Daddy's Obsession


On the bed past the shielding closet door, the adult stud was humping my 18 year old daughter, pounding his thick body up and down over her, pushing her erection into her twat deeper and deeper. Her legs pulled up more, she was almost bent in half backwards, and his ass too raised up. Briefly he spread his thighs, and between them I could see her round pale ass, and his fat shaved balls banging it, driving his prick into her vaigna. Her hands were on his upper arms, holding him as he fucked her, driving harder and harder until I am sure his entire length was inside her. It was way more cock than Daddy could ever give her, that's for sure.

As Vanessa moaned and screamed from the thick deep fucking, Foxanna reached a hand between the two fuckers and must have been toying with my daughter's clitty. Vanessa screamed louder. The blonde had this serious look on her face, working her arm hard to rub and grind while Vanessa was getting screwed by the adult male. My daughter began having orgasms and rapidly too; those shrieks and high-pitched moans were familiar to me, but they came much louder, one after another.

The guy was liking my daughter's pussy. "Oh, I'm gonna fucking cum," he grunted, but it wasn't really a statement instead of more like a prediction. After a good ten minutes or so of pounding my princess on top of her, he pulled out and leaned up on his knees, his long thick penis drooling with juices. "Get on your knees baby." His hands reached down, moving her into a position I was dying to see. Her fabulous round ass and thick thighs, again not fat just fleshy, pointed at the male behind her. Looking back at him over her broad, bony shoulders, Vanessa's eyes begged him for more sex. He held her hips firmly, his bronzed hands against her pale-white skin, and rubbed his penis to her pussylips in preparation for entering her.

Foxanna watched while unfastening her jeans, then when the male began fucking my daughter doggy-style, Foxanna climbed off the bed and stood on the floor long enough to bend over (drooping those hot tits down) and push both her jeans and red thong off. Standing nude, I saw the shaved pussy of that blonde. Damned delicious; pale pink, puffy lips; so thin between her super-slender thighs and hips. She made to move onto the bed, as if to sit under Vanessa's face to get eaten, but the bed didn't have that much space, where Vanessa was kneeling. So, the stud pulled out of my daughter and crawled backwards, pulling Vanessa with him, and Foxanna then slid her nude body onto her back with her cunt right under my daughter's face.

The stud pushed his penis into Vanessa's pussy from behind, and now the three were effectively turned sideways to me, down the length of the bed, so I could see his penis moving in and out behind her hips and butt. I didn't see penetration, just his cock like a piston as her ass and thighs bumped up against his fat body. Vanessa's dark-brown long hair spilled around her face, hiding her tongue from me as she starting to lick the girl's pussy, but Foxanna was a joy to watch. The blonde's jaw was agape, her tongue poking in and out, while her eyes fluttered and she held her own fat tits. With Vanassa licking her pussy, Foxanna began undulating her hips in circles under Vanessa's face. Foxanna then opened her eyes to watch Vanessa's ass crash backwards into the stud, while Vanessa took the entire length of that massive dick into her teenage cunt.

The stud, to my satisfaction, was staring down at the same ass that I admired all the time. "Mmm, her pussy's so tight," he grunted approvingly, poking his bone in and out faster. "She's a good fuck."

The blonde nodded and whimpered. "Uh huh, she's hot," agreed the skinny tall slut, "mmm, eat me you bitch."

Calling my daughter a bitch? The bitch's Daddy found that . . . totally erotic.

Vanessa got fucked from the rear while eating the blonde's cunt, until the stud reached down to Vanessa's head and grabbed a thick handful of her long hair. With a yank, he jerked Vanessa's entire torso upward, pulling her mouth off the blonde. Vanessa yelped in pain, clenching her eyes shut, but she sat half-upright while taking cock even farther into her pussy. One hand holding her hair like a horse's reins and his other pushing her hips forward, the stud slammed his fat dick powerfully into my daughter with loud SMACK SMACK SMACK noises of his body against her thighs and ass time after time.

Foxanna watched the other two fucking doggy-style, then she got into the act. I swear, I could not have scripted this if someone has asked me. The nude blonde rolled onto her back and swung around, sliding 69-position under my daughter. Vanessa spread her fleshy thighs a bit, to accommodate the entry of the blonde's face under Vanessa's cunt. With the blonde now under my daughter, Foxanna had her face directly below Vanessa's pussy where the stud's dick was penetrating it over and over, and over and over, and over and over. Vanessa kept her head up -- as the stud kept pulling at her hair tangled in his fist -- while the blonde obviously was licking cock and balls and pussy and clit.

