tagGroup SexDance Floor Seduction Ch. 02

Dance Floor Seduction Ch. 02


Note to the Reader: This is the second chapter of this story. If you would like to find out what happened for the Characters to get here. Please read back to Dance Floor Seduction Chapter One located in erotic couplings. Please note this story does not contain a threesome sex scene.

Kat awoke the next morning around 11:30 but still before anyone else, Phoebe was no where to be seen. Her head was pounding; she held her head in her hands and thought it was all an amazing dream. Half asleep she looked for her clothes... She found her singlet top and whipped it on as quickly as she could to trying to hide her exposed breasts. Sifting through the bedding she found her red cotton underwear and put them on. With a sigh of relief, Kat was dressed and went to the kitchen in search for food. When she arrived she found Phoebe already there eating a bowl of cereal. "Good morning." She said casually, it wasn't until she saw the smile on Phoebe's face and said "Good morning" in return did she realize it wasn't a dream.

Blushing, Kat opened the fridge trying to hide her red face. Bending over she pretended to be looking for something. She could feel Phoebe's eyes on her lustfully looked over every visible curve. Kat was holding the door open with her right hand, her spider web tattoo clearly visible at the top of her arm. Her mind was racing trying to figure out what she was going to do. All of a sudden she heard Phoebe begin to giggle to herself. Confused she took her head out of the fridge and looked back at her. Phoebe was trying to cover her mouth with one hand as she pointed to her shirt giggling even more when she saw the look on her face. Kat looked down to see that her singlet was on back-to-front. Going even redder she turned her back to Phoebe, crossed her arms in front of her and grasped the bottom of the singlet about to lift it when Phoebe stated. "No, No, wait..." Phoebe said hopping out of her seat and running over to her. "Let me help you with that". Kat didn't put up a fight letting her arms fall to her sides.

Phoebe lifted her shirt over her head, lingering around her breasts, turned the singlet around and put it back on her. Kat could feel Phoebe's warm breath on her neck and her throat was dry "Thank you..." she said in a croaky voice with her eyes half closed and biting her bottom lip. It seemed that while Kat's throat was dry another part of her body was very much the opposite. As Phoebe walked back to her cereal she said to Kat with her back to her.

"You might want to do something about that" Kat looked around the kitchen confused again. Phoebe sat back done and pointed at her again, but this time it was at her groin. Kat looked down at the dark cigar shaped dampness of the front of her underwear and was speechless.

"Morning" boomed a deep voice, followed by a yawn. Kat retreated into the fridge once again hiding. Nathan walked in wearing only boxes, his semi hard cock creating a bulge in silk fabric. He went to the fridge bending over to get a better look, when he did so Kat stood and wheeled around him trying to keep her back to him.

"Morning" she said back to him "I'm going to go have a shower". Kat walked from the room and moment later Phoebe and Nathan heard the water running. Nathan grabbed the milk from the fridge placed in on the bench and went hunting in the pantry for cereal.

"Pssst" he heard, turning her saw phoebe holding the cereal and shaking it with a smile. Nathan walked over.

"Aaaahhh! Life saver!" he declared. "Nathan" he said, extending his right hand to her. "Phoebe" she replied "Quite a night wasn't it?"

"Oh I know... you and Kat looked pretty hot of the dance floor I'll tell you that much" Phoebe blushed.

"Oh god I thought you would have forgotten that, I mean you were pretty trashed." Nathan laughed.

"Now I have had some big nights in my life and forgotten... a many things... but THAT my dear I shall never forget, pass the sugar?" They both giggled together as Nathan poured more sugar onto his corn flakes then any human should have any right to. "Korn concert" Nathan muttered almost under his breath.

"What?" replied Phoebe.

"Korn Concert" He said louder "I remember you now, we met at the Korn concert last June, in the queue"

"Oh yeah... yeah"

"How did you find out about the party?"


"Oh right Susan of cause, that witch can never keep her mouth shut, although I guess I am glad for it I mean, if not for her half the people here last night wouldn't have turned up."

"Oohhhh" They both looked at each other, they both seemed to hear the barely auditable moan and they both grinned.

