tagIncest/TabooDaddy's Little Princess

Daddy's Little Princess


**Please note: This is a work of fiction and involves incestuous themes. Please do not read if you are likely to be offended. All characters are over 18.**

I've always been Daddy's little Princess ever since I was a small girl and would often get everything that I wanted, whether it be dolls or riding lessons, Daddy always made sure his special Princess wanted for nothing. As I grew older I began to become daring in what I asked my Daddy for. This resulted in getting a top of the range Mercedes for my 18th birthday and going on an all expenses trip to Australia for 6 months. I really was becoming a spoilt brat.

Things changed one Christmas though, and it was a Christmas I won't forget in a hurry!

I had come home from college for the holiday season and had agreed to stay at my parent's house as my apartment was being decorated (courtesy of Daddy). When I arrived I realised my parent's had invited my stupid cousins Jamie and her dumb brother Miles. I really hated these two ever since the day they decided to shave all the hair off every single one of my barbie dolls when I was 8. Trivial childish behaviour, but at the time devastating.

After exchanging pleasantries over dinner I excused myself and went to have a bath. The en suite bathroom in my bedroom had a tiny bath so I decided to use my parents en suite with its huge corner spa bath. Filling it with near scorching water I added as much of my mothers expensive bubble bath as possible and eased myself in. Relaxing back I took joy in recounting a recent sexual encounter I had had with my college tutor Mr Adamms.

Mr Adamms was in his 40's with jet black hair, tanned and with a killer six pack. He was every college girls dream so I couldn't believe it when he asked me to stay late to help him clear up some of the days experiments. I had just started to wash up the test tubes when I felt a hand go round my waist, holding my breath in anticipation, Mr Adamms span me around and started to kiss me hard on the lips. His hands fumbled under my skirt and it was then he realised I had no panties on....

I was really getting into reliving this moment and had slipped my hand under the bubbles slowly fingering my already excited pussy. Dipping my fingers into my pussy I was started to work myself up when I had the sensation that someone was watching me. Snapping my eyes open I could not believe it when I saw my own Daddy sitting on the loo seat, hard cock in hand watching his own daughter in the bath.

"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING DADDY?" I yelled quite taken aback by the sight.

"I'm watching my Princess playing with her kitty," was his brazen reply. "Now don't shout otherwise you'll end up having your mother in here."

"Um ok sorry Daddy," I replied. "But why would you come into the bathroom when I'm in here? I'm a grown woman now you can't do it."

"I can," came his reply. "This is my house and while your under my roof you will abide my rules, is that understood Princess?"

Totally dumbstruck, it was all I could do but to nod at my Daddy, who had never so much as raised his voice slightly at me let alone tell me there was a set of rules to abide by. Still stroking his hard cock, which for a man in his 50's was a fairly good size he asked me whether I liked what I saw.

"What do you mean? Do I like the vision of my own Daddy wanking?" I asked.

"Well yes," he replied. "Is it making you all tingly?"

I thought about this for a few minutes. What my Daddy was doing should, by all standards repulse me, but here I was in the bath, still playing with my pussy while my Daddy wanked. My cheeks blushed bright red as I realised I was still playing with myself, my eyes fixated on my Daddy and even worse I could feel that I was getting turned on by it.

"Erm I do like what I am seeing Daddy, but it feels so wrong at the same time. Maybe I should just get out of the bath and we can forget this ever happened."

A smile spread across Daddy's face, chuckling he says, "Now why would you want to do such a thing when you and I both know your kitty is getting wetter by the second just watching me. I mean what would happen if I was to do this."

With that Daddy stood up and came over to the bath edge. Bending down he plunged his hand into the bubbly water and placed a finger on the outside of my pussy lips, tracing it over my lips he put the tip of one into me.

"Daddy what are you doing? Please don't, its wrong," I pleaded with him squirming slightly under the hot water. Continuing like he had not heard he plunged his whole finger into me up to the knuckle before bending down closer and without hesitation licked one of my nipples.

I felt my face flush bright red as I stood up grabbing a towel as I did so and with a look of confusion I stared at him. The grin was still plastered on his face as he gently placed a hand on the side of my face.

"Now Princess I want you to get out of the bath, towel yourself and get onto my bed," he instructed before planting a loving kiss on my forehead. Too stunned by what had happened and feeling like I was on autopilot, I dutifully did as I was told before taking a deep breath and nervously pushing open the bathroom door.

