tagIncest/TabooDad's Camcorder Ch. 01

Dad's Camcorder Ch. 01


I went up to my room to change my clothes after a hard night of work at the go-kart track. I started to take off my shirt and heard a noise from the direction of the wall that connects my room to my eighteen year old sister's room, where I have a door to a closet that we share. I went to the closet and opened the door and found my younger sister with Dad's camcorder.

"Mary, what are you doing?" I said.

"Nothing, Dorsey."

"What are you doing with Dad's camcorder?"

She looked at it like she didn't even know she had it in her hands.

"Nothing," she said.

"Nothing? Why do you have it in the closet?"

"Just testing it," she said.

I noticed light coming from a hole in the wall, behind a poster of Briana Banks on my wall.

"Were you spying on me?" I said.

She laughed. "That's crazy. Why would I do that?"

"Maybe you wanna watch me take my clothes off."

She made a disgusted face. "That's gross. You're all sweaty and stuff."

But her eyes glanced at my crotch, where I had an erection pushing out the front of my shorts.

"Maybe you want to watch me jerk off," I said.

She looked horrified and shook her head. I just smiled and went back to my room and closed the closet door. From that side of the picture of Briana I couldn't tell if she was still there, but I didn't care. It was too late to go back. Just the thought that she wanted to watch me jerk off got me very aroused.

I took my clothes off slower that I would have if I didn't think someone might be watching. I turned my back to the picture when I pushed my shorts down, then I turned around slowly, listening for any reaction, but I couldn't hear anything.

My bed wasn't in line with the poster of Briana so I moved the chair from my desk and sat facing the poster. If she was there, she could see everything. I went slow to make it last, and when I finally came I made sure to let it shoot as far as I could.

When I was done I got my towel to take a shower and pretended like nothing happened. If she saw any of it I couldn't tell. The next time I saw Mary she couldn't look at me without blushing. I decided not to make anything of it and just let her have her little thrill.

* * * *

From that day on, whenever I knew she was home I would go up to my room to put on a show, wondering if she was there behind the poster, taping me with my dick in my hands, shooting cum all over my room. Once in a while it was obvious and I knew she was watching. I would go up to my room for whatever, maybe just to do homework. A minute later I would hear her run up the stairs. Then it was time for me to do my job. Where any of this weird stuff was heading I had no way of knowing, but I didn't care about that.

Nothing happened until the day a girl came over to see me. Mary let her in and I didn't even know she was there until she knocked on my door and came in. She was wearing a halter top and tight jeans that rode low on her hips, well below her bellybutton.

"Hi Dorsey. My name's Amber. I'm here for one thing," she said.

"One thing?"

"I heard you got a big dick," she said.

"I might."

"They sent me here to find out," she said.

"Who sent you?"

"The other girls."

"What other girls?"

"The ones who were too chicken to come here," she said.

I laughed. "What do you want me to do?"

I was growing hard in my jeans and I was sure she could see it because she walked over and started to unbuckle my belt.

"Why don't you let me see it first, then I'll decide," she said.

She got my jeans open quickly, like she'd done it a few times before. My first thought when she got them down to my knees was for my sister. I looked at the poster and wondered if she was there, and if she had enough tape for everything that was about to happen.

Amber looked surprised.

"The girls are going to like this," she said, and put my dick right into her mouth.

I groaned. She licked the sides and moved her mouth slowly over the end. She didn't get much of it in her mouth, but then I didn't expect her to. I'd only had one other blowjob in my life, from an older woman, and she told me I had a lot more than a mouthful.

Amber was pretty good at it. From her knees between my legs she looked up into my eyes while she had my cock in her mouth. Her blonde hair hung in front of her eyes and I brushed it back behind her ears.

"Do you let guys cum in your mouth?" I said.

She took my dick out of her mouth and shook her head. Her lower lip was covered in saliva and she wiped it up.

"I don't like it in my mouth. It tastes ... funky," she said. Her slender hand, with her long, red fingernails, pumped my shaft. "I like to let guys cum in my pussy. My Mom, she put me on the pill 'cause I like to screw guys."

