tagFetishDaisy's Disgrace Pt. 29

Daisy's Disgrace Pt. 29


That night, Daisy's father stopped by her room on the way to bed. He left the door open behind him only a crack as he went to the side of her bed. Without a word, he stripped off the duvet and took in her body, dressed in her mother's oversized uniform. He gripped the waistband of her shorts and slid them down to her ankles. Daisy heard him gasp, and she winced. The swelling had only just started to go down, giving her pussy a little definition and sensation, but the size was still very much the same as it had been when she had first pulled off the cylinder.

Her father stared at it for a moment, then reached out and gripped her labia with both hands just as she had done earlier. He spread the flaps gingerly, observing the glint of moisture in between. After a moment, to Daisy's great relief, he smiled and whispered, "What a perfect, disgusting pussy." Then, he leaned forward, and Daisy felt, albeit faintly, a sucking sensation on her swollen clit. She sighed softly and slid her hands lightly across her achingly stiff nipples.

But the moment didn't last long. As suddenly as he had appeared, her father straightened back up and left the room without even a backward glance. Daisy lay there in the fading light of the late summer evening, her shorts still around her ankles, her thighs spread awkwardly to accomodate the unnatural bulk between them. After a moment, she struggled to pull the shorts back up. This time the gusset tucked itself between her lips, a sensation Daisy found unexpectedly erotic. She had to pull hard to get the waistband over her hips, working the crotch deep into her swollen crevice in the process. If she hadn't been so numb, it would have hurt. When she slept, Daisy's dreams were overwhelmingly sexual, and when she woke in the morning, the crotch of her shorts, still buried between her fat lips, was slippery.


Daisy's pussy wasn't the only thing her father wanted to expand. The next morning, she found a text message on her phone instructing her to kneel on all fours on her bed with the largest cylinders attached to her nipples. She was to use the timed pump so that she could devote her attention to a more pleasant task: gratifying herself sexually.

The setup her father required was rather complicated. She was to find in one of the boxes in the shed a dildo with a suction cup on the bottom. Once back in her room, Daisy was instructed to move her bed several feet so that it stood against the far wall, flush with the wall-mounted mirror. She was to carefully attach the suction cup to the mirror so that, once on her hands and knees on the bed, the head of the dildo would line up with the hole she intended to penetrate. In this, she was given no choice. Her father instructed her to impale her pussy on the dildo once the cylinders were attached to her nipples, and the pump engaged.

Before climbing onto the bed, however, he instructed her to look under her mattress. To her surprise, Daisy found a number of porno magazines her father must have placed there while she was away at Nate's place. Smiling to herself, Daisy climbed onto the bed and began to hook the cylinders up to her nipples. It was important to create a lasting seal before securing the cylinders, so Daisy lifted her tits up and sucked each nipple into her mouth, leaving it and the surrounding flesh dripping with saliva. She watched as the initial pressure drew her already large nubs deep into the plastic tubes-first one, then the other. She felt her body respond, and felt grateful for the dildo that waited just behind her.

Once the timer was engaged, Daisy settled onto the bed on all fours. She selected the first magazine and began to page through it. To her surprise, she found little post-it notes bearing her father's handwriting throughout. The first note was attached to a photo of a business woman dressed in a blazer and skirt, sitting at her desk. She was turned toward the camera, but her attention was directed elsewhere, as though interacting with a coworker. Beneath her desk, hidden from every view but the cameraman's, she sat with her skirt hiked up around her hips. Between her spread legs was a plump, swollen pussy. From the exaggerated size and bulbous shape, it was clear she had used a pump. Daisy was fascinated by the woman's lips. She was unexpectedly aroused by them, and found herself wanting to explore that bulging reddish-purple flesh.

The note her father had attached to the photo read, "This should be you, Daisy: going about your normal day with a naughty little secret. I'd like for you to get a job so that you can be in public with your pussy looking and feeling like this." Daisy stared at the woman's cunt as she pushed her own pussy against the dildo behind her. The stiff silicone buried itself between her still-swollen lips, finding the tender hole between them.

