The girls know me. I'm sure they weren't surprised when, without any further ado, I put my hand under Shelley's 'chin and pulled her mouth up to mine and kissed her.

I bet she thought that I was being gentle to thank her for a great little blowjob. Of course, I just wanted her to move up my body so my knob was inches from her sweet young cunt.

The girls know me and what I want. I felt Viry take a firm grip on my cock and Manda took Shelley's hips and guided her down onto my knob. These moments with a new girl make my heart beat like an 18 year old.

Shelley was so wet my hard knob slipped right up into her. She was so tight. I felt the tight ring of her pussy snap over the rim of my knob like a rubber band. As she shaft started to stretch her, Shelley gasped and pushed her hands down on my chest and tried to pull off me.

I had my hands on her hips and I held her tight and thrust up to keep me knob right there.

"Take it slow, baby."

I felt her relax.

"It's just so big." She was panting and breathless from the effort of holding her cunt up from going deeper onto my thick cock.

"Just ease down on it."

I then lay back to one of the greatest pleasures in life -- feeling a young woman stretching her pussy on my cock, inch by inch, and thinking how in really just a few minutes you will have her pushing down as hard as she can to drive my knob deeper up inside her.

Shelley took her weight on her hands and her knees as she began to slowly move her hips up and down so that her pussy lips inched steadily further down my shaft with each thrust, the high water mark showing on my cock the point to which her wet flesh had squeezed on me.

Viry cupped my balls in her hands just because she knows I love that. Now she was up looking into Shelley's face.

"Do you like that big thick cock going up you?"

"Tell me." She commanded.

"Yeah." Shelley eased down on my cock.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah..." Each time easing further down my shaft, til I could feel the bump of her cervix deep up inside her. Now she slowed down and started to grind a little.

The girls know what I like. Manda got behind and put her hands over my hands on Shelley's slowly gyrating hips. She pushed down with all her weight and when I felt her push I pulled Shelley down hard onto my cock and thrust up with all the strength in my back and my cock went the final two inched deep up into Shelley's belly.

She was going to scream but, being a good Catholic girl and not wanting to be embarrassed she stifled it. I thrust again and again deep up into her stretching cunt. I wanted to feel the ring of her cunt right down on the base of my cock. I wanted to hold her there while I emptied my balls deep up into her.

Then through the moan as she started thrusting back she started gasping, "I'm cumming, I'm cumming, I'm cumming!"

The second best moment with any new girl.

Then I felt the clutch of Shelley's spasms. I thrust up into her hard and just held my cock there, a rock for the waves of her orgasm to wash against. She just kept riding harder and harder.

As the rhythm slowed I felt her cunt relax and then her whole body and she almost melted down onto the hard new sex toy she had been given as a present.

I was spinning that she had cum so fast. Orgasmic girls are the greatest playthings known to man. Whenever I meet an orgasmic girl I do my best to keep her in my life from that time on.

Shelley slowly dropped onto my body and was hardly moving but slowly moving her cunt on my cock. These are my adventurers, so she had to be shown that this was about me enjoying hot young cunt whenever and however I wanted it.

I tapped Viry on the elbow.

She bent down to Shelley's ear and said, "My turn."

Shelley kinda woke out of a bit of a trance and started to ease myself up off my shaft. As she felt the tweak of the rim of my knob easing out of her she pushed down again.

She started slowly but really fucking me. She put her weight back on my chest and started really fucking me royally, easing slowly and steadily up and down my shaft.

She seemed to forget while she was moving in the first place and she pushed again and again down onto my cock and I started to push back. The pace increased. She wasn't getting off my cock but she was definitely about to get off.

This one seemed more intense. She didn't try to talk. She closed her eyes and grabbed hard on my chest and started to ride me while I kept pushing my cock up to meet her thrusts.

Again the delicious throbbing surrounded my knob and shaft. I fucked her through it, trying to thrust up on every spasm of her cumming.

Again she slowly came down and this time in one movement she eased herself off my pole and lay down beside me. My arm went around her and I was kissing her while I felt Viry mounting me, easing that luscious pussy down me, ready for a good ride.

This kinda distracted me from the new girl for a while. Viry likes to know I appreciate her talent for riding cock. While I was watching her little belly dance I held out my hand towards Manda. She knew what I wanted.

