tagIncest/TabooDan and His Daughter Jackie

Dan and His Daughter Jackie


The way I get the story it goes something like this. Dad was about sixteen when he was seduced by a twenty three year old woman. I was a result. I first lived with my mother until one day when dad came for his daily visit and found that my mother had skipped town leaving me in his custody.

By the way my name is Jackie, dad's first name is Dan.

He was then eighteen. I was two. Dad had just finished high school. With help from his family he went to vocational school to study to be an electrician. He then apprenticed himself to the best electrical contractor that he could find.

Five years later he bought out his mentor and over the next ten years doubled the size of the business. By then he was thirty five and I was 19. Mom? Who knows? Who cares?

I'm not sure what words to use to explain my relation ship with my father. I will try though with these. Father, best friend, mentor, ...... Well the list goes on.

I was about seven when dad bought a house. Till then we had lived with 'Granny' and 'Poppop'. After that I spent most of my after school time with my grandparents but lived with dad. Like most people during my adolescent years sex was a very important subject. With the exception of granny explaining menstruation there was only dad to provide the answers to my questions and concerns.

Me, being quite brash in those days I never thought twice before asking him to explain such things as 'blow job' or 'dry humping' or 'pussy licking good'. Looking back I am sure that I put him through some kind of wringer answering all my questions.

He answered them all, always matter of factly, always without embarrassment or ambiguous words.

And I wasn't even polite. I used the words like jerking off and giving blow jobs. I asked questions like what is a dildo which were the all time winners. Somehow he managed to answer them all with only a minimum of hesitation or embarrassment for either of us. Sometimes all that was needed was simply finding a book and inserting a book marker in the correct place.

As my prom night approached I brought up the fact that many girls planned to give up their virginity that night. I was very fond of my intended date and he did seem like a good candidate to be my first. Dad and I seriously discussed the whys and wherefores over the weeks proceeding prom night.

Finally I announced that I had made up my mind. I was going to do it. I had been on the pill for two years 'just in case' but he preceded to double check that I was using the pill properly. He also gave me two condoms for back up if needed. I left home prom night fully expecting to come home a woman.

When I did get home I has happy, disheveled but still a virgin. Dad tried to act blasé about it but I knew that he was secretly pleased.

Although I wasn't quite ready to give up my virginity I did want to experience something more than my fingers. After some discussion Dad bought a Penthouse magazine where we found an ad for a company who sold 'Marital Aids' and provided a free catalogue and shipped in a plain brown wrapper.

Like always this became a joint project. We went through the catalogue together laughing over some items and seriously discussing the pros and cons of others. We finally ordered three items. I paid for two that I wanted from my allowance savings. Dad paid for one that he thought would fill the bill. I was so excited about what might happen when I tried them out that I almost came when I saw the package between the doors about ten days later.

It was also about this time when one of my friends discovered LITEROTICA. After reading a bunch of offerings I got the bug to try to write something myself. I wrote several and submitted them. They were not very good and scored badly. However the writing bug had bitten and I decided to major in English and then to try to write for a living.

As I read this back I realize that maybe I give an impression of a father who is without female partners. In truth he alternated between two in the years after his divorce. One was a bank vice president named Martha the other Janet a distant cousin.

Meanwhile I actually lost my virginity to the guy who expected that he would get it on prom night. After that I was off to college where I actually began to participate in sexual activities. As I did I began to compare my partners to my perceived concept of my father doing the same things. My partners did not even come out a close second.

When I could I continued to read stories and to apply what I learned from the best of them to my own writing. The best of the stories I wrote which actually averaged almost 4.00. It was a slightly embellished tale of breaking my hymen with a vibrating dildo and the very pleasant aftermath of that feat.

Due to scheduling conflicts it was my summer vacation before we saw each other again. There had been numerous phone calls and e-mail exchanges however.

As summer rolled on Dad and I quickly settled down to a routine. Because dad had been extra busy with his business there was a lot of man's chores to be done. Now with that under control Dad took them on with vigor. I had a part time job but it left me with enough time for household chores. While doing those chores and by being nosy I came across one interesting tidbit of information.

