tagCelebrities & Fan FictionDark Angel: Fertility Ch. 02

Dark Angel: Fertility Ch. 02


Terminal City...

The glow of the black motorcycles headlamp glinted across the tracks as it entered the train yard.

"Hey watch your hands," Max yelled at Alec as she fixed her yellow tinted shades.

Alec who sat behind her on the bike moved his hands from just under her breasts down over her waist.

"I told you; us having sex was no more than Manticore's breeding program-"

"Which, as I recall, you refused to participate in," Alec chirped, "bet you wish you hadn't now though, huh?"

"Ergh," Max grimaced, the glow she felt after the great fuck Alec had given her dissolving as his usual cocky attitude resurfaced.

"How did you find out about this Lard guy anyway?" She asked.

"Most Manticore's freaks relocated here; met him through a lizard looking recon soldier- Why the hell does a recon soldier have reptile DNA? It was a left back there by the way," Alec said pointing his thumb over his shoulder. Max gave a frustrated grunt and spun her bike around then sped left between two freight containers.

She stopped her bike in front of one of the containers, Alec getting off it and wrapping loudly on the sliding door.

"Enter," came a voice from within.

Alec slid the door open and got up into it, Max following his lead. The first thing that caught her eye was the soft glow that came from a dozen TV sets standing on steel packing shelves. All the TV's were facing a double bed that stood atop concrete bricks; and all of them displayed three different channels, the only three channels available after the Pulse.

"You know what's cool? When that Eyes Only guy does his cable hacks, and all my TV's switch to it at the same time," said the voice who had invited them in.

Max's eyes bulged as she looked at the bed in the direction the voice had come from. The man on it was enormous; taking the full space on the entire double bed, obese was just not adequate enough to describe him. He looked like a naked mass of folded flesh. His massive triple chinned face grinned at Max, looking at her toned, sexy body, "Who's the dish," he asked Alec?

Alec looked up at him sniggering, "Oh, she's Manticore," he said amused at the way Max was gawping at Lard, X5."

"Yeah?" smirked Lard still leering at Max, "they designated me XXL; thought 'emselves comedians."

"Her name's Max, Lard, she-"

"Whoa are we forgetting something Alec?" Lard asked cutting him short abruptly.

Alec sighed; then reached into his jacket and pulled out a bag of potato chips tossing it to Lard who immediately ripped it open (spilling most of it over his chest) and stuffing it into his mouth.

"That's fresh," Alec said, "real hard to find these days. No one makes fresh chips anymore."

"Yeah, yeah, yer stuffs in the locker."

Max tore her eyes from Lard to look over at Alec who walked over to the locker, opened it and took out a few phials of liquid pocketing them, "we have an agreement. Don't worry, it's all legit," Alec said noticing the questioning glare she was giving him; "phials are filled with Manticore designed cures to the new diseases that popped up after the Pulse, taken from Lard's DNA before Manticore was destroyed. I render a service for a small fee."

He turned back to the overly fat man on the bed, "now then, Lard, my friend Max here has a problem that merits the use of your Manticore traits."

Lard's eyes fell back on Max and he smiled, "really?" Do tell?"

Max looked at him somewhat adjusted to his flopping bulk and immense size, "what exactly did you do at Manticore, Lard?"

"I was used as a test subject to strengthen human immunities. Spliced with crocodile DNA; you know they can withstand any disease?"

"Anywoo, I was injected with the deadliest viruses and the strongest drugs and withstood it all. Of course the side effects left me a bit chubby," Lard finished off, emptying the chip packet in his mouth, "you X5 transgenic's got some of your tolerance for truth serums from my coding."

"So what's your problem?" He asked Max again.

She took a short breath then started telling him the story of her dilemma leaving out unnecessary details like who she had screwed to get the toxin neutralised, or that she had attempted her own experiment with Alec.

At first Lard remained silent; then he looked at Alec, "if you could wait outside so that I can have a private word with Max," he said sounding as if he were invoking doctor/patient confidentiality.

Alec looked from Lard to Max and back again, shrugged, then headed out of the container. Alone in the room Lard was again eyeing Max up and down, making her feel a bit uncomfortable, he said, "I'm guessing you're hoping that if I were to give you a transfusion of my blood the properties in my cells would counteract the toxin..."

