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Daddy's Fantasy


Keri came home after work to an empty house (or so she thought) one sunny afternoon in August. She put on short denim shorts that did little to hide any of her long, luscious legs, threw on a sports bra and a tank top, filled her water bottle, and headed to the house's gym and game room. She figured she would check her email before doing a workout.

She flew open the door just in time to see her father, sitting at the computer, looking at picture of a girl pissing in this guys mouth, just as her father's huge load of cum began shooting from his cock. 'Oh my god, Daddy! I'm SO sorry!' She said right before slamming the door and running up to her room.

'I thought I was alone,' she thought as she threw herself on her bed, her mind over flowing with conflicting thoughts. In the 19 years of her life, she had never once thought of her dad in a sexual manner, but after watching his load explode out of his huge dick, she couldn't get the image out of her mind. She unbuttoned her shorts and slowly reached her hand down the front of her shorts. She stopped momentarily at her clit, giving it a couple flicks before moving down to her hole. She was soaking wet and could feel the heat of her pussy on her fingers before she even slid one in. She moaned as her pussy engulfed one, two, then three of her fingers. She started thrusting her fingers in as her thumb played with her clit while the image of her daddy's cum and the lewd picture he was looking at filled her mind.

She heard a light knock on her door. 'Babygirl?' It was her daddy. 'Umm…Just a minute daddy,' she yelped as she scrambled to get her shorts buttoned up and her senses together. She sniffed her fingers and felt her clit throb at the sensation. She opened the door timidly and felt her face flush when she saw him standing there. 'Can I come in babygirl? I think we need to talk.' She opened the door wider and led him to her bed, the only place in the room where he could sit.

'Listen, Keri,' he started as she sat down beside him. 'I'm sorry that I let you see that. I didn't think that you would be home until later. And your mother and brother won't be home until 6:00 so I thought I had the house to myself. I am so sorry. Will you forgive me?' He brought her hand up to his lips to kiss it just like he used to do when she was little.

'Sure, daddy,' she said as she smiled at him, forgetting that it was the hand she had used earlier. He paused for a second with her hand close to his nose. She realized he had smelled her girl juice on her fingers, so she jerked her hand away. 'Sorry, daddy,' she said as she looked up at him, tears forming in her eyes.

'I better leave you alone,' he said as he stood up. That was when Keri saw it. A huge bulge in his pants. He shoved his hands in his pockets and said 'I'll see you at dinner.' The lust Keri felt right then was too much to take and she had to make her move. She needed to feel her daddy's big cock in her tight, young pussy.

'Daddy wait.' He turned slowly. 'Will you sit here with me for a second? I want to ask you something.' 'Sure babygirl.' He walked back over to the bed and sat down, avoiding eye contact with her. 'Daddy. Will you close your eyes because its kind of embarrassing and it would make me feel better if you were closing your eyes.' He did as she asked, even though he thought it was kind of weird. He didn't want to look at her right now anyways. He had smelled her pussy juice on her fingers and he felt guilty because it had immediately turned him on. He had always thought his daughter was extremely hot. He could stare at her huge tits and tight ass for hours, and sometimes he would jack off thinking about her or picture that he was fucking her instead of his wife. He knew it was wrong to think like this, but it was only a fantasy.

He waited quietly with his eyes closed. He had felt her get off the bed, but he was too ashamed to open his eyes and look for her. Keri had stood up from the bed and was now completely naked, standing in front of her father. 'Daddy?' 'Yes?' Was his reply. 'What would you say if I told you I wanted you to fuck my tight pussy?' His eyes flew open at that and he sat there, mesmerized by the sight before him. His young daughter was standing naked, her breasts jiggling slightly as she giggled. He had fantasized about this several times but never thought it would ever come true.

He sat there paralyzed as she walked over to him slowly and got down on her knees in front of him. She leaned up and kissed him softly on his lips. He thought for a moment, 'What am I doing? This is my daughter!' But just as he thought it, his little babygirl slid her hand up his leg and began rubbing his cock and his animal side took over.

