tagFetishDana Ch. 02

Dana Ch. 02


This is a continuation of “Dana” from a few weeks ago. You may want to read that one first for some background.

It seemed as if it would take forever for “next Thursday” to arrive, but arrive it did. I got home at 4, ate a quick dinner, took a shower then made up some refreshments for the adults that were coming over for the meeting at 6. Dana arrived with some of the other mom’s and then sat next to me at the meeting. Every once in awhile, she would either press her leg against me under the table or touch me in some way that was almost electric in it’s sensuality. I thought for sure that everyone at the table could see that there was something going on between us, but we all normally flirted and made jokes at these meetings, so nothing seemed out of place. When we hit the “new business” portion of the agenda, I nominated her for the position of publicity chairperson and it was promptly seconded. There was usually very little discussion for any of the work positions because so few people actually want to do them. We voted quickly and then gave her the first assignment, which was to get an announcement in our local paper about our popcorn sale.

We quickly finished up business and, of course, no one seemed to be in a hurry to get home. I spoke to everyone personally, making a joke here, flirting there, listening to difficulties with this or that or worse, hearing gossip about someone else in another pack. Dana found and excuse to hang around by stacking my dishes on the counter while I schmoozed and politicked and then ran hot water into my sink. By the time I’d finished with my schmoozing, it was quiet in the house. Dana was just drying off the last of the plates, so I opened a bottle of wine I’d been chilling in the refrigerator and then brought it out to the table along with some cheese and crackers. I knew it wasn’t the brand that she normally bought, but at $8 a bottle, it was some pretty whiff stuff for me. She accepted the glass cordially and sipped it with me, complimenting me on my choice. I apologized for it not being from a “good cellar” and she stopped me.

“Blake, have I ever complained about your choice of wine before?”

“No, but-,”

“But what?”

“Well,” I began. I admitted that I’d gone to the local wine shop and talked to the manager about what Dana and Ron usually bought there. I went into minor shock when I found out that the cheapest stuff they bought ran around $36 a bottle! There was no way I could afford that on my income, so I had to settle for a “nice” $8 bottle of table wine.

“Blake, I’m not a wine snob, Ron is – or thinks he is, though he barely knows which end of the bottle to open. He doesn’t know how to drink it, but he likes to impress people with his choices. I could care less. Wine is wine – they all taste the same to me!”

I sighed a bit in relief. All week long I’d been thinking about what I’d gotten into and wondered if I was now in over my head. I mean, not only is Dana wealthy, she is freakin’ gorgeous! She has a gymnast’s body, standing maybe all of 5’ 4” with well-toned legs and finely turned calves. She had a cute little ass and her legs were made for high heels. Tonight was no exception and they were encased in a pair of Levi’s that formed a cute little “V” where they came together in the front. The heels made them look longer and more tapered, pushing her ass up and out just a bit to make her look even hotter. The polo shirt she wore was tight in all the right places and I could see her hard nipples trying to poke through her bra as we stood there, mere inches apart. I stared into her emerald eyes, looked at the dusting of freckles across the pert bridge of her nose and then looked at her mouth, watching it break into a dazzling smile of red lips and white teeth.

“What are you looking at?” she said, chiding me softly.

“The,” I hesitated, “The… most beautiful creature I’ve ever seen!” I told her, meaning every word of it, but knowing that she’d heard the line a thousand times from countless guys.

“You silly,” she said, touching my nose with her manicured finger and then letting her face become more serious as she spoke. “Do you really mean that?”

“Absolutely,” I replied.

I don’t remember if I bent to kiss her first or if she came up to me. All I remember was that euphoric high that one feels when they realized they have been kissed.


“Yeah-h-h-h… …wow!”

We put our arms around one another and kissed again, this time our tongues coming gently into play and my hands roaming down from the middle of her back, following it’s curve down to her cute, tight little butt. We broke the kiss again as her cell phone rang. It was Ron.

She mouthed “sorry” to me, put her finger to her other ear and walked toward my back door, opening it and walking out as she talked in cheerful tones.

“Hi Ron! Where’re you at? I miss you too, hon…”

I sighed and finished cleaning up, thinking that the mood had evaporated and Dana was going to head home. I turned out my lights and was about to lock my door when I looked out and saw her closing her phone and beginning to cry.

