Dare You


Andrea was recommended as "just your type", "great company" and my personal favourite "perfect for you". So as you can imagine, I was already not in favour of a blind date. Don't get me wrong I have no problems with dating just my friend's tastes in women for me.

I only went in the end to save having to put up with the nagging and questioning any longer. I caved in other words.

We met in a pub. None of the flower in the lapel or copy of newspaper open on page 3 nonsense. Just me, a table in the corner and a pint.

To this day now I can close my eyes and remember Andrea walking into the pub and to my table. Her long red hair bouncing in time with her steps. Her chest looking so inviting under her tight top.

Andrea was wearing a long skirt that dropped to well past her knees. A tight figure revealing top that showed her curves and dipped at the front to show just enough cleavage to get a man interested but not so much as to tell you all about it.

It was a nice summers evening so we went into the beer garden to sit and enjoy our drinks and to avoid the karaoke that had just started. We chatted for a bit. All the usual getting to know you stuff.

After a while we decided to leave the pub and go for a walk. We were both enjoying each others company and knew if we stayed there to long our friends would join us and the evening would be lost.

So we decided to get lost first so they couldn't find us. It also gave us a chance to get to know each other for longer without anyone playing cupid or forcing the pace.

We were walking through a local schools playing field. It had a small bank that led down to the next field and so on. We decided that there was a good a place as any to hang out and avoid the others and so we sat on the bank.

We'd got to that wonderful point in the evening when we you have to decide how far do you push it with your questions so that you don't frighten them off but you get to know more about them.

Me being the cheeky guy that I am I usually go to far.

As we sat there I looked around and there was nobody else in sight. Not a soul other then Andrea and I. I decided to be brave and push my luck as far as I could. The way I figured it a very negative report back to my friends on the evening should be enough to cure the cupid desires in them for at least a good six months.

So I looked at Andrea and began my master plan:

"Did you know that were all alone and nobody can see what were doing"

"Ok" replied a curious Andrea "We could do absolutely anything and you and I would be the only ones that ever knew about it." I continued

"Ok" repeated Andrea

I went in for the kill "We could strip naked and run around this field and no one would ever know"

"We could but I don't think you'd dare" replied Andrea

Not quite the response I was looking for but after a few moments thought I could see an interesting result on the horizon.

"I don't think you would either" I shot back with my best poker face on

"Are you sure?" came the reply

Ok, game on I thought.

"I dare you to strip naked and run to that tree and back" I said

Andrea stood up and with a glint in her eye replied, "I dare you to join me"

Again this response threw me. This wasn't supposed to be this way. Not that I was complaining. All I had to so was strip in front of someone I had only known for a few hours and then I would get to see a beautiful curvy woman exactly as nature intended.

For me this was a no brainer. I might have to come up with another way to solve the killing of all blind dates issue but at least I could enjoy Andrea's naked body.

I stood up and took two steps back. I then unbuttoned my shirt. When I got to the bottom I looked at Andrea who smiled at me and peeled her top off. Under her top encased in a very sexy lace black bra was a pair of 38D breasts crying out to be released into the world. Andrea resisted letting them out though. Instead she looked at me until I took my shirt off.

I then undid my belt and slowly un buttoned my trousers and let them drop. My arousal in my boxers was pretty evident. With a shimmy of her hips Andrea's skirt hit the floor. Her knickers were black lace the same as the bra.

I stood there for a moment and just admired the view and pondered how did I ever get this lucky. I'd only known her for a few hours and there she stood in some serious lingerie looking so attractive.

"Not getting cold feet are you?" Andrea teased

"Not a chance I'm just waiting for you to catch up" I replied

"How'd you mean?" She asked

"Well, I'm topless and your not" I replied holding my breath in anticipation

"So why didn't you say?" She asked as she reached behind and unhooked her bra freeing her 38D's

Do you ever have a moment when you would love to stay forever? Well, when Andrea's bra joined her pile of clothes on the floor and I first saw her breasts in all their glory I had one of those moments.

I struggled to remove my boxers as the sight of them had ensured I was fully to attention. Andrea smiled as she saw my discomfort. She then hooked her thumbs into sides of her knickers and removed them with a flourish.

She turned and started sprinting for the tree long before I had a chance to check her out. I gave chase. Not an easy task with a full-blown erection.

Andrea beat me to the tree and then waited there. As I got closer I caught my first full sight of her pussy. She kept it trimmed quite short. It looked very inviting. As I got to the tree she started back. This time I was ready for her and we were neck and neck. This gave us a chance for some gentle pushing and shoving.

By the time we got back to where we had stripped off we were both looking hot and bothered. Andrea beat me by about half a stride.

"Would you like a victory kiss?" I enquired more in hope then expectation

Two lips met mine in answer as we sank to the ground together. I pulled her close to me as I continued to kiss her.

My hands ran all over her body and Andreas explored mine. It didn't take her long to take my erection in her hand. My hand reached her pussy and as I touched her she let out a little sigh and started to rub my erection. My fingers explored her pussy in time with her strokes.

After a few moments of this she led my erection to the entrance of her pussy. I could tell from how wet my fingers were that she was more then ready for me and so I entered her pussy without any words passing between us. I started with slow deep thrusts slowly getting faster and faster. I could feel her responding to me.

I was nearing the point of no return and when she gasped out it was to much for me and I shot my load deep into her.

As I pulled out of her Andrea looked at me and smiled

"I dare you to..."

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