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Dare Me Ch. 05


OK, guys and girls, here's the latest of "Dare Me". Sorry for the delay, I've had a few issues pop up around here and had to make sure it was a go with submitting it. Hopefully, as I cross my fingers and close my eyes, you all will like it. As always, please send me feedback, comments and yes, even the not so good comments. All of what you all say to me helps me to become a better writer. With that said, hope to hear from you all soon! ~~honeywldcat~~

Dare Me

By: honeywldcat

©2010 all rights reserved

Chapter Five

That stupid bitch is hiding in the house and I know it. I heard the guy tell her to get inside. She won't get away from me this time. If I don't get her to him tonight, he'll kill my family. Running her off the road hadn't worked, neither had the snake, but if I have to, I'll burn the bitch alive. At least if I can't get her to him and he hurts what's mine, he won't have her.

That dumbass better have kept the guy busy long enough in the woods so I can get to her, or he'll be next on my list. This stupid whore is the only thing he wants and the only ticket I have to get my wife and son back.

Fuck! The key doesn't work! Fine, I'll bust the damn door down!

Finally! Shit! Who is that coming? Fuck, fuck, fuck, stupid cunt! I'll be back later...I will get you one way or the other!


Stephanie couldn't stop fidgeting as she waited for Daren to come back inside. She needed to see him, feel him, to know he was ok. The way he took off without a moment's hesitation scared her. Is this the way she'll feel when he has to go back to base? The thought of not knowing what type of mission he would be on and not knowing if he was ok or when he'd be back damn near caused her to go into a panic attack.

She reminded herself to breath, to calm down. Sitting down on the floor, she picked up B.B., her puppy, and stroked his fur to soothe the trembling pup as well as herself. She almost laughed at herself. What business was it of hers to worry about Daren once he left? He wasn't really engaged to her, it was all a sham. She dropped her head back against the wall in disgust. It didn't matter, she admitted. No matter what happened, she loved him and always would.

When she had rushed in the house a few minutes ago at Daren's command, she'd locked the back door and hid behind it. She knew Daren didn't want her answering the door unless it was him or one of his friends and he had assured her that if it was one of them, they'd make sure she knew somehow. So, when she heard someone trying to open the front door, she froze.

She looked from where she was sitting towards the front of the house and wondered what to do. If it was one of the guys, they had a key and the alarm pass code to get in. Setting the puppy behind her, she looked to the alarm key pad that was beside the front door and debated on hitting the 'panic' button. It was that or open the back door and try to find help that way. What if Daren was hurt and someone was coming for her next?

Daren's voice rang through her head, "No matter what, don't you dare leave the safety of this house, unless one of us is with you."

Chewing on her bottom lip, she remembered how he and his guys had explained that they had safe guarded the house and that they would get to her no matter what if someone tried anything here. Decision made, she ran across the room and flinched as whoever was outside began to pound against the door, as if trying to break it down. She pressed the 'panic' button and grabbed her cell phone off the table beside the alarm. Running towards the back door, she grabbed her puppy and then ran as if the hounds of hell were on her heels up the stairs.

Making a bee line to the extra bedroom, she ran straight to the closet and closed herself and the puppy inside it. She slid the sliding lock that one of the guys had installed and waited. Her whole body was shaking and tears were filling her eyes at the thought of not seeing Daren again. Stephanie gasped for breath, begging and pleading with every God she could think of to keep Daren safe and unharmed.

Closing her eyes, she concentrated on calming her breathing. She took a deep breath in, then out. Over and over she repeated the exercise, trying to think of what to do next. When her cell phone vibrated in her hand she jumped as if it electrocuted her.

Flipping it open, she answered barely above a whisper, "Yeah?"

"Shorty, we are less than three minutes from you," Chase's voice was calm and soothing.

Stephanie's voice shook, "Where's Daren? He took off through the woods. Is he ok?"

"We're not sure, yet. Just stay put. You did good, sweet pea. Once we secure the area, I'll come get you. Don't answer the door for anyone else but me or Daren. You understand?"

She begged, "Please find him, Chase! I need to..."

Chase shushed her, "I'm right outside. Calm down, I know. I'll come get you as soon as I can."


