Daddy's Little Girl


With those words I pushed my cock through her virginal pussy. With a slight pop I buried my huge member into her. She let out a loud moan of pleasure and pain. I began to pump my cock in and out, faster and harder, with her every moan.

"Yes Daddy, fuck me harder, fuck your little slut daughter."

My cock stiffened even more. I didn't think it could get any harder. I filled her pussy and spread it to the limits with my cock. I was about to cum and wasn't ready to stop fucking her sweet pussy, so I slowed my movements. We were both glistening with sweat.

"Daddy, I have something else I want to ask you. But please don't stop fucking me. Please, don't stop. Promise me you won't stop fucking me."

Perplexed by this statement, I responded, "Sure baby, I won't stop fucking you, I promise."

With that promise made Liv asked me her question.

"Daddy, will you fuck me every day?"

"Sure baby, I will fuck you every day, probably more than once. Was that your question?"

"No Daddy. Will you make me your little breeding slut daughter?" With those words I stopped my movements and froze.

"Daddy, you promised you wouldn't stop fucking me."

Still stunned by her question I began to fuck her again out of reflex.

"Yes Liv, I will make you my little breeding slut daughter."

With that statement I fucked my little slut with all my force. She cried out as my cock was buried deep into her pussy hitting her cervix. Just before I filled her pussy with my fatherly seed she bucked wildly under me and screamed out,

"Oh Daddy, fuck me harder, I'm going to cum, please harder."

I pounded her pussy watching her tits bounce with every pump. Her pussy gripped my cock and gushed hot liquid all over my cock and balls. That sent me over the top. I forced myself hard into her again and shot my load of cum deep into her womb. My body shuddered with pleasure.

Leaving my cock inside her because I didn't want any of my seed to drip out, I leaned forward and kissed her on her forehead.

"You're a good girl. Now close your legs and put this pillow under your ass, I don't want any of my cum to leak out."

"Yes, Daddy, thank you for not breaking your promise."

"You're welcome baby, but I now have a promise you have to keep for me."

"Sure Daddy, anything."

"You're MY little slut daughter, and you will not fuck anyone else unless I say so. Do you understand?"

"Yes Daddy, I don't want to fuck anyone one else, but I understand I'm YOUR little slut daughter."

I stood up and patted her little tush that was elevated by the pillow.

"Good girl. You're going to make your daddy some good money here soon." With that comment I walked down the hall to clean up, leaving my daughter there to think about the comment I just made.

"Money?" Liv thought to herself. "What the hell does that mean?"

A little scared at that comment, Liv tried to push it out of her head and think about the pleasure she just experienced. "Daddy said that he would always take care of me. I shouldn't worry."

But she was.

To be continued...

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