While doing Dad's laundry I found that almost every pair of underwear was stuck together with dried cum. The thought of him masturbating in his bedroom as I was masturbating in mine soon had me thinking again of doing things with him that society did not condone.

Second I found that Dad was also now writing some stories a fact that he had kept from me. I only knew because I happened to read one and recognized an odd expression that he liked to use. Being nosy I then searched around until I found that he wrote under the name 'Daddy-George'.

One other thing happened just before leaving for college. Dad and I were goofing off by the pool and discussing the disappointments in my sex life which I assumed was one of the problems with my Literotica submissions. I mentioned that I had by then been screwed about ten times by three different guys I had not as yet gotten a good look at a penis.

The discussion abated somewhat while dad showered in an outdoor shower set up near the pool. As I imagined him in there showering I tried to picture his penis.

"Dad." I called loud enough that he could hear me over the water noise. "Dad, may I see your penis?"

"What! What did you say?" I could sense the alarm in his voice.

"I said. May I see your penis. I've never really seen one and I really would like to. Please daddy." I could tell that this might be the straw ....... But he did reply.

"Why? Why do you need to see my penis?"

"Well, the story I'm writing has a scene where a young girl sees a man's penis for the first time. I need to see one so I can do a proper job of describing what she saw. It's kind of hard to do when I've never seen a real one except in pictures."

After a delay of about a minute I heard him say. "OK. Just pull back the curtain and watch me rinse off."

I needed no second invitation. I pulled the curtain back and looked at my first real live penis. I'm not sure what I expected to see. To this day I can't write an accurate description of it but two things did happen as a result of my seeing it.

First, daddy obviously became excited at the situation. His penis became somewhat erect as I looked at it.

Second, seeing that happen made me very excited. My pussy throbbed as I watched his penis grow.

Daddy quickly closed the curtain. When he came out he was completely covered with no sign of a hard-on. What he did then I don't know. Me I was off to my room. I locked the door and you can guess what I did next.

A week later I was again off to New York and Columbia University intent on getting a good education and learning how to write properly.

One of my new interests was about dad's writing. I was very excited about it but unsure what to do. Another new interest came when I was introduced to a very nice guy with whom I hit it off immediately. We spent so much time together that I didn't even get home for more than a few days at a time till I graduated two and a half years later.

Although busy with love and with my studies I was also determined to somehow connect with dad through his writing. I created another identity and a profile similar to my real one but different enough that dad wouldn't recognize me from it. I became TeddyBear. Now I could comment to dad on his stories without him knowing who I was.

Over the next two years he wrote quite a number of stories a few of which were father/daughter incest tales. Interestingly enough none of his daughter characters reminded me of me.

But I make suggestions to him first through feedback then directly. For example one father/daughter tale had father feeling daughters breasts through a long night shirt. I suggested that if the daughter were wearing something with a top such as peach colored baby doll pajamas that then he could have his hands slide up under the top for skin to skin contact.

"That would be much more exciting for a real daughter and much more erotic to read." I wrote.

"Thanks." He replied. "Do you write? If so and I can be of any help please let me know."

About six months before my graduation I wrote daddy-george that I was working on a father/daughter tale. That it was inspired by a mother son story wherein the mother tied son spread eagle on a bed as he slept. Then she teased him unmercifully first with a feather duster than with her mouth then ultimately of course they fucked.

"What do you think. Would such an event excite you? Would it make a good story.

"Wow. That sounds like one hot story. Please let me know when it is done or it you need any help."

What I did do was to excerpt the exciting paragraphs and rewrite them just for his pleasure. I forwarded it to him. I eagerly waited for his comments.


The story excerpt I sent to daddy-george read as follows;

I entered Dad's bedroom wearing only a long wispy nothing. In one hand I carried four soft linen ropes already made up into a proper configuration for my plan. In the other I held a new feather duster.

