tagIncest/TabooDaddy's Little Girl

Daddy's Little Girl


Another call at the office from the school principal, he thought. That damn girl, will she ever learn. Since the divorce she has been out of control, her mother cannot control her. That bitch spoiled her when I was around and made me the bad guy. Even now, she is doing it again.

I am sitting here yet again in the Headmaster's office. If it isn't one thing, it is another. When Mom and dad split up, this old fucker has been on my ass for the littlest things. I swear he must get off yelling at me. Bet his damn cock gets hard when he is ripping into me about how sinful I am. I was called in because my skirt was too short and you could see my ass. OK, so I like thong underwear. The old horny fart shouldn't have been looking up girls' skirts in the first place. As I look out the window, I see that familiar gray BMW. OH FUCK, they called him. Shit! He is going to be totally pissed. Oh well, I guess I will be grounded until I am 30.

There she sits. DAMN, I never noticed how beautiful she really is, nothing like her mother. Her mother was once a cute woman, but the years have not been kind to her. There sits my beautiful daughter with her long wavy honey blonde hair, deep green eyes, and a smile that will make you melt. What the hell am I going to do with her?

“Hey, dad. What brings you here on this fine day?” I say with a smile.

“Don’t give me that shit young lady. You know perfectly well, why I am here. Get your stuff and get in the car. Wait there until I discuss the problem over with the principal,” he barks at me.

“Don’t you mean Headmaster?” I slip in as I exit the office.

God, I hate sitting in here. I always hated the principal’s or headmaster’s office. I sit down.

“Mr. Taylor, your daughter has been in my office 5 times in the last 2 months. I know things at home are stressed, since the divorce, but something has to be done about Kara. She has been in violation of the school rules 4 out of the 5 times. She refuses to follow the school dress code. Her skirts are much to short. Skirts must be below the knee…”

She does have great legs. Nice and firm from all those years of dance and gymnastics.

“…another thing, uhmm how do I say this, your daughter is a busty girl. Uhmmmm, she needs to wear shirts a little bigger and of course to keep them buttoned…”

Her figure has filled out in the last couple of months… “…and yet another thing, is the thong underwear. Kara CANNOT wear those here at my school. This isn’t the worst of it, Mr. Taylor.”

“There is more,” I say surprised. I know Kara has been in the office a couple times, but what can be worse then what I have been told.

“Yes, Mr. Taylor, there is.”

I look at my shoes then at the headmaster’s face.

“Your daughter and boy were recently caught in the music room.”

“Huh? What? I don’t get it.”

“Didn’t your ex-wife inform you about this. Kara was suspended for several days for breaking a conduct rule.”

“I have to admit, sir. My ex-wife and I don’t talk. She took the divorce hard and blames me for it all.”

“ I am sorry Mr. Taylor. But your daughter…”

“Just tell me what happened.”

“Well, as you know males and females at this school are not allowed to fraternize. A couple weeks ago, your daughter and the Hawkins’ boy were in the music room. When I entered the room, your daughter and Mr. Hawkins were both naked. Kara and Mr. Hawkins were orally pleasuring each other.”

“ WHAT??????? WHAT DID YOU SAY? ARE YOU TELLING ME MY DAUGHTER WAS GIVING RYAN HAWKINS A BLOW JOB?” I was shocked; my little girl was sucking on a cock.

“Mr. Taylor, calm yourself. Yes, I am saying just that. Both were equally to blame. Both received the same punishment of 3 days suspension and a week of detention.”

What could I say? Really, what could I say? My daughter acting like a slut. Where did she learn this behavior? Her mother is nothing like this. It would take the second coming to get a blowjob for that woman. Hmmmmm, how active was Kara? How many 18-year-old boys were touching my daughter’s silky skin… tonguing her womanhood… or making her quiver when she reaches orgasm?

“Mr. Taylor, I feel that Kara needs a firm hand when it comes to this recent events. It seems like your ex-wife is unable to meet Kara’s emotional needs. I am suspending Kara for the rest of the week. And for her to reenter the school, Kara is going to be required to attend counseling to help her with the demons inside her.” Awaken from my thoughts, I agree to the arrangement. We shake hands. I leave still thinking about my daughter tasting Ryan Hawkins throbbing cock.

Damn, I hate waiting. I know I am in for it but what? He can enforce any punishment. So why am I so worried. I am 18 for God sakes. I am supposed to push the limits and have fun. Damn it all.

Dad enters the car. He doesn’t even look at me. He starts dialing his cell phone.

“Patty. This is Dave. Pick up.”

“You will never guess were I was. Nope. Not even close. I was called out of my office today by the Headmaster of Kara’s school. Why didn’t you inform me of the problems Kara was having at school?”

