tagIncest/TabooDaddy's Sunshine Pt. 04

Daddy's Sunshine Pt. 04





I blink, something warm pressing to my neck. I smile and moan before snuggling backward against my Father's firm body, his lips kissing along the column of my neck. I smile wider when I feel the thickness of his arousal pressing between us. "Jesus, Daddy..." I laugh with a shake of my head as I turn toward him; I look him deeply in the eyes, smile at the arousal glowing back at me. "My poor pussy is going to be swollen for weeks, we've fucked so much..."

"It's a beautiful pussy, Sunshine...Daddy loves how it feels on his cock." he moans.

I spread for him despite being swollen. I watch his calloused hand reach beneath my leg to lift it and drape it over his waist. I moan when I feel his thick cock shoving in to my cum-filled snatch, the swollen labia stinging in protest and making me moan even louder. "I'm so tender, Daddy..." I whimper as he sinks balls deep in one long, luxurious stroke. I play with the pebbled tips of my nipples as I grind my hips back against him to take him even deeper; I moan, again, when I feel his hand reach toward the front of me, his index and middle fingers aiming for my aching clit. "I'm going to cum, already, Daddy!" I warn him, my pussy spasming for him.

"Me, too, Sunshine. Me, too!" he cries out as he thrusts maniacally now.

We both orgasm hard and fast, new cum joining the globs I fell asleep with.

My insides are coated with layers of his seed, puddles of his life's ooze collected there.

My body quivers, then I moan. I lean back against him as we both struggle to breathe normally. My skin is slick with a light sheen of sweat, both of our orgasms making my body temperature rise higher and higher. I smile as I feel him kiss my temple and cuddle backward against him, his softening cock still buried deeply inside of me.

I feel our joined cum starting to leak from inside of me and suddenly I panic. I'm unprotected! My heart takes flight in my chest as I think about getting pregnant with my Father's baby. We've only just started having sex and I'm not sure if I'm ready for a baby! I turn my head to look at him, to tell him that we have to get me the morning after pill as soon as possible, but I'm cut off by the sound of his cell phone going off.

"Shit." he grumbles as he rolls away from me with a pop of his cock from my swollen core. He smirks when I wince and reach down to hold my aching privates, but then he snatches up his cell phone and his Detective voice is back. "Soleil." he says roughly as he pushes into a sitting up position. His back stiffens suddenly at whatever gets said to him and he sighs. "I'll be there in half an hour. That's the best that I can do. I'm across town right now."

I sit up and bite back the sigh threatening to escape.

My Mother ruins yet another moment for me.

"Yes, Sir." he grunts into the phone before disconnecting the call. "Go shower, Shayenne."

My shoulders sag at his tone and at the usage of my name. For the second time since we started this part of our relationship, I feel cold from his almost cruel withdrawal from me. I understand that life has to go on, that it won't all be as wonderful as the last few hours have been, but I can't help feeling hurt by his instant switch from lover to Father. "Okay..." I whisper as slide from the bed only to gasp when he grasps my bicep to yank me backward.

He pulls me until I glide along the sheet, my body positioned perfectly beneath him, then he leans down to claim my lips with his. He cups my face and tilts his head to deepen the kiss, his tongue shoving between my lips. He moans when I open for him and, again, when our tongues touch. He kisses me in a way that marks me, that makes me burn with need, that makes my toes curl, and I know it's his way of laying claim to me while assuring me that we're okay.

I whimper for him, my hands sinking into his hair.

He breaks the kiss and rubs noses with me. "As badly as I want to stay in this bed with you all day, Sunshine..." he purrs softly, then leans down to kiss me briefly. He licks along my bottom lip, then pulls back when I moan for him and pulls back with a very sexy smirk that tells me he knows exactly what he's doing to my newly-awakened libido. "...your Mother is demanding an audience with us and has already made a big scene in the hospital when she was denied. My Captain asked that we get there ASAP..."

My eyes widen. "Your Captain made the call?"

He leans down to kiss the tip of my nose. "Yes, baby girl...please go shower."

I sigh, but nod my agreement. "I'll be quick."

"I'll order you some new clothes while you're showering." he offers with a sly, almost evil smile as he caresses my left cheek with the knuckles on his right hand. "You know...since your pretty little panties and shorts are sitting on the floor in the viewing room completely saturated in your delicious girl juice..." he growls sexily before leaning down to claim my lips, again.

