tagIncest/TabooDaddy's Sweet Surprise

Daddy's Sweet Surprise


My name is Aly. I'm just your normal 18 year old high school senior: blonde hair, tan skin, skinny jeans and a 36B. One day during summer break when my big brother was home from college, I took my little sister to her friend's house; Dad, 43, 5'9", dark hair, and fit body, was at a meeting; and Chris, my 19 year old, tall, blonde, broad-shouldered, strong --jawed, 5'11'', 200 pounds of solid muscle, brother was going to be out all day like always.

I laid out all day in my string bikini and tanning oil, so I decided to take a hot shower. My room was the only one in the basement, so I had my own bathroom. I turned the water on, pulled the faucet, and the shower spurted on. I looked in the mirror and dropped my bikini top on the floor. My breasts looked great in the mirror; perky, plump, and round, with cute little nipples just the right size. I took off my bottoms and checked out my butt from the side. It was nice and round and plump, still shining from my tanning oil. I pulled the shower curtain back and hopped in the shower. I let the warm water run down back and drip over my shoulders to the front. It ran down my chest, around my perky breasts, down my navel, and split at my pussy lips, going down my thick thighs and around the back of my calves. I leaned my head back, letting the water run through my hair as I ran my hands through it and rung it out. I hopped out of the shower but since I was home alone, I figured I'd air dry today.

I walked across the hall to my room, still dripping wet, a trail of water following me along the carpet. I left my door open since I was home alone, figured I didn't need it closed. I was bent over fumbling in my bottom desk drawer when suddenly I felt something, something sliding between my pussy lips. I was suddenly over-come by this extreme rush, a rush that started from my vagina, and spread to every single corner of my body. I took in a sudden, deep breath and arched my back allowing it to slide in. Slowly it started to wiggle up and down, up and down. It began to move faster as my pussy convulsed harder. Then it pulled out. I turned around and my dad was kneeling behind me.

"Dad? Why do I want him to continue? He's my father! This shouldn't be happening!" I thought to myself.

I saw him lick his lips then bite them. I put my hand behind his head and shoved his face into my dripping, throbbing pussy. He stuck his tongue in deep and began to fling it side to side and up and down, going in and out, and biting my clit as my body shook, quivered, and begged him for more. He stopped right before I came. I swung my long blonde hair over my left shoulder and looked at him. He had stood up and taken off his shirt to unveil his nicely cut body. I bit my lip and wiggled my butt at him.

"Hold on baby, don't move," he commanded.

I listened as I watched him unbutton and unzip his tight 501 jeans which you could already see his bulging cock through. He pulled them down, standing there in his tight boxer briefs, the fat head of his cock hanging out the leg, dripping with precum. My warm cum started to drip down my leg. He took off his briefs, grabbed his fat, juicy, 9 inch cock, garnished with two golf ball sized testicles. He kneeled down, wiped my cum off my leg with his fat, pink, throbbing head; starting from my knee, up my thigh, then to my lips. He rubbed his head between my lips and around my clit, making me throw my butt back in pleasure. I felt a sudden jolt of pleasure enter my vagina, he had stuck it in. I wiggled my hips back and forth and around in circles, causing my pussy to tighten and loosen around his beautiful, fat cock as he slides it balls deep, in and out, tip to balls. He picked me up by my hips and through me on my back onto my bed. I flipped my hair back, bit my lip, and grabbed my pussy, rubbing my clit with my middle finger and my index and ring finger sliding down my lips.

I looked at Dad and said, "Fuck me more Daddy. I love how your cock feels inside me. I want more of you. NOW!"

He didn't say a word. He just grabbed under my knees and pushed them to my shoulders so my pussy was staring right at him, wide open and dripping for him. He slid his shaft in between my plump, shining lips, teasing me. He knew I wanted him deep inside me. He spread my lips and rubbed his head around the pink inside of my pussy, then shoved his cock as deep as he could, as fast as he could. I screamed in pleasure.

Then I hear a voice say, "Really? Is this really happening?"

Dad turned around, trying to pull out, but I grabbed his ass and held him in. I looked up. Holy Shit, it was Chris!

He said, "Don't worry; I won't snitch, as long as I can join."

He ripped off his shirt. The sight of his bulk, sexy body made me wetter and Dad slid in farther on accident as my walls squeezed him tighter. Chris turned around to take off his jeans that hugged his ass perfectly, to reveal some tight, black briefs and a plump ass. His cheeks hung slightly out and you could see his deep fold between his ass and thigh. He took them off one ass cheek as a time. He had no tan lines, just one, solid, dark skin tone.

Dad said, "Nice tan lines!"

Chris laughed and stood up on the bed. He said, "Since you think they're so nice, why don't you suck my dick?"

Dad opened his mouth and slid Chris' dick in as he slid his throbbing cock into my pussy. I couldn't believe my dad was sucking my brother's dick above my face, while fucking my fat pussy.

Once Chris was hard, Dad pulled his dick out of his mouth and told him, "Turn that ass around so I can taste it!"

Chris turned around, put his knees on either side of my shoulders, Dad still fucking me, me still moaning louder than ever before. He bent over, putting his ass in Dad's face and his dick in mine. Dad stuck his tongue in Chris' hole and they began to replay what Dad and I had done earlier by my desk. Chris' dick just swung back and forth in front of my face, all 10 inches dripping in our fathers' saliva and his precum. I grabbed it and put my mouth around it. Chris moaned hard and loud. I swirled my tongue around his head and slid all 10 inches down my throat, pulled it out and flicked my tongue on his cumhole, making him clench his ass around Dad's tongue.

Chris stood up and got off the bed. Dad flipped us over with his dick still inside so I could ride him. I laid across his chest and began to kiss him passionately. I felt Chris's tongue on my pussy while Dad's dick slid in and out, then he stuck his long wet cock into my pussy while Dad's was still in me. He and Dad began to slide in and out at an alternating pattern. When their dicks were at the same point it was pure ecstasy. I lost count of the number of times I came.

Dad pulled out and slid out from under me while Chris still fucked me from behind. The deep V on his hips that lead to his long, hard cock, continued to smack against my fat, plump ass. I felt Chis' chest press against my back. I looked back and saw Dad mounting Chris.

He slid his head in and Chris screamed in pleasure, "OHHHH! FUCK ME DADDY, I WANT ALL OF YOU IN SIDE OF ME! I WANT THE COCK THAT MADE ME DEEP IN SIDE MY ASS!"

Dad slid all the way in and the three of us were connected by blood and by dicks. We fucked for hours until Dad came inside Chris and Chris inside me. Dad ate his cum out of Chris' ass and Chris' cum out of my pussy.

From that day on anytime two of the three were home we made love. And every weekend all of us were home and never left the bedroom.

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