Daren ran around the house and almost stopped dead in his tracks when he saw the door barely hanging on the hinges. Gun in hand he took the steps one at a time as quietly as he could. He felt like his heart was going to explode.

If Stephanie wasn't ok...no! She had to be alright, he wouldn't allow any other option. He cleared the bottom floor. No one was down there. Nothing was out of place, so he crept up the stairs. He thought he heard someone enter the house and turned to find Cougar nod at him. Daren gave him the signal to stay put while he checked upstairs.

It seemed to take him an hour to make the short journey. He took a left at the top of the stairs and headed towards Stephanie's room. After clearing it, he headed to the bathroom, then to the next bedroom. All clear, so far at least. He peered around the corner to the 'safe room' they had created for emergency situations and cleared the room.

He placed his hand on the closet door and hoped like hell she was in there. He knocked on the door gently and thought he heard B.B. growl.

Daren's heart was in his throat as he said, "Stephanie, open the door. It's all clear out here."

He took the seconds for her to open the door to switch the safety back on his gun and slide it in the waist of his jeans at the center of his back. Tears were streaming down her face as she jumped into his arms.

Daren clutched her to him. He never wanted to let her go. He felt her tears on his neck where she buried her head against him and he tried to soothe her. Running his hands up and down her back, he had no idea what he was saying to her, but she seemed to be calming down some. After a moment, he tried to set her down in front of him, but she tightened her hold on his neck and her legs squeezed him tighter around his waist.

He groaned, "Baby, I have to let the guys know you are ok."

Chase stuck his head in the room, "We're going to take care of the door, Dare."

He looked up to meet Chase's concerned look, "Thanks, we'll be down in a little bit."

Daren watched as Chase made his way across the room. It took every ounce of strength to keep from jerking Stephanie out of his reach as Chase ran his hand down Stephanie's hair, "It's ok now, everyone's safe."

Chase grinned at her muffled, "Go away, Chase."

With a, "Yes, ma'am," Chase left the room and Daren walked to the bed sitting down with Stephanie still wrapped around him.

Stroking her hair, he asked her, "Baby, please look at me?"

She looked up at him with red-rimmed eyes glistening with tears and she was still the most beautiful woman in the world to him. Cupping her face in his hands, he gently covered her lips with his. In barely no time at all, this little slip of a woman had captured his heart. It was hers for the taking and he had no idea how in the hell to deal with that.

Adrenaline still coursed through his veins. His body pulsed and trembled. Someone had tried to hurt his woman and whoever it was would pay dearly.

He deepened the kiss, staking his claim, taking her lips as he wanted to take her. She clutched at his shoulders and rocked against him. All thought left his mind except for the feel of her in his arms and the taste of her. He had to have her now.

Gripping her t-shirt, he pulled it over her head, barely taking a second to break their kiss to get it off. Rolling them so that she was on her back beneath him, he devoured her mouth as he unsnapped her jeans. She helped push them over her hips as he pulled them and her panties down her legs. Raising his lower body so she could kick them off, his hand cupped her heat.

She was so hot and wet for him that he growled against her lips. He wanted to take the time to taste her, but couldn't. He needed to sink balls deep inside her heat, to feel her clench and cum around his cock.

Faster than he thought possible, he had his jeans undone and his cock in his hand. Still, he didn't stop kissing her, he couldn't. He kneed open her legs and rubbed his cock against the lips of her pussy. Pressing in, he lodged the head of his swollen cock inside her.

Breaking the kiss, he warned her, "I can't be easy, baby. I need you."

Then she said two words that should have calmed the emotions running through him, "Me too."

Hearing her say those words made his need to claim her that much worse. He thrust his hips hard and fast, burying himself as deep as humanly possible. Gripping her thigh high on his waist, he pounded into her over and over. When she started to moan and writhe against him, he covered her lips with his. He wanted to hear her scream and moan his name, but knew the guys were downstairs.

She sucked greedily at his tongue as he fucked her and he couldn't hold back. Almost before it began, he felt his sac tighten and his cum rush up his cock. She broke the kiss and bit his shoulder seconds before he let go. Her pussy was squeezing his cock as if it were a vice. He felt her cream coat his cock and he filled her full of his cum.

Daren kissed her lips as his arms strained to keep him from crushing her. He needed to pull his shit together and get downstairs to help the guys, but didn't have it in him to withdraw from her.