But she didn't impale herself just yet. Flipping to the next photo, Daisy found herself staring at a woman out in her front yard, wearing a very low-cut one-piece bathing suit. She was bending over to water the flowers beside the walkway, but somehow, one of her large, full breasts had slipped out of the suit and hung in front of her, completely exposed. From the expression of shock on her face, this embarrassing incident had just occurred. A passing neighbor caught in the photo seemed to have observed the whole incident, and was openly staring at her in mid-stride.

A second photo featured the same woman, this time with her back to the camera, retreating hurriedly into the house. Between her slim thighs, however, the gusset of her swimsuit had slipped to one side. Her left pussy lip had fallen out and, naturally long and somewhat plump, it hung down between her thighs, visible from the street. A number of other people had gathered and could be seen standing in the foreground of the photo, watching her. The camera had been able to capture her reflection in the glass pane of her front door, and it was clear to see she hadn't bothered to tuck her breast back into the suit before fleeing for privacy.

Her father had left a note here, too: "Not as big as yours, but I love seeing her one tit hang out. I also want to put my face between her thighs and suck that pussy lip into my mouth. I'd pull the other one out too, or maybe work the crotch of her swimsuit in between those lips and suck on them as they hang down." Daisy felt a surge of jealousy as she re-examined the woman's exposed pussy. She too wanted to suck on the woman's long lips, perhaps pushing her onto her knees in the grass as she ate her from behind...but she didn't like the idea that her father was also fantasizing about this. Her jealousy made her anxious, and her anxiety made her horny. With a painful thrust, she buried the dildo inside her pussy, pushing backwards until her ass pressed against the mirrored glass.

There was a series of photos seemingly submitted by readers. One showed a naked girl sleeping in bed, the sheet pulled aside to reveal her lower half. Her left leg was cast up so that, beneath the curves of her tight ass, the pink lips of her pussy could be seen. Another showed a girl sitting on a bike, seemingly unaware that her labia were peeking out from the crotch of her shorts, framing the seat of her bike. A third showed a woman sitting in the front seat of her car, evidently in the midst of changing her shirt. She wore no bra, and the seat belt burrowed deep into the cleavage of her enormous, obviously fake breasts. There were dozens of these, and Daisy found she enjoyed seeing these women in compromising positions when they unaware they were being watched. Until she turned the page.

"Hide-and-Leak!" declared the gaudy headline, written in yellow bubble letters accompanied by little yellow cartoon droplets. There were many photos in the full spread, but her eyes went immediately to the one in the center, marked by a tiny yellow post-it note: "Look familiar?" A busty young blonde stood in a parking lot in full daylight, wearing a tight crop top and a pair of tight skinny jeans, the crotch of which was stained an even darker blue. Although she wasn't looking at the camera, the expression on her face was clearly one of sheer horror and embarrassment. Daisy's heart skipped a beat.

There was another photo, just below this one. Here, the woman squatted down between two cars, a stream of yellow piss issuing from the crotch of her sodden jeans. A third photo showed her standing once more, bent over at the waist, her bare ass pointing towards the camera, as she stripped off the wet pants. In inset showed a close-up, revealing the excessive bulge of her pussy peeking out between her thighs. Finally, a last photo, taken through the passenger's side window, showed her sitting on the seat, naked from the ribcage down, her inner thighs gleaming with moisture.

Daisy couldn't believe what she was seeing. She remembered being seen by a few people as she hurried out to her car, but she hadn't seen anyone taking pictures. She stared at the photos, examining every last detail. Her hair and makeup looked effortlessly sexy, unlike a lot of the girls in the other photos. Her nipples had been hard, probably from excitement or embarrassment, and they could clearly be seen thrusting against the tight cotton top. The photo taken from the passenger's side was at such an angle that it caught just a glimpse of her pussy lips peeking out from beneath her shaven mound.

As she stared at the photos, Daisy realized she had been slowly fucking the dildo in her pussy, and with every thrust, she was getting more and more worked up. Startled, she stopped moving, but a moment later, found herself rocking back and forth on the stiff silicone. What the fuck is wrong with me? she wondered. Why was it turning her on to see herself humiliated, and in such a public way?

