even tried it out though."

You're not sure if she's still joking about or not by now. "Tried it out?" You query, the image of sodomising her popping into your mind and refusing to leave.

"Everyone loves to give my ass a squeeze in clubs. It got squeezed like four times tonight. I pretend I don't like it but I actually love the attention and it feels good too, getting it touched up. The guys who do it are jerks though. It's never had a really good fondle. They usually pay more attention to my big tits. Can't say I blame them! But yeah... you should totally give my bottom a try, everyone else has! You're missing out!"

"You mean you've... you've done it... there?" Your cock has got to half-mast.

"No daad, you and your dirty mind! I mean everyone else has touched it at one or time or another so why not you too. I haven't done anal though. Nobody has ever wanted to do it." She sounded disappointed.

"I can't believe that!" You say, your eyes widening. Is this actually happening, or is it a wind-up?

"Geez, put your hands on my ass alreadyy. You know you've wanted to for ages." She hiccups.

"And besides, those that were into anal and that and weren't put off by my big ass were put off.. by stuff." She says, hesitantly.

"How could anyone be put off by this sexy butt?" You finally take the opportunity you've longed for and place your hands on her bottom, giving it a big squeeze. It's so full and soft, it feels amazing.

Ana gives the slightest of moans and bends forward, pushing her ass out a little more towards you."That's right daddy, feel my big ass up. That feels niice. You really think it's sexy? People are mean about it."

Your heart beats faster on hearing the word 'daddy'. This kinda thing is straight out from your fantasies. You really hope you're not still asleep, as it certainly feels like a dream. Is it wrong to feel your daughter's ass? Do you even care? You've been thinking about it for too long now to pass up, and in your sleepy, slightly befuddled state you are more than a little excited to see what else it might lead to, morality be damned.

"Of course it's sexy honey, it's an amazing ass. Everyone else are just jealous. They wish they could have such a fuckable ass." You hesitate, hoping you haven't said anything too far.

Ana giggles. "Thankss! I like that compliment. You really think my ass is fuckable daddy?"

You decide to be brave, and pull out all the stops."Of course honey. The most fuckable one I've ever seen. I still don't understand what could put people off it."

"Mmm, keep feeling your silly drunk daughter's ass up. I'm more a tease than anything, I don't pull properly often. The only guys who have come close to being in my bum turned their noses up at it."

"Whyever would they do that?" You can't imagine a single good reason.

"I mean actually turned their noses up at it. They said it was smelly and dirty and that I was nasty. I can't help it though...And they told other people and it was only my friends who defended me. I haven't had sex in like ages because of it. It's not fair. I can't help it!" She sounded genuinely upset.

"Sssh, silly." You're properly groping her ample ass now, and your cock is rock hard. She'd have to see it sooner or later. "They were just immature, kids who didn't realise what a gorgeous girl you are and what your perfect ass is worth, and what anal is supposed to be like. Anal is supposed to be dirty. That's the whole draw."

"Thanks daddy. I did always kinda think that to myself. I mean it's where people poo from isn't it? If you want to have sex there then it's just silly to expect it to be clean... or want it to be clean."

"All natural is always better. Flavour is better. Who wants to eat or fuck something bland? The most popular shower gels are always the ones with all those crazy jungle extracts aren't they? And without spices curries would be nothing. Nobody complains about pussy juice either cause they have a sweet tooth or they're too used to it. But gimme that savoury booty juice any day!"

"I've never thought of it that way daddy, but you're right. I think I'd prefer to taste my ass all funky too, if I was gonna. I imagine the taste kinda being like a greasy Sunday roast dinner, mixed with, erm, beer... like bitter?"

"Pretty much baby. You're an astute young girl." You can tell by her silence that she might not know what that meant, so you plow on, all the while increasing the squeezing and fondling of her hot buttcheeks. "If those kids who turned your ass down didn't want anal sex to be dirty then they should just stick to fucking pussies. Actually, screw that, they can just go and read a book and quit even thinking about what great sex is! Virgins and jock teenagers like them can't ever be expected to appreciate what an ass like yours can give them. They're not real men if they turn their noses up at your rear instead of salivating over it."

"You think so daddy? You're not put off by it then?"

"Of course not!" You exclaim passionately. "I'd salivate all over it!"

"But you haven't got close enough really, you probably will be like the others." She looks back and up at you, pouting, her eyes glistening. She hasn't yet spotted your erection.

"There's no way of that honey. I'd just count myself as a very lucky man! It's already the best booty I've ever felt."

"Really, wow! Do you wanna see it then?"

"Definitely." There's no going back now.

Ana beams and quickly yanks down her white cotton panties. Before she kicks them away you see a brown stain, and your cock throbs almost painfully.

Ana looks behind her as she bends over, your impressive cocktent obscured by her own large, rounded and beautifully naked ass. "Part my big bumcheeks daddy."

You use your hands to do just what she said, and find yourself staring in disbelief. Her exposed ring was not the tight pink hole you had been expecting. Instead you are faced with a lewd brown hole, bulbous and thick rimmed around the edges, looking both abused and cock-hungry at the same time, winking at you as Ana twitches her ass muscles excitedly. You drink in the sight, wondering if it is as moist and burning hot to the touch as it looks.

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