Stephanie pushed against his chest. Leaning back slightly, he waited to hear what she had to say. He felt her hands run up his chest to his face. Closing his eyes, he let her hands map out his features. It was as if she had to make sure he was really there.

Forcing himself, Daren pushed off the bed and buttoned his jeans. Once he was zipped up, he looked down at her, "Baby, I need you to get dressed and come downstairs with me."

She tried to protest, "I need to take a shower, Daren."

Daren looked in between her thighs at his cum leaking from her. He picked up her jeans and panties, handed them to her and told her, "No. I like knowing part of me is still inside of you, dripping down your thighs."


Stephanie was still shocked. Not in shock, but shocked none the less. After finding out and knowing Daren was ok and knowing that whoever was trying to break in was gone, she was emotionally together. That is until Daren didn't want her to take a shower after they had made love.

No, what they had done was plain out sex, not making love. He took her. There was no finesse, no coddling, no whispered promises, and she absolutely loved every second of it. Never had she felt more alive; never had she felt needed to that extent before.

Now, though, well she felt branded in some weird sort of way.

The guys all shared a knowing look as she and Daren had walked down the stairs hand in hand. She also couldn't overlook the fact that he kept a physical connection with her every second, to the point of Jake and Chase making comments under their breath if she so much as tried to walk into a separate room without Daren by her side.

Part of his behavior turned her on, more than she cared to admit, but that other part of her was becoming upset. She was trying to rationalize it out as them just going through a traumatic situation, but being in danger was second hand to him. She had decided to go to the bathroom so she could be alone for a moment when Daren's hand grabbed her arm.

Pinning him with what she knew was a glare, she told him, "Let go, Daren."

He just raised an eyebrow at her, "Where are you going?"

She sighed heavily, "I'm going to the bathroom." When he didn't release her arm, she asked him, "Would you like to hold my hand? Oh, I know...would you like to help me?"

Daren pulled her against his chest as he stood up. He looked down into her eyes and she saw his pupils dilate as he told her, "Let's go, baby."

Stephanie held her breath as Daren all but dragged her to the bathroom off of the kitchen. He slammed the door shut behind them and pinned her to it, "Don't you know not to push me by now?"

She demanded, "What is wrong with you? Why are you acting like this?"

He growled, "Don't you get it? I almost lost you today, dammit!"

Her mouth fell open, "Is that what this is all about? I'm safe, Daren. You are here and so are your guys."

He shook his head, "It's not enough. I don't want you out of my sight." He cupped her jaw and looked deep into her eyes, "You don't get it. I can't let anything happen to you."

Stephanie bit her lip and closed her eyes. When he looked at her like that she could almost swear that he felt more for her than lust. Her inner voice screamed at her. Don't go there, he'll be leaving soon.

She opened her eyes and told him in a hushed whisper, "I can't stand the thought of anything happening to you either, Dare."

Heat infused her very being as Daren's mouth covered hers. His hands scorched her body as he touched her. She could feel him lifting her shirt and cupping her breasts as he trailed kisses down her neck and around her collar bone. The love bite he placed there had her clawing at his back.

He growled against her neck, "I need you now, Stephanie."

Without thinking about the consequences of admitting the truth, she told him, "I'm yours."

He pulled her pants down, not bothering with the zipper or button and she kicked them off of her legs in a rush. She heard his zipper being undone and he was picking her up. Her legs wrapped around his waist as he thrust deep inside her very core. Her eyes drifted shut as the sensations overwhelmed her.

He demanded, "Look at me."

With him being as deep inside her body as he possibly could get, Stephanie couldn't deny him. She didn't want to deny him. If only she could keep him from seeing how much she loved him and could keep her heart guarded against the one man who'd managed to completely ensnare her, maybe then she could heal at some point once he left. Because she knew he would leave and forget her.

Slowly, she opened her eyes. As he withdrew from her body, her inner muscles greedily clenched at him, trying to keep him exactly where she needed him to be. Daren held still with only the head of his cock lodged inside of her and asked, "Are you mine?"

Gripping his shoulders, she moaned. Why did he have to do this? Why did he have to make her say it again? Begging, she tried to shift her hips, "Please..."