Vanessa fucking screamed, and it was a shrill, top-of-the-lungs scream, "AHHHHH!" as she must have had one intense orgasm. The stud was fucking her ravenously, pounding mercilessly, he let go of Vanessa's hair and grabbed her hips in both hands. Screaming himself, he pounded her small body with increasingly loud slaps until at last he groaned and uttered gibberish, and shoved his penis into my daughter. His body trembled and muscles spasmed, and he was unloading his baby-making sauce into my daughter's unprotected pussy.

With the male cumming inside Vanessa, the blonde kept licking away until he was spent, and he pulled back to sit on his ass, catching his breath, his semi-hard, red-hot cock completely saturated in slimy cum and pussy juices. Foxanne continued to lick Vanessa's twat, even sliding down more to get her mouth and tongue against the pussy from behind, and Foxanna pushed Vanessa's face into the blonde's shaved cunt. The two girls did a 69 in front of the just-cummed stud, while Daddy joyously stared from inside the closet. It was all incredibly, deliciously hot. Let me tell you, even from inside the closet, the room smelled fucking disgusting, it was a total turn-on.

The blonde must have been sucking cum out of Vanessa's pussy, she was really hungry for it. Her face smushed between Vanessa's thighs under her butt, driving tongue into my daughter's bald twat. Meanwhile Vanessa was daintily licking at the blonde's cunt, but I think she was too worn out from the fucking, she wasn't nearly as driven to tongue-fuck the blonde. So Vanessa sort of leaned up, then with the stud reaching out, Vanessa came to a full squat on top of the blonde's face. Behind her, the stud unfastened my daughter's bra and finally took it off, then reached around to cup her A-cup boobies. Vanessa looked back over her shoulder and offered her mouth, and I watched my daughter start to kiss the male again while Vanessa rode the blonde's tongue. I could clearly see Vanessa's reddened, soft pussylips directly against Foxanna's chin, and time to time I saw the tongue driving into my brunette daughter's pussy, while cum and juices drooled over Foxanna's cheeks and neck.

Breaking the kiss to allow Vanessa to just concentrate on riding the blonde's tongue, the stud leaned down and stuck his face over the blonde's spread-open pelvis. I couldn't see it directly, but he began lapping at the girl's cunt, just like the girl was licking my daughter's twat. Vanessa leaned upright squatting over Foxanna's mouth, holding her own little titties, pinching her smallish nipples, her mouth open as she gasped for air and gyrated her round butt and got her pussy licked.

The stud was getting hard again, pretty quickly, so he crawled off the bed -- that penis looked amazing, all hard, as he walked around -- and moved on top of the blonde now, ready to enter her just like he'd fucked Vanessa earlier. With Vanessa still sitting on the other girl's mouth to get her cunt filled with girl tongue, the stud rubbed his pecker a few times over the blonde's pink lips, then he inserted it in the skinny girl's slit to start fucking her. Foxanna's thin legs pulled up and open, and her back arched more, shoving those big hot tits into the air above my daughter's bed.

Leaning forward while fucking the blonde, the stud moved his mouth to my daughter's boobies, and she leaned into his face to allow him. I watched the adult male's fat pink tongue start lapping circles around her soft-pink hard little nipple, and Vanessa cooed in pleasure while grinding her pussy harder on Foxanna's mouth. Vanessa was in full charge, working herself into a frenzy, and she started cumming again, with her pussy and tits being entertained by tongues. Foxanna had one of her own hands over her pussy, fingering her clitty, while the ethnic stud's fat cock was working in and out of her twat.

My daughter laughed as her latest cum subsided. "Oh fuck oh fuck!" She was cackling at how sore her body was; she sort of fell off of Foxanna's face, crumpling onto her ass on her own pillows. She watched the stud fucking Foxanna, and Vanessa particularly stared at the fat cock inside the tight pussy and also at the D-cup tits on the blonde jiggling from the pounding her body was receiving.

Then, Vanessa seemed to have an idea, and this is where crippling fear overtook her father. Naked Vanessa climbed off the bed at the far side from me, near her night stand, and she leaned over to grab the phone. The phone! While the stud fucked the blonde, Vanessa picked up the phone, dialed, and while it was ringing did a "Shhhh!" noise with finger over mouth. The male and other female grinned but quieted down, still fucking just slowly, as Vanessa's call begin.

Her words into the phone were, like, death over me.

"Hi, is my father there? It's Vanessa."