He thrust his tongue deep into her mouth as his hand found its way to one of her perky tits. She moaned as he rubbed her nipple between his thumb and his forefinger. Hearing his little babygirl moan like that added fuel to his already raging fire of desire for her.

He pushed her away and stood up. 'Lay down on the bed!' He ordered. She willingly complied, as the very thought of the dominance he was displaying made her pussy quake. She watched as he ripped his shirt and jeans off, exposing a cock that was at least 8 inches long and 2 inches wide. She practically felt her mouth water at the sight of it.

He got up on the bed and got on his hands and knees on top of her. 'Daddy's babygirl is a fuckin slut, isn't she?' And without warning, he slammed his cock into her tight, needy hole.

'Oh my god! YES DADDY FUCK ME! FUCK ME HARD DADDY!' He grabbed her legs and threw them up over his shoulders as he began slamming his cock into her pussy. His eyes went back and forth between her huge, bouncing tits and the sight of his cock going in and out of her pussy. He felt the walls of her pussy begin to squeeze his dick as she came.

'I'M CUMMING DADDY, OH GOD, FUUUCCCKKK!' She slammed her hips up repeatedly as he was thrusting down. The sheer force of it all almost sent him over the edge, so he quickly pulled out of her pulsating snatch and found her clit with his tongue. He began licking it and tugging lightly on it with his teeth. She began to wail as he ate her out, his lips and face covered in her sweet cum. She screamed again as her body came again, her juices soaking the sheets on her bed. He waited as her breathed slowed down slightly and then he ordered for her to get on her knees on the floor. A good little slut, she did as she was told.

'Suck my cock' She quickly engulfed his entire cock until her face was pressed against his pubic bone, and then began milking his cock with her throat muscles. 'FUCK! Who's been teaching my babygirl to suck cock like that?' He asked her as pulled on her hair to get her to come up before he jizzed down her throat. He laid down on the bed and motioned for her to come to him. 'Ride my cock very slowly babygirl until I tell you to stop.' She straddled him, positioned his cock at the opening to her hot snatch, and then slowly slid down until he was all the way inside her wet pussy. He played with her huge tits as she posted up and down on his hard cock.

'Does it feel good daddy? Does my pussy feel good?'

'Oh, babygirl, it feels so good. I want you to do something special for your daddy though, ok?' She nodded her head. 'Anything daddy.'

'Ok, I want you to straddle me like you did before, ok?' She did as she was told. 'Now, I'm going to position my cock right under your clit,' he said as he did so. 'Ok, now babygirl, I want you to piss on your daddy's cock, you think you can do that?' She nodded her head in eager agreement. He watched her pussy as the yellow stream began to flow out of her and onto his cock.

'Oh GOD BABYGIRRRRRRRLLL!!' The heat was amazing. 'That's it babygirl, pee all over your daddy's big cock, OH GOD!' He watched as the last of her hot yellow juice flowed out of her and then he thrust his dick up into her wet snatch. He felt his cum move up the length of his shaft and then felt it explode into his daughter's tight cunt. 'OH FUCK KERI!! OH BABYGIRL YES OH GOD!!!' Spasm after spasm, he shot more of his hot man-juice into her. He felt the spasm's subside and pulled his cock out of her. He watched as some of the white cum started leaking out of her pussy.

'Damn babygirl, that was good. Now lay down on the bed here,' He said as he sat up. She reached her hand down to her pussy until she got some of his cum on her finger, and then licked the very sperm that spawned her off of her fingers.

He straddled her chest so that his dick was right in front of his face and released the pressure in his full bladder. His piss shot out of his dick at full force, splashing all over her face and filling her mouth. 'Oh god daddy' she gargled through mouthfuls of piss as she fucked herself with her finger. 'Swallow my fuckin piss babygirl' She started gulping down the hot yellow liquid just as her pussy exploded into another orgasm subsided.

As soon as the flow stopped, he leaned down and licked her face clean. Keri lay on the bed trying to catch her breath. He got up, grabbed his clothes and headed for the door. 'We should do this again sometime, babygirl. You're a good fuck'

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