“Dana, are you all right?” I said after opening the door. She said nothing, but turned and fell into my arms, sobbing against my shoulder. I gently guided her inside and let her cry against me, holding her and comforting her without saying anything. She eventually calmed down, sniffled a few times and then pulled away from me to get some tissues from her purse, which still sat on my kitchen table. She then took my hand, leading me into the darkened living room and sat with me on the love seat.

Pulling my arm around her shoulder, she snuggled into me and began to talk in an emotionally charged voice.

“That was Ron. He was drunk and was telling me he had some of his old football buddies up in the room, partying with him. There weren’t any male voices though. The only voices I heard were those of two girls, one of which I recognized as a cheerleader from the team. I could hear her sucking him off, Blake! The sound was unmistakable. I asked where he was and he said he was in his hotel room. I told him what I could here and he said it was an X-rated movie playing. Then he got huffy with me and we hung up. Then I called the hotel where he was supposed to be staying; he hadn’t checked in yet!

“This wasn’t the first time either, Blake. It was the same story as the last two times he went off on these ‘business trips.’ He calls me after he’s gotten drunk, but it’s usually on Monday night when the game is playing and he has the TV on and thinks I can’t hear the girls. I can though. I’ve also gotten calls in the middle of the night. Supposedly ‘wrong numbers!’ I know who they are though. It’s Marlee and Teriqua! The bastard can’t get it up for me but he can have some slut bimbo cheerleaders s come in, suck his cock and fuck him! GodDAMN it, Blake, am I that ugly now? Am I that much of a bitch?”

“Shhhhh,” I told her, “No, you’re not ugly, you’re beautiful, sexy, sensuous and wonderful!”

“I’m a freak then, a fucking pervert! A pain-slut!”

“No, you are not.”

Dana didn’t reply, but turned again and began to cry. She bawled hard, the sobs racking her body violently. Again, I said nothing. I simply allowed her to get out her grief. She knew the relationship between her and Ron had finally taken an irreversible course. She cried hard for almost 20 minutes and then she gradually grew more silent. When her breathing became more normal and regulated, she cuddled into me. I still said nothing, simply holding her and letting her sort things out in her head.

Have you ever had someone in your life that simply felt “right?” Someone that not only connected with you on a spiritual and emotional plane, but could lay on or against you and not cause you to have to move or adjust anything? Someone that didn’t have an uncomfortable spot to their person, didn’t make your arms or legs fall asleep and seemed to fit as if made for you to hold? Someone that felt soft, smelled wonderful and just mentally clicked with you. Someone that simply “belonged?” Dana was like that.

It was a feeling I hadn’t experienced since my second “girlfriend” back in high school, Mary Jean Rastovski. Mary Jean called herself “an affection slut” and loved to cuddle. Most nights I’d go over to her house and we’d lie together for hours in her parent’s basement while watching TV. Sometimes Mary Jean would take off her bra under her t-shirt and allow me to play with her nipples, but it rarely went beyond that. Not because we didn’t want to fuck, but we were both virgins, too young and scared of pregnancy. Actually, I think I was more afraid of her father than anything. But, our love was, well, it was a wonderful feeling to have.

I was heartbroken when her dad, an Army Colonel, was transferred overseas and then she found some GI and married him. Now, I found that feeling of love, of a soul-mate, for only the second time in my life. I was “comfortable.” Dana and I fit like two jigsaw pieces falling together naturally. We probably could have stayed entwined that way all night.

After awhile though, I felt her head stir and then her lips brushed against my neck. It happened again a few moments later, then again and again, a little more rapidly. Soon her tongue flicked out and licked at my earlobe. Still, I didn’t speak, but I let her give me her affection and I gave it back. I kissed the top of her head and gently caressed her back.

“You are a marvelous, marvelous man, Blake.”

“I’m nothing special, Dana,” I replied. “I’m just another guy trying to make ends meet.”

“No, you’re special. You’re kind and considerate.”

I laughed, “Tell that to my ex!”

“Fuck her,” she chided fiercely, “She has no idea of what she lost.”

Before I could say anything, Dana’s lips were on mine.

We must have been kissing for more than 40 minutes when the clock began to chime, indicating that it was now 9 pm. Dana rose and looked at it.

