tagIncest/TabooDani Undressed

Dani Undressed


I was slouched in the easy chair in the living room watching some dumb-ass game show on MTV when I heard Dani's footsteps as she came down the stairs.


"What?" I said, not taking my eyes off the TV. The girl in the scanty tank top was trying to win a new MP3 player. I was hoping that the camera would switch to a view behind the podium so that I could get a glimpse of her ass. If it was half as sexy as her face, then I'd have to move her up from a 'maybe' to a 'hell yeah!'.

"Could you do me a favor?"

"What?" Tank top girl blew it. She actually thought that a crustacean was some kind of piecrust. Bimbo.

"Come on," Dani said, taking my hand and pulling me from the chair.

"What do you want?" I said, turning off the TV and throwing down the remote as Dani pulled me towards the front door. Now that my attention had been dragged from the girl on the tube I could see what Dani was wearing. My little sister had forsaken her usual jeans for a slinky floral dress that just came down to mid-thigh. Her hair was combed and pretty and I caught the tantalizing scent of perfume. And heels! Now I knew something big was up. I hardly ever saw Dani in a dress and heels. And sure as hell not on a Tuesday afternoon right after she got home from school.

"Just come on," she said, leading me out the door and down the driveway to my car.

Dani let go of my hand and kind of pushed me towards the driver's side as she climbed into the passenger seat. Resigned but not surprised, I got behind the wheel and cranked up the engine.

I'm not above giving Dani a ride when she needs one. And she seems to need one a lot. You know how it is when you're a senior in high school - there's always places to go, people to see. I remembered it well. Even though I was living at home with Dani and Mom and Dad to save on college expenses, I had managed to scrape enough together for a car. And since I owned one and she didn't it usually fell to me to drive her around. Not that I minded - I kind of liked being 'big brother with a car.'

"Where are we going?" I said in a resigned voice as I pulled away from the curb.

"Sakura Square."

The fuzzy picture of what Dani wanted this time cleared up a little. Sakura Square was a downtown hot spot, with some oriental stores and a restaurant that was known all over the city for its shrimp tempura. Obviously Dani was meeting some boy there. Since she didn't go on many dates I decided not to press her for details. Knowing Dani, it was best to let her do it her way.

We sat quietly on the ride downtown, which wasn't unusual. Dani's always been a little, I don't know - intense? She's very reserved, and has been ever since she was little. Somehow she always gave you the impression that she was thinking deep thoughts, but she never shared them with anybody. Not Mom. Not Dad. Not me. Which doesn't mean that she didn't manage to communicate her feelings well.

Take my fiancé, Joanne. Dani had made it pretty plain that she didn't like her without saying a thing. She practically stomped out of the room when I broke the news of our engagement to everyone. None of us could get her to explain what upset her so much. Her feelings about Joanne were so stormy that she'd get up and leave the room with a scowl on her face every time she heard me talking to her on the phone. And even with Mom and Dad's help I was never able to get Dani in the same room as Joanne.

After a few weeks with no explanation I decided that I'd had enough. I wanted to know what the big deal was. I mean, I loved Joanne, but I loved my sister too. And if I could find out the reason that Dani was getting so huffy all the time then maybe I could do something about it. So one night I went to her room to see if she would talk to me about it. She was lying on her bed flipping through a pile of magazines.

Dani's pretty good at ignoring subtlety, so I went for the direct approach. "Do you have some kind of problem with Joanne?"

"Nope." I knew that that wasn't the truth. Dani's eyes never left the magazine in her hands. Why was she acting so hostile towards Joanne if there wasn't a problem? I waited for her to elucidate, but she just sat there with a bored look on her face, turning pages.

"Come on, there must be something." I said. "Every time we're on the phone together you leave the room with a disgusted look on your face. And you always find some reason to not be here every time she's come over. What's the deal? She's my fiancée, you know. We're going to get married. Why don't you like her?"

Dani flipped a page as she sat there pretending I wasn't even in the room. I tell you, I was pretty exasperated.

"That's it? That's all you've got to say?" Still no answer. Apparently she was finished speaking to me, because she acted as if I wasn't even there. I left her alone in her room, with all of my questions unanswered.

