tagBDSMDancing at the Ivy Ch. 02

Dancing at the Ivy Ch. 02


For the next two weeks, Shane thought of little except the two V girls: quiet, watchful Veronica, and strong, dominant Victoria.

How she had taken her pleasure from him, hurt and humiliated him.

Threatened him.

He had done as commanded, giving his wife multiple orgasms before forcing her to satisfy him.

And it had.

For a time.

Then he would find himself thinking, dreaming of them.

His wife didn't know or suspect anything.

His wife.

Such a plain girl.

Mousy brown hair, soft brown eyes, she had the look of a deer in headlights.

Plain lips, average breasts, average body, there was nothing special to her. Just her name.


A family that made the headlines regularly.

A family of fashion, cosmetics, and jewellery designers.

Mary Jane Innocee was part of a family that had more money, per person, than even Shane knew what to do with.

From the moment her learned her name, he desired it all. He had wooed her, run off with her, and had married her.

He expected her family to either give them a nice amount of money, to keep her in a style befitting a member of their family, or to pay him off, to leave her life for good.

Instead he found out that she had been disinherited.

The only way her family would give her any money, was if she became pregnant, and that was next to impossible.

For starters, he was sterile. His early forays into sexuality, he had believed like many others that he was bullet proof. By the time he found out that he had contracted a sexually transmitted infection, it had been too late. He didn't even want children, horrible small people.

Secondly, Mary had some medical problem that would affect her ability to conceive. He had never paid a great deal of attention to her at the time.

So he was married to a girl he neither loved nor liked, couldn't get hold of her families money, and they wouldn't pay him to leave.

The only reason he stayed was that she gave great head, and let him use her anyway she wanted.

So he thought about the only girls who drove him crazy.

Veronica and Victoria.

When Mary announced that her cousins wanted to take them to dinner, he hardly listened.

He had missed the names.

And he couldn't ask for them, it would give him away.

He was stuck with waiting till Friday night to find out which cousins they were having dinner with.

The night of the dinner arrived. Shane was dressed in his best suit, black jacket, tie, pants and shoes, white shirt. Mary wore her red cocktail dress, with black heels.

Her cousins had arranged a car for to take them to the fancy French restaurant so they could both drink.

At the restaurant, they slid out of the car, to be greeted by an identical man and woman.

Both were tall, blue eyed, with long auburn hair and full red lips.

She wore a midnight blue spaghetti strap dress that fell just below her arse, with blue heels. He wore a midnight blue silk shirt, with ice blue tie, black pants and shoes.

Shane was stunned speechless.

It wasn't either of the V girls, it was two very attractive Innocee heirs.

"I'm Alexander," the man introduced himself, gestured to the lady. "And this is my sister, Alexis. You must be Shane." He extended his hand for Shane to shake.

Alexander escorted Mary to the table, Alexis silently following, and Shane trailed behind, ignored.

Dinner was much the same.

Alexander asked Mary question after question about herself, work and her marriage. Alexis ate in silence, looking merely mildly amused by the whole thing, while Shane was ignored. Any question he asked was ignored, and none were directed to him.

Alexander ordered, after a lengthy discussion about which was better (the lamb, steak, pork, or fish) with Mary (Alexis sat silently), for himself, Mary and Alexis in fluent French, leaving Shane to stumble through the menu, the waiter waiting impatiently.

Dessert was the same.

Shane excused himself, but he needn't have bothered. None of the others listened, or gave the slightest indication of caring.

So Shane grumbled all the way to the restroom, grumbled as he found the first empty stall, grumbled as he shut and locked the door, as he dropped his pants and sat.

Then the lights went out.

Shane swore, loudly.

He pulled up his trousers, taking care not to hurt himself, and fumbled for the lock.

He barely left the stall, when something was shoved over his head, his hands bound behind him, and he was pushed out by strong hands.

He was led out the back, through the kitchen, to a car.

Pushed in, and driven away.

After driving for sometime, the car stopped.

A door opened and he was pulled out, pulled along a path, up some stairs.

He tripped, was but pulled roughly to his feet.

Into a house.

One person held him, while another stripped his clothes from his body. Then he was tied to, something.

Suddenly the sack was gone.

Shane was momentarily blinded by the bright light. A few blinks, and he was able to see.

