tagIncest/TabooDaddy's Little Stripper

Daddy's Little Stripper


I couldn't believe it. I had gone to one of those strip joints with the private viewing rooms to relax a little after a hard day at work to find myself being turned on by a sexy little vixon in a school girl uniform and mask. My hand was stroking my hard cock when that tight piece of ass took of her mask to reveal the face of my own young daughter.

I was stunned. Supposedly 3 times a week she was supposed to be babysitting for one of her friends at night. That was the story I got anyway. Apparently it was a lie. What else was I missing?

Two years ago her mother took off for Europe and Becca, my daughter wanted to stay here with me and finish school with her friends. I thought she was a good girl. I don't know what bothered me more, the fact that my little girl was a slut, or the fact that my cock was throbbing at the thought of fucking her.

How was I going to deal with this? It had to be addressed. I couldn't think about her much less look at her without getting a hard on now. It wasn't fair what she was doing to me. All day the next day I thought about it. I don't know how I got any work done. Thank heavens I work at a desk because I'm sure I was noticeably hard, especially when I decided her punishment. If she was going to be a slut, I decided she would be my slut.

I left work that day so that I would be home before she got home from school. Out by our shed we had an old pallet, I nailed a sturdy piece of plywood to it and set it up in the livingroom, complete with a curtain in back of it for effect. That would be her new stage.

"Hi Daddy!" She said as she came in the door. I was at the kitchen sink washing my hands.

"Becca, how was school today?"

"Fine Daddy."

"Are you babysitting tonight?"

"Yup, why?"

"Because I think it's time you quit that job."

A look of horror crossed her face. "Daddy, I'm 18. I can work if I want."

"Really? Even if you want to work in say, a strip club?"

She went pale white and for a moment I thought she was going to faint. She just looked at me. "That's right, Daddy knows your nasty little secret."

"It, it's not nasty...It's not what you think, Daddy. Who told you?"

"Who told me?" I raised my brows as I looked over her young body, knowing know how she looked naked and playing with herself. I felt my cock grow. "No one had to tell me. You see, because it's dark in those prvate little rooms and you can't see your audience, you gave your daddy quite a show last night."

Her face flushed about three different colors. "No." She whispered.

"Yes, my dear little slut. You made your daddy whack off and cum while you were fingering that tight little pussy." A small gasp left her lips. "You know what I think, little slut?" She shook her head. "I think that if you are going to be anyone's little slut, you should be daddy's." I took her arm and led her toward the living room.

"What? What are you going to do?" She stared at the makeshift stage.

"I'm going to get a real personal viewing, then I'm going to teach you exactly what you make a man want to do after watching you fingering your pretty little pussy and playing with those rosy red nipples."

"But daddy!!"

"But daddy nothing. Get up there on your new stage, my little slut and dance for daddy." Turning, I grabbed the stereo remote and turned on the disc I had set up and I made myself comfortable on the couch.

Becca started off kind of slow, unbuttoning her blouse, but when she saw me start to stroke myself through my pants, her movements became more fluid, more like her performance at the club. This is when I realized that my little girl was getting turned on by watching her daddy stroke his cock.

"Oh, you like that my little Becca?" I asked as I unzipped the zipper.

"Yes Daddy. It makes me wet."

"Does it make you wet knowing what you do to men every time you dance?"

"Oh yes. I love knowing that watching me makes guys stroke their cocks till they cum."

"You are such a little slut. Even watching your daddy, makes you wet."

"Especially watching my daddy." She threw her shirt on the floor and I pulled my dick from my pants. It was already as hard as it was the night before. "Oh daddy. You have such a nice hard cock."

"MMM, you think so, honey? How would you like to come over hear and wrap those lips around it?"

"Oh, yes, daddy. Please?" She almost drooled at the thought.

"Come, kneel down and please your daddy by sucking his cock."

I almost came the minute my little girl's lips surrounded my thick flesh. I had to wonder if she didn't get a little extra money by giving perks to her costomers. My prick entered her throat, yet she didn't even gag. "Oh, honey, you are such a good little cock sucker...That's it, deep throat your daddy's cock...it feels so good. Raise your ass a little, honey."

I wanted to feel that wet hot pussy. It was so wet. Her cotton panties were drenched. I rubbed my finger from her ass down her soaking slit. "Fuck, darlin' you're so wet. Does giving Daddy a blow job make you wet, honey?"

"You taste so good daddy. No one's cock has ever tasted this good. And you're so big!"

"Get up and lay on the coffee table my little slut. I want to taste those pussy juices that are dripping down your leg." She quickly did as I asked and I knelt before her running a tongue down that luscious slit. I felt her shiver. "Do you like that? You like your daddy licking your slit?"

"Yes daddy, please lick my pussy!!! I want my daddy to eat my pussy out!!!"

Just her words almost had me creaming my pants. Who would have guessed my daughter was such a hot horny slut for her daddy?

I thrust my tongue deep inside her cunt and she groaned. I replaced my tongue with two fingers while I found that sweet little nub with my mouth. I worked my fingers in and out of her pussy as I licked her slit up and down always coming back to that pleasure button.

"Oh, yes daddy!!!! You're gonna make your little girl cum. Fuck don't stop!!! Fuck my pussy with your fingers!!!!! Lick my clit!!!! Fuck yes!!!! I'm gonna cum!!!!"

"Cum on daddy's face, Becca. Let daddy drink your juice." She shuddered and released a flood of cum juice for me to lap up. "Oh, yes, that's a good little slut."

After she was done shuddering I stood up and kicked off my pants. "Get on the floor on all fours. I want to fuck you from behind." My cock was so hard I wasn't sure how long I'd last. She quickly did as she was told and I knelt behind her. Sliding and arm around her I slid two fingers into her cunt, she was so tight. After a couple strokes I removed my hand and massaged her ass hole with the wet fingers. She moaned and backed up into my hand. Slowly I slid my finger in her ass up to my knuckle and she cried out.

"Does that feel good?"

"Yes daddy!!! But my pussy is throbbing too!!! Please fuck me daddy!!! Fuck your little girl!!" That was almostmy undoing.

"You're an impatient little slut huh?" I grabbed my dick and rubbed it at the opening of her pussy. "Is this what you want?"


"Then tell me, tell daddy what you want."

"Daddy, I want your cock buried deep inside my tight pussy. I want you to fuck me, daddy. Fuck me hard!!!!"

Hard, oh yeah, she'd get it hard. I rammed my thick cock deep into her cunt in one driving force. She was so tight, I had to wonder how much she had actually done this. She felt like a virgin.

"Oh, baby, Your pussy is sooo tight!! Daddy's cock is gonna fuck this little pussy so hard."

"Oh yes, daddy!!! Please...hard...harder daddy!!! Fuck my pussy harder."

I drove my cock deep into that little cunt as hard as I could. I don't know how I didn't rip my little girl's pussy wide open, but she took it and grinded right back on it like she couldn't get enough. She literally screamed in pleasure as I savagely fucked the hell out her. She came so hard her juices ran out of her like a faucet and caused me to blow my load deep in her cunt.

"Oh, fuck, that's the best pussy Daddy's ever had." I sighed as I fell against her.

"Daddy, that's the best cock and the best fuck I've ever had!!!!" We can do this more, can't we. I want to fuck you every day. Just like today!!!"

"Oh, I think that's one request I can oblige!!"

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