But you see what I mean? Without saying hardly a thing, Dani managed to communicate just as much as she wanted to, and no more than that. So I knew that it wouldn't do much good to try to pump her for information about why she was going to Sakura Square or why she was all prettified.

And anyone who saw her would think she was a fox when she was all dolled up like this. We always felt like it was Dani's quiet personality that kept her from going on more dates - it sure as hell wasn't her looks. If she had been interested, she could have had all the boys she wanted. But for some reason dating was just never a priority with her. I couldn't even remember the last time I'd seen her dressed up like this. I snuck a glance over at her, sitting there looking all sexy and grown up in her high heels and short dress. Whoever this guy was, he was pretty lucky.

When we got downtown I pulled into a parking spot on the street near the restaurant. While Dani gathered her little purse she said, "Don't just sit there. Come on."

"What?" I said. I didn't know where we were going or what was going on, but I got out anyway. I don't know exactly why it is, but Dani's always been able to get me to do pretty much whatever she wanted.

Dani wrapped her arm in mine and we walked down the sidewalk towards the restaurant. I pretended not to be surprised at the intimacy from my eighteen-year-old sister, who usually eschewed physical contact.

She quietly led us towards Sakura Square, passing some of the little oriental shops and over to the restaurant itself. The November afternoon had started out warm, but now there was a hint of fall's chill in the air and I suspected that we wouldn't be heading for the outdoor dining area. I was wrong. To my surprise we didn't go into the restaurant, but instead we went to the small courtyard at the side. It was furnished with stone tables with big umbrellas for outdoor dining. The brick ambience was softened with the addition of some trees and planters. One side of the square area opened to the street, and you could enjoy your meal while watching the cars and the passersby. Two sides were brick walls, and the last side had windows and a door into the restaurant itself. I glanced curiously inside, but I only saw one couple at a table, and they weren't very near the windows. The whole courtyard was open to the sky, but it was still a surprisingly intimate place to share an outdoor meal.

It was about four o'clock and the happy hour rush hadn't started yet. I guessed that the downtown worker bees were still in their cubicles. There were a few people passing by on the street, and a few cars, too, but there were nowhere near the multitudes that would appear once work let out.

"Stand here," Dani said, positioning me beside one of the tables near the brick wall. She looked over her shoulder at the pedestrians going by the open end of the courtyard and seemed satisfied that I was where she wanted me.

Standing in front of me Dani reached into her purse and took out a small and obviously expensive digital video camera.

"Wow!" I said. "Where'd you get that?"

"Borrowed it. Here," she said, handing it to me.

"What?" I said, surprised but taking it from her. It was a pretty hi-tech piece of equipment, but it didn't look too hard to run.

"I want you to take my picture, silly."

I couldn't even begin to imagine what she wanted, but you guys know how it is - I had a new gadget in my hand and that was about all that mattered. I found the on switch, held the camera up and positioned Dani in the viewfinder.

Now I always knew that Dani was pretty, but she had always been a little skinny for my taste. I was amazed to see her through the lens of the camera, which seemed to have added a few pounds to her slender frame. She had been magically transformed from spindly to damn near perfect. Dani smiled at me.

"Ready?" she said.

"Yep." I didn't know just what we were going to film, and I knew better than to ask, but I was ready. I thought.

"OK, now. No matter what I do, you have to promise that you won't stop shooting. Deal?"

"What are we doing?"

"Never mind. Promise?"

Now that was kind of odd. Why did she want a promise like that? I thought about it for a few seconds, but I couldn't imagine anything happening that I couldn't film. Besides, it was kind of like a dare. And you know how siblings are - they never want to turn down a dare.


"OK. Action!" she said, and waited expectantly. I centered Dani in the viewfinder and hit the little red button. The little red light came on, and we were recording.

Dani turned her back to the camera and turned to look at me over her shoulder. She smiled right at me and I melted just a little inside. I suddenly realized that my little sister, the girl who had always been in the background of my life, was as pretty as any supermodel. Prettier.

She walked slowly away from the camera, and her hips took on a deliberate swing that caused her ass to sway in a very feminine movement. Her legs, which were long and lean to begin with, were made even longer by the heels she was wearing. As my eyes traveled down her legs I was practically mesmerized by her high heels and the pretty little strap around her ankle.