My eyes slowly adjusted to the soft lighting and I looked around absorbing the sight in front of me, there on the bed was Daddy with my cousin Miles. Both were butt naked and very aroused. Smiling broadly at me Daddy beckoned me to come over.

"Ok Princess, now I know this must come as a bit of a shock to you what with you just in that little towel, all naked and vulnerable but Miles here was desperate to say something to you, weren't you Miles?"

Daddy looked at Miles and without meeting his gaze Miles replied, "Yes master I do."

I stared at Miles very confused, did he just call Daddy master? This is just getting odder I thought. Continuing looking at the floor Miles says to me, "Yes I wanted to apologies for destroying your barbies all those years ago. I know they meant a lot to you so I want to offer myself to you as repayment."

For a moment I am speechless then finally looking from my Daddy to Mile I finally find my voice. "But that was so long ago, I don't understand what is going on." Continuing I ask Daddy, "What does he mean offer himself and why did he call you Master?"

Leaning back onto the bed, Daddy traced his finger on the duvet cover before flicking a piece of stray fluff onto the floor. "Well a while back Miles got into some financial troubles and wanted to borrow some money saying he would do anything for it. This got my mind whirring and I decided that on special holidays when he comes over he is my sex slave to pay off the debt."

"WHAT? No, no, Daddy that's wrong," I spluttered, not quite believing what I had heard. "Why would you do that? What about Mummy? or Auntie Jean? What happens if someone found out?"

The questions came thick and fast but Daddy just sat there his expression unchanged.

"No it's not wrong at all," replied Daddy. "Miles had a need and so did I, your mother is too old for me now, I need younger sex slaves. Plus he is at the age of consent and what he does is not ones business."

With that Daddy put his hand behind Miles neck and pushed his head towards his hardened cock. Miles accepted this and opening his mouth took the full length of my Daddies cock without even a hint of shame.

"Mmmm Miles that's it, gag on your Masters cock, take it all!" My Daddy's hand still on the back of Mile's neck. I didn't quite know what to do. I wanted to run away but I was transfixed by this sight and dare I say it very turned on. I sat down on the edge of the bed and pulled the towel in closer around me.

After a few minutes my thoughts were interrupted by the sound of Daddy's voice. "Princess I want you to lie back, close your eyes and let Miles start paying you back."

Without stopping to think I found myself laying back, still with towel firmly round me and closing my eyes. Breathing heavily I tried to calm my racing heart when I felt a hand running up the inside of my thigh. It carried on up my thigh, skimming past my pussy till it reached the towel. I stiffened half with fear and half with anticipation as I felt the towel being taken away.

"Just relax Princess I will make sure its all pleasurable for you," whispered Daddy.

The hand then traced its fingers over my erect nipples, stopping to gently flick them before proceeding down my body till it reached my moist and wanting pussy. I felt the thumb and forefinger spread my lips open, expecting probing fingers to start pleasuring me I was somewhat surprised to feel something different, something warmer, wetter and darting across my clit.

"What the h.....oh no...what's happening? What are you doing?" The words tumbled out of my mouth before the realisation of what was happening hit me. With my eyes closed I couldn't see anything, especially not the person running their tongue around my clit.

"You are getting some oral repayment Princess," said my Daddy. "Relax and enjoy every sensation."

The tongue continued to work its way in and out of my ever increasing wet hole. As it darted across my clit, I began to breathe heavy as I felt the first grips of an orgasm building. With my eyes still closed I began to push myself onto the tongue, making slight thrusts with my hips so it went in deeper.

Totally engrossed with the ever increasing flicking of the tongue, I barely noticed a second sensation creeping over my nipples, first sucking then biting on one and a hand gripping my other teasing the nipple between its fingers. My orgasm was quickly building when I suddenly was gripped by a realisation. If Miles tongue and hands were pleasuring my pussy then whose were playing with my breasts? Snapping open my eyes with a start I couldn't believe what I was seeing. It was Miles who was playing with my breasts, sucking hard on my engorged nipples.

Barely having the courage to look down as the realisation hit me of a possible answer I slowly looked down and recoiled in horror to see my own Daddy happily licking and sucking at his little Princesses pussy!

