tagRomanceDance of Seduction Ch. 03

Dance of Seduction Ch. 03


This is basically a love story and of course all characters are over 21. I want to thank stg0936 for the original idea, although I deviated from his idea during the writing of the story. I also want to thank Navaura for her spot on editing and suggestions for the improvement of this story. This story is as much hers as it is mine and because of Brandy the dialogue is richer and everything is much more accurate. This is a team effort and a much better story because of her efforts.

I hope all of you enjoy the story as much as we did writing it.

Chapter Three - Passion Consumes

When they got back to the shelter all the other women came out and helped unpack the SUV. Mike kissed her goodnight and told her he would see her in the morning. As they parted Jennifer whispered. "Bring the bike, I like having to hold on to you."

For the next week, they settled into a routine. Mike would pick her up for breakfast, they would spend a day together doing innocuous little things, but every day they grew closer and for Mike, every day it became harder to drop her off at the shelter. Jennifer's pending case against her husband was starting to wind its way through the court system. She had met with a lawyer to file divorce papers. None of this she could have done had she not had Mike by her side. He gave her strength and the resolve to see all of this through. He had saved her in the beginning and every day he saved her even more. Every day Leonard faded farther and farther into the past. Day after day with Mike, she began to think more and more of a life with him and less of her terror with Leonard.

Mike also took her to a counselor every other day. While there was money from the city to cover some of the counseling services for abuse victims, Mike made sure that Jennifer got everything she needed by covering what the city didn't. Of course, Jennifer didn't know that most of the good things happening in her life were the result of Mike.

The bombing of Mike's car was rapidly turning into a cold case. They had the manufacturer of the bomb but not the signature that signed the bomb to be departed for America. They couldn't find the bomber or any money it may have taken for Baughman to execute his plan. There was nothing to tie Baughman to anything, only what appeared to be legitimate sources. Looking into all of Mike's old cases also drew a blank.

Their kisses started showing their growing desire for each other. Mike would kiss every inch of exposed skin, caressing and tweaking those areas that were covered. He still resisted taking Jennifer to bed and making love to her, he wanted her to be healed at least as much as she could be. Mike was developing deep feelings for this stunning waif of a dancer and he didn't want just one time. He wanted their time of making love to be an earth shattering, life changing event for Jennifer.

What Mike didn't realize was that had already happened. For Jennifer, she had never had any of the lovers Leonard had given her to take their time, and as a result all of her experiences were uneventful and most were downright painful. The first deep loving kiss from Mike had rocked her world; leaving everyone thereafter seared into her psyche. When he began kissing her skin and caressing her body, she exploded in sensations, thinking she was going to lose her mind. Care, love and desire were all the things she read about in romance novels and were far away until Mike happened. Now her mind, body and heart were all alive and engaged in the most incredible, yet unfamiliar feelings.

Jennifer had never been in love before, but she knew that had to be what was happening. Every time she saw Mike her heart raced, her body tingled and she found it hard to breathe; but when he kissed and caressed her, she felt like she was going to explode. At nights she would lie in bed and relive the tenderness of his, kisses and caresses, his touch. She found herself touching all the areas that he had touched. For the first time in her life, Jennifer felt passion, she felt beautiful and desired, she felt cared for, a confidence contending of both hope and love. In a word for the first time in her life, she felt ALIVE.

Today was their two week anniversary and Mike was treating Jennifer to a day of pampering. He purchased the deluxe package at a day spa, that included a massage, haircut, nails, pedicure and makeup. He had also purchased her a slinky little black dress that he gave to her when he dropped her off at the day spa. He told her he would pick her up about 5:30 PM and then take her for dinner and a night on the town.

For Jennifer, spending every day with Mike had been the best thing that had ever happened to her. They had fun together and she felt feelings for Mike she had never felt for anyone else. All of her problems seem to have faded into the background and for the last five days she hadn't even thought of Leonard. Her only thoughts these days were of Mike, how he made her feel and for the first time in her life she was having erotic thoughts and dreams. She dreamed of what it would feel like to have Mike rubbing against her naked body, skin to skin; how it would feel to have him make love to her. Every night she had dreams about being in his arms, his kisses, his hugs and what it would be like to have him make love to her.