She came over on her knees and eased her pussy down onto my hand so I could spend some time exploring her g-spot with my fingertips. When I feel my fingers slide into a girl's wet pussy I get a real jolt at the base of my cock.

I turned back to Shelley and said, "Get on my hand."

As she had done since I walked in, Shelley was an obedient rebel and she just followed Viry and Manda in everything they did. She got on her knees and soon I was dabbling happily in two tight young pools of pleasure while a hot young Latina worked her hot quim on my cock.

Viry loves me and she loves my cock. She has spent a lot of time on it. She knows how much pleasure she gives me every time she orgasms on my cock. She gives me her spasming cunt as a token of her love.

Soon she was bearing down on me with that look in her eyes that I love so much and with a very familiar rhythm she started to push down harder and harder and harder til her pleasure was gushing over me in waves of real lust. Viry has the most intense orgasms I have ever felt.

My girls know me and I know them. Smoking weed makes Manda horny like you wouldn't believe. My first time with Manda -- up to the apartment after work so Viry can give me the massage she has promised me. What better excuse to get naked in their apartment?

Five minutes after our first spliff, Amanda is saying she hasn't ever had a massage. Five minutes after that, she is naked and oiled up, Viry is naked and up on the table on her knees licking Manda like a mango and Manda has my cock in her mouth while I squeeze her nipples. That's another story...

Viry eased up on my cock and Manda took her cue to ease herself on. Okay, it might be a bit boring, but I love to have a girl ride on my cock. I love lots of different positions, but having girl after girl ease down on your cock while you lie there with a big grin is one of the real pleasures life has to offer a man.

Manda loves to watch me fuck new girls really really hard. While it is all gentle now, Manda is thinking about later, when I have Shelley laid down with a big pillow under her ass so I can get the perfect angle while I pound her soft young pussy like she's a cheap whore.

Viry gets behind Manda and starts to lick my balls how she knows I love it, and while I am very conscious of Manda's lovely motion on "Mr Mack" as they call him, I turned my attention back to Shelley.

I had got into her pussy, now it was time to get into her head.

I still had two fingers exploring her freshly stretched hole and with the other hand I pulled her face to mine and kissed her.

When I broke off the kiss I looked into her eyes.

"Do you like my cock, Shelley?"

She nodded.

"Do you want to feel me blow my balls up inside you?"

She nodded again, a little smile on her lips.

I looked up at Manda. "Manda. You made me want to cum."

The girls know what I want. The girls know the first blow of the tryst goes into the new girl. It's just a little tradition I have, and I love the first time I cum with a new girl. When she feels how I hold her at exactly the right position to get as deep as I can and she feels me using her tight cunt to get exactly what I want, the nature of the relationship becomes clear.

Manda eased off me and I told Shelley to get back on my cock.

I sat up on the side of the bed. She moved over me, and I turned her around in front of me.

"Sit in my lap little girl." I said.

Obviously this was something Shelley had never done before. Uncertainly she reached behind her, took the thick shaft of my cock in her hand like a good girl and carefully positioned the knob into her lips and then eased down. Now she was going to show me what a really bad little girl she really was, she was back to thinking what he mother would think about it.

"Make me cum, baby." I said.

She started to ease down on me, deeper, faster. She had watched two really hot girls bouncing on my balls and she wanted to be just as naughty.

It was working. She started a slow roll of her pussy lips down deeper and deeper on my cock and when she ended each thrust of her hips she squeezed tight onto my shaft before drawing back up the length to the knob, then easing down again, slowly but getting quicker.

I had been holding back for a long time now and I was horny as hell. This wasn't about her showing off; it was about me having the best blow of my life.

I grabbed her hips and pulled down and started to thrust up. She kept up, moaning on each thrust that went deeper than the last. Manda pushed down on her shoulders and Viry got behind her to cup my balls and push down on the small of her back on each thrust.

I built up steadily and with one final lunge drove my knob up into the top of her cunt and spurted hot cum into her. She was cumming now too, really riding me hard, a really sweet young fuck.

As the last spurts of my hot cum made me spasm, I could still feel Shelley's incredibly tight pussy spasming on me. She was down tight on my cock. I held my hands on her hips and lay back and enjoyed the spin of my orgasm in this new soft young piece of ass.

This was just the start.

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