Standing a couple of meters in front of him, in a pair of white knee high socks, black leather shoes, white blouse, back skirt, with her blonde hair in pig tails and looking the picture of innocence, was Victoria.

Before he could speak, Shane noticed other people around the room, all standing in small groups.

All were dressed in uniform like costumes.

Some looked like lawyers, some innocent students, others rebellious, even slutty students. Some looked like prostitutes, some looked like they were heading to the beach. And still more personified the 'dominant' and 'submissive' roles.

He alone was stark naked.

The gathering were all silent, but there was an underlying tension in the air that made Shane nervous.

Very nervous.

And perhaps, for the first time in his life, little scared.

Victoria shattered the silence.

"You are here to learn to be a proper man, and a proper husband," she announced. "Or you can leave, and we will expose you."

"Expose what?" Shane demanded.

There were angry murmurs floating around the room.

Victoria silenced them with a glance.

"As a wife beater. You will be arrested, tried and will go to jail."

"Blackmail is an adults' game, little girl," he sneered.

"Enough," a powerful and educated male voice demanded. "If that is how you feel, let me present you with your choices." The owner of the voice was a tall, powerfully built man, with salt and pepper hair and piercing blue eyes.

"You can be exposed to your family, friends and community as a wife beater. You will lose your job, go to jail, lose all respect and you will be issued with divorce papers. Or. You can undergo training to make you a fit husband for an Innocee daughter. You will have money, power and respect. To give you some idea of what that will involve, you have tonight as a trial. Victoria will continue the training she began with you the last time you met. Tomorrow I will come for your decision." The man turned to go. "Everyone else, please leave. Victoria will be fine."

He shot Shane a parting glance. "Should you fight, attempt to hurt Victoria or try to escape, prison will seem preferable to what will happen to you."

"What's going on?" Shane demanded.

"Tonight is a taste. Tomorrow will bring answers," Victoria said.

Then she slapped him across the face with surprising strength.

"That," she spat, "was for speaking out of turn. From now on, you will call me Mistress. You will do what I say, when I say it. If I punish you, and I will, you will thank me for it. You will remember that I have given up my valuable time to train you. Am I understood?" She demanded.

But Shane wasn't going to give in that easily.

"No, it isn't. I haven't done anything wrong."

She smiled. "I hoped you'd say that. But it is part of the training."

Then there was a whip in her hand, and a pain down his leg.

She had hit him, so fast that it took a few moments to him to register the pain.

"Bitch," he swore.

"That is Mistress to you," she reprimanded. And hit him again.

Again, and again.

She paused to admire the red marks appearing on his leg. Then she hit him another five times.

"Now, I'm going to hit your other leg, you will count for me. If you miss a count, I'll add ten more. Understood?"

He nodded.

"Good. We shall start with ten lashes."


"Two. Three. Four."

"Five." His voice was getting desperate.

"Six. Seven. Eight. Nine."

"Ten." Shane had tears streaming down his cheeks.

"Very good," Victoria cooed. "Now the last time I saw you, I gave you a very simple instruction. Do you remember it?" She asked.

"Yes," Shane whimpered.

How could he forget?

After walking him to her door, and having him thank her for the best sex of his life (and it had been), Victoria instructed him to go home to his wife and to "give her the best sex of her life, and if she doesn't come at least three times, I really shall have to punish you some more."

"Did you do it?"

"Yes," he answered, hesitantly.

"Why did you hesitate?"

Shane remained silent.

"I can be a kind Mistress, Shane, giving no more punishment than necessary. But I can also be cruel. Which would you prefer, Shane? Kind or cruel?"

"Kind," Shane answered meekly.

"Then tell me what I want to know."

"I did as you told me to. I gave Mary multiple orgasms. But after, I took my own pleasure from her. I forced her to take my cock in her mouth, till I came. Then I fucked her arse."

"I am glad you told me. I would know if you lied to me. But I didn't tell you, you could take your pleasure, did I?"

"No, you didn't."

"For that, I will need to consider a special punishment. In the meantime, I will teach you somewhat of what you will undergo, should you decide to stay.

"Now, if I release your hands, will you hurt me?"

"No," Shane shook his head.


Victoria unbound Shane's hands.

Then she walked back to the spot he had first seen her.