"It would most likely work, but the problem is, Manticore used specialized equipment to make different extractions from me, whether blood samples, or tissue and bone marrow samples, and as you may have heard, Manticore went ka-blowy..."

"You see I'm so obese that my veins are too thin, and my skin too thick for conventional methods."

Max looked over at the locker from where Alec had taken his stash-

"And what's in there won't help; all that serums are pre-dated Manticore medicine from before your squads break-out."

Max looked defeated; her last hope, shattered.

"Buuut," Max looked back up at Lard as he grinned at her, "there is another way if you're really desperate."

Max didn't like the sound of this, and knew it couldn't be good, still despite herself, she took his queue, "what?" She asked.

"Sperm," Lard replied, almost matter-of-factidly, "genetic data of males are passed on through sex."

"You have got to be kidding me," Max said pulling her face.

"Nope. My sperm will do the job same as my blood, in much the same way that Adony clone's sperm boosted your fertility."

Max looked at the obese mass that was Lard momentarily contemplating if it was even physically possible to fuck him.

The words were spoken by her and she didn't know how she could even be considering it, "this is a hundred percent sure fire, no bullshit?"

"Yip; if I cum in you. I am somewhat of an expert."

This was it, her last option: fuck Lard or have this baby...

The latter was almost more bearable...

"Fine," she said softly, conceding to what she told herself wasn't really a decision.

Lard smiled from ear to ear, "so, missionary position is like a no, no, for me; so you need to like hop on up here and get busy, he said awkwardly turning a shallow shade of pink.

Max pulled her face again in disgust; from where she stood she couldn't even see his dick even though he was naked, folds of skin from his stomach rolling over his thighs. She pulled down her pants and panties in one go kicking off her boots, ignoring the groan from Lard.

She got on the bed and turned her back on him, sitting on his wobbly stomach. Max pulled her face as she pulled back the folds of his skin and found his dick that was a stumpy erect rod. Lard breathed rapidly as if he were a pregnant woman trying to control her contractions as Max took firm hold of his warm cock and started pumping her fist up and down it. She removed her hand that was keeping the folds of his stomach at bay- which rolled down around her other hand- moving it between her legs.

She tried to take her mind off what she was about to do, ignoring how disgusted she was with the thought of fucking Lard. Instead as her hand rubbed over her moist pussy; memories of the fucking Alec had given her flooded back to her. as she dipped her finger in her slit and ran it in and out arousing herself; she thought back to how hard Alec had given it to her, driving his massive cock in and out of her, screwing her up against the kitchen counter- it had felt so good, his cock had been so hard ramming in and out of her over and over again. She gripped tighter around Lard's cock thrusting her hand up and down, her finger curling up in her moistening cunt as she fingered herself furiously with the memories of how good it had felt being taken by Alec felt...

"Fffffhrrrntghgh, foo, phoo, foo," Lard panted as Max masturbated him, "Sop, stop," he groaned.

Max was yanked from her thoughts back to the present; Lard's cock was throbbing in her hand. Her own juices were now tickling over her hand. She pulled her finger from herself and shuffled forward, lining up with Lard's cock. Holding it firmly she lowered herself down.

"Euh," she hitched as his knob connected with her entrance. She took a breath and sank down swallowing his shaft and stretching around his stubby girth. His Large stomach pushed up against her butt as she pushed down taking him in inch by inch; just over halfway down she found she couldn't sink any further. Max craned her neck to look at Lard; his eyes were snapped shut, and his face had turned purple as he breathed rapidly, overcome by her scintillating hot sex; she should have guessed he was a virgin.

Unable to push down Max pulled up, his cock slipping out of her cunt slightly before easing down again. Her pussy gripped around his cock as she started riding him, her hands flat on his mushy stomach, holding herself steady as she slowly thrust her waist up and down. Though she was fucking him begrudgingly, her pussy was squeezing his shaft as it slipped over it and her breathing picked up, her clit starting to throb. Despite herself she started going faster, grinding her hips as much as she could over him.

It seemed as just as she was starting to enjoy the sex though it was over; Lard was pulsing frantically inside her and when she humped him faster, he went cross-eyed and let rip. Max's knees trembled as her ejaculated inside her, her pussy gripping and milking his wads of semen...

Slightly disappointed and completely unsatisfied, Max pulled off him, got off the bed and put on her pants.

"Wow, you are g-great," Lard said out of breath.

