Dad's The Man Ch. 15


"I know, but there's limits you can observe and we have all the time, patience and love in the world to eventually get it dealt with." Gina assured her. "That's the whole point of you being with us, that you don't have to deal alone anymore, so you can eventually overcome your problems."

"Plus, we all want you with us," Daddy said.

"And not just for your body," I added with a grin.

She looked down, chuckling a little, then looked at each of us before saying, "You're right. And, truth be told, I,... I'm really excited. This might sound stupid, but it's like the old days all over again, except so much better and,..."

"Solid," Daddy finished for her.

"Yes. Uh,... one little thing, though,... Why this house? I mean, why would I move in here when you three could come and live with me?"

Nobody had anything to say to this unexpected idea.

"Well, it's just that it's the only thing I have to bring in with me and,..."

"You could sell it, or rent it out." Daddy said. "And don't worry about what you have to bring in with you, Peg, don't talk like that."

"You're bringing you," Gina agreed.

"Well, thanks, but I have to feel,..."

"I understand," I said. "You want to feel like you're contributing, but you easily could if you rented your house. We'd pitch in and help."

"Well, yes, but,... Look, please don't be offended, especially you, John and Kat, but my house is in a much nicer area. You can barely see the neighbor's houses, there's a lot more greenery, space and the house is bigger.

Again, we all sat in silence, thinking about this as Peggy watched.

"We could have a pool," Gina lightly commented.

"Yes!" Peggy said, giving Gina's arm a light squeeze. "I've always thought of a nice pool in my backyard."

"We could swim and lie out naked and,... stuff," I thought out loud.

"But, Dad would have to remain the head of the household," Gina warned. "That's how this works. Dad's the man and his is the last word because he's the stable one, and that can never change, not even if we're living in your house."

"But that doesn't mean that Auntie doesn't have a say," I cautioned. "That wouldn't be fair."

"No, no," Gina expressed with a shake of her head. "That would defeat her place in our little family, she has to have the power of,..."

"Mum," Peggy finished, giving Gina's arm another little squeeze.

" ... Yes." Gina replied, looking at her a little nervously, then away.

"It's alright, hon,... John, the girls are right. Final authority is yours in our house. Dad's the man. ... What do you think?"

"Well,... so, I'd be renting this house," he assumed.

"If we put a smallish kitchen in the basement, we could get two units," I offered, looking at him thoughtfully, getting the same expression back.

"There's no garage out there." He stated.

"We could change that quick enough and keep using this one in the meantime," I suggested.

" ... Peg, you mind a garage?"

"Like we said, you're the man. You want a garage, you get a garage."

"We could have a bigger one,..." I quietly suggested, more to myself than him.

" ... It all sounds good," he allowed, "except for one big thing. That's our old stomping grounds. We're known in that part of town and people would talk. Norah, Barb, all the rest."

Aunt Peggy smiled and raised an eyebrow, saying, "It's not like you to give a fuck about those things, John. What are they going to talk about, what are they going to say? First of all, apart from passing by the house in a car, nobody will have any clue as to how we'll be,... living. Not even if they plan to camp out in the ditch across from the driveway. Anything people say will just be unsubstantiated rumours and vicious lies from their standpoint, whether they're true or not."

"I'm sure the truth will be much more fun than even the unsubstantiated rumours," Gina sleazed, switching to Peggy's other nipple.

Peggy looked at Gina and actually blushed just a little, both her nipples now fully erect and hard, as mine were. I reached over and began idly playing with Gina's nipples while my aunt overcame her sudden, horny blush to go on.

"And personally,... mmm, that's nice, hon- Personally, I can't wait to see all three of your vehicles in my driveway, a nice garage out back with things happening all the time. Norah will be so jealous when she drives by and sees all the new activity, the comings and the goings, no matter the rumours she wants to believe once she finds out who all the vehicles belong to."

I could suddenly see it all, like I'm sure she was. It would be great and she was right, her house was a lot better, a lot nicer actually, and Daddy and I could do a lot there. Most of all, I found myself infected with her excitement about the prospect in the way that Peggy saw it, a new, tight group with lots of love and fun, issues and business that we'd all be in on and experiencing as a group. What she saw was a memory builder that would keep evolving, creating new ones as our lives and situations changed over the years. She was going for the brass ring, the one she thought was so far out of reach for so many years, the ideal existence of happiness, security and contentment for herself and Daddy, now including Gina and I as well.