For those of you who don't know, brothers tend to have a fixed idea of their sister's personality, and the image of who your sister is and how she behaves doesn't change very often. But a few times a year she'll do something that causes you to realize that she's growing up, and you have to adjust your mental snapshot of her. My image of my little sister underwent a radical jump as I realized how damned sexy she was.

Dani made her way over to the brick wall and then turned and leaned her back against it. She kept one leg on the ground and put her other foot on the wall behind her. She tossed her hair and smiled at the camera. An image flashed into my mind of a very sexy, very expensive call girl, waiting for a trick on a street corner.

Then she shocked me so badly that I practically dropped the camera. Dani stared straight at me with a smoldering look in her eye and slowly pushed the strap of her dress off her shoulder. As she pushed it farther her naked breast popped into view. My world shrank to the size of the viewfinder in my hand and the sight of my sister's bare titty. It wasn't very big, just a nice handful, and I could clearly see the tan lines around it. My mouth began to water and I had to concentrate to keep the camera from jiggling as I swallowed.

But she wasn't done. Dani pushed the dress off her other shoulder, holding it against her chest so that it couldn't slide off prematurely. She seductively turned away from the camera, holding the dress up and looking over her bare shoulder at me. I swallowed again when she winked at the camera.

I didn't know what was going on in my little sister's head. Some kind of dare? A nude flash for a new boyfriend? Maybe she was one of those girls who put naked pictures of themselves online. I didn't know, but I was determined that she wasn't going to shock me. If she wanted to do some kind of nudie flirting on camera, I was going to film it.

Dani wiggled her ass experimentally a few times, and I felt an unwelcome twinge in my cock. A guy shouldn't be getting excited over his sister, even if she was intentionally being a tease.

Dani gently pushed the dress down to her waist. Her naked back was tanned and muscular. I had seen Dani's bare back lots of times before, mostly when we went swimming. But somehow seeing it like this, outside, with Dani stripping and her long legs in those high-heeled shoes, well it was a whole different back. One that I desperately wanted to touch. To nibble and taste. Maybe some other stuff, too. I had to swallow again.

The dress didn't want to continue down past the gentle swell of her hips, and she wiggled her butt order to facilitate the downward movement of her clothing. In a moment it was on the ground around her ankles, and she was wearing nothing but her high heels and a tiny pair of red silk panties. Still facing away from me Dani braced herself against the wall with one hand so that she could raise first one little foot and then the other, finally kicking the dress free.

My hands started trembling. I told myself that it was nothing, that I couldn't actually see any more than if she'd been wearing a swimsuit. A topless swimsuit, I guess. Who knew that my little sister had so much skin? But I figured that she was all done. She had to be all done, right?

But she wasn't. Dani glanced at me over her bare shoulder and ceremoniously stood straight up, facing away from me with her legs together. She tossed her hair. Then she bent over slowly until the picture of her in the viewfinder was mostly legs and ass and her long hair draped on the concrete. My dick twitched.

Then Dani went too far. She reached up behind her and hooked her thumbs in the skimpy panties. No! She wouldn't, would she? Not my little sister.

But then she did it. My little sister slowly slipped the red panties off her ass and down her legs. I swear I forgot who she was and where we were. I froze, my attention riveted on the little screen in my hands. Dani's ass was firm and well-muscled, and it looked perfect atop those long legs. I gazed at that taut little butt spellbound, as my dick grew harder than it had ever been.

Dani slid her hands up and down her bare legs, drawing attention to how long and perfectly shaped they were. She draped her fingers over her tiny butt and pulled her cheeks apart. I could clearly see her little puckered asshole and her tiny slit. My hips jerked in an involuntary fuck. I wanted to lick her. I wanted to feel that ass and kiss those legs.

I suddenly remembered that it was my little sister that I was looking at, and my big brother sense of protection took over. Dani wasn't going to run around naked in public. Not while I was there to stop her.

I let the camera drop to my side, and started towards her. Totally forgetting my hard dick, I was filled with righteous indignation. I glanced at the street and I was relieved that no one was walking by at that moment. What would Mom and Dad think? Dani, still bent over, saw me from between her legs and she stood up, just as mad as I was.