Her face scowled at the answer she received. "No? But he said he had a meeting today? Oh . . . oh, he doesn't huh? Welll . . . where? Oh."

See, my lie at the office was, I had some "errands" to run. The holidays were coming up, so it was conceivable I was shopping, you know. But whatever Vanessa thought it meant, it had an implication.

"Ah, well, no, no message . . . I can try his cellphone . . . ok, thank you!"


So, if she calls my cellphone, it will ring in the house. And she'd know . . . .

Talk about deflating a hard cock. You should have seen it.

But, even as my heart shriveled like a dickie coming out of the pool, Vanessa just put the phone down and shrugged. "Problem?" the guy quipped, his dick still inside Foxanna's cunt. Vanessa looked at him and shrugged, "I don't know when he'll be home, could be anytime I guess."

"Fuck," Foxanna moaned from underneath the adult male, "you said --"

Vanessa nodded. "Yeah, well, I guess not." But, horny and nude with these other two, she was undeterred. "I'll just have to keep an ear out." She walked her hot naked body around the bed -- directly in front of the closet door, thank you -- and opened her bedroom door, I guess to hear sounds better. Then, she crawled back onto the bed, sitting on her butt with her legs together to one side, near Foxanna's head, watching the guy hump the girl.

Foxanna looked back at my daughter. "Wanna fuck him again? I can get this cock alot any other time." How thoughtful of her to share, I thought to myself.

Vanessa smiled. "Mmm, you sure? Fuck yeah."

The stud shoved his cock deep into Foxanna, drawing a yelp from the blonde, and he left it there while turning to smile at Vanessa. How you want me, baby?"

My daughter pointed at the bed. "Mmm, get on your back sweetstuff, I'm gonna ride that hot cock."

Sweetstuff! That's what she calls her Daddy! It has been a term of endearment since she was a little girl; I mean, she can't now use that on a guy fucking her brains out. Can she?

He did as told, withdrawing from the blonde's hot pussy to sit on his butt, arms behind him propping his meaty torso up, his long penis pointing at the ceiling. I watched my daughter's hot ass crawl over him, squatting, and Foxanna reached out to hold his penis upright until Vanessa got her pink slit right over the head. Vanessa squatted down, and she whined, as that cock began stretched her teenage pussy again. He huffed and thrust his ass up, shoving dick into her, while she lowered herself on it.

I got a perfect view of my daughter riding that penis. He lay flat on his back now, feet facing me, and her back and ass pumped back and forth. I watched her round ass ripple as she slammed backwards, and I saw his fat dick drive into her vagina while his balls bounced underneath.She had her hands on his shoulders and chest, propping herself up as she rode him, pounding her butt down to drive that long fat erection deep up inside her wet tight pussy. Her juices dripped and bubbled on his shaft, coating his balls, thighs and asscheeks in her slimy clear liquid.

Foxanna watched the fucking, reaching into her crotch to rub her pussy a few moments. She was still horny and needed sex, so she climbed to her knees and crawled over the stud's face. Those twin tits on the blonde were amazing; over her little ribcage they stuck out like balloons. They looked real; they didn't have the fake roundness of actual balloons. I watched those breasts with the ultra-long pointy tits as she lowered her bald cunt onto the stud's mouth, getting some tongue in herself while Vanessa was getting cock in front of her. With those breasts directly in front of her, Vanessa wasted no time leaning forward, licking and sucking the blonde's big tits again while humping the stud. Daddy was lost in lust, my eyes moving from Vanessa's perfect round butt with the fat cock in her cunt, up to Vanessa's pretty face licking the big tits of the sexy blonde.

The stud reached out to rub Vanessa's clit, and that was obviously her magic button. Within a minute, Vanessa was leaning upright now, back arched, Foxanna stroking her little boobies, and roaring to another cum. It was a big hard cum, Vanessa's buttcheeks clenched tight for like a minute and she rammed her pelvis down on the fat dick to keep it as deep in her as it would go. Finally she exhaled, laughing, and she fell onto her side on the bed, moaning in delight.

Foxanna wasted no time to reverse herself and climb on top of the fat adult male cock. What a contrast; now I saw the skinny tall blonde put her teen pussy over the penis, rubbing her pussylips on it, then she sank down on it. I got to see that little skinny ass riding the fat prick, and her thin body looked so frail riding the meaty nude adult. "Fuck yeah!" the blonde shrieked, pushing her pussy down more until he was basically all the way up inside her.