He wouldn't let her avoid the question. He demanded once again, "Tell me." Leaning his forehead against hers, he admitted, "Please, baby. I need to hear it again."

Tears pooled in her eyes as she sucked in a deep breath. Wishing she could get by without giving all of herself wouldn't work. She knew that. As the first tear rolled down her cheek, she gave in. A catch in her voice gave away more than she wanted, "I'm yours."

She felt him thrust hard and fast. Her inner muscles gave into the invasion as he stretched her. Her eyes glazed over and her vision blurred. Holding on to his shoulders, she tried to keep herself grounded, but it was useless when she was in his arms. Daren growled and moaned her name as she felt his cock swell. She vaguely heard him whisper nonsensical words in her ears.

His cock rubbed against her clit with every stroke, sending her higher and higher. Closer and closer to the orgasm that she knew would rip through her. She focused on her hand gripping his shoulder. The engagement ring that represented the sham of their relationship mocked her. More tears streamed down her face. Not able to hold back anymore, she heard Daren tell her, "Cum for me, baby."

Just like that the tide that swelled inside her body broke. Her body clenched and contracted and she felt the rush of fluid from inside her coat him. He growled and gripped her hips tighter, grinding against her. Her body gave him every ounce of release he seemed to crave. She felt his semen coat her insides and more tremors shook her.

Tears still streamed down her face as they both came down from their releases. It hit her hard as he withdrew from her body that it was too late. There was no way to guard herself or prepare herself for the inevitable. He owned every part of her being and it would kill her inside when he walked away.


Daren was still shaking as he left the bathroom. The tears that had flowed from Stephanie's eyes destroyed him. He was scared that he had hurt her, but knew it was more than that. He tried telling himself that it was the adrenaline rush from everything that had happened hitting her. Only he couldn't even lie to himself over what it really was.

He was the cause of those tears. He was the cause of the pain and emotional tide ripping through her.

Gripping the sink, he stared out the back window from the kitchen. He now realized that walking away without knowing that she was his when he returned from his next mission would tear him apart. How could he ask her to wait for him knowing there was a good chance of him not returning?

Daren heard someone enter the kitchen behind him and saw Chase's image in the window. Sighing, he asked, "What, Cougar?"

"Is Stephanie holding up?"

Slowly, Daren turned to face one of his best friends and teammate, "You'll have to ask her to know for sure."

Chase arched his eyebrow at that response and looked at him. Sometimes it got to him how observant Chase was. He always managed to see and feel things that people wanted to keep hidden. He wanted to groan as Chase asked the one thing he didn't want to answer, "What about you, Dare?"

"No, I'm not holding up. I won't until we catch this stupid fuck messing with her." He cringed at his own thoughts when he wondered, what about when you do catch him and it's time to go?

Both men turned towards Stephanie as she walked out of the bathroom. Stephanie jumped when Chase asked, "Are you ok?"

Daren wanted to walk to her and wrap her up in his arms, but knew it was the wrong thing to do. Stuffing his hands in his pockets, he waited for her to look up at him. He needed to see her eyes. Needed to see that she didn't regret what just happened only moments before in that small bathroom.

Keeping her eyes averted from his and Chase's, she shrugged her shoulders. Telling them, "I think I'm just exhausted."

Even with his eyes trained on him, Daren could feel the glare his friend shot his way. Chase suggested, "Why don't you head on up to bed? I think we are all planning to head out shortly once we make sure everything is secure one more time."

Stephanie nodded and finally looked up at Daren. Her guards were up once again as she asked, "Are you staying?"

He wanted to grab her and shake her senseless. How could she think he would leave? His voice sounded harsh to his own ears, "You know I'm not going anywhere, dammit."

Jerkily, she nodded once and they followed her into the living room where the rest of his team was watching the local news. Stephanie's breath caught as the news anchor sadly reported, "Our town has been hit by something absolutely horrible, ladies and gentleman. A woman and child have both been murdered. Their bodies were found on the outskirts of town only an hour ago. The police said that even though the bodies were badly mutilated, they have a positive I.D. Mary Ann Peterson, 33 years of age, and her son Dillon, 9 years of age, were killed and the police are asking for any tips in locating her estranged husband Charles Peterson."

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