I moan and throw my arms around him.

My Mother be damned!

He chuckles and pulls back, his hands gripping my forearms to pull them from around him. "We can't, baby girl..." he groans as he lowers his forehead to rest it against mine. "We're already at least 10 minutes into the 30 that I promised and I still have to order your clothes, then shower after you. Please get up...I'll make it up to you tonight."

My already swollen little cunny clenches and oozes. "Promise?"

He moans, chuckles, then pulls back to get off the bed. "I've created a monster."

I smile hugely and nod. "You have a great cock, Daddy...I like having it inside me."

He moans, again, and that part of him starts to harden. "Go shower!"

I giggle at his growl and slide from the bed to comply.

Just 15 quick minutes later, Daddy is pulling into the same parking spot we had been in the first time we came to visit my Mother and we're bracing ourselves for the worst to happen. I undo my seatbelt as Daddy puts the car in park and I inhale deeply before sighing it out. I take my lower lip between my teeth and feel my shoulders slouch under the weight of the stress I'm carrying in my head. All I can think about is how awful she was the last time I was here...


I turn to my Father and realize that my eyes are watery. I sniffle. "Sorry."

"Are you upset about..." he trails off and frowns as he examines my face carefully.

I shake my head. "No, Daddy!" I promise sincerely and reach for his hand. I hold it between the two of mine and keep my eyes locked with his. "I was thinking about the last time we were here...she was so awful and I'm worried this won't be any different. I didn't realize that I was getting emotional about it, but you didn't hear the things she said to me..." I trail off, my voice breaks, and I sniffle. I roll my eyes in annoyance and shake my head. "I'm sorry."

He leans forward to kiss the middle of my forehead. "I'm sorry this is happening."

I frown and lock eyes with him. "You tried, Daddy." I assure him with a smile and reach my left hand up to caress his cheek the way he had touched me earlier. "How many times are you supposed to send her to rehab only for her to go right back to drinking? She's a grown woman who obviously needs to take responsibility for herself now. You already have a daughter that needs raising. You shouldn't have to raise someone else's."

He smiles hugely. "When did you get so wise, huh?"

I blush and look away shyly before I shrug. "Since now, I guess."

He chuckles, then leans forward to kiss my forehead, again. "Let's head in."

I nod and turn to toward my door only to wince when I put too much pressure on my aching mound. I reach down and press my hand to the front of my new denim shorts, over my snatch and turn to glare when I hear my father chuckling behind me. "Something funny?" I demand as I slide from the car with a huff and then I slam my door shut and storm toward the trunk.

He's still chuckling as he moves to stand beside me. "Tender?" he asks as he chirps the lock.

I glare at him. "That amuses you, does it?"

He laughs hard at that, his head thrown back in pure pleasure.

I can't help but smile at him. I can't remember ever seeing him so happy. "It's your fault."

He chuckles, again, and shakes his head as he locks eyes with me. "No, no, Princess..." he purrs with a huge smile on his face. "You wanted it." he reminds me as he moves closer to me and lowers his voice so he can't be overheard. "I said no and you showed up in my bed practically begging me for it...who could say no to something as tempting as that?"

I smile hugely up at him. "Fair enough. My fault, then."

"Regrets?" he asks softly and watches my face for my reaction.

I lock eyes with him. "My only regret is that we had to leave that room by the shore."

He smiles slowly, looks around, then hurriedly kisses my lips before pulling back to walk toward the entrance. "Me, either, for the record." he states as we make our way down the hallway toward the elevators. "And me, too." he adds with a deep inhale followed by the longest sigh he has ever let out. "Would have loved to stay there all day long..."

"We can go back afterward." I say with a blush. "I would love to go back..."

He glances down at me with a smirk before glancing back at the digital counter for the elevator and he shakes his head. "No more today." he says matter-of-factly as he watches the digital countdown for the elevator's arrival. "If getting out of the car made you wince, you need to rest." he says softly and looks around just to make sure the conversation is private. He glances down at my frown and smiles even wider. "We'll go back, Sunshine."

"When?" I practically demand as the elevator doors slide open. I follow him inside and step to the back while he presses Mom's floor. I wait for the elevator to close, my body responding to being alone with him in a confined space. My body flushes hotly, my pussy creams, and I lick my lips as my eyes drift to his face. "When, Daddy?" I practically purr.

His head snaps so that he can look at my face and his eyes widen. "Shayenne..."