" ... Okay,... I'm in," he decided. "If everyone else agrees, I'm for it."

Everyone else definitely agreed at that point and I could see the excitement in Peggy's eyes finally, safely exploding like fireworks. We all sat there, working out when we should move for a short time until we all just sort of paused, looking at one another happily.

"Peggy, this is just great," Gina quietly enthused.

"Gina, honey,... Call me mum, okay? I know how you like me, there's no reason to be embarrassed."

Gina once again broke her own record of how happy she could possibly look as she raised Peggy's hand to her mouth and kissed it. She closed her eyes and held it there, enjoying the moment, I suppose, and I could see the curiously special friendship they'd begun strengthen to something else as they bonded.


"Uh huh?" he asked, his hand inside the back of my panties.

"Why don't we, uh,... Why don't we have sex? I'd like, uh,.. I'd like our girls to watch you fuck me and I think they'd like it, too."

"Yeah!" I enthused. "Oh, Daddy, do it, okay? Fuck Peggy nice and hard and make her cum so we can see!"

"Oh, yesss,..." Gina agreed. "I've been waiting to see that."

"Auntie, make him cum all over your pretty face, too, okay? (giggle!)"

"Like I'm gonna refuse?" he asked getting up and moving to take Peggy's other hand, helping her to her feet.

Once in front of him, he grabbed her boobies and kissed her long and nice. She threw her arms around his neck and kissed him back as I began undoing his jeans, taking them off and then his underwear, releasing his erection to carry out its purpose. Meanwhile, Gina was unclasping the knee length skirt Peggy wore and pulling her yellow lace panties off, leaving her naked while I removed Daddy's shirt, bringing him to the same state of complete undress.

He picked her up and carried her to the kitchen table as we followed, Gina getting up on its top behind Peggy, pulling her back to lean against her chest and then reaching forward to spread her legs, holding them open for Daddy.

I grabbed my father's cock from beside him, pumping it a little before bending over to suck on it, making sure it was all nice and slick before guiding him forward. I rubbed his cockhead all over Peggy's wet pussy, rubbing her clit hard and slow to work her up before I pointed it at her ready opening and guided him forward.

"Pusssshhhh," I whispered.

"Ohh-hh! Oh, John,...!"

"Shove it all the way in, Daddy."

"Uhh,... Oh, fuuuck,...", he moaned, doing just that.

"Grind her,... yeah, like that," I encouraged in a small, soft voice. "Oh, Daddy, she can take the whole thing!"

"Uhhhhhh! Ooohhhhhh!" Peggy commented.

One of her hands touched his belly, closing in a long, red nailed claw in the hair of his glory trail before wandering up and down, her other hand finding its way to her clitoris as she moaned and gazed adoringly up at her brother.

"Is it as good as you always imagined, Mum?" Gina lovingly murmured in her ear.

"Uhn! Uh- oh, sooo much b- better! Ohhhh!"

He began fucking her, slowly at first, then a little faster, making her boobies jiggle nicely every time he bumped her. He leaned forward, his hands planted on the table to her sides as he pumped her so nicely.

As he did, I caressed his body, kissing him here and there and adding to his experience, rather than interfering. It was worth it, too, seeing them move with each other like that as though it could only be natural. I had no trouble at all believing that sex with Daddy was better than Peggy could have imagined, she literally trained him for herself. Watching them, it was hard to believe she didn't teach him how to fuck, too.

Gina continued to hold Peggy's legs, purring into her ear as Daddy fucked her and I again was struck by how Gina and Peggy look together, like a real mother and daughter. They actually look enough alike to pass for that, despite Gina's light Chinese heritage. It's mostly those matching eyes and hair, but it almost seems more than that in a sense that I can't describe.

Peggy came quite hard, crying out repeatedly until her voice went hoarse and weakened. Moments later, her eyes and mouth half open, I jerked Daddy off right in her beautiful face. She flinched as most of the first gooey shot hit her in the eyebrow and cheek as Daddy yelped. His second splattered her upper lip, then another and another laced her nose as her eyelashes tried to blink his cum away.

Some moments later, when they'd both caught their breath and I was licking his cock, Gina quipped, "Well, there's a lash blast you can't get from Covergirl."

Aunt Peggy laughed deliriously at this.