She took a deep breath, opened her mouth wide and sucked my cock all the way to the back of her mouth, where it made her gag.

"That sounds like a good reason," I said.

I was holding the sides of the chair with both hands. Her head bobbed up and down, very slowly. She was taking my dick deeper into her mouth a little at a time, and she was moaning softly. Her mouth made wet sucking noises, and some of her saliva ran down my shaft into my short, curly hairs.

I put one hand on top of her head and lifted my hips off the chair, pushing my dick a little deeper, but that just made her gag pretty bad. She couldn't get away. Her gagging turned me on and I pushed a little harder until she had tears coming from her eyes. That was when I lost it.

"Oh man," I groaned, and started shooting my cum in her mouth.

Amber squealed and tried to push herself away. I was still holding her and wouldn't let her get up, and my dick muffled her scream. It was a good thing, too. Mom and Dad were right downstairs and I didn't want them to find out I was getting a blowjob in my room.

My cum leaked from the corners of her mouth. Her cheeks were red and puffed out and her tears had streaked her mascara. I let her up and she spit a mouthful of cum on the carpet.

"Sorry about that. I couldn't help myself," I said. It sounded like a lousy excuse before I even said it.

But she just shook her head and wiped her mouth.

"Forget about it. That happens all the time," she said.

She stood up and pushed her jeans down past her knees. She had the hottest looking ass and the cutest pussy with just a little wisp of fuzz. I think my eyes must have bulged out of my head.

"You ready for something different now?" she said.

I looked down at my cock, which was drooping.

"I guess so, I said, but I wasn't so sure. I had never jerked off twice in a row. Could I keep it up long enough to give this hot looking girl what she wanted?

She put her hand around it and squeezed. She was shaking her head.

"Damn you're big," she said.

Her hand pumped in a tight grip, and I could feel it getting harder.

"Is that gonna be a problem?"

She shrugged. "I hope not. I really wanna feel it up inside me."

She turned around and bent forward at the waist, pushing her round ass toward me. I cocked my head to the side to see her pussy. It glistened with moisture between her legs. I had never seen a pussy up close. The only time I had sex with the older woman it was in the back seat of her car in the dark. Amber's pussy looked fantastic, and I no longer had a problem about getting hard.

She put her hands on my knees and moved back. I spread my legs wide. Her pussy hovered over my cock. I put my hands on her ass to hold her steady, and she was trembling.

"What's wrong?" I said.

"Nothing. I'm a little nervous, that's all."

"About what?"

"That it's gonna hurt."


She reached between her legs for my cock and rubbed the head on her warm, wet slit. She gasped and I sighed. I couldn't take the teasing like that. If she didn't so something soon, I was going to pull her down hard on it, and I didn't care how much it hurt.

She lowered herself a bit so the head pierced her pussy lips. I stared at the sight. Her lips seemed to part like they were trying to swallow it. I groaned and closed my eyes. It was the most incredible feeling I could imagine.

Amber pushed herself down so a few inches went inside her, and this time she groaned.

"Damn that hurts. You're just too big," she said.

But she didn't move for a minute or two. I expected her to get off if it hurt too much. She just stayed where she was, with only a couple of inches of my dick inside her. She was breathing hard, I couldn't miss that, and still trembling in my hands.

I decided to help her out and squeezed her ass with both hands and pushed down. She yelped and I stopped.

"Damn Dorsey, don't do that. It hurts," she said, and looked back over her shoulder at me with an angry scowl.

"Sorry," I said, and took my hands off her ass.

Still she didn't get up, and she had another inch or two of my dick inside her. With her hands on my knees, she worked her ass up and down. Now I was the one breathing hard, and my heart was thumping in my chest like it was going to explode. She was moaning softly in a rhythm, the same rhythm that her ass rose and fell.

Her body tensed. Something popped inside her and she gasped. Her pussy opened like it had finally given up its resistance and swallowed my cock, one slow inch at a time.

"Oh God. Oh my God it's splitting me open," she said in a low voice with a groan from deep in her belly.

