tagLesbian SexDana Comes Out

Dana Comes Out


*****AUTHOR'S NOTE********



"I'm straight, I know I'm straight. I don't like girls. Vagina is gross looking. No doubt I'm straight. I was just drunk and so was Liz." I say to myself looking at my face in my bathroom mirror.

"I've only ever dated guys, only ever slept with guys. There's nothing to worry about, you got this, Dana" I say to myself in a sad attempt to pep myself up.

I open up my robe and check out my body. I have average B cup breasts and my ass...well it's there. I'm very tone and in shape and my hair is shoulder length and red. My skin is light and pale.

The night before a few work acquaintances asked if I wanted to go out for drinks after work. I had the next day off so I figured, why not? I deserve to have fun every now and then. It's okay if I drink a little too much sometimes.

One of my co-workers brought along one of her friends, Liz. She was drop dead gorgeous, I have to say. That doesn't make me...not straight. A blind person could see how beautiful she was.

Well one thing led to another and by the end of the night she was kissing against the brick wall behind the bar.

My head is still fuzzy from last night so I take a gulp of water and remove my robe. I turn the shower on, get inside and let the water run over my body. I just stand there for the next ten minutes hoping the water can clean away the shame and unnatural thoughts I've been having.

No matter how hard I try my mind keeps going back to the night before. Her hands are touching my sides and her lips are on my neck. Her aggressive hands fondle my breasts and her thigh rubs between my legs.

For the next couple of minutes I let the thoughts take me over. I bring my hands down to my pussy, gently stick a finger in and slowly rub my clit.

"No, that's not how Liz would do it." I think to myself.

I stick three fingers in and rub my clit hard.

I moan loudly and fall to my knees on the wet shower floor. Luckily all the other apartment tenants are at work at this time so no one can hear me.

"Oh God! Liz! Oh God! You're gonna make me cum!" I moan as I harshly finger fuck myself.

I let out a loud moan and collapse face first onto the shower floor. I lay there panting still pumping the fingers in and out of me. I finally stand up and actually get to washing myself.

I've been in here for so long that the water has turned cold. But it's okay because a cold shower is just what I need after that. How could I break like that? I'm straight after all.

It's around 3 pm and I'm in the McDonald's drive-thru line waiting for my meal.

"Let's just say that I do like girls" I think to myself.

"Even if I was a full lesbian, Liz is way too hot for me." I say in my head. "I've been straight for all 25 years of my life" I think to myself.

Liz is 27 years old. She lives on her own on the other side of town. Owns two cats, her favorite band is The Smiths and she loves to hike.

"How do I remember this much information about her?" I think to myself.

Liz has long black hair that falls down her back, olive tone skin, I would guess she's about 5'5 and she has the nicest ass I have ever seen on a woman.

Suddenly I hear a loud honk from the car behind me. I was too wrapped up in my thoughts about Liz to realize that the car ahead of me is gone. I give the "sorry" wave and pull up to the drive-thru.

Now back at home, it's 2 am and I'm watching reruns of Friends while sipping on a glass of wine. I'm wearing a tight thin tank top and loose baggy grey pajama pants. My hair is tied up in a messy bun and my glasses rest on my nose.

I turn my T.V on mute, set my wine glass down and lay back on my couch. I let out a soft sigh and start to think about last night. My hands start to wander my body.

I grab my breasts the same way Liz did just the night before. My hand starts sliding down my stomach and inside my pants but I stop myself.

"No, I'm not doing this" I say out loud as I get up.

Just then my phone sitting on the table next to the wine class vibrates.

"Hey, it's Liz. Carrie gave me you're number." I read off the screen.

I start pacing back and forth breathing heavy. What am I supposed to do? Should I respond, should I ignore? Should I tell her she has the wrong number. Impulsively I pick up the phone.

"Hey, it's Dana. How are you doing Liz?" I write back.

I pick up my wine glass and down all the liquid that was left inside of it.

"I'm doing fine. Honestly...I'm thinking about you and your body." Liz replies.

I read the message and sequel out loud. Before I can properly respond she sends me three pictures. She is naked and very wet in all of them. I look at them much longer than a straight girl should.

"Hey. Just letting you know. I'm STRAIGHT" I reply back to her.

"Sure, Dana, sure. We're all 'straight'" she writes back with a wink face at the end.

I just stare into my phone screen not sure how to respond. My hands are shaking and my panties are drenched. I quickly scroll back up and examine the naked pictures she sent me.

She sends me four more pictures. This time they were all of her wet pussy. She has four fingers deep inside her. At that point my pussy was begging to be touched so I start rubbing it through my pants moaning.

"I want to see your too, Dana. I bet you're even wetter than I am right now" she messages.