"Yeah whatever," Max smirked rudely, "so that's it, it's done?"

"My sperm will act in the same way as the reagent you used before, so you-"

Bullets ripped through the container shredding the bed, and TV sets. Survival senses kicking in immediately; Max dived to the ground covering her head as the bullets sprayed over her head. The door slid open...

"Max, Max you ok!" Alec yelled over the gunfire.

"Holy shit," he swore looking over at the bed.

Max followed his gaze to see Lard riddled with bullet holes in a sickening bloody mess. She forced herself to fight back her emotions and got up and dashed for the door...

Alec had his back against the container shielding himself and peeked around it; his pupil expanded as his vision zoomed in on their attackers, "Shit, more of those damn clones," he said pulling out a gun.

"We have to get out of here," Max said looking around for a way to escape.

"Their tuff sons a' bitches, but they don't have our training Max, we can take them."

"Right, us against thirty damn super clones armed with AK-47's, real smart," she sneered.

"How'd you know there were thirty," Alec asked.

But Max was on the move. She faced the container and jumped up on top of it in a single leap.

"Max, what the hell are y-"

"Shit, typical," Alec whined as Max disappeared from sight. He peeked out of cover and squeezed off three shots, hitting three cones with deadly precision.

Max ran silently across the containers, her black cat burglar attire making her a ghost's shadow. She flanked around the back of the clones and dropped down behind one of them. She kicked the side of his knee hard snapping the bone inward, then wrapped her hand around his head and snapped his neck. She hated using lethal force, but under the current circumstances it was them or her. Picking up the dead clone's rifle, she peeked out hoping she could get Alec's attention.

On the other side of the rail yard, Alec was using his binocular vision to snipe clones; out of the corner of his eye he saw it. He zoomed in on Max and read the hand signals.

"Ok, but you better hope this works Maxie," he mumbled to himself.

He came out of hiding firing off shots taking out clones in rapid nozzle flashes and spilling blood. The clones thought him an easy target peeked out and trained their rifles on him. No sooner had they done this; and Max came out of hiding shredding them down from behind. When they tried to turn to shoot her, they were gunned down by Alec.

Max and Alec moved forward as the body count rose with them gunning down clone after clone. Alec picked up a rifle when his magazine clip emptied, Max covering him, and when she reloaded he did the same for her. With one last shot (caching an Adonis clone between the eyes) the firing ceased. Thirty-plus clones lay strewn in a bloody heap across the train yard.

"Told you we could take them," Alec said with his rifle rested on his shoulder.

"Yeah," with my plan," Max smirked, dropping her own rifle on the ground.

Alec gave a low whistle looking around himself at the dead bodies, "what the hell do we do about this?"

"Leave it," Max said, "no one comes down here. At least we know this is it for Vikki's fucking freaks."

"What about you?" Alec suddenly asked, "did Lard help with your, eh, problem?"

Max was again brought back to the reality her dilemma.

"You can get out of here alone, right?" she said looking hopefully up at Alec," I need to clear my head."

"Eh yeah," he said meeting her gaze, "Yeah sure."


It felt like a lifetime ago that Max had sat like this at Crash. She nursed her beer thinking...

Thinking how it was here she had met Sketchy who had fucked her and helped rid her of the first embryo. Lard had not finished his sentence, but she knew what he wanted to tell her. That she once again needed someone to cum inside her...

She sighed heavily.

"Rough night, Max?"

She turned to look up at the familiar voice to find Rafer taking a seat next to her at the bar.

"Can't have been worse than yours," she said looking at the exhausted look on his face.

"Yeah, being an EMS in this cities for the dogs. Twins burnt to death in a burning building in Sector 9, and a woman was shot and fell down six stories off the building right opposite..."

Max swallowed awkwardly.

"But that's life right," Rafer frowned, raising his pitcher of beer that the barkeep had brought over, "To the Pulse," he smiled.

"The Pulse," Max toasted clinking her pitcher to his, and for some reason, doing so spiritedly.

"So Max, what've you been up to?"

She didn't answer, she just looked at him. Sure he was cute, but was she really going to do the same thing twice. The last time she had given in she was in heat and after doing the 'deed' she had felt terrible for it.

"Max, you ok?" He asked puzzled by the way she was looking at him.

"Sounds like you need some R&R," she said finally, wondering if this was the right thing to do.