When Mike picked her up, he stared in amazement. As she walked towards him, gone was the shy reclusive woman he had first met, but instead there was a stunningly beautiful, regal and confident, dancer gliding towards him as if on a cushion of air. Her hair had been cut perfectly to represent her facial features. Her beautiful eyes, pouty lips and makeup was just enough to make her features more pronounced. Her dress exposed beautiful yet graceful muscular arms, legs, and back. Any parts that weren't exposed were snuggled into a tight silky and scintillating display. As she glided towards Mike, he was awed, she was absolutely glowing with a beautiful splendor and the love she was beaming towards him. As she got closer Mike spoke one word. "WOW."

Mike didn't think it was possible, but her smile got even bigger and she glowed even brighter as she came up to him and draped her arms around his neck flirting, "See anything you like."

Mike didn't say a thing, but growled as his mouth descended on her lips. She gasp and quivered as he plundered her mouth with his tongue. When his mouth slid off hers and onto her neck, where he relished the feel of her moans vibrating against his lips. As Mike nibbled down to her bare shoulders his hands caressed the covered parts and captured her breast feeling her hard nipple pushing into his palm. Mike rose and reacquired her mouth once again as his tongue dove into it, seeking it for any love he could find here. He kissed her until she was trembling in his arms. When he looked into her eyes, her regal look had been replaced with love, passion and hard flaming desire.

As Jennifer trembled in his arms she gasped. "Oh God, Oh My God, I ... I guess that's a yes. Oh Mike I can't think when you do that to me." Then she held tightly to him until her trembling began to subside.

Mike nibbled on her ear and then said. "That's the whole point, not thinking just feel. By the way my beautiful Baby, I don't think I said it in words, but you look extraordinarily beautiful tonight and it's going to be really hard for me to keep my hands and lips off of you." As his sentence ended, he felt her shiver in his arms.

She tilted her head up and looked at him said. "Oh God, you just did it to me again." As she trembled in his arms, she looked up into his eyes, licked her lips and gave him a saucy, seductive little smile and said. "By the way, underwear ruined the lines of this dress, so I'm not wearing anything underneath." While she was saying this, Jennifer was tantalizing him by rubbing her lower body against Mike's lap. She shivered as she felt his massive cock start to respond and press against her stomach.

"Are you trying to seduce me?" He inquired, his question rhetorical.

Jennifer lit up with a grin so deep in brought in those dimples he loved seeing. "Maybe."

He shook his head, his eyes swimming with all sorts of thoughts.

Jennifer's eyes softened and became serious, as she looked at him and said. "Mike these last two weeks have been like a dream to me and with you I feel things I've never felt before. The thought of not seeing you makes my heart ache. I know you have to go back to work tomorrow, but can we still do breakfast or dinner, I don't think I can make it a whole day without seeing you."

"Count on it my Baby." He said.

Once again, that one little word warmed her from the inside. Being his Baby, made Jennifer feel safe, like she was loved and in a place she belonged. When she looked into his eyes, she felt like she had a home. Mike put her in the car and they drove for their night on the town.

The whole night Jennifer was floating on a cloud. She could still feel the kiss Mike gave her before they left and her body was still vibrating with the desire he had lit with the previously given kiss. Mike was looking at her with her with a hunger she had never seen in him and his eyes were constantly making love to her. She could feel his eyes stripping her naked and as he looked at her, she could imagine his lips traveling over her body. The whole night she could feel the fire burning in her loins and she could feel the lips of her pussy sliding against each other, soaked in her juices. Never in her life had she been this turned on.

Jennifer didn't remember where they went or what they ate for dinner, all she remembered were Mike's eyes making love to her. When they went dancing, once again Jennifer didn't remember where they went, she only remembered the feel of his strong hard body holding her on the dance floor. Every time a song ended, Jennifer was shaking. Her body grinding against Mike's body had her shaking with need so hard, an unbridled desire. She didn't know how many songs they danced to, but as the evening wore on Jennifer was almost insane with her need for Mike. Never had she wanted anyone like this, usually she was trying to find a way to hide and avoid sex. These were unaccustomed feelings.