"No way, she can't be!" Nathan dropped his spoon and gestured for her to follow. Standing outside the bathroom door they could hear the moans more clearly. There was no mistaking what was going on inside. "Oh my god," Nathan whispered with a giggle. "She's never that loud."

"Shouldn't you go in and finish her off?"

"Naaa she's really close you can hear it, if I go in I'll just scare her and ruin it."

"Oh Ok" Phoebe replied, disappointed as she would have liked nothing more in the moment to see Nathan burst in there and fuck Kat's brains out against the wall of the shower. But she would never say so, scared that he might kick her out. Kissing and fondling his girlfriend is one thing, watching them have sex is quite another. Regrettably she kept her mouth shut and listened to the naked girl in the shower on the other side of the door cum all over her fingers.

"Hmmmm, WELL, aaarrrr, anyways, best aaarrrrr get back to our cereal hey! wonder what got her so horny" he said with a whispered giggle. Phoebe watched as he walked back to the kitchen with his hands covering his groin, one of the draw backs to being male I guess, she thought.

Kat left the bathroom fresh and clean she found Nathan and Phoebe still talking in the kitchen, getting on like a house of fire, laughing and carrying on. Kat joined them with a bowl of cereal talking about that night before. However none of them mentioned the dance floor again. After they finished breakfast the three of them continued to talk trading stories and watching band's music DVD's. Others that had stayed the night began to wake and leave one by one some even staying to join them. By about three o'clock those that were still with them helped clean up and then left in turn. Phoebe stayed and by 8:30 they were back into the booze again just the three of them. Ending up in the clubs, Phoebe and Kat danced together with Nathan also, although it didn't get as far as it did the previous night.

As months went by Kat, Phoebe and Nathan all became very good friends. None of them mentioned the dance floor, marking it down to just one of those things drunk girls do. Four months after they had met Kat received a phone call from Phoebe telling her that the owners of her rented house were selling it from under her and that she would have to find somewhere else to live. The thought of her moving in with Kat and Nathan didn't cross either one of their minds at the time of the call. It wasn't until that night when Kat told Nathan that Phoebe had to find somewhere else to live that he thought of it. They talked more about it, and about an hour later decided that it was a great idea. Kat called Phoebe immediately, when she told her the news, even Nathan could hear her scream.

A few days later Nathan hired a truck to help move Phoebe's things in. She had her queen sized bed, her bedside tables, a large chest and a 106cm wide screen TV that she sat on top of it. They started in the morning and were finished by lunch time. That afternoon they relaxed with a few drinks content with what they had accomplished.

Phoebe knew that Kat and Nathan had a productive sex life but she had no idea. She listened to them in their room every night. Each night would consist of Phoebe listening to the two of them moan while she fingered herself. It didn't take long for her to grow bold enough to sit outside their bedroom door to hear them better. Sitting on the floor she would slip her fingers into her underwear and slowly fuck herself. During her nightly trip to their room she would try her best to get herself off at the exact moment that Kat came.

The next night Nathan was reading while Kat was undressing for bed. Nathan would steal glimpses of her as her read; the sight of her still roused him after five years together. Most nights Kat watching him watch her would be enough to soak her loins, however tonight, Phoebe was on her mind and what she did that night. She still had not told him what she had done and was becoming more and more guilty for it. All of a sudden she blurted out "What would you do if I slept with another girl?" Nathan put down the book immediately, shocked by the question.

"What do you mean...Sex?"


"We have talked about this, I know that you have thought about relations with another girl for a long time and you know that I don't mind at all."

"Yeah but wouldn't you think it's cheating."

"Sex and love are very different, if you loved the girl and wanted to run of with her I'd have a problem with it, but sex... well as long as I get to watch I really don't mind." Nathan chuckled to himself thinking it was all a joke, Kat on the other hand was not laughing.

"So what if I slept with another guy." Nathan stopped laughing and pretended to become all serious and spoke in a deep voice.

"WELL NOW, that's a different story now isn't it." His face lighted into another chucked "Funny that isn't it...Probably some macho man, alpha male, genetic bullshit." Nathan began to laugh. It wasn't until he noticed that Kat was still not laughing that he thought something was up "What's wrong babe?" Kat felt it building inside her, the fear of what he might say, think or do? She knew she had to tell him, but how? Before she could think of the best way to break it to him she had already blurted it out.

