tagIncest/TabooDanny's Butt Mom Ch. 07

Danny's Butt Mom Ch. 07


Danny and his mother were well satiated after their eventful afternoon. After dinner time, both began to get back in the mood. Mother knew that her teenage son probably had erections all the time, and she wanted to satisfy any of his needs. Her son was lying around watching tv, thinking of how good it felt to stick his hard dick in her fat bottom.

He went back in to the kitchen to go see his mom while she cleaned the kitchen. Dianne smiled at her son when she saw him walk in.

"Hi honey. You feeling horny again?"

"Yeah Mom, lets fuck again!" Danny stood their rubbing the hard-on in his shorts.

"I want to watch you stroke yourself while I finish cleaning the kitchen. Come sit up on the counter and show Mom your delicious penis."

He sat up on the counter and pulled down his shorts, exposing his beautiful erection. Dianne went over to him and put her mouth on his cock and rolled her tongue over his beautiful fat head a few times to get it wet. She loved his salty and sweaty taste.

"There you go honey, now get it nice and ready for me. Let me see you hold that big thing!"

She kept her face in his lap and puckered her lips. Danny slapped her in the mouth a few times with his big dong.

"Oohhh I love that! Spank me with your big dick!"

After a few moments of this she stood up and resumed her housekeeping. Danny watched his mom wipe down the counters and clean the sink in her stockings and skirt. Finally she was done, and took off her rubber gloves and walked over to her loving son, standing between his legs. She smiled a sweet loving smile, wrapped her arm around his neck and took hold of his big dick in her other hand. She shoved her big breasts at him and looked at him in the eyes lustfully from inches away.

"Danny, you want to put your penis up my bottom? Fuck your mother in the ass? You want to cum up my ass honey?"

"Oh yeah Mom, it feels so good!"

"It sure does, baby. Now put your hand on my tits and get a good feel. Get a hold of Mommy's titties."

Danny clutched at her massive tits that were next to his belly. They were huge, each much bigger than his hand, and he squeezed and kneaded them over her blouse. He could feel her big nipples poking out and grabbed a hold of them.

"That it baby. Squeeze my nipples, yes." She stopped rubbing his cock for a moment and undid the buttons on her blouse to expose her giant bra-less breasts to her son. She kissed him on the lips and they tongue fucked each other's faces. Then she grabbed her massive tits and put them around her son's juicy dick. She spit on his cock and in between her tits to get it all lubed up, then started fucking her son with her fat tits.

"How's that honey? That feel good?"

"Oh Mom, that feels so good. Don't stop!"

"Are you going to shoot your hot cum on me? C'mon baby, shoot that jizz for me baby. Yes honey! Cum for mommy!"

Danny started pumping his cock between her tits best he could from the seated position on the counter. Dianne continued stroking his big penis between her tits when he let out a moan and thick streams of thick white cum came spurting out onto her chin and nose. She held his cock between her tits and gave her son a nasty look with his cum dripping off her nose and chin. Then she put her mouth on his cock and sucked every drop of sperm out. She was giving her son such a good, depraved blow-job that he never went soft. She mixed his cum and her slobber all over his sloppy dick.

"Put this thing up my ass! Come down here and fuck Mommy's fat bottom good honey!"

She got down on her hands and knees on the floor and puller her skirt up, exposing her wide, bare ass and garter belt. His mother's ass was so wide and round as it curved inward to her beautiful ass hole. She reached around with both hands, spreading her ass cheeks wide for him. Danny mounted his mother and guided his wet prick up against her sphincter.

"That's it sweetheart. Pump momma full of that meat, baby! Yesss!"

Danny pushed his hard prick up against her and felt the tight hole begin to open up. He pushed into her butthole wanting to get in there and felt her ass open up until it tightly grabbed on to his plump head.

Dianne let out a soft moan, drunk with anal passion for her sweet son, "Ohhh yeahhh honey. That feels good sweetie."

Her ass felt so tight around his thick cock as he slowly pushed in and pulled out, each stroke getting further inside her beautiful bottom. His cock slid in a few inches into her ass and he enjoyed the smooth sensation as he fucked his mom with long, deep strokes.

Dianne loved taking her son's enormous cock in her ass and pushed and grunted trying to open her poop hole to accommodate him. Her face was sideways on the floor as she continued to spread her ass wide for her son.