After a short pause, “Oh you thought you could handle it. You though you could. WHERE THE HELL IS YOUR MIND LADY? Our daughter is acting like a cheap slut. Well, I guess you wouldn’t know what a cheap slut was, would you, Patty dear? (Pause) OH YOU SHUT UP AND LISTEN. Kara is coming to stay with me until things are straightened out. You need help Patty. You need to get your shit together. YOU have to realize the problem was with the both of us not just me. I feel it will be best for all involved. (Pause) Stop crying. You knew this was going to happen. I will send for Kara’s thing tomorrow. Good bye Patty, get the help you need.”

It was unbelievable my father raising his voice. He never yelled. What ever the headmaster said sure got him angry. Then it hit me… I am not going home I am going to his apartment.

“There is no way in hell I am going to live with you. I chose to live with mom. You heard that at the hearing. I decided. The judge said it was best for me.”

“FUCK the court, the judge and your mother. NO daughter of mine is going to be a SLUT!” I am screaming… as I pulling into my apartment complex.

“FUCK YOU! I HATE YOU!” I yell as I exit the parked car. I start running. I am not going to live with him. No, I am not.

She is out the door and driveway by the time I catch her. I grab her arm. I yank her so hard she loses her balance. I start dragging her. I stop only long enough to let her gain her balance. The walk is a short on to the apartment. I unlock the door and throw her to the floor. As she falls, her skirt rises showing off her nicely shaved snatch. ONMIGOD! My baby shaves her snatch. I start at her deeply. I look at her face, fear and innocents is what I see. She tries to stand. I push her back down. Her breasts pounce softly. Unlike her mom’s 32 A’s, Kara’s are full 38C on that petite body.

“Daddy what is wrong with you?” I ask him. He looks at me with anger. I say nothing to my daughter. I look at her body. I have never looked at her body before. She has a body that would make Aphrodite cry. I feel a twinge in my slacks. My cock is stirring. I haven’t touched a woman or looked at one in so long. I stand there. Staring at my daughter wondering… OH, GOD THAT IS WRONG!

“Daddy, are u ok? You are scaring me. Please daddy stop.”

“YOUR NOTHING BUT A SLUT!!! What have u done? I demand you tell me WHAT THE HELL HAVE YOU DONE!” I feel enraged as I grab my daughter by her blonde locks. I throw her over my knee.

“NO, DADDY NO!” She screams.

I don’t listen. I have never punished my sweet Kara. I never laid a hand on her but she needs to be punished. I raise her skirt over her tight ass. Her sweet white flesh begging me to spank it, SWAT! She cries. I do it repeatedly.

“Tell me slut, were you sucking Ryan Hawkins’ cock in the music room? Did you let him eat your pussy, your shaved pussy?”

“YES, DADDY YES! I left Ryan eat me. I sucked him.” Tears are rolling from my eyes. The pain of his spanking rolls through my body, yet there is a pleasure to it.

I keep spanking my daughter. I watch that white flesh turn red. She starts squirming and moaning softly… is she enjoying this?

“What else did you do with Ryan? Did you fuck him? Did he fuck your pussy… your ass?”

“Daddy, please no. Don’t make me tell you, please no.” Would he believe me, I am still a virgin. “Ryan and I only have oral sex, Daddy. I have never FUCKED a guy.” I squirm around. I feel something hard pressing against my stomach.

“I am supposed to believe that? You dress like a tramp. Get caught in the music room naked with a boy… what do you take me for?” Strangely, I believe her. I suddenly realize my cock is hard so very hard pressing against my daughter’s tight stomach. “Have there been any other boys, TELL ME!”

“No daddy, only Ryan.”

My hand strikes my daughter’s ass again. I feel a hot dampness at her crotch. IS this turning her on? “YOU LIAR!” I scream at her. “I know that you gave Sean Owens, Mike Phillips and Jayson Carson blowjobs this last July 4th at the street fair. Yes, dear girl I know I denied it. I knew you were a slut a long. Stop, trying to play innocent with me. You spread those lips and legs for any one.” I am enraged. My cock is about to explode. Fuck this bitch has sucked off four guys that I know of. FUCK she can do me.’

“On your knees bitch.” I pull her by her hair to her knees. She moans. I start to undo my trousers and then take them off. Out pops 9 inches. “SUCK IT, CUNT!”

“But…” was all I could say. There in my face was my father throbbing cock. It took every thing not to place it in my mouth. This man is my father. He grabs my hair and I take it in my mouth. It tasted so good. I start sucking up and down twirling my tongue all around his throbbing member.