Dad's position made my job very easy. He was spread eagle on the bed. In just a moment I had him tied in that position and he was just coming awake. I bent and kissed him. He must have been expecting me. He smelled of Old Spice and tasted of Colgate.

Nevertheless he had really been sound asleep. I kissed him again, this time sweeping his lips several time with my tongue. As he came awake I moved away and stood by the bed. He my ravished my naked body with his eyes. He quickly realized his immobile status.

Dad was always a quick study. He immediately discerned that whatever was going to happen was something that he was going to enjoy. I picked up the feather duster. I tickled his feet with it one at a time. Then I worked up and down his legs carefully avoiding his straining hard on. His cock was pulsing in anticipation as I skipped over it and did his chest and rib area. I tickled up and down and around his whole body twice without ever touching his quivering cock.

I smiled as I thought of what it would be like to know the going's on of his ''little brain''. However I did know what was going on in my 'little brain'. So I knew that his was begging for relief as mine w.

The fingers of my other hand were roaming around my pussy, uncontrolled by my big brain.

"Oh God." He said. "I've never seen anything as sexy as you are at this moment. I wish I could take a picture of you for real but I will never forget this sight of you as long as I live.

At that moment I very lightly touched his cock with the feather duster. I had not said word one and did not intend to. Dad looked at my face. His eyes filled with passion. I very deliberately looked back and forth from his cock to his eyes.

I knew that my eyes were filled with the same passion as those of my father. I pursed my lips then slowly licked them and made them round. That did it. Dad's balls and his cock began that movement that I knew from experience was the predecessor to orgasm.

First came a small spurt. Then a larger one. Then an almost continuous stream of cum flew from the end of his cock in an arc landing on his face and his upper chest.

There was one glob which landed across his lips from his nose to his chin. I bent my face to his. I used my tongue to lick off first that just below his nose, then that which was on his chin, finally that on his lips. The clean up soon gave way to French kissing.

Meanwhile I allowed my fingers to find my pussy. I quit kissing my dad and stood back so he could watch me masturbate. I knew that men love watching women do that as much as women like to watch men. I then had my first orgasm.

I looked at Dad's cock. It seemed to have recovered quickly. I debated with myself. One part of me was urging me to give him a blow job that he would never forget. The other part of me wanted to ride that rigid pole standing up there so proudly and ride it to several glorious orgasms.

I did him up and down again with the feather duster. By then his cock was rigid and swelled ready to burst. Decision made I kneeled on the bed beside him. At long last, after doing it during countless fantasy encounters I took my dad's cock into my mouth. I wet it thoroughly with my saliva rich tongue. Then I slid my mouth over it and slowly down till I could take no more of it. My tongue was active on it's underside as I moved myself to a position between his legs.

I wanted him to ,be in a position to watch and enjoy. He was about to come again. I concentrated my mouth's attention on the upper part of his cock. I was to inexperienced to handle a deep throat orgasm. I was still holding the head of his penis with my lips when he shot his load. It was not as much as his first one. I had little trouble swallowing it all.

I gave his cock a few more minutes to recover. Meanwhile I kissed him again. Our tongues did a traditional dance as I anticipated the next event. Meanwhile pussy juice was running down my thigh.

I bent briefly to give Dad's cock a very quick lick and suck. I kneeled across him positioning and repositioning myself till I had the head of that beautiful cock right where I wanted it. It's head was surrounded by the swollen lips of my vulva. The cock tip was poised so that when I made my next movement it had no place to go except inside of me. The look on my dad's face was beautiful to behold.

Dad spoke. "ill darling. You are so beautiful. That thing you're wearing makes you even more naked than if you really were. I'm so glad that you left it on."

At that moment I made it official. I let my body sink down and caused his cock to enter deep into me. We could get no closer. We were now committing incest. I rested there savoring the moment. I tightened my cunt around him his cock. I could feel it making those little twitches and movements that cocks make at moments like this. My cunt responded with it's own version which led me to begin to actually fuck my handsome dad.