Aug. 18/09

It turns out that my Aunt Peggy has been putting away over a pint of vodka per day for quite some time, and that was just day to day, not including an actual bender.

We travelled to her house in my car and this was the first thing Gina said we needed to address after we got inside. I felt bad for Peggy when she had to admit to this, the way she looked down at the floor, especially when Gina gently informed her that she was going to be cut back to just over a half pint per day for a while. I went and gave her a big hug, trying not to cry about how she must have felt just then, but so happy that she was allowing us to help.

Gina, in her way, fixed things up so our melancholy lifted almost immediately.

"Actually, though, I think we should all have a little drink right now," she suggested. "A small celebration, just for the girls, on our new living arrangement."

Without waiting for our opinions, she turned and opened the refrigerator, looked around for a moment, then came up with a carton of orange juice and a bright smile.

"Perfect. Umm, Glasses, Mum?"

" ... Over the sink."

Gina got three short ones down and mixed us each a drink from Peggy's quart of vodka, passing them out to us afterwards. Holding hers up, she made a toast.

"Dad's the man."

Peggy and I smiled, repeated her toast and drank. We just kind of hung out for a bit after that, Peggy taking Gina around on a tour of her house and belongings that ended with the three of us on her bed.

"It's definitely a lot bigger here, a lot better for the four of us," Gina said.

"That's what I thought," Peggy replied.

"We have to finish the basement, though," I put in.

"Do what you want," Peggy said, "But I'd like the brunt of the household duties because,... I'll want to keep busy and that's sort of the place I hold here."

"But, what about me?" Gina asked.

"You have a job," Peggy said.

"But, I only work on a monthly average of twice per week."

"Why don't you just help out?" I suggested. "You know I always need a hand when I'm working and you can help Aunt Peggy, too. You might even learn to make a peanut butter sandwich."

"Oh, yes, you crack me up, slutty. Yeah, okay, but I'll do all the dishes, too."

We agreed on this and a few other things and the conversation soon turned to Daddy.

"Do you really think he'll be happy here, though?" Peggy asked, distractedly picking at a tuft of lint on the bed spread, her green eyes searching ours for a positive answer.

"Sure he will," Gina determined. "Nothing really changes, just our location, right?"

"Well,... he might be a little off kilter at first," I speculated, "but once he's got a garage and he understands he's the same Captain of a different ship, he'll be fine."

Peggy nodded and looked around the room, then back at us, asking, "Should I,... I mean this bedroom is a little too feminine for having him in here, isn't it? Because it's our room, but it's his bed, if you know what I mean."

"We can fix that," Gina said, also looking around.

"Don't worry, Peggy, everything will be great, you'll see," I reassured her.

"I know, it's,... It's just so hard to believe after all these years. I keep thinking I should pinch myself to make sure this isn't one of those dreams."

"I'm surprised Dad hasn't already pinched you, Gina said.

"He used to all the time when we were kids."

"Yeah, well now he's pinching ass cheeks, practically right between the legs," Gina informed her.

"Oh, my. He hasn't done that yet."

I noted, "He usually only does it if you have tight pants or a really short skirt."

"Or if you're running around in your panties," Gina added."

"Sometimes he just grabs your bum with a yell and squeezes," I noted further. "You scream your head off and he doesn't stop."

"Oh,... you mean, like a tight pair of slacks? I have some- okay, a lot- that are old and a bit small on me now."

"(giggle) Yeah, you got the idea. But that stuff really turns him on, that's why he pinches and stuff, so be prepared for him to maybe bend you over the counter and fuck you senseless right then and there. He's done it to me."

"That sounds,... very,..." Peggy tried to express, her mind whirling.

"Oh, it is, Auntie. I loved it."

"Mmmm. (giggle)"

"And then there's his punishments," Gina said with the smallest grin.

"Punishments?" Peggy echoed.

"Yes. When he loses his patience, he'll,... well, you'll get used like,... Your clothes probably won't survive. Mine don't."

"You love it," I teased, knowing she did. "You get him going on purpose so he'll slamfuck you quiet."

"Uh, Slam-fuck?" Peggy asked as Gina's grin got wider, her eyes dropping to the bedspread where her mum was starting to pick a hole with her long nails.

"Yeah," I said with a horny smile, my crotch heating up. It hurts, but in a good way. A really good, satisfying way."

"And,... he tears your clothes off?"