"You promised!" she said in a loud whisper. Her tone of voice reminded me of someone commanding her dog to stop, and it worked - I stopped dead in my tracks.

Dani jiggled over to me, her heels clacking on the concrete. I wanted to rub myself on her legs, to fuck her little tittys, to kiss her angry lips. I was shocked to see that her pussy was shaved clean. It made her cleft look small and innocent, and I felt my dick throb, whining for a treat. I was too flabbergasted at the sight of my nude sister and her bald pussy to do anything but stand mute until she got to me.

"You promised," she said again, this time a little softer and with a pleading tone. Dani took the camera from me and put it down on the table. I started to scream at her in a hushed voice so that I wouldn't attract any attention to her, but Dani put her finger against my lips. It was more the pleading look in her eye than the finger on my lips that stopped my impromptu scolding. She wasn't crazy or on drugs. She just wanted something from me. From her big brother.

Dani took my hand and led me back to the spot against the wall where her clothing was. She leaned her back against the brick wall casually, as if she wasn't bare from her head to her toes. She pulled me closer to her and I went willingly. I figured that while she told me what was going on I could use my body to shield her from the street.

Dani rested her forehead on my right shoulder, her long hair hanging down. I thought that maybe she was ashamed, that she didn't know how to tell me why she was suddenly such a brazen hussy.

But she surprised me again. Dani reached down between my legs and caressed my rock hard dick through my pants. I was so damned shocked that I forgot all about protecting her naked body from the stares of strangers and I stepped away. Dani leaned forward and stuck her fingers in the waistband of my pants. She pulled me back close to her.

"Come on," she whispered. "You know you want to."

Feeling like I'd entered the Twilight Zone I tried to step away again, but Dani pulled me back by my pants and put her hand on my dick. I tell you, I didn't know what to do. If I stepped back then my little sister was naked in public and anyone walking by could see her. All of her. And Mom and Dad would kill both of us if they ever found out. Or I could stand close enough to shield her from sight. But then she was going to fondle my throbbing dick, which was about to go off without her help at all thank you very much.

"Come on, Paul. You know it's not lying to you." Dani pushed the heel of her hand down hard against my shaft, and I could feel the fluid leaking out of the end. I may not have known what to do, but she was right - it wasn't lying to me. It wanted her. Badly.

I closed my eyes against the sight of my suddenly very sexy sister, and my mind flashed to my fiancée, who had never been this blatantly demanding. Joanne was more the type who would get undressed in the dark and lay there while I made love to her. Her curvaceous figure and her soft love pillows were very sexy, but there was no doubt that our lovemaking wasn't very exciting. I'd sort of hoped that after we got married that she'd loosen up a little.

And Joanne's soft body had certainly never turned me on in the ways that Dani's was now. In a daze I looked down at her breasts. They were the size of an apple, firm and pale white with a tiny erect nipple. They were just the right size for cupping in my hand. I don't know how it happened, because I certainly didn't tell it to, but my hand closed over her breast and I could feel her nipple pushing into my palm.

While I was dazed and confused with my sister's bare tit in my hand, Dani unzipped my pants and pushed them down far enough that I was free. The cool air on my shaft was almost as intoxicating as holding my naked sister. I looked down to see Dani stroking my flushed dick, smearing pre-cum all over me.

I began panting, and Dani's hair tousled and flew and tickled my lips with each gasp. Her gentle strokes were having their desired effect - I was close to shooting off. I reminded myself that this sexkitten was my little sister, and that I shouldn't screw her. My mind seized on the phrase. It became my mantra. I shouldn't screw my sister. I shouldn't screw my sister.

Then she said the words that were guaranteed to steal my cooperation.

"Do it for me?" she whispered in my ear, her hair tickling my nose and her knowing hand massaging my dripping want.

Damn! Those words ought to be prohibited. Men throughout the centuries have seldom been able to resist those words from a pretty girl. And when the girl is naked in your arms, the siren call of them is damn near irresistible. Factor in that it was Dani asking, my little sister whom I'd do anything for, and my misgivings were simply lost. Not gone, you understand - just somewhere that I couldn't put my hands on them.

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