Damn, I think, this is wrong. My daughter is sucking my cock like a pro. She looks up at me with desire and lust. It has been so long… it is sooooooo good.

I reach my hand up and massage my father firm hard balls. I feel him tense up. He releases. He moans loudly. His cream pours out of his cock in to my mouth. I can’t swallow it all. It tastes so good.

I have never cum this hard in my life. I thrust in Kara’s mouth. She tries to swallow it all. I pull my cock from her mouth and pull her up to me I kiss her hard and firm on the mouth. I push my tongue in her mouth. I can taste my own cum. She kisses me back. Our tongues intertwine. I break the kiss… I then, throw her on the couch. As she falls her, beautiful legs fall open exposing her moist pussy. I drop to my knees. I take a whiff of her gentle scent, and then lick her snatch. Her taste is sweet. Her clit is so big and hard. I bit gently. She moans. I start dining on her luscious clam

OHMIGOD! He is licking my pussy. His tongue is talented better then those boys. I grab his hair and try to push him deeper in me. “YES DADDY!” I moan.

I feel myself growing hard again. She taste wonderful. I want her to cum on my face. I want to drink my daughter’s juices. I place my hands on her cheeks and raise her. I want a taste of the rosebud. I lick her hole. She shivers.

“YES! GOD YES!!!!!! NO one has ever done that DADDY, MORE!!!!!!”

I lick as fast as I can. I start fingering her pussy and rubbing her clit with my thumb. MY tongue enters her hole.

I feel a STRONG wave come over me. I SCREAM! I MOAN! “YES DADDY YES!!!!!!!!!” This was the best orgasm I ever had.

“Yes honey, cum on daddy’s face. Let daddy lick your juices…” However, this wasn’t enough. I needed more of her. I needed her tight pussy. I pull off her thong…. Rip her he sheer white blouse from her body exposing her huge tits and erect nipples. MY lips attach to her nipples I start to devour her tits. I continue to finger her wet pussy. I take my cock and rub it against her slit.

“Oh daddy, let me taste my cream. Please daddy. He gives me his cream covered finger. I taste them “So yummy. Daddy, I have never had a cock in my pussy. I have always wanted yours. Yes, I have sucked other guys. It is your cock, I crave. I am on the pill, Daddy. Please Daddy fuck me. Please.”

My daughter wants me? My daughter wants to give me her virginity. I rub my cock lubing it for her tight pussy. I place my cock in her hole and thrust in feeling her hymen break. She moans. I start fucking her harder. She gyrates on my cock.

“FUCK ME DADDY! I AM YOUR SLUT! YOUR WHORE!” I yell. I move with him. He feels so good in my pussy. I am so wet. Suddenly he flips me over. I am bent over the edge of the sofa. He rams his cock in me. There is a little pain, but it is good. I rock with him. I feel his finger teasing my ass. It feels so good. Slowly he sticks his finger in my hole. It hurts, but for Daddy, I take the pain. His finger starts going in and out faster. Suddenly there is another finger. He pumps my pussy with his cock and my ass with two fingers. I feel that urge to cum, I cum again.

Kara’s juices flow over my cock. Her pussy pulsates gripping my cock. It is almost too much to bear. Nevertheless, I manage. I keep thrusting through her orgasm. She is thrashing wildly, moaning and screaming. I remove my fingers from her ass, and my cock from her pussy. I take my well-lubed cock and tease her asshole.

“NO DADDY, PLEASE GOD NO! That will hurt.” I tell him. Fingers were one thing but his cock is another.

I pull her up to my chest and whisper in her ear. “This is your punishment. So, you’re going to have to take it.” Then I push her back down. I pushed the head of my cock in her ass.

“OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOh,” I whimpered softly. It hurt, yet there was pleasure. Inch by inch his cock enters my ass. He gripped my tits pinching nipples and pulling on them. The pain goes away. I start fucking him back. He strokes start to get quicker and harder. He takes on hand and spanks my ass.

“I AM CUMMING!!!!!!!!” I release my second load. I am exhausted. I pull my semi hard cock from my daughter’s ass. To my surprise, she turns around and starts sucking hard cleaning off the mess. I harder up again and release the last of my cream in her hot mouth. I collapse holding my daughter tightly. “Hun, this was your punishment for being a bad girl. Daddy had to do it. You do understand do you? You are not to play with other boys, again. You will live with me until I see your are a proper young lady.”

“Yes daddy. I understand I am sorry for all the pain I caused you. I will try to be better. Promise. Daddy will my punishment always be like this.”

“No hun, we will talk about it later. Lets go to bed, dear.” I grab my daughter hand and we retire to our bedroom.

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