"Come here, Shane." Her voice was soft, yet demanded obedience.

Shane walked to her.

She slapped him across the face. "You crawl, unless given permission to walk. Go back and do it again."

Shane did as he was instructed. He walked back to the beam, that he had been tied to, and crawled to Victorias' feet.

"Very good. Stay on your knees."

She walked around him, till she stood at his rear.

"I am going to whip you again, you shall count. If you miss a count, I will add ten more to the total. At every five hits, you will thank me. I shall do twenty hits, and we shall go from there. And you shall remember to call me Mistress, every time you address me.

"Are you ready?"

"Yes, Mistress," Shane replied.

"We shall begin." And she hit his arse.


Two. Three, Four.

"Five. Thank you, Mistress."

"Six. Seven. Eight. Nine."

"Ten. Thank you, Mistress," Shane gasped out.

Whack, went the whip and Victoria barely heard the "Eleven," that he croaked out.

"You shall speak loudly and clearly, so I can hear you or I shall add ten more." She instructed.

And she continued.

"Twelve. Thirteen."


Fifteen. Shane missed the count.

"That is another ten. What were we at?"

Shane tried to speak. Took a deep breath and breathed out the number.

"Sixteen. Seventeen. Eighteen. Nineteen."

"Twenty. Thank you, my Mistress."

"Very good Shane. Did you enjoy your punishment?"

Shane surprised himself, by answering that, yes, he had.

And his naked cock was proof of his enjoying her attention. He was very erect. Very hard.

"You are surprised." Victoria moved to his side. "It is strange, just how often a man finds himself aroused by being dominated by a woman. You are not the first I have trained. Nor the first who has been aroused by my punishment."

Victoria pulled his chin up so their eyes met. "My job is to turn you into a suitable husband for my cousin. If I punish you, it is not merely for the pleasure seeing your pain brings. It is also so you may give her much joy. And, the other women of our family."

"Mistress?" He asked.

"It will all be explained tomorrow. When you tell Jean Michael your answer."

Victoria pulled a chair closer to Shane, and sat.

"For your reward, you may bring yourself to climax."

Shane fell to his knees, he slid onto his back, and slowly, tentatively touched his hard cock.

A look of relief passed over his face, as his touching became firmer. Then harder.

He jerked his cock up and down, spreading the precome all over his member. His movements became harder and faster.

It did not take long for his movements to become jerky. Victoria could see that he was close to his climax.

Then it happened. Three long squirts of semen. Over his hand and the floor.

Victoria allowed the man a moment to get his breath back before getting his attention.

"So you see, I am not so heartless. Do as instructed, accept the punishment you have earned and you are rewarded."

Shane didn't know what to think. What to do.

This girl, was dominating him and while they both enjoyed his rebellion, he enjoyed submitting more.

"Do you have a question, my pet?" Victoria asked him.

"Yes, Mistress. Why?"


Shane nodded. "All this. Why?"

"That is probably the best question I have been asked, by all those I have trained." Victoria slid down her seat, to sit on the floor beside Shane.

"Why. Why does a man force a woman to give him satisfaction? Why does a man take his pleasure from a woman? Don't answer, my pet.

"We made a decision to not be victims. We don't hurt to make ourselves feel better. We do it because we recognise the desire to be dominated, and to dominate. To learn one, you must know the other."

Victoria left herself lay on the ground.

"You yourself showed signs of being a perfect submissive. So assured in public. So dominant in your desires. We knew you'd take to being dominated so well."

"We?" Shane asked.

"Oh, yes. Mary picked you. When we ran background checks on you, we knew we'd have to take a different path with you.

"You see most are trained before they marry into our family. But we knew you'd do a runner if we tried it that way. So, instead she played the naive, demure girl that you noticed. We knew that the chance at marrying into the wealthy and powerful Innocee family would make her irresistible to you. Sweet Mary.

"Then you married her, found out that nothing was going according to your plan. And you came to the Ivy looking for something young and pretty. You found Veronica and I, as you were supposed to. That was to determine if we were right. And we were.

You enjoyed having us dominate you. You got off on satisfying me.

Did you enjoy your wife after me?"

Shane shook his head. "At the time. But after, I couldn't get what you did to me out of my mind."