Suddenly the evening was over and Mike was taking her back to the shelter. She didn't want the night to end and she could see in his eyes that he didn't either; but something was holding him back and she thought back to Ms. Peterson's words that Mike never wanted to hurt her, so if she wanted him she was going to have to make the first move. Jennifer had never wanted anything more her entire life than for Mike to make love to her, but did she have courage to make the first move. Abruptly they were at the shelter and Jennifer hadn't figured out how to make her move.

Mike opened the door and as he helped her out of the SUV he looked at her with love and passion in his eyes and said. "My God, you look so spectacularly beautiful tonight; it's hard for me to say good night."

Jennifer looked at him with her eyes pleading and said. "Then don't, I want you to take me home and make love to me, I want you to take me and make me your woman. I want to feel you inside me, want to feel you joined to me. Please Mike."

Mike pulled her tight against him and kissed her with a loving kiss. "Oh Baby, as much as I want to I can't. First off, I care for you a lot and I don't want to take advantage of you or wind up hurting you in any way. Second, you have cases against your husband and I'm the arresting officer. This would prejudice the case to a point where your husband could actually get off. Trust me baby this hurts and frustrates me just as much as it does you."

Jennifer clung to him, nibbled on his neck. Mike felt himself weakening and Jennifer felt him weakening as well. She felt his rapid breathing bathing her face, his lips were trembling and his cock was hard as steel alongside her belly and she wasn't letting him get away this time. She started rubbing her hard distended nipples against his chest, her pussy on top of his leg and her lips attacked his face and neck. She felt him half heartedly resist her attack for a few seconds and then she felt him give in.

He picked her up and set her in the SUV, pulled the spaghetti strap of her dress down her arm and exposed her breast and then sucked it into his mouth lashing her nipple with his tongue. Jennifer first squeaked when he put her in the car, gasped when he exposed her breast, then shivered and moaned as his mouth captured her nipple. In a couple of heartbeats she had gone from wanting to having every sensation she had been craving overwhelm her.

She bowed her back into his nipple attack and grabbed his head, pulling it tighter against her breast. As his teeth pulled on her nipple, she felt her pussy clinch and buck in response. Her reaction was not lost on Mike as he slid his hand between her legs and ran his thick finger through the soaking wet lips of her pussy and buried it deep in her tight barely used pussy. Jennifer couldn't breathe and her whole body trembled and spasmed as she felt his thick finger sliding in and out of her. His finger felt huge in her, she felt him stretching her pussy and as much as she dreamed of this moment, nothing prepared her for the exquisite euphoria of having it actually happen.

With a full night of teasing, she was ready and found herself on a fast climb to her first real orgasm as his thick finger pummeled her pussy. When it hit her legs, her hips and stomach muscles began to spasm and clinch in spastic jubilation. The rest of her body exploded into a massive fireworks display that blinded her to everything except Mike's continued fingering of her pussy. As she started to come down from her orgasmic high, Mike added his thumb, rubbing her clit, adding to the mix. She rapidly built to another massive orgasm that took her breath away.

Mike pulled his finger from her and watched intently as her stunning face and body contorted in orgasmic rapture. On one side he was very upset that he had given in to her and lost control, but on the other hand seeing his Baby's face in the midst of pleasure that she had never known before him, made him feel like maybe it was all worth it. He watched her face take it all in as it morphed from disbelief to awe, from rapture to love, from skepticism to belief. Finally she looked at him with complete, selfless and committed love, and surprisingly that look warmed and touched him to his very core.

As Mike held her in his arms as Jennifer was trying to make sense of the overwhelming rapture that was racking her mind and body. Even in her wildest dreams and fantasies she had never conceived of anything like what just happened to her. In just a few minutes Mike had turned her world upside down and she knew that everything in those romance novels could be real, because she had just experienced things she had never even read about. As she saw Mike's face hovering protectively and lovingly close to hers, she shuddered whispering, "M M Miiikke, Ooohh MM Mike."