“Time for you to go home, eh?”

“No, not really,” she said, dreamily, “I just can’t believe how much time passes when I’m in your arms.”

I began a retort, but she held a finger to my lips, silencing me as she dug around in her purse. After a second, she pulled out a tube and handed it to me.

“I rubbed my pussy raw three nights in a row after last week,” she whispered to me, “I rubbed it raw and couldn’t cum. I thought about calling you, but every time I picked up the phone, either Ron or one of the kids would call out for one thing or the other. Blake, I need to cum and I need to cum badly! I feel as if I’m about to explode.”

I looked at the tube and saw that it was the needed electrolyte jelly. I smiled and opened a drawer on my end table and pulled out a tube of the same stuff.

“Caitlin came by and gave me instructions on the machine,” I told her. Dana grinned, stood up and took my hand.

“What are we waiting for then?”

I let her pull me up, but gave her a serious, questioning look. She answered me with another tug.

“Yes,” she said, looking into my eyes, “I said I was a pain-slut and it’s true; I need it. Then I’ll need your arms around me for the rest of the night and your cock in my pussy, fucking me until I pass out. You can do anything to me and I’m not afraid, Blake. I trust you implicitly. Don’t worry, I don’t have to be home anytime soon. The kids are at his mom’s house until Sunday. I’m free to stay with you until then.”

Dana began to walk toward the basement stairs, but I had a different idea in mind. I’d thought about her and her cute little perversions all week long. She wanted to be loved, needed and wanted. She wanted to know that someone found her desirable and attractive. But she also had a need for some sensual excitement, some mild humiliation and a touch of exhibitionism along with her masochism. I made plans for all that and stopped her tugging me toward the basement.

“We don’t need to go down there.”

“Blake,” she pleaded, “I mean it. I really need it.”

“I know you do, Dana, but you don’t need to go down there. I’m the only one here tonight. The machine is over there.” I nodded my head toward the wall that had my picture window.

Dana smiled and stopped pulling. She stood there and waited for me to tell her what to do. Grinning, I walked around her as if inspecting her. I marveled that, just a few minutes ago, she’d been softly crying against my shoulder. Now she was asking me to make love to her. No, she was asking me to hurt her, then make love to her.

She shivered visibly from my inspection and smiled when I came back around to her front.

“Like what you see?” she quipped.

“Very much so,” I told her, running my hand against her soft cheek. She closed her eyes and pressed against my touch.

“So beautiful,” I whispered. “So lovely. Gawd, I want to make love to you. Damn me for all my weakness, but I think I’m in love with you, Dana!”

“No,” she said softly, “I don’t want you to be in love with me just yet. I don’t want love just yet. Hurt me, Blake! Punish me for being a fool! Make me cum, Blake! I need to cum!”

I was taken aback by her vehemence after I’d admitted opening my heart to her. She looked into my eyes and saw the shock there.

“Blake,” she began, “I love you too; I think you know that. I don’t know what ‘in love’ is and I don’t know that I am ‘in love’ or if I ever have been. All I know is that you make me feel things I’ve never felt before. You bring out things in me that both frighten and strengthen me. I need you like I’ve never needed anyone ever in my lifetime. You understand me in a way no other man ever has. That’s what I need right now. I need to be your slut.

I thought about what she said for a moment. Then I smiled.

“Strip, slut!”

This time there was no hesitation. She pulled the polo shirt out from her jeans and over her head. Underneath was a simple satin bra. Her nipples tented the material in front, but that was quickly dealt with as she unhooked the restraints and let the pear-shaped globes bob free. Her nipples were rock hard and lovely. I wanted so much to bend down, take them in my mouth and nibble at them, but I had other plans. I waited.

Dana began to slowly unbutton the fly of her jeans and pulled them down her legs, knowing that she was teasing me with her strip. Again, she wore simple cream-colored pair of panties (matching her bra, of course). Nothing fancy, but still very sexy on her. They didn’t last long either, she was now standing in front of me, totally naked except for the heels she had on her feet, calmly awaiting me to state my desires.

I ran my finger down between her breasts, circled her belly and then teased her tuft of pubic hair. She shivered.