My eyes drift down to his thickening cock and I lick my lips.

"Jesus, Sunshine..." he groans as he steps so close to me that I'm pinned to the wall behind me. "If there wasn't a camera over my left shoulder-don't look at it!" he growls softly, his eyes narrowing as they fall to my lips. "I would fuck the shit out of you right here and right now, swollen cunt or not." he growls hotly a second before he takes a step backward. He turns to watch the digital counter and clenches his jaw. "Family mode, Sunshine...I need you to get a hold on those feelings when we're in public. Nobody can know..."

I stand up straighter and inhale a shaky breath. "I know. I'm sorry, Daddy."

"You make me so hard..." he whispers softly and shakes his head as he yanks his t shirt free from the front of his shorts. He adjusts the hem so that it falls around his waist and successfully hides the growing bulge between his legs. "You're going to get us both in trouble." he chuckles with another shake of his head as the door ding open. He glances at me. "Behave."

I nod. "Yes, Daddy. I will. I promise."

He smiles, then turns left toward Mom's room. His smile falls when he spots his Captain and Lieutenant having a deep conversation complete with frowns. He nods when they see him and stands a little straighter. "Captain Ricardo." he greets one and shakes hands with him before offering his hand to the other officer. "Lieutenant Wolf. You remember my Daughter Shayenne?" he introduces me and places his hand on my lower back to guide me forward.

"Yes, of course." Pedro Ricardo says with a smile as he takes my hand and shakes it. "Happy belated birthday to you. So sorry my wife and I missed your birthday party. My daughter gave birth to our first Granddaughter as we were driving over to your place, so we rushed off to witness that. They're here in this hospital, coincidentally." he says with a smile so proud that it could split his face. "Hope it wasn't a huge inconvenience."

I can't help but smile at his joy. "It was fine. I understand. Congratulations."

He smiles even bigger. "Thanks much."

"Happy belated birthday." Erin Wolf says with a smile. "I was on my honeymoon, so..."

I smile hugely. "Congratulations to you, too, then."

"You're next, hmmm?" she teases me with a nudge of her elbow.

I blush to the roots of my hair and don't dare look up at my Father. "Not for a looong time."

"Right answer." My Father practically growls.

I almost giggle, but bite my inner cheek to stop myself.

Erin smiles, but rolls her eyes.

"So..." Daddy says gruffly and the mood in the air changes instantly.

Captain Ricardo stands a little straighter and nods his head. "She's demanding to see you before we transfer her to the prison hospital..." he explains and sweeps his hand along the hall to indicate that we should all start walking toward her room. "We told her that she doesn't get to make demands, that she is now a prisoner of the state, and she went positively insane." he continues with a shake of his head as we turn left around a huge nurse's station. "She started screaming for you both, yanked out her IV, and kicked her good leg which resulted in a bunch of her stitches popping." he practically growls as if he can't believe what's he's just said is the truth. "She gets her way, though, doesn't she?"

I sigh and roll my eyes. "She usually does."

Daddy looks down at me with a sad frown.

I shrug, but say nothing else.

"She had to be sedated so that they could re-stitch her wounds and run a cat scan to make sure she didn't reinjure anything else." the Captain continues as if I hadn't spoken. "They also had to cuff her to the bed so that she couldn't pull her IV out a third damned time. She went full-blown tantrum mode when she woke up. I've never seen a grown woman behave so..." he trails off, then glances from Daddy to me and back before he clears his throat.

"Childishly?" I snort nastily, then blush when all eyes turn to me. "Sorry." I mutter to my Daddy when he glares directly at me. I roll my eyes when he turns back to his Captain, but I am secretly seething deeply inside of myself. I hate my Mother so much in that moment; why does she have to be such a damned embarrassment to our family?! I don't understand it...

"Sorry. That was out of line." Captain Ricardo states with a frown.

"You're fine." Daddy sighs with a shake of his head. "I'm sorry she did that."

Captain Ricardo nods. "She had to be put in isolation so that the other patients wouldn't be disturbed..." he explains as he leads them further along the long hallway toward a large group of officers. "This is an infectious diseases room. You have to pass through a door that closes before the next one will open. It was the only way that we could protect the other patients from her constant shrieking of her demands. You should both know..."

We both turn to the Captain.

"She's been screaming and crying for hours..." Captain Ricardo warns. "She looks..."