Squirming to get away I shouted at Daddy, "Daddy no stop, please this is not right." I pleaded trying to push him away with my legs. partly in horror, but mostly because it scared me how much I lusted for him as his tongue was still darting around in my aroused pussy, bringing my orgasm closer.

"Daddy please don't," I pleaded again.

"I though I told you to keep your eyes closed Princess," he said with slight anger in his voice. "Now you have upset your Daddy and disobeyed me so I must teach you a lesson."

I didn't know what he meant but I really didn't like the sound of it. Lowering my raised voice I muttered, "I'm sorry Daddy it was the shock, please I'll close my eyes again. please don't be angry Daddy."

I closed my eyes tight but it made no difference as I felt his tongue leave my pussy and Miles tongue and hands leave my breasts.

"Put your head up a little," Miles instructed me. "I have to put this round your eyes."

Feeling something silky round my face I could only presume it was one of mom's silk scarves.

"Slave you may leave the room," Daddy ordered Miles. "And make sure you turn on the radio as you leave I don't want Princesses moans to alert anyone."

I heard the door softly shut as miles left and the sounds of classical music filled the air.

"Open your legs for Daddy, that's it now lift them higher," my Daddy told me in a firm but softly spoken tone.

I did as I was told confused as to what was happening, but excited none the less. Lying there for what seemed an eternity I felt something against the entrance of my pussy. Something warm and fleshy. I realised quickly it was my Daddy's hard cock.

"I'm going to take your kitty Princess and use it till I cum," Daddy whispered, inches away from my face his hot breath heating my cool cheek. Before I had time to protest my Daddy's cock slammed into me.

"Ouch Daddy that hurt," I protested, tears forming, I bit my bottom lip to stop me from crying out. "I'm sorry Princess, I'll be more gentle."

With a slightly more gentler and slower pace I began to move with Daddy on every stroke. Arching my back so that I got all of his big cock in me it occurred to me that my own Daddy was fucking me and I was loving it. In fact I was building up to a huge orgasm.

"Are you enjoying this Princess?" Daddy questioned me.

"Yes Daddy very much," I purred back, still biting on my lip but this time to stifle my building moans.

"Then there is no need for this." With one movement he took off the blindfold.

My eyes focused quickly and I could see that Daddy was loving fucking his Princess so I smiled up to him.

"Please fuck me hard Daddy, as hard as you can!" I whimpered, opening my eyes wide and biting on my lip even more. Grinning he began to quicken his pace, bringing his mouth down to my nipple he licked the tip and sent shivers through my body.

"Oh Daddy I'm going to cum!" I said breathlessly.

Looking at me with passion in his eyes he replied lustfully, "I thought you might with some nipple play that was always a favourite with your mother, but your breasts are so much more firmer than hers ever were."

The shivers continued as he began to gently bite on my nipple at the same time slowing down his strokes and making them deeper, grinding against my clit as he did so. This sent my clit into spasm and I began to buck as the orgasm started to consume me.

"Oh Princess are you going to cum for me?" asked Daddy.

"Yes, oh yes Daddy I'm going to cum on your cock."

Looking down at me panting heavily, "You must hold it in Princess till I count you down as I want to cum at the same time and fill your kitty up with my warm cum."

Feeling a warm sensation taking over my body I spluttered, "But I can't hold on Daddy, please let me cum now."

Ignoring me he moved ever so slightly so that he was no longer grinding against my clit, easing the feelings a little. With slow and deep thrusts Daddy started to build up, groaning and sweating slightly he looked down at me.

"I'm going to cum in your kitty Princess, I'm going to fill you up. So on the count of 3 you will cum too."

Barely able to contain myself I started shaking as he began to count.

"One..." Daddy picked up speed and started to grind against my large clit.

"Two......" My whole body shuddered under the looming orgasm that I was going to have as Daddy paused his cock deeper inside me.

"Three........." With that I started to shake, my clit spasming, my juices flowing. I began screaming in pleasure.

"No screaming." he grunted and forced his mouth onto mine. His tongue invaded my mouth as I felt him cum inside me, filling me up as his cock twitched. Exhausted he rolled over and swept the hair off my face.

"Next time," he said. "You will suck Daddy off till he cums in your mouth."

Planting a kiss on my forehead he stood up and look at me with a loving smile. "Oh and Princess?"

"Yes Daddy?"

"Merry Christmas sweetie."

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