“I was going to wait to do this, but I think I’ll try it tonight. You may object and we’ll put it off if needed but-,” I hesitated.

“What? Anything Blake. Do anything you wish to me.”

“Come here.”

She moved with me to the large bay window on the wall facing the street. I pulled on the cord and opened the curtains. Dana shivered again and her eyes opened wide, but she said nothing.

I opened a drawer on the end table and took out the machine, various wires and electrodes as well as a large cotton bag that jingled. Inside were four leather cuffs. I held them up to her and reached out to take her left hand. She didn’t resist as I buckled it onto her. I put another on her right wrist, then led her up to the window – one of those with a large ledge on it for placing plants or cushions for sitting.

“Step up, please.”

It was then that she noticed the subtle eyelets embedded in the wood. I could hear her breathing hard as I placed a latch through it and hooked it onto the D ring on her cuff. When I finished that, both her arms were stretched wide above her head and she was standing naked in my window.

Now I took the other two cuffs and placed them on her ankles. Pulling her feet apart, I secured them to the eyes I’d placed at the corners on the bottom. She was now spread out in an “X” but raised up about two feet. Her back was towards me so I reached around and hugged her, pressing my cheek to her ass.

“Oh God, Blake! I’m so scared and so turned on!” she softly sobbed. I ran a finger in between her legs and found her pussy to be soaked beyond belief!

“Are you going to put the electrodes on me now?

“Not just yet.” She shivered again and I contemplated turning the lights on. Instead, I turned some out and then lit candles in various places around the room, then walked over to my easy chair and sat down, admiring her. My cock was rock hard, so I pulled it out of my pants and slowly began to stroke it.

A car came around the corner and its headlights momentarily illuminated my beautiful captive to the world. She groaned and shuddered when the light played over her, knowing that, if the person had actually been looking into the window, they would have seen all of her naked glory.

“Oh fuck, Blake. This is so frightening, so erotic and so terrible to be on display like this!” I saw her head tilt back as another car turned the corner. “Every time a car comes by, it’s like sending an electric shock up my clit! I don’t know what I’ll do if someone actually walks by!”

She tried to turn and see what I was doing. I saw her struggling to twist around without losing her balance. She still wore the heels. They made her legs look even more perfect and arched her ass up.

“Are you masturbating, Blake?” she asked me breathlessly. “Are you looking at me and rubbing your hard cock?”

“Yes,” I told her. “You look incredibly hot. You’re my slut on display! I want everyone to see that I have you now, that you are mine. I want them all to see how sexy you are!”

“Oh fuck! You’re such a bastard! You’re making me cum again!”

Dana shuddered hard and gave out a high-pitched squeal. The metal rattled with her violent writhing and she nearly lost her balance, but regained it as I stood up. I was close and walked over to her, stroking my cock harder and faster. When the tip of it touched the skin of her thigh, I began to squirt, spewing my seed high in the air, arching until it landed on the small of her back, her ass and her thigh. She cried out again, her head falling back. I grabbed her hair and pulled on it while continuing to stroke my cock, spewing the last of my seed on the back of her knee.

I put my arms around her and held her gently while she calmed down. Dana slumped in her restraints, but wasn’t in danger of falling against the glass, so I let go and stepped back. I knew she could hear me fumbling with the machine, but she was too wiped out to move.

I plugged in all the electrodes and applied the gel to them. I placed one on each nipple and put some surgical tape over them. I then placed two more electrodes on each side of her pussy, just at the juncture where her legs met her torso. Caitlin had told me that this was an extremely sensitive spot and offered to “show me” it’s effects. I had been tempted, but politely declined. Caitlin then said she really wanted to meet “this new lady” in my life and see if she might be open to other avenues of exploration. I filed this for later use and told her I’d look into it.

I decided to leave the last two electrodes off for right now and set up the machine by plugging it in. I made some adjustments and then turned it on, eliciting an “OH!” from Dana. Then I began playing with the dials, first experimenting with the intensity, then with the pulsations and then with the fade.

Dana twisted and turned the whole time, especially when I accidentally bumped the power knob up about halfway. Her body went rigid; she threw her head back and gurgled a silent scream as her pussy sprayed the lower half of my window with her lust. She panted for almost two minutes when I turned it down, but didn’t tell me to stop.

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