"I slept with Phoebe... The night of the party where we danced together" She held her breath waiting for him to answer. After a long pause she expected the worse.

"I know that" he said back to her casually. Kat felt as though her heart had fallen through the floor.

"H...H...How D...Did you know... Did she tell you?" Nathan smiled trying to comfort her. Kat's face had gone white as a ghost from the shock. "I was only sleeping like two meters away from you, I got up to go the toilet when I came back I couldn't get back to sleep. A little while later I heard you moan. I just laid there not moving listening to you."

"How much did you hear?" She was getting worried until she realized he wasn't angry.


"How come to didn't tell me?"

"I knew you would be shy about it... I knew you would tell when me when you were ready to, seems I was right" Kat sat down on the bed next to him. He gave her a gentle and loving caress on her thigh. Kat forced a small smile, pulling the covers over her and laying down. They continued talking for most of the night. Mostly about their night together, all of her thoughts and feelings, telling Nathan everything that happened underneath the covers that he couldn't see. Later that night Phoebe sat in the hallway with her favorite vibrator between her legs, wondering why Kat and Nathan were particularly louder then usual tonight. It wasn't until she returned to her room to hear them at it again when she knew that this night was different to all the others.

The rest of the week passed quickly with Friday coming quickly. The whole week Kat and Nathan did not talk about her attraction to Phoebe and that night. Tonight they were hosting another party, the first since Phoebe had been staying with them.

The house filled quickly as friends and friends of friends filled the house. Hours later the house looked as though it wouldn't fit any more people, it seemed that word had spread about their last party and tonight it seemed was setting out to top it. The alcohol flowed freely; Kat had been on the dance floor for over 10 songs now. Nathan was at the sound system with CD's in his hand talking to someone she didn't recognize. Music most likely she assumed with confidence. She continued dancing; she hadn't seen Phoebe since that afternoon before the people began arriving. So when she saw her walk past the lounge chairs to her left she instantly became wet, she was wearing a dark green medieval dress trailing behind her and swaying as she walked. The back was tied with golden string from the top right down to just above her buttocks, spread far enough to show a lot of shin. She thought it was probably the alcohol but there was no mistaking the desire she was feeling for her.

She looked back over to Nathan to see him looking at her. Kat just smiled to herself and continued to dance, she loved being watched. Her sexual arousal in addition to his eyes upon her accentuated her dancing, and soon more and more people began to watch her. She closed her eyes drifted away to the sound of the double bass; she felt the muscles in her groin tighten as she squeezed them. The orgasm hit her hard almost making her collapse. When it had subsided a few seconds later she opened her eyes to see she was still being watched although they did not seem to notice what had just happened. She looked around then when the song finished she went to the kitchen to grab another beer and cool off.

It was three in the morning and people started to leave, the music was turned down and those that remained continued to party, socializing amongst each other. Kat was lying on her back between Phoebe's legs, resting her head between her large breasts her hair draped across here cleavage. Nathan was across from them on a bean bag with a beer in his hand trying to hide his erection as he could not stop thinking about the two girls in front of him. He watched them lying together, watched as Phoebe's hand ran up and down Kat's neck caressing her. In addition to Kat, Nathan and Phoebe there was also Jason and his Girl friend, Tim, Cassie and another couple Nathan did not know. It did not take long for the conversation to turn to sex and inevitably to Kat and Phoebe's performance at their last party.

Kat and Phoebe took the complements and the jokes with red faces looking at each other often. When talk proceeded on to the kiss they shared the girl in the couple they didn't recognized bought up that she hadn't seen it. With that Phoebe said "Well it looked a little something like this" and with an evil grin leaned down to kiss Kat. It lasted a few seconds as those around enjoyed the view. When Jason begged for more the Kat teased him by grabbed Phoebe's breasts, pinching the nipples and then pushed him away with her feet. "That's all you get, now behave." The group laughed as the conversation continued with talk about all things sex related.

