tagNonConsent/ReluctanceDanielle’s Weekend Ch. 03

Danielle’s Weekend Ch. 03


"Danielle, its Dianne from Fugi. I lied about the pictures. Danielle I kept some of them. I am sure though that you and I can come to some agreement. I know you will not want these to accidentally get out on the net, now would you?"

I admit I panicked when I heard her words and decided to play this out for now.

"I understand Dianne, what do you want from me?"

"I am going to be in your area tomorrow for a couple of days and I will be at the Holiday Inn near you. I would think it might be nice for you to meet me for dinner tomorrow night, you can tell your family it's a business meal. Shall we say 7ish?"

I was thinking about the next night and if I could arrange things to make this meeting when Dianne added.

"Danielle, this is really not a request, so please don't be late!"

She hung up. I now had to arrange to be available tomorrow night and so I used my cell phone to see whom I could get to baby-sit the kids. My 'husband' was traveling so while he could not watch the kids nor could he object to me going out for dinner.

So the next night I dressed appropriately for a business dinner, I wore a business suit with skirt and matching Jacket over a crisp white blouse. When I arrived at her hotel I noticed her waiting in the lobby. Dianne is shorter then I am, then again most women are, I am 5' 9" and that's on the tall side of the average. I would guess that Dianne is about 5'5" and she is blonde with an attractive face and figure. I noticed she was pacing the floor, obviously nervous about our encounter. That was a good sign.

As I came in to the lobby Dianne came to me and said,

"Danielle so nice of you to join me tonight. I hope I did not make too much of a problem for you and your family?"

I was determined to not show any emotion and merely said.

"No problem Dianne always glad to meet with a film company rep."

"Follow me to my room, Danielle, I have a bottle of wine I chilled. Lets have a drink and chat before dinner, shall we?"

And with that she led me to the elevator and we rode quietly to her room on the fourth floor. She unlocked the door and ushered me into her suite. She had laid out two glasses and lit a few candles. It looked like she was getting set to seduce someone, probably me.

"Now Danielle, lets not beat around the bush. I have something you want and you have something I want. I propose an exchange."

"I know you have some photos of me having sex in the Poconos, I assume you think that is what I want, but what are you after Dianne?"

"Simple, I invited you to the Poconos in the first place to get to know you, but you ended up with that guy most of the time and I never had any time with you."

"Time for what Dianne?"

"Time for us to explore each other, to make love to each other. I wanted to make love to you, but you never even looked my way, did you?"

"Hey Dianne, I am no different then most women, I experimented with a lot of things in my youth. Having sex with women is something I did then, but have not pursued it in my adult life. I am not sure I would even consider you."

She looked like she could eat nails she was obviously not ready to allow me to just turn her down. Yet I sensed she was a bit unsure of herself, or not really the kind of person to do what she was alluding to do, blackmail me with those photos. I listened as she responded.

"Danielle, I don't think you understand me clearly. I will have you or these photos will find there way to your husband, your in-laws and your parents. So tonight and whenever I want you will be mine. Do we understand each other?"

Although the words were there I could hear that her voice was not as strong as her words and I decided to take control because I again sensed that was the only way out of this situation. I told her.

"Dianne, I think you are the one who is not understanding. You are putting your job and career on the line by trying to blackmail me into some sort of sexual arrangement with you. You foolishly think that I care about those photos? Don't be absurd, my marriage died years ago, and if you gave those photos out, it would only free me to go where I want. You however, are in danger of being unemployed and unemployable. Now I ask you am I being clear enough for you?"

She seemed to be broken. Her head was down and she no longer had the swagger she started this whole thing with. I began to recognize something about her personality that I had seen years ago in college. My roommate had confessed to me one drunken night that she was a submissive and needed her lover, man or woman to be dominant. I decided to see if I was correct when I heard Diane mumble.

"Yes Danielle, I'm sorry."

"Sorry, Dianne I do not think sorry will cut it, do you? No I want more from you. And I want it now. Do you understand me?"

She responded with a single word, yes. I had gained control. Now lets see what I could do with that control.