Daisy found herself wishing there were more pictures, so she could see more of her body. She could look over her shoulder and glimpse the erotic sight as her swollen pussy swallowed the fat dildo, but that wasn't the same-only she could see it. She wished other people could see it, too. On a sudden whim, Daisy grabbed her cell phone and opened the video camera app. She recorded herself as she pushed her pussy onto the dildo. The movement caused her ass cheeks to spread, revealing her twitching, puckered asshole. When she slid forward, her pussy lips clung to the slippery wet cock. Knowing she was recording her actions made her hornier, and she began to fuck herself more aggressively. She let out a few moans, only half-aware that they would be heard on the video. After a few minutes, she brought the phone back to face her, and recorded a close-up of her nipples being sucked deep into the plastic tubes. She moaned, this time for the camera's benefit, and ended the video with a face shot as she winked and blew the camera a kiss.

After the video, Daisy didn't need the porn mags. She watched again and again as the silicone disappeared inside her swollen cunt, accompanied by those wet squelches and other nasty sounds she had almost come to like. She loved the way her lips clung to the dildo as it slid out, the way they bulged out around it as it re-entered her. She loved watching her anus peek out between her cheeks, winking open and closed as she pushed back onto the fake cock. Daisy came again and again, fucking herself while she watched her own filthy actions, moaning along with the girl in the video. When she was finished, the mirror was splattered with pussy juice and her cunt was sore.


That afternoon at work, Tom received a text from his daughter. As usual, he waited until he could slip into the bathroom for some privacy in order to watch the video she had sent. By the time the camera showed him his daughter's fat, extended nipples, he was hard as a rock and jerking himself off. He replayed the video and came as Daisy's pussy sank back onto the dildo, letting out a little wet queef that was nearly drowned out by another moan.

After cleaning himself up, Tom responded to the message: AFTER DINNER, GO STRAIGHT TO BED. GET YOURSELF NICE AND WET, GIRL. I WANT YOU DRIPPING.

He found he couldn't concentrate for the rest of the day, and didn't remember much of the drive home. Once he arrived, he found his wife already there, skyping with her sister in the living room. Daisy was making dinner, dressed in a new outfit that made a valliant attempt to minimize her curves. Tom kept flashing back to the video, which had briefly revealed her enormous tits before zooming in on those fat nipples. To his delight, they stuck out so far even the tight-fitting bra and loose t-shirt she wore couldn't conceal them. He endeavored to stroke one as he passed her in the kitchen, and was pleased to hear her gasp.

All throughout dinner, Tom kept sneaking peeks at his daughter. The overhead light made deep shadows beneath her stiff nipples, making them even more obvious. He could tell his wife had noticed, and caught her looking at them from time to time. Daisy seemed to ignore the attention from both of her parents, and after dinner was finished, she excused herself for bed.

"It's a little early, isn't it, honey?" Sally asked, only half-interested. Daisy shrugged, and said she thought maybe the pregnancy was making her tired. At this, Sally looked directly at her, frowning, before telling her that she really should go to bed. As Daisy turned to go, Sally called back to her, "Let's go into town this weekend and get you some new clothes." Then, under her breath: "Something that actually hides those nipples."


Once in her room, Daisy crawled obediently into bed. She was still horny from this afternoon, and was grateful for the instructions her father had sent her. Pulling her shirt up over one tit, she began to roll the stiff nipple between her thumb and forefinger. It was still enormous and especially sensitive from the earlier treatment, and the sensation was exquisite. Her other hand slid down her still-flat belly and slipped beneath the waistband of her shorts. She found her stiff clit and used the tip of one finger to stroke it through the fleshy hood, the way she did when she wanted it to last awhile.

She closed her eyes and imagined standing on the front lawn, wearing a one-piece bathing suit. She envisioned herself bending over to work in the little flowerbed beside the front walk. As she worked, the fabric of her suit abruptly gave way and one of her tits fell out, hanging down in front of her. The exposed nipple was huge. Daisy was shocked, but even more shocked when she looked up to see the mailman on the sidewalk, staring openly at her. The young woman who lived next door, on her way to the mailbox, had seen her also and had stopped to stare.

Embarrassed and humiliated, Daisy had stood up and turned towards the house, ready to flee inside. After only a single step, however, the gusset of her tight swimsuit slipped, and she felt cool air on her vagina. She looked down and was horrified to see her plump, swollen cunt hanging between her thighs. Glancing back over her shoulder, she saw more people had stopped to stare at her, and the mailman was now on the walk, only a few feet away from her. His eyes were now focused between her legs. She took a few awkward steps towards the door and stumbled over her gardening tools, landing on her hands and knees in the soft grass.