An hour or so later only Kat, Phoebe, Nathan, Jason, and Cassie remained. Jason had obviously drank was too much and was blurting out all sorts of gibberish and sometimes very inappropriate comments. Cassie thought it past time to get him home and asked Nathan to help carry him to the car. After he saw them safely off he returned to find Kat and Phoebe where he left them. Nathan sat back down and took a deep breath trying to keep himself from laughing, although the girls could not. They all began to laugh "Well I don't think he is getting sex tonight" Nathan said laughing even harder. It took Nathan more then 15 minutes to realize that they were alone. He sat up on the edge of the lounge chair looking down on the two on them on the floor. "They were right you know that kiss was pretty hot."

"What was? This?" Phoebe taunted as she bit into Kat's neck this time. Kat sucked her bottom lip into her mouth and bit on it gently, closing her eyes in pleasure.

"Yeah... Arhh that" Nathan replied, his mouth dry. When Phoebe broke from the bite she did not expected Kat's lips to come crashing into hers. They kissed passionately for what seemed like an eternity. Kat was still between Phoebe's legs, leaning more on her left leg to make it easier to kiss her. She could feel phoebe starting to grind against her ribs gently at first and then faster and faster. Phoebe's hands looped under Kat's arms pulling apart the laces of her purple corset between her breasts. It only took her a few moments before Kat's soft breasts were exposed. She started to massage Kat's breasts in large handfuls and pinching her nipples softly.

They seemed to forget that Nathan was even there as they lost themselves. Phoebe's right hand had found it way under Kat's skirt gently probing her wet pussy through her underwear. They still had not stopped kissing until Kat's left hand found Phoebe's pussy also. She inserted two fingers as deep as she could into Phoebe's soft folds, causing her head to shoot back in a spasm of pleasure. It forced her to break from the kiss; Kat wasted no time though, biting into Phoebe's neck much harder then before. Phoebe moaned loudly; Nathan couldn't take anymore, his cock needed to be released from its prison. He unzipped his pants... taking his cock into his hands and gently stroked it. Kat looked over at him, she loved to watch him stoke himself, but she had no idea how much she liked him watching her fuck another girl.

Nathan was very nervous, he didn't know how they would react to him jacking off while watching them; however it all melted away when he looked into the eyes of the girls watching him. Kat had fantasized about this ever since that first night with Phoebe. Kat tore herself away from Nathan a moment to look at Phoebe, who was also watching Nathan masturbate. Kat could feel Phoebe's pussy tighten each time his stroke fell. Kat was surprised by how much she loved the fact that Phoebe was genuinely getting off watching her boyfriend. She couldn't help but wonder what it would be like to watch Nathan fuck her while she watched them. The thought excited her more then she could imagine. She finger fucked Phoebe harder and harder and in turn Phoebe fucked her even harder too.

Nathan was getting close now; both girls knew it and couldn't help but moan louder. Kat came first screaming as her pussy tightened around Phoebe's fingers, causing her to begin slamming her fingers into the roof of Phoebe's pussy setting her off also. Nathan felt the pain well up in the head of his cock as he watched the two girls cum together. Their moans and screams sent him over the edge as he lifted his shirt and felt the first stream of white hit his stomach. The two girls watched wave after wave of white, stream out in time with his strokes. The girls shut their eyes savoring the last moments of their orgasms together falling into each other arms. Nathan adored them both so much, he also fell back into his chair watching them together.

Nathan couldn't take his eyes of them, Phoebe was the first to open her eyes and sit up. As Kat sat up and opened her eyes she began to giggle, Phoebe rose to her feet and helped Kat of the floor, She smiled and said "I think we need a shower" Kat stepped around behind Phoebe and wrapped her arms around her waist. "I agree, so what do say babe, you wanna cum join us" Kat purred with a sexy grin. Nathan smiled taking off his shirt and letting his pants drop to the floor.

Both girls laughed on the way to the bathroom, Nathan followed silently smiling to himself. The girls were a few meters in front of him and reached the bathroom before him. When he entered the girls we already half undressed with the water running. He stood in the doorway a moment and watched the steam envelope their bodies. He watched as Phoebe opened the shower door placing her right arm into the cascade of water and adjusting the knobs. When the water reached the desired temperature she hopped into the shower with a delighted scream.

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