"Dianne, remove all of your clothing and come kneel in front of me. Oh and Dianne? Do not make me tell you again!"

She started to undress; slowly at first then as she got down to her last line of defense she stalled.

"Dianne, are you trying to defy me? Trying to get me madder then I am?"

"No, Madam."

She quickly shed her bra and panties. I had taken a seat in the large chair in the room and pointed to the floor in front of me. She came over and knelt about two feet from me. I signaled for her to come closer and she knee walked to within six inches of me and hung her head, staring at the floor and waited. I allowed her to wait. I watched as the nipples on her perky B cup tits hardened and as her ass twitched. A few minutes later I commanded.

"From now until I say otherwise, Dianne, you will be known to me as Slave and you will do everything I tell you or incur penalties. Do I make my self clear?"


She whimpered.

"Yes! Yes Mistress! Do not forget this."

"Yes Mistress, I will not forget."

I then had her remove my shoes and told her to make love to my feet with her mouth. She obeyed and began to caress and kiss my feet. I did this to further debase her and secure her in my control after a sufficient time I commanded her.

"Dianne, I am going to stand for a minute. I want you to remove my skirt, panty hose and panties with your teeth. Now!"

It took her a good while to do this and I interrupted her once and made her crawl across the room and get me a glass of wine. Once she had successfully removed my skirt and undies, I continued to stand in front of her and spread my legs slightly.

"I want you to tell me what you see Dianne! Look at me!"

She raised her head and looked me over and said.

"I see a beautiful mistress and a perfect pussy. I am honored to be permitted to look upon you Mistress."

"I want you to make love to my perfect pussy Dianne. Use your tongue and try your best to make me happy. If you do, I will consider allowing you to cum. So do your best."

I sat down with my legs spread, giving her access to my pussy. She leaned forward and used her tongue to gently outline the lips of my sex. Laving them in slow circles she increased the pressure slightly and continued. The girl was good as I felt the first stirrings in my loins. She stopped and moved her tongue to my clit and with some force she massaged the nub then batted it with the tip of her tongue. I could not help but squirm as her talented tongue was getting me wet. When she plunged her stiffened tongue into my hot wet pussy it was like a miniature cock and she used it that way fucking me with her tongue and bringing me to a very nice climax.

I lay my head back against the chair and enjoyed the sensations rippling through me as Dianne continued to lick and suck me. When she slid her tongue to my asshole and ran it around the opening I shuddered again. Then she pushed her tongue into my ass and I came harder then before. It was clear I had forgotten how well another woman could set me off. I would have to keep her and make use of her again.

"Dianne, that was ok. But tell me, did you bring any toys with you for this meeting?"

"Yes, Mistress they are in my suitcase."

I made he crawl over to her suitcase and retrieve the toys. She brought back a small vibrator, a butt plug and a strap on dildo. I gather she was hoping to fuck me with it. I had a better idea.

"Dianne, put the strap-on on me, now!"

She trembled but obeyed. She placed the device around my hips and through my crotch. It was obvious that the device was made to please both partners, as there was a small dildo like device that was made to rub against the wearer's clit as she used it. I wanted to continue to debase her so I told her to get on all fours and turn away from me. Once she was in place I knelt behind her and spanked her ass hard.

"Do you feel that Dianne? I am going to give you nineteen more before I take your pussy and ass."

As she whimpered I struck her ass as hard as I could the proscribed number of times. By the time I was done the imprint of my hand was all over her ass and her ass was as red as a beet. I did not wait; I plunged the large dildo into her pussy and fucked her hard. The pummeling soon got me ready for another wild orgasm and we both came together. We both rested a bit before I withdrew the fat fake cock. Dianne seemed sad to feel it come out but I gave her no time to morn it's passing. I lined it up against her ass and pushed it in. I was kind enough to be patient, but her cries did not stop me as I pushed all eight inches in. Once in she quieted a bit and after allowing her a moment to get used to the invader, I slowly started to fuck her ass. Once again both of us came hard, and we passed out together on the floor.

I awoke with the fake cock still buried in her ass and wondered how else I might make use of my new slave. I began to think that perhaps she might seduce my husband an take some pictures and.........

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