The blonde was quite a fuck. "Oh yeah! Oh yeah!" She was exhaling noisily, and taking deep gulps of breath too, while her ass wiggled furiously in circles, whipping that cock around back and forth, side to side. Her thin hips did most of the work, working around and around to fuck that huge penis inside her. The stud kept still mostly, looking up at her breasts above his face (out of my sight, unfortunately) while her wet hairless cunt slid back and forth on his pole (directly in my sight, thankfully). She grew more and more noisy, panting and huffing, shrieking, until she had her own orgasm now, grinding it out on his penis. "Fuck yeahhhhhh!"

As soon as her cum came down, it seemed, he smacked her ass, and she climbed off of him, away from Vanessa. With his penis free, my horny daughter got back onto her knees, faced him, and crawled over his cock again. I watched her reach back to hold his dick and she slipped it into her vagina again, and started riding him again. Lucky prick, getting girls to share his fat cock like this.

Vanessa arched her back and rode him up and down, showing off her boobies as he watched from the bed, and Foxanna just watched sitting at the side. Vanessa pumped her body up and down and kept that cock deep in her for a good, I don't know, ten minutes, before Foxanna was horny too and the blonde reached to Vanessa's clitty. You know the drill. Vanessa grabbed Foxanna's wrist, not to push it away but hold the blonde's fingers against her clitty, and Vanessa had a body-wrenching orgasm.

Then, still fucking the cock, Vanessa pulled Foxanna's wet fingers to her mouth and, staring Foxanna directly in the eyes, licked them clean of her juices one by one. Just like I had once watched Vanessa lick off her juices from her own fingers.

Foxanna leaned up, like she was going to climb on board now, but the stud reached to grab his dick at the base. "Gotta cum," he moaned, "gimme some lips to suck it off."

Well, now what kind of fantasy is that, telling two teenage girls to suck you off? With both naked girls kneeling and leaning over at his sides, they opened their mouths and stretched out their 18-year-old tongues onto his rigid adult penis. I watched in lust, jealousy, and joy as the girls moaned and slid their tongues up and down his shaft, around his cockhead, and over his balls, back and forth. "Ahhh, ahhh, ahh," he groaned louder and louder, with the blonde and brunette blowing his fat bronzed dick.

I got so hard seeing his cock erupt. A shot of gooey thick sperm spit up into the air, and came down on Vanessa's nose and Foxanna's cheek. He grabbed his penis at the base to jerk it, and both girls leaned up and stuck their tongues out over the head. He shot wad after wad, streaking the cum over their cheeks and noses, then depositing more of it on their waiting tongues. He aimed it back and forth, giving equal amounts of sperm to the two sluts.

Then, in true slut fashion, when his cum was over, the girls kissed over his dick. With cum on their faces and in their mouths, they swapped that sperm back and forth, breaking the kiss to lick more of it from each other's faces, then sharing it over and over until the sperm and their saliva was one big gooey, bubbly mess. They laughed together, licking it from each other's mouths, until they both swallowed it.

As the girls made out, the stud (and me) watched, then he excused himself and sat upright on the bed. Foxanna broke the kiss, smiling at him. "Mmm, what time do you have to get home to wifey?" The stud shrugged, looking around for a clock. "I dunno, soon maybe, what time is it?" He spied the alarm clock and shrugged again. "It's all good, I got time, you know."

But he still got off the bed, semi-rigid cock jutting from his crotch, and pointed at the door. "If you ladies excuse me, I got some bizz-nezz in that little room down the hall." He moved out of my sight to take his pee.

On the bed, the girls smiled and giggled. "Isn't he fun?" Foxanna grinned, rolling onto her back and butt, exposing her pussy to the pervert in the closet. "I'm gonna miss him when I go to college next year."

Vanessa ignored the comment, instead looking off at Foxanna's tits and pussy. "Mmm, take me with you," my horny daughter moaned, then she leaned forward. I watched her kiss the blonde, Vanessa moving onto her knees bending forward while pushing her face into Foxanna's. With tongues again entwined, Foxanna spread her thighs and Vanessa slipped her fingers to the blonde's twat. The experienced twat-fucking fingers rubbed the blonde's clit but then dove for the hole, and Vanessa rammed two digits into the other girl's pussy while they made out, the blonde lying on her back.

Daddy was jerking off, although my cock felt spent. It was just so fucking hot I couldn't help myself. I'd only had one cum, but my balls ached and it felt like I was never going to cum again. I was so hard for all of this fucking, I had broken my dick, I think. It felt that way.

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