tagIncest/TabooDaddy's Little Girl

Daddy's Little Girl


This is dedicated to someone special. I shall name no names but you know who you are. Emmie xXxXx

The air was cool, as she slipped her dress from her slender shoulders. She looked towards the window and walked over, carefully shutting it then drawing the curtains. There was no need for her neighbours to see her private life. She turned back and slowly paced towards the phone. Picking it up she dialled the ten digit number he had given her. Her breathing became slightly more laboured as she heard the phone at the other end of the line ring. Suddenly the answer machine came on. “The person you are calling is not at home, please leave a message after the tone or try again later….” Trembling, she dialled the number again. Silently she prayed that he would answer, that he wouldn’t, that he would, wouldn’t, would. Desire ran through her veins, nerves playing havoc on her mind. Suddenly, someone picked up the line at the other end.

“Hello little one,” came his voice.

“Hello Daddy,” she answered.

“Have you been good for Daddy today little one?” he breathed.

“Yes Daddy,” she whispered, a slight tremor in her voice.

“Are you lying to Daddy, baby?” he quietly asked her. She didn’t reply. “I see. I think that someone needs to tell me exactly what a bad girl she has been. Don’t you?”

Still no reply.

“I expect you to answer me when I ask you a question baby.” His voice, quiet, yet demanding and annoyed.

“Yes Daddy” came her subdued reply.

“Good girl. Now tell me. What has my little girl done? Remember baby, don’t lie to me.”

Slowly, she takes a deep breath in……..then lets it slowly out.

“I have been a bad girl Daddy,” she whispers. “I didn’t go straight to sleep last night.”

He doesn’t say anything, lets the silence drag out.

“I lay there, thinking of all the naughty things you make me do. And my hand started playing with my pussy. I…”

“It’s not your pussy baby. Its MINE. Don’t ever forget that.” He interrupts.

“Yes Daddy, im sorry Daddy.”

“Good girl. Now carry on. What did my bad little girl do to my pussy?”

“I slid my fingers deep into it Daddy.” Embarrassment in her voice, at having to say words out loud.

His voice, silent.

“Then I pulled on the nipples on your titties Daddy, I was very bad, I pushed my fingers in and out of your pussy and slid my thumb over your clitty again and again until I made myself cum.” Her voice trembling, tears running down her face. Ashamed at have being so bad.

“I see.” Came his reply. “So my little girl thinks that she can play with my pussy when ever she wants does she?”

“No Daddy, I don’t Daddy. I’m sorry Daddy” hanging her head, ashamed at herself, ashamed of being caught by her Daddy.

“I think you do baby.” Quietly. “I think I shall have to punish you.”

Her eyes squeezed shut, her limbs trembling.

“I accept your punishment Daddy.”

“Good girl. Put the phone onto speaker phone.”

She does so.

“Good girl. Now kneel on the floor. Are you kneeling little one?”

“Yes Daddy.”

“Good girl. Spread your legs as wide as they can go baby. Are you doing it? You had better be….”

“I am Daddy. I promise you I am, I can’t get them any further Daddy.”

“Very good girl. Place your left arm behind you. Now cup your right hand. Now are you listening closely little one?” his voice harsh, demanding.

“Yes Daddy.” She answers.

“Now baby, I want you to take that hand, your right hand now baby, and I want you to spank my pussy, I want you to slap my pussy and my little clitty ten times. And I want you to do it hard baby. I want to hear every slap and hear every squeal of pain. And after each slap you are to count that slap and thank me for being such a good Daddy to you. Do you understand?”

Quietly, with a little whimper, she answers him. “Yes Daddy.”

“Good girl. Now begin.”

Her hand whistles down and strikes at her pussy. She gasps at the sudden contact and stinging rush.

“One Daddy, thank you Daddy.”

Smack! Gasp!

“Two Daddy thank you Daddy.”

Smack! Whimper.

“Three Daddy, thank you Daddy.”

Smack! She whimpers more loudly this time.

“Four Daddy, thank you Daddy.”

Her clitty is throbbing within her labia. She takes and deep breath, and her hand sails down again.


“Five Daddy, thank you Daddy.”

Her voice shakes from the pain, and yet from something more than pain. She is aware of her clitty throbbing and hardening, her pussy juices beginning to drip down her inner thigh, and her nipples hardening.

Smack! Squeal!

“Six Daddy, thank you Daddy.”

Her breathing is becoming more laboured, she cam feel something more than just pain building inside her cunt.

Smack! Gasp!

“Seven Daddy, thank you Daddy.”

Her pussy is beginning to pulsate, and her clitty is pushing through her labia, exposed to her harsh slaps.

Smack! Moan…..

“Eiiightt Daaadddy, thaannk yyou Daddddy” she gasps.

He speaks suddenly, “I think my little girl is beginning to enjoy her punishment.” He sounds amused. “Do not cum baby, otherwise I shall have to give you a more serious punishment, do you understand?”

“Yes Daddy.” She moans. Her hand lifts again.

Smack! Squeal!

“Ninnnne Dadddy, thhhank yyyou Dddaddy!”

“Just one more baby girl.” Comes his voice, encouraging, sympathetic.

She raises her hand. She knows that it will take only one more blow and the punishment will be over. Her pussy is slick with her juices, her clitty bruised and sore from the blows, yet eager feel more. Her hand begins its downward stroke. She feels the air flow past it as it drops towards her slick cunt.

SMACK! She cries out louder at this blow than any of the others, it was harder, more fierce and more …….desperate. Desperate for approval of her Daddy.

Shaking she counts the final slap. “Tttenn Ddddaddy. Thank you DADDY.”

His Voice sounds over the speaker phone.

“Good girl.”

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