"If you really wanted me to stop you would have said something by now. I know you're thinking about me just like I'm thinking about you. You've been on my mind all day." She sent, along with a picture of her from the waist up topless and smiling. Her tits are phenomenal.

I'm just sitting on my couch with my hands deep in my panties touching myself as aggressively as possible. Suddenly I get a Facetime call from Liz.

I pick up my phone and mentally debate whether to answer it or not."

Fuck it" I say out loud and press Answer. "Liz, I have to tell you. I'm STRAIGHT!" I say.

Liz didn't hear me because she has her phone propped up on something away from her so the camera is facing her. She is furiously masturbating on her bed.

God! Her body is so sexy. She quickly pushes 4 fingers in and out of herself while her other hand rubs her clit hard. She moans and moves her body around.

All I can do is stare at what is happening with my jaw dropped. She pushes the hair out of her face and her eyes open. She sees me looking at her with a hypnotized look on my face. She looks at me and smiles. I quickly snap out of it and look at something else.

She sexily crawls up to her phone swaying her ass side to side with each movement. She picks it up and I see her gorgeous face up close.

"Hey babe, you like what you see," she says in an excited voice.

"No! I told you I'm straight! Look, Liz, you're a cool girl and all but I promise you. I am straight. Last night was a mistake. I was drunk, you were drunk. Just let it go Liz!" I exclaim.

"Awwwhhh, Aren't you just adorable. Little 'straight' Dana. You say that but your face says otherwise. You look so turned on and your nipples are poking through your tank top." She says.

Hearing this I move my phone in closer so it is only focused on my face.

"Liz. Please. We can be good friends. We get along and like the same things. But I promise you. I am straight." I say.

My voice didn't even sound believable to my own ears.

"Dana. Come on. If you don't feel comfortable showing your body to me yet. That's okay. But I want you to take your hand. Stick it inside your panties and put four fingers inside of your wet pussy, do that for me?". Liz said seductively.

"Liz...I..." I can't even find the words to say.

"Come on babe. You'll feel really good. I'll tell you how fast to move your fingers" she said softly.

I move my hand low and she sees my arm move and grins. I put my hand inside my panties and start rubbing my clit.

"I don't think I can do four fingers...I'm too tight, Liz." I said defensively.

"Four fingers, Dana, you can do it. You're wet enough." She says reassuringly.

"Okay, Liz, I'll do it for you" I say in a soft low voice.

I put four fingers in and let out a loud moan. The camera is still just on my face. I don't plan on showing Liz my body. I am straight after all.

"Have you got them in there?" Liz asks.

"Yeah, they're in there." I reply hoarsely.

"Good, that's great. Now take your thumb and rub your clit at a slow pace, like this" Liz said demonstrating with her hand.

I follow her lead and rub the way she wants me to rub. I start moaning and shaking. My entire hand is completely soaking went and my face is red.

"Now, I want you to pump those fingers back and forth real fast. But don't stop rubbing your clit. Keep that up. I want it this fast, do that for me, babe." She said demonstrating with her hands how she wants it done. I look at her gorgeous face and tits and nod my head.

I start pumping my fingers in and out at the same speed she told me to use. The sound of my wet slopping pussy fills the room.

"You're pussy sounds delicious, babe," she says smiling at me.

"I'd love to taste every drop that comes out of you." She continues with a grin.

I wanted to reply so badly telling her how much I want it too but I won't because I'm straight after all.

"Oh God! Liz! Fuck!" I shout pumping my fingers in and out of me.

I may have lost control of my phone for a second and angled it down to between my legs but I quickly corrected it and brought it back up to my face.

"Cum, Dana, I want you to cum all over your hands. And then I want you to lick every bit of wetness of of it. I'd do it myself if I was there" She said sexily.

"Oh God! Fuck! Uhhgggg!" I shout as I keep my fingers still inside me and just rub my clit with my thumb.

I moan loud and then stop rubbing. I let out a few breathes and look Liz in the eye. I take my wet hand out of my pussy and bring it up to the camera. She licks her lips and smiles. I begin to lick all my fingers as sexy and seductively as possibly can.

"Liz. We can't do this anymore. I'm straight." I say and then hang up the phone.

I crumble into my couch, put my hands over my face and cry.

"You're straight, Dana, STRAIGHT" I whisper to myself.

I feel everything spiraling out of control. All those thoughts I've had for years. All those girls that I knew growing up who I saw as more than friends. I'm just sobbing hysterically on my couch.

More than anything I want Liz to come here and tell me everything is okay. I want her to tell me that I'm straight and hug me. I want her to kiss and caress me.

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I am excited for the next story.

Every decision begins from a thought. And this story totally made the character Dana unfold her fantasies and desires.

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