Only his hands were restrained. His body was able to move just fine. We adjusted our movements to each other. Soon we were screwing like we had done it a hundred times before. Me, I was hoping that this was the first of a hundred times.

Dad was good. He had some very nice moves. In and out, in and out, each stroke was another thrill. I had a little orgasm, then two minutes later another. A minute after that a third. Not momentous ones but very definite orgasms.

About then Dad gasped. "I'm getting close Lisa."

"Good. I want to feel your hot cum blast inside of me. It's been so long, so very long that I've waited"

At that moment Dad did come. As it did and it's heat triggered a mighty orgasm followed by a series of gradually diminishing ones which finally ended. My body which had been deliciously hot cooled.

I lifted my weight from my dad and laid beside his still bound body. I held his wet cock in my hand as I whispered to him.

"Next time ......."


It was several days before 'daddy-george' replied. His reply excited me as much as the story had apparently excited him. he said.

"Teddy Bear- Sorry for the delay in replying. As I began reading it I suddenly began to picture it as a scene between me and my real daughter. I got so hot picturing her doing me as I was reading it that I must admit, with apology if this fact offends you that I came in my pants. Luckily, as you know, my daughter is off at college. I'm not sure is she would have been safe from me if she were home. In other words. I LOVED IT.

That was a few days before graduation. Then came the day after graduation. The day when I was supposed to be at the alter with the previously mentioned jerk. I was instead home fishing with my father. I quickly realized that I was more relieved than I was unhappy. I played the victim for about three days then began to look forward to a party planned in my honor by my two best friends and my dad.

On my 23rd birthday which was ten days after my graduation my two best friends with the help of my father threw a swim party for about twenty friends and another twenty family members. A great time was had by all. They had all left by 11:00 PM having been perfect guests and pretty much straightened things up.

About midnight dad and I sat on the screened in porch. I got out some wine coolers and we proceeded to get just a little bit high. At about one I went to my room where I showered and changed then returned back out on the porch to say goodnight.

Dad apparently was still in his room apparently showering and changing also. I stood in the dark looking at the moon reflecting on the lake and feeling quite content. I was wearing my peach colored baby doll pajamas fresh out of their hiding place.

l placed myself in the light of a strategically placed lamp which gave off just enough light for him to distinguish colors. I nervously waited to see if he would notice that I was wearing those peach colored baby doll pajamas. He did.

Dad came up behind me and wrapped his arms around my bare waist. I could feel the outline of his penis through my thin bottoms. It felt slightly engorged but was not anywhere close to being erect. Dad nuzzled my neck and kissed me just below my ear. It was a very pleasant embrace.

"Thanks for a wonderful evening dad."

"I know that it was your party," Dad replied "but I think that I enjoyed it as much as you." As he spoke I leaned back into him.

"Oh." He said. "I think I recognize these pajamas. Do I?"

I nodded.

"This business of the pajamas, may I take that as an invitation?"

"Yes Dad. It is. It is for you and you alone."

After another minute dad slid his hands upward under my top and cupped my breasts. He very gently pinched my erect nipples.

I enjoyed that for a moment or two then I turned around within his arms. I locked my hands around his neck. I pushed my pelvis against his feeling him become more erect as I did.

With that I kissed him full on the lips putting definite tongue into the kiss. Several minutes later, still panting from the excitment and the promise we separated. I walked toward my room. Dad followed after me.

As we entered my bedroom my father put his hands on my shoulders to stop me. He turned me around to face him. He dropped his hands to his waist and unsnapped the sleep shorts that he was wearing. Then he reached out to unbutton the single button that held my top closed then slipped it off of my shoulders. I slid my bottoms down over my hips. We stood facing each other both of us now naked.

His erect penis stated the obvious, he was excited by what was to be. My dripping pussy juices indicated my excitment. I wished that he could see them. I bent and without touching it with my hand took his erect cock into my mouth. I smelled the odor of Old Spice emanating from his pubic area.

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