Before she could get up, she felt a hand on her ass, holding her in place. She looked over her shoulder just in time to see the mailman push his face into her backside. She felt his tongue and lips on her bare pussy, sucking and licking her exposed flesh. He used his fingers to rub her stiff clit, sometimes sliding them inside her. Daisy was just about to open her mouth to beg him to stop when she felt a new sensation. She turned back around around to find the next door neighbor on her knees in front of her. She had taken Daisy's bare tit in her hands and was lifting it so that she could suck the fat nipple into her mouth. The stiff nub was so big it seemed as though the woman had to struggle to fit it in her small mouth, almost like she was sucking a small cock. The woman was beautiful, with long blond hair like Daisy's, and a cute summer dress that did little to hide her own curves.

As Daisy watched, another man approached the woman and slid the dress down, freeing her ample tits. The woman giggled with Daisy's nipple still in her mouth and shifted so that he could pull the dress over her hips and down her legs. She was naked underneath. She spread her own thighs and the man began to eat her pussy from behind, just as the mailman was eating Daisy's. The blond woman moaned and let Daisy's nipple pop out of her mouth. Then she smiled at Daisy and leaned forward, kissing her deeply on the lips. Their breasts met, the warm mounds of flesh rubbing together. Daisy could feel the woman moan against her own mouth, felt her tremble as she orgasmed.

At last the woman pulled away and pivoted, bringing her legs around towards Daisy. She wrapped her legs around Daisy's shoulders and suddenly Daisy found herself diving face-first into her neighbor's wet cunt. Her lips were long and naturally plump, and Daisy sucked them eagerly into her mouth. The woman moaned appreciatively, but the moan was cut off as the man standing beside her thrust his cock in between her lips. She sucked him hungrily, thrusting her hips up to meet Daisy's mouth. Behind her, the mailman continued to play with Daisy's exposed pussy, even pulling the suit aside further to expose the pucker of her anus. She moaned as he toyed with it, testing the tight hole before easing a fingertip inside...

She was almost over the edge when her door opened suddenly, and closed just as fast. Her father was at her bedside a moment later, in a familiar tshirt and boxer briefs. She could see the hard outline of his cock through the tight material.

Without a word, her father pulled back the duvet, revealing her body for his inspection. Her shirt was partially pulled up, exposing one tit, which she stroked and squeezed with one hand. Her other hand was buried between her thighs, her thumb deep in her pussy, one finger in her ass up to the first knuckle. She was sopping wet.

Noiselessly, her father climbed onto the bed and pulled her hand out from between her thighs. Without a moment's pause, he replaced her thumb with three fingers, burying them deep in her tight cunt. Biting back a moan, Daisy held a pillow over her mouth as he fingered her roughly, his fingers slapping and pounding the wet flesh with every thrust.

Daisy moaned into the pillow as her pussy tensed and began to squirt. She could hear the sound of it, the wet sloshing noises, the soft spattering of her juices on her father's hand and on her own thighs. And then suddenly she heard a shriek.

"What in the fuck are you doing?!"

The overhead light turned on, illuminating everything, hiding nothing. Her father crouched below her, three of his fingers stuffed into her squirting, swollen pussy. Her mother stood beside the bed, staring with wide-eyed alarm that took in every detail.

"What in the fuck," she repeated slowly, "is going on?"

"Sally, this certainly isn't what it looks like," her father said softly. "I've just been so, so embarrassed."

"Embarrassed about what?" she snapped.

"That our daughter is pregnant," he said, his expression mournful. "I know it's wrong, but I...I'm trying to make her miscarry."

Even Daisy though this was the most absurd thing she'd ever heard, but what else could he say? He was having an incestuous affair with their own daughter? He was trying to teach her a lesson for dressing and acting like a slut? Daisy knew that may have been the case once, but not on this occasion-this was simple lust, and she found she didn't mind it. She didn't mind it at all.

"Mom, I'm sorry too," she said quietly. "I don't want a baby, and I can't get an abortion. I wanted this baby out of me, so I was trying to get it out myself. Dad came in when I was doing it, and offered to help."

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