Finally Danny got his large erection over halfway in his mom's butt, then in one motion pulled it all out to take a look at her beautiful gaping ass. He reached over and was able to immediately slide four fingers up her anus, twisting and turning his hand up her butt, stretching it wider for his cock.

"Oh yes Danny! Oh fuck! You're such a good boy. That's my baby. Play with mommy's poop hole darling!"

"Mom I love your ass. It's so big and soft"

"Oh, I love it up my ass. I love you Danny! You're such a good boy to play with my big bottom. Ughhh," She grunted.

Dianne rocked her fat butt back and forth over his fingers.

"That's it baby. Wiggle those fingers inside me."

He was squeezing a handful of her fat ass meat in one hand while working four fingers back and forth in her butt. He pushed his fingers in and twisted them up Mommy's anus.

"Mom, are you ready for my whole cock in there?"

"Yes sweetheart. I want you to fill up my bottom. Pack it deep sweetheart!"

He pulled his fingers out and licked his hand, then got his thick cock lubed from his saliva. Dianne's ass was pulsating in a wide gape, and Danny put the tip of his head right up her anus while squeezing a handful of her fat butt. He pushed in and pulled out several times until his cock was massaging her ass even deeper than before.

"Yes baby! Fuck my bottom! That's so good the way you do that. Oooo!"

She turned her head over her shoulder and watched her son plug away at her butt. He liked making eye contact with his mother while he had his prick in her bum, watching her nasty looks while she talked dirty and grunted.

"I like your cock in my poophole. It feels wonderful, filling my bowels my sweet baby. It makes me want to take a big shit! Ughh! Ughh! You like watching me shit, don't you honey? Uhgg!"

"Oh yeah Mom!"

He put it in long and deep until he was all the way up her butt. Dianne loved the full feeling of her son's wonderful 8 ½ inches in her bowels.

He held on to her waist and started pumping his mom's soft, juicy ass quicker. Her ass was so smooth it felt great and he loved banging against her large butt cheeks. He felt one of his mom's hands massage his balls as he pumped her ass full of dick.

Danny fucked his mom in the ass real good like this for a while. Finally he sunk it all the way in and stopped just to enjoy the feeling of her sphincter around his big prick.

Dianne was on all fours and started pushing back and working her son's prick in her bum. He could feel her muscles squeeze his meat in a rhythmic massage.

"That feel good honey?"

"Oh Mom, yes!"

She rocked her big, wide hips back and forth over his huge cock, Danny's mom's fat ass taking his hard erection in and out of her flexing ring.

"You like it when I fuck your cock with my ass baby?"

"Yeah Mom, fuck it good!"

He loved watching her sphincter pull outwards as his cock slid out, and go inwards as she took him back in. Then she moved forward and his large penis popped out of her ass. Danny knelt behind her, admiring the wonderful gaping hole and his mother's large bottom. She looked over her shoulder at her son and shot him a beautiful loving smile.

Dianne sat up on her ankles still facing away from him so the her butt stuck out just enough. It was a beautiful sight, with her slim waist curving out into enormous berthing hips with a nice juicy fat ass. Danny got behind his mother and stuck his cock right back up her butt. Then he reached around and held on to her enormous breasts in each hand.

Dianne did most of the moving, with long sensual pumps with her hips. Her fat ass covered his lap and her big nipples poked out and her buttfucking son touched them in his fingers.

From this position it felt like his prick was even deeper up her butt and she massaged his cock with her anus muscles as she rode him rhythmically.

She could feel her son's beautiful meat twinge inside her anal cavity.

"You ready to cum baby? I want your cum in deep my ass. That's it baby, give it to momma. Shoot it up my butt!"

He squeezed her huge boobs and pulled her close to him as he began pumping another great load in his mom's ass.

She rubbed her clit and started coming too as she felt her son's hot sperm splashing inside her bowels.

To Danny it was the perfect feeling of his mother's spasming muscles squeeze his thick dick tightly.

"Oh yeah mom! Take my cum up your ass!"

"Yes baby shoot it deep in me! OOHHH!!"

She fucked her son's cock perfectly and he filled his Momma's bowels just as she needed. They were in love and very happy.

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