tagLoving WivesDana's Second Married Affair

Dana's Second Married Affair


Dana's Second Married Affair - First Interracial

Yes - This story is true - to the extent that I know what happened anyway.

After we had been married about fifteen years, Dana had already worked for a number of years at a bank. She met and worked everyday with a black man named Terry who was about 30 years old. He had chocolate skin tones and maintained a pretty well toned body. One day while returning to her work area from the restroom upstairs, she met Terry in the stairwell. After talking for a few minutes Terry put his arms around her and kissed her on the lips. Dana didn't pull back. In fact she returned the Kiss. The two began kissing harder and hands started moving. Terry started pressing his hands against her breasts, kneading them and squeezing them while they French kissed each other. Since Dana didn't pull away, he moved one hand down to her crotch, cupping her puss through her dress. Still Dana didn't pull away. In fact she kissed him harder and reached for the growing bulge in his pants.

They did this for a few minutes then broke apart. The next day, Terry watched Dana go upstairs again. He went into the stairwell and waited for Dana to come down. When she finally did, they again spoke briefly, kissed and again the groping began; only this time Terry hiked up her skirt and pulled her panties off. Terry inserted first one and then two fingers into her tush and began to pump in and out as she stroked his member to a steel pole. He was black, big long, wide, and circumcised. Dana had not had a cock before that had been cut. Terry represented a taboo that excited Dana. Nice white women weren't supposed to want to get screwed by black dicks - especially if the white woman was married. "What would her husband say if he knew?" Terry finally moved around to her backside, bent her over on the step above and took her doggy style right there on the steps with her skirt pulled up over her back. When he had shot his load, they dressed and returned to work. This happened a few times inside the building before they wanted to be more comfortable. They decided to meet out in the company van in the parking lot. The van had no windows in the back and offered a little less risk of being caught.

She would go to the van where Terry would wait for her. Once inside, they would have sex - filling the lunch period and then clean up and return to work. In hind sight, Dana had gotten pretty taken in with Terry's cock. She craved it. The girth of his cock made her feel full and he moved it so wonderfully in her. And besides, it was exciting getting some black dick for a white woman. A white woman especially a married one getting routinely porked by a black man was an- believable taboo. Dana wanted to experience the nasty feeling of something - not just an extra marital affair, but something society was still not accepting openly. Terry realized this and turned the situation to his advantage.

After the third or fourth meeting in the van, Dana found more than Terry waiting when she went out. There were two additional black men sitting in the back - out of site from the door. One was in at least his fifties or sixties - wrinkled but with the look of experience on his face. The other was younger, much younger maybe between fifteen or seventeen - clearly inexperienced and excited. Based on his actions, it was pretty clear he had not even had a girl before and his first would now be a married white woman. Each time she would go to the van, they would be waiting for her. Each time, once inside, she would immediately remove her clothes and then proceed to service each one in turn.

Terry would sometimes feel her pussy or finger fuck her to get her hot. After getting her hot, Terry would back away and let the men enjoy anything they wanted with her. She didn't even know their names. She would usually service them by hand or mouth and tongue until they were stiff while the other fingered her until it made her well lubricated. As she prepared them, she would remove their meat from their trousers herself giving appropriate attention to them as she did. She would roll a condom down the length of their pricks and stoke them till they were big and hard. The other would grope her breasts, tug and twist at her nipples, and rub and poke her crotch with one or more fingers- sometimes they would spread her legs wide and tongue her cunt and chew on her pussy lips or her clit. After the first meeting with Terry's friends, he asked Dana to meet him in the van again.

She willingly serviced Terry's nameless black friends again and again. My wife had become a black cock whore. But more than that, she was also being pimped out-becoming a hooker, a common white prostitute, fucking nameless black cock. When they had all finished screwing her and getting off, sometimes cumming in her mouth, they got ready to leave and they each handed Terry some cash then left. Now Terry's friends were paying for Dana to service them - Terry was now pimping Dana out like a common whore. After the first time, she even had to provide condoms for the men herself. One day upon entering the van and removing her cloths, they made her masturbate and finger herself before they would touch her.

On another occasion, when she removed her cloths, the two men tied her hands behind her back. They made her lay on her tummy over the back of one of the bench seats exposing her ass in a most compromising and available position and proceeded to pound her. After several minutes of getting hammered with her head down over the back of the seat, they turned her over and tied her legs spread eagled wide apart with her ass right at the edge of the seat giving them perfect access to pound her deep to her cervix.

In return for servicing Terry's friends, and bringing him some additional income, he would let her suck him off. Sometimes, he would fuck her to keep her interested. Terry would sometimes wear a condom and sometimes he would pound her bare back risking her becoming a black bred - black cock whore. Wow! After only a couple of weeks Dana was having to service at least two black men's cocks by fucking them or giving them head every week just to get a little taste or quick screwing of Terry's dick once in awhile. And, in addition, Terry was getting paid for Dana to use her married white pussy and throat to service other black men as well. Her taboo fantasy had certainly become a reality. And Terry was getting a great deal.

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If she were my wife I'd BTB.

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