Her pussy slid all the way down on my shaft until her ass had settled on my lap. Amber was still for a minute or two with a death grip on my knees, panting and moaning softly. She had a light mist of perspiration down the curves of her back. She looked back over her shoulder at me.

"It's in, isn't it?" she said.


"I mean the whole thing, the whole damn thing?"

I nodded. "Yeah, you got all of it now."

"It makes me ... I feel so ... so full, so filled up. I never felt anything like it before."

"Does it feel good?" I said.

I put my hands on her hips, but I was very careful. I didn't want to do anything now that would make her quit. Who knew when I would ever get that lucky again?

She wiggled her ass a bit, but gingerly, like she didn't want to make any sudden moves.

"It feels really good. You hit all those good spots the other guys don't hit."

She slowly sat upright on my lap, which pressed her pussy down harder on my cock. She winced and gasped.

"How about if we do it now?" she said.

"Ok. Just don't make a lot of noise. My parents will hear what we're doing."

She nodded and smiled, but it was a nervous smile, as if she had got herself into more than she bargained for and was anxious for it to be over.

I hadn't, though, and I was just beginning to enjoy myself. Amber's pussy was fantastic. She had a tight, warm grip around my cock like she was never going to let it go. I glanced at the poster of Briana, hoping that Mary was getting all of this. I turned Amber on the chair just a bit, so Mary could get a better view, just in case she was there.

Amber started moving her ass up and down. I think what she wanted me to do was cum in a hurry so she could get my cock out of her pussy. What I wanted, though, were her gorgeous tits.

I moved my hands up from her hips, over the gentle curve of her waist to her rib cage and pushed her snug t-shirt up. Her nipples were hard. When I pinched them her back arched and she put her hands over mine.

"Those are really sensitive," she said.

"Does it hurt?"

She shook her head and her mane of blonde hair tickled my nose.

"It makes me all tingly inside."

Her breasts were firm and resilient and fit perfectly in the cup of my hand. I pinched her nipples again. This time, instead of a gasp or a wince, she giggled.

"Jesus Dorsey. You make me so hot," she said.

I had to stop for a second. What happened? A minute ago I had one of the hottest girls in school holding herself practically motionless on my cock, afraid that any movement might kill her, and now she was bouncing on me like she was trying to bust through the floor, and she was giggling about it. Some chicks were just weird.

She was bouncing harder and starting to moan out loud. I had to let go of one of her boobs and clamp my hand over her mouth to try to keep her quiet. Now I was the one anxious to cum and get it over with. I could just see my Dad coming up the stairs and opening my door and seeing me with this hot chick impaled on my cock. Well, he might be proud, but Mom, she would freak out that I had a girl in my room and was banging the sense out of her.

Even with my hand over her mouth she still moaned stuff like "Yeah baby" and "Fuck me baby". It was working, too. She wanted to make me cum in her pussy and that was just what I was going to do.

Finally I gave up trying to muffle her moans. If Dad was going to ground me and take away my car for fucking a girl in my room, I was going to earn it.

I put both hands on Amber's hips and pulled her down as hard as I could. She squealed, and I nearly passed out. Her pussy clamped around my cock and I swear I was seeing fireworks in my head. That was just before I blew my first load inside her.

Once it started it didn't stop. I pumped a flood of cum into the poor girl. I thought she was going to have a heart attack. She was just twitching on my lap and gasping for air. Then she collapsed on me like a wet dish rag. I put my hand around her waist and grabbed the edge of the desk before we both fell to the floor.

"God damn Dorsey, that was a really good fuck," she said, and laid her head back on my shoulder.

"Just a day at the office for me," I said.

She lifted her head and looked at me with a confused face.

"What?" she said.

"Never mind."

I pulled her head back down to my shoulder. She squirmed slowly on my cock. Deep in her pussy, I could feel the flood of cum waiting to be let out. My cock was like a cork, holding it in her belly.

I heard some movement behind the closet door and turned to look. There was nothing there, but I grinned. I couldn't wait to see Mary's tape.

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