"We seek to broaden your horizons. Your perspective. New possibilities were suddenly open to you. Something that you didn't even know you wanted. But now you craved it. Something that Mary couldn't give you. Something that you thought wrong."

Victoria's skirt rode up her thigh, revealing the black g-string she wore underneath. The sight made Shane groan, and his cock grow.

"You like serving me, don't you?" Victoria cooed.

"Yes, Mistress." Shane groaned.

Victoria laughed. "I do hope you will stay with Mary. She asked me specially to train you.

She likes the best, sweet cousin Mary, does."

Shane's look of surprise made Victoria laugh again. "Oh, yes. Mary likes you a great deal. But you have a long way to go before you can be a suitable consort for her.

If you choose to stay with us, I shall be your Mistress. Veronica shall occasionally assist me. Mary may choose to watch or not. But you will obey me, before anyone else.

I do not tolerate disobedience, nor do I tolerate interference. Fortunately the others know that.

"Enough talk, for now. Suck me," Victoria commanded.

Shane crawled to her, lowered his head to her pussy and began.

While breathing softly on her panty clad pussy, he pulled the skimpy piece of fabric from her body.

He pressed his lips to her pussy lips and sucked, starting gently and slowly, but increasing his speed, and pressure.

Victoria groaned in delight, but didn't thrash like any other woman when having her pussy eaten.

Shane drank deeply of her flowing juices, listening to her moans and groans, to ensure she was pleased with him. He did not want her to be disappointed with him. He did not want another lashing.

While sucking on the sweet pussy, Shane realised that if it pleased Victoria to hurt him, he would willingly let her. The thought frightened him.

What if something more than a mere beating would be her desire. Especially since he had used Mary. He had been promised a special punishment.

Victoria had gone silent. He had not been applying himself properly to the task, and now he would be punished.

Fortunately for Shane, Victoria wanted another form of stimulus.

"On your back," she ordered. "I am going to straddle your cock. You will wait until I give permission for you to come. If you disobey me, I will punish you.

Do you understand?"

"Yes, Mistress," Shane nodded, as he moved to obey.

Victoria settled herself on Shane's cock, resting her thighs comfortably on each side.

Then she moved, slow and steady at first, then faster, and faster, not caring what it took Shane to maintain his control.

Orgasm after orgasm rocked through Victoria's body as she angled herself in the best position for her pleasure. Finally, she rolled herself off the hot and hard red cock, onto the floor at his side, before ordering him to reach orgasm by stroking himself.

Once he had recovered from the orgasm, Shane glanced at the girl.

"Thank you, Mistress."

She nodded, her attention not on him, but on the wall behind him.

Shane turned to look, and noticed a clock. It was well into the early hours of the morning. Nearly five a. m

Victoria gave a sigh.

"Jean Michael and the others will be here soon. They will take you to get cleaned up, and to rest for a few hours. Then you will give your answer."

Shane returned his attention to Victoria. "What is the worst that will happen to me if I stay?"

Victoria thought about the question and sighed. "Every case is different. I can't say for certain. For punishment, I use obvious forms: withholding affection, whips, and the like. But there may be times I order you to do something. You will always have the option of refusing any of my orders. But if you do that, your punishment will be severe."

"But I can refuse?" Shane asked.

"You can," Victoria slowly replied. "But you might find that you enjoy pleasing me, more than you enjoy my anger."

Just then there was a knock at the door.

"Enter," Victoria called.

Jean Michael and three other men entered.

"Any problems, Victoria?" Jean Michael asked.

She shook her head, still reclining on the floor. "He behaved himself. I am pleased."

"These men will show you where you can get yourself cleaned up, and rest. I will send for you at 10 a.m." Jean Michael then turned to Victoria and offered her a hand.

She gracefully took it and he helped her to rise. He helped her out of the room, closely followed by Shane and his three attendants.

The men led Shane to a large bathing room, where there were large tubs lined up along one wall. One had been filled already, and it was here that Shane was assisted into.

The men silently assisted Shane to clean his aching body. Grateful for the help and silence, Shane moved when they indicated that he should.

He was too stunned, tired and dazed by the evenings' events to think that it was men helping him wash. Who could see him completely naked.

Once clean, they helped him out of the tub and wrapped him in a soft, pure white terry robe, then led him to a darkened room with a single bed.

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