Mike could see her eyes glistening with the emotion as she pulled herself against his chest. He could feel her sobs between her full body shivers. Mike held her wildly conflicted body in his arms and tightened his grip, pulling her hard against his chest and then he whispered. "I'm sorry baby, I'm so sorry I lost control for a second. You're so beautiful and was so unbelievably tempting all night long that I just couldn't stop and I'm so sorry."

Jennifer pulled back and looked at him with nothing but love in her eyes and said. "Don't you ever be sorry for what you just did. In my whole life I've never experienced that kind of passion and ecstasy and I never want to you to stop. I want the rest, I want you, all of you. Please take me home with you and show me what love can really be like."

"I can't, oh God I want to, but I can't. We have to get you back inside the shelter." Mike slipped the strap of her dress back up to her shoulders, but stopped to longingly gaze at her pert breasts, hard thrusting nipples begging him to ravish them, then quickly covered her breasts with the dress. He lifted her back out of the SUV and she had to hold on to him for a second before her quivering legs could take the weight.

Mike held her tightly against his chest and he felt his heart pounding with his feelings for her. He slowly began walking her to the shelter, with both looking into each other's eyes and neither wanting to part. As they got to the door, Mike whispered. "When you get settled call me on the cell phone." Then as she walked slowly through the door of the shelter. Mike reluctantly turned and left.

Mike's drive back to his house was one of the longest and loneliest of his life. It was about a mile from his house when his phone rang and he perked up when he saw that it was Jennifer. "Hi baby ..."

But, he was cut off as Jennifer whispered "He's here Mike ... Leonard is here trying to break in to find me."

Mike's elation turned to panic in less than a heartbeat. He whipped the steering wheel and did a tire smoking u-turn. "I'm on my way and I'll be there in less than ten minutes. Oh god baby find a way to stay safe and I'll be there. Talk to Ms. Peterson or any of the other women to see if there is a back way out. If there is run like hell and call me when you get free so I can know where to pick you up."

Mike was breaking every traffic law in the book in his effort to get to Jennifer. In the back of his mind, he was wondering how Mr. Baughman found her. He had set her up at the shelter by himself and had only told the detective after everything was set. How did he find out? Mike pushed that to the back of his mind ... for now, because the way he was driving he needed all his faculties focused on his driving. His phone rang and he punched the hands free. "Are you safe baby?"

"I'm at the street behind the shelter; please hurry Mike before he finds me." She blurted out in a terrified voice and then hung up.

Mike pressed the gas petal all the way to the floor and what little caution he had left him. He would never forgive himself if something happened to Jennifer and he was in a full blown panic and when he got to the street where Jennifer said she was, but he was going too fast and over shot the street. Mike smoked the tires stopping, again reversing and again going forward down the street to find Jennifer.

He saw her hiding behind a tree and slammed on the brakes, but he was going so fast he skidded 20 feet past her, but by the time the car had stopped Jennifer had opened and dove through the door. She didn't stop there and in what seemed like less than a second Jennifer had whole body wrapped around Mike and her arms were almost strangling him. Mike didn't care as he wrapped his arms around her scared and trembling body and almost crushed her with the insuring bear hug.

As they clung to each other and as Mike rained kisses over her trembling face he whispered. "Oh baby, are you okay, did he hurt you? I'm so sorry baby, are you okay?"

"Mike he would've killed me if you hadn't gotten here." Now it was Jennifer's turn to rain kisses all over Mike's face, but he stopped her when he captured lips and they fused together in a deep bonding kiss. Their lips separated long enough to catch their breath and then they were back together in a softer more loving kiss. They stayed together holding each other and softy kissing until the panic had left them and then Mike started driving home. This time he was not letting Jennifer out of his sight.

Jennifer was sitting in Mike's lap with her back against the door as he drove with her arms wrapped tightly around him. Mike knew this was a dangerous way to drive, but right now the other side of the car was just too far away and neither could stand the separation. During the drive back, Mike called Ms. Peterson and let her know that Jennifer was okay and with him, and she breathed a sigh of relief at the news. Mike also called the detective in charge of Jennifer's case and told him about the incident, also letting him know that he wasn't letting Jennifer out of his sight and that she would be staying with him.

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