Rafer smiled stupidly at what she was no doubt offering, "What about Lo-"

Max put her finger to his lips before he could finish, but thinking she may back out, she leaned forward and pressed her lips to his. They kissed slowly, Max following his lead letting him act first; this he did slipping his tongue in her mouth which she opened and massaged gingerly with her own tongue. She broke the kiss sucking on his lower lip, and then opened her eyes to find him staring hotly at her.

"Let's get outta here," she smiled...


Max tried to breathe lying on Rafer's bed with his mouth sucking, licking and gnawing along her neck, but all that escaped her lips were pleasurable moans. He nipped his way up along her jaw line before covering his mouth over her chin...


"Hummph," her groan muffled as he covered her mouth with his own kissing her passionately parting her lips and slipping his tongue in over hers.

'NO!' Her mind screamed, this wasn't love making, this was just sex to rid herself of the poisoned embryo in her womb. She should just take off her clothes and fuck him quickly then leave. She pushed her face to the side, his tongue slipping out of her mouth as the kiss was broken, but he moved to her earlobe sucking on it sending tingling sparks through her.

"God," Max whispered, it felt so good.

Rafer's hand struggled into her tight leather pants and under her panties and he groaned as her cupped her sex.

"Goddamn you're wet, Max," he said in her ear, and despite herself she smiled.

Before her mind could catch up with what was happening Rafer was tugging on her pants and she was helping him by rotating her hips. Her pants and panties flew across the room, and Rafer was between her legs holding her pelvis firmly down.

"OooH, FCK!" Max growled as a rather wide tongue lapped up her entire slit, from the crack of her ass to the hood of her clit.

"AHAaHHH!" Another groan escaped her as his tongue pushed passed her lips and inside her oily core.

Using his fingers, Rafer spread her pussy open and started lapping and licking around her velvety lips and darting in and out her pussy having her thrash about on the bed as she was gripped in all kinds of tingling sensations. Max couldn't recall the last time someone had gone down on her making her feel like this. Her last sexual encounter with Rafer had seen her tearing his clothes off and fucking him hard in her heated delirium.

Had she known his talent-

She ran her hand through his dark, spiky hair as a shudder of pleasure ran up her spine and pushed her groin into his mouth following his movements. She was panting and shivering her orgasm building steadily, god it felt so good.

"Hah, ahh," Max breathed as he stuck a finger in her pussy and thrust it in and out moving up and nibbling then sucking hard on her clit. She panted with desperation squirming for more than his fingers to work her sopping cunt; she needed his cock.

Rafer sensed this and got up pulling down his pants, his boxers tented; his cock aching for attention. He kicked off his boxers his hard cock dangling free. He fiddled in his pocket and pulled out a silvery disk, bit it oped and pressed out a latex condom, grinning at Max.

"No," she protested, "No rubber."

She laid on the bed her knees together, hands rubbing up and down her soft, tight pussy, a thin layer of perspiration over her tanned skin. Rafer groaned as his cock ached just looking hotly at her. he tossed the condom aside and got on top of her gripping his cock and guiding it to her slit.

Feeling him nudge against her wet entrance, Max purred, "Put it in."

He took a ragged breath and pushed into her, his head pushing between her labia and easing into her warm sex opening her up. Max's eyes snapped shut and she spread her legs as his cock eased into her inch by inch slowly filling her out. She kissed his cheek when he held still completely stuffed inside her. She arched her back her cunt squeezing him making him grunt as he pulled out of her and pushed in again.

Slowly he started fucking her, guiding his dick between her spread legs pumping in and out of her silky, lush vagina, her lips curling around his cock as it went. Rafer looked at her awe-struck as she twitched beneath him and then all at once then gave out a throaty moan and her cunt contracted and convulsed around his cock. Max's pushed her waist to his as her orgasm caused pleasure to fill her body and roll through her in strong waves.

She huffed as she opened her eyes to look at him feeling him hard and throbbing inside her convulsing, dripping sex; her clear excretions' leaking down the crack of her ass.

"I want to taste you," she whispered, huskily looking him in the eye, forgetting about the fact that this was supposed to be a quick fuck.

Rafer pulled out of her and rose to his knees and Max pushed herself up on her elbows and reached out gripping his dick and pumped it a few times before leaning forward and slipping him into her warm mouth.

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