"If you're wearing pants, he'll tear the backs of them open and pound you doggy style," Gina contributed.

"Ooooh," Peggy expressed, shifting on her thigh and looking at Gina. "Yes, I,... How do you get him like that?"

"Nagging," I answered for her. "Bitching moaning, cussing, fussing. Well, that's how she does it. I just tease him with my body, then play hard to get until he's tearing my clothes off and forcing himself on me. After that, I just keep telling him to fuck me harder and harder."

"I remember the very first time he fucked me," Gina said as her hand found its way to her nipple for a little playtime through her long, bright yellow pullover. "I was lying on top of slutty, face down and he was doing me from behind. Actually, he was doing both of us, taking turns, you know, but when he fucked me to orgasm, oh my god,... I thought I was going to pass out."

"I remember," I said. "The look on your face,... If only I had a camera."

"I love handling him," Peggy shared. "Holding his cock and sucking it."

"Mmm." I put in, thinking of it as my hand crept between my legs. "I love his cum. I like it when it's all nice and messy."

"Yesss,..." my aunt agreed breathily. "Oh, Girls,... you're so bad."

We all laughed a bit, then Peggy said, "You know, Sheila once told me something about him. She said he never looked at other women while she was around."

"He doesn't," Gina put in. "I know because I've watched for that."

"I never even thought to watch for that," I admitted.

"That impressed even her," Peggy said. "Kitten, look at you, you horny little thing."

"Miffy's all hot and wet." I explained, my legs spread wide while I shamelessly rubbed my crotch through my jeans.

"Oh, sweetie,... here, let me help you take those jeans off." She offered.

"Yeah, take her pants off," Gina leered, getting closer with the use of her catlike movements, a sure sign she was horny as hell.

We got to our knees, met at the center of her bed and kissed one another before she sank lower and began unbuttoning my jeans. She slowly pulled them down and beheld my silvery foil, micro thong. The narrow strip of thin material that would have barely covered my pouting miffy had been pushed to the side during my previous attention, leaving one of my lips clearly visible along with the exposed patch of trimmed hair I'd regrown down there.

"Oh, kitten, that's,... very slutty."


She took the top of the undergarment in her fingers and gently tugged upward, moving it from side to side a few inches, constantly rubbing my clit with the smooth foil.

"Ooooh, Aunt Peggy,..." I cooed, feeling her rev me up.

She stopped and played in my pubic hair for a moment before straightening on her knees and giving me another kiss, taking the bottom of my short, snug, V-neck pullover in her hands and saying, "Let's get those beautiful titties out as well, hm?"

"Uh huh." I managed as my pullover came off.

She looked at my boobies in the skimpy little bra that matched my panties. One of my nipples had managed to come peeping out from under the relatively small triangles that were held against them.

"Oh, you are an exquisite little thing, aren't you?" she asked, looking me up and down as I beamed. "Oh, yes. You might have Sheila's height and proportions, but you've definitely got the Hale build and tone. Much nicer than her," she added with a warm and approving smile, her hands slowly spreading my 'bra cups' to the sides.

" ... Really, Auntie?"

"Really," she sincerely confirmed before bending and taking one of my nipples in her mouth.

"She likes to be treated like a slutty little whore, Mum."

"Mmmm." she approved further.

I was a bit astonished and inhaled sharply, again moments later when she was pulling my thong down my hips. Then, she was pushing me down on the bed, following with her lips attached to my nipple. Once down with my head on her pillow, she moved up and started necking with me, her hand slipping between my legs as I moaned and squirmed into her hand. Her tongue pushed past my lips and teeth as I tried to spread my thighs as best I could for her with my jeans and panties at my knees.

"Gina, honey," Peggy said after separating her face from mine, "don't just sit there with your hands in your top; come, take your clothes off and let kitten lick your pussy."

"Ohh!" I yelped as one of Peggy's fingers, slick with my juices, slipped inside me.

"Would you like me to kiss poor little miffy?" Peggy teased, moving down my body as Gina quickly shed her skirt.

"Yeah!" I gasped as her surprisingly gentle fingernail found my G-spot.

"Should I lick it, too, sweetie?"

"Oh! Ohh! ... Oh, yeah!"

"Suck on your gorgeous little clit?"


Gina's panties were off in what must have been record time and she, with her horny, catlike movements, approached my face on her knees, pulling her top off as she came.

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