I sigh and my shoulders sag, but not out of sadness for my Mother. I glance up at my Father and I see the way he clenches his jaw, see the way he's grinding his teeth together so hard, and I hate that he's being embarrassed this way in front of his peers. I hate the look of shame that glows in his eyes for this entire situation, for this woman who is his wife.

"Doctors say it's the detoxing that has her behaving this way..." Captain Ricardo warns us and he glances down at me until we lock eyes. "She's being very mean, Shayenne. She's been saying a lot of awful things to the doctors, nurses, and officers assigned to her. I want you to be prepared for a completely different woman than the mother you're used to seeing."

Daddy takes my hand and pulls me toward the room. "We'll handle it." he grumbles as he presses the red button to open up the first door. He pulls me almost roughly through the doorway when it opens only to stop so shortly when his Captain speaks that I collide with his back. "I'm sorry. What was that, sir?" he asks in confusion.

Captain Ricardo frowns. "We're transferring her tomorrow even if we have to sedate her."

Daddy's jaw flexes with the tightness of another clenching. "Understood."

The door closes with a sound of suction a second before we're blasted with a heavy wave of hot air, like we're standing in a giant hair dryer. A beeping sound echoes around us s a second before the air stops blowing and then the door leading into the hospital room opens with the sound of the foil being pulled back on a yogurt cup.

"I'll do the talking." Daddy growls as he pulls me along.

I nod at that voice, his detective voice, as we step into the room, then I turn to watch the door swing closed and seal us in. I shake my head as I turn back to examine the woman on the bed and I can't help but smirk at how fitting it is that she's in this room. I have always thought of her as a contagion that needed to be isolated and, ta da! She's in seclusion, an infectious disease about to be locked away for a long time. At least...I hope it's for a long time.

I look at her now, really look at her.

Her skin is a sickly yellow color, her hair greasy with sweat. Her lips are cracked, but not dry thanks to the double IVs attached at her elbows. Her arms are, indeed, cuffed to the iron bars of the hospital bed and lay along the sides of her body. She looks like a completely different woman from the one who had been so evil just the day before. She looks unwell.


I glance up at my Father, my eyes wide at the way he growls at my Mother.

As if electrocuted, Luna's eyes snap open and her head jerks until she's staring at her husband. "Charleston, thank goodness..." she sighs, her voice gritty with emotion as tears fill her eyes. She jerks at the cuffs on her wrists that have not even three inches of give. "Can you get them to uncuff me, please? I can't even scratch an itch on my damned nose, if I wanted to." she whimpers and sniffles, but her eyes are dark with something other than sadness.

"They're for your safety, Luna."

I don't recognize my Father's voice and can't take my eyes from his face.

"They're too tight, Charleston..." she whimpers and sniffles as her tears finally fall.

"Enough with the award-winning performance, Luna." Charleston growls angrily, his face a mask of pure hostility. "You made a big enough scene that my superiors gave in a called us here. I'm not at all ashamed of your behavior because it's only reflecting badly on you with them and not at all on me. Now, what is it that you wanted that you worked so hard to get us here?" he spits venomously and crosses his arms over his chest while he clenches his jaw.

Luna examines his face, then sighs and rolls her eyes. "Fine." she says with a sniff of disdain, her emotional display clearly an act. She adjusts herself a bit, then winces and glares down at her injuries before returning her gaze to her husband. "You need to find a way to keep me out of prison, Charleston, or I'll make sure you're in a cell right beside me."

I gasp and my gaze shoots to my Mother.

My Father's hand shoots out to grip my arm in a silent command for me to remain silent, so I do. "In a cell right beside you, huh?" he scoffs with a shake of his head, but then he smiles in a way that's almost scary. "For what, Luna? I didn't serve you the booze. I didn't put your car keys in your hand or put you in the car. I didn't drive your car into oncoming traffic while heavily intoxicated and I am not the one who nearly killed an entire family of people."

"No, but you've kept my alcoholism a secret until now." she says in a sing-song voice with a smile that is just as evil as the one my Father wore. "You got me out of...exactly how many tickets before now?" she asks with a quirked eyebrow and an even wider smile that dares him to lie. "It's only thanks to your intervention that I've not been in prison before this and I will tell anyone who is willing to listen. Even if you don't end up in jail, I'll make sure you lose your precious detective's position. Think about it...all of your hard work, all of those college degrees...down the drain because of me."

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