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Dark Chocolate


Shakira is a hard workin' thing, in constant motion at our workplace. She's a young, black woman with a sweet voice, a pleasing smile and well, there's no other way to put this, she's built like a brick shit house! Cute, short, but stacked and packed in all the right places. She's the color of dark chocolate and as I was soon to learn, just as delicious. Of course, I couldn't help but notice her, even as we each went our own ways, except to meet in the common areas or at parties for someone or another.

She was so young, and sweet I almost overlooked her, but for that devil's body with an angel's smile! Finally, I began to notice the lilt and honey sweet greeting from her as she kept up an undercurrent of discreet interest that eventually got through to me. Nothing obvious, but she was relentless with her constant hellos, so kind and sexy.

Among some of her girlfriends, something seemed afoot. When she would greet me or spend time in a common area, I would hear giggles and teasing.

During an office party, on the blackboard was a left over from a team building workshop with the words Desert Island written and all the items you would want to have with you. Well, as we all got to talking about being on a desert island, telling jokes and laughing, an idea came to me and I just blurted out. "Hey, who would you like to be marooned with on a desert island Shakira?" Ooh, now her sisters raised some serious sand, intimating she should fess up and say my name, but no, she just said in a very practical way, "probably a guy like, maybe a navy seal who could get us off the island." This got some disappointed looks from her friends.

As Shakira smiled and sidled a look at me, one of her more outspoken friends said, "Well, John, you started this, just who would you like to be on that island with, huh now?"

"Well, so may possibilities" and without really thinking, "I wouldn't mind that sexy Halley Berry!" Now this got hoots of laughter from Shakira's friends as I made a more obvious sign that I must like brown sugar. "You hear that Shakira?" said her friends. Softly, Shakira whispered, "I heard."

From then on her interest gradually picked up speed. She would stop by my office to show me a new trick she had learned on the computer. Of course, I began to seek out her 'help' even more. When she reached for the keyboard or mouse to show me a technique, I had to restrain myself from nibbling on her gorgeous breasts that loomed in my face. I backed up to give them more room and we'd lock gazes. Along with her smile and flash of perfect teeth her loving eyes seem to say, "Come on and get you some of this fine woman!"

One day she was flying around the office, putting up charts, getting supplies, doing her job so well. We just happened to be the last two fools still at the office working. I spoke up, "Shakira, slow down for a second and come over here."

"Oh, hey, John." She said flashing that megawatt smile hiding beneath her luscious dark lips. "Slow down, me, you must be kidding?"

"No, I worry about you, girl. You work too hard. Slow up a little, pace yourself." I offered. "You need to take better care of yourself. I've got an idea or two."

"Well, go on, I'm all ears, so to speak." I laughed and then she giggled at her little joke on herself, knowing she was anything but all ears. I gazed at her breasts and then her ears from side to side. This brought more giggles and laughs and she patted me on the hand.

As I moved in closer, I whispered "If you'll step into my office, I have something in mind."

"And just what might that be John?"

"Come on, I'll show you." I said as I waltzed into my office, looking over my shoulder to watch as Shakira followed with mock vexation.

Once in my office, I offered her my executive chair. "Why don't you pretend you're going to show me some of that smart help with the computer and that damn blue screen?"

"John, you stopped me for this?" she asked, a puzzled look on her face, with a half smile.

"Nah, not really, I just thought you could relax for a second in my nice, comfortable chair. Just sit back and take a breather. 'K? Do it for me?"

"Well, maybe for you, but only for just a second," she said as she settled back into the chair. She sighed and leaned back while I eased the door closed.

"That's more like it sweetness. Hm? Now, let me add to that by offering my healing hands to your aching shoulders. Let me ease the tensions before they become big 'ol knots. I'm really good at this, trust me. I'll bet you get sore and tired."

"That's so true. But if I let you 'massage' me how do you know I won't get all tense in other ways?" She asked with mock innocence.

"Oh, well, massage can always lead to something more mutually satisfying if you're of a mind," I said with a wicked smile as I placed my hands on her shoulders and worked on her with my strong hands.

After a few moments she burst out, "God! That is heavenly. Don't you stop; just keep on going, honey. Where did you learn all this, goodness me!"

I continued my massage, varying from shoulders to neck to upper back. "Different places, little seminars, friends. Plus, I've had so many massages I'm the damn patron saint of massage therapists in this town!"

"Well, all I can say is thank goodness for that."

"I bet you get sore right about here" I said as I placed a thumb at a spot using a shiatsu technique." Shakira squealed. "Ow, that hurts."

"I can work it out for you, but it may take a little time. See, this trigger point is in a direct line with the Cooper's ligament. It's the only support a woman's body provides for the breast and I must say your breasts are placing quite a load on that ligament and then on across to this area of the traps."

"You just keep working your magic fingers even though you're being kind of fresh, but never mind, I like that," she said as she turned and flashed me a delicious smile. A little later as she began to relax even more she said, "You may be right about that trigger point, 'cause I got another one on the other side in the exact same spot. Guess that's 'cause I got another 'heavy' load as you pointed out." She said with a coy, coquettish look.

"That would be my guess," I said as I continued my massage for all I was worth.

"That feels good, so good," she cooed.

Now I began to work my hands over the top and down the front of her chest ever so slowly. "I need to work over here to continue breaking up any adhesions from, well, you know, your marvelous breasts."

"Well, you go ahead and do whatever your heart desires," she said grinning from ear to ear.

Taking her at her word, I moved on down with both hands sliding each down the top of one of her breasts then back up to her shoulders, lengthening my moves each time so that soon I was sliding down to her nipple area. Her breasts were massive and soft, yet maintained a firmness that was exhilarating. Shakira began to breathe harder.

"See what I mean about getting me all worked up so I couldn't relax." She said as she turned in the chair and eased the chair around. "Come here you," she commanded. As I obeyed, bending down to reach her, she reached up and rewarded me with a kiss that was powerful and passionate. I kissed her back the same and began to stroke her breasts from the front now, caressing the whole breast using my thumbs to rub across her nipples that were erect and gigantic!

All Shakira could express were moans. However, she was not totally without communication by the way she French kissed me like a woman born in Paris. The petting got heavier and I slid my hands inside her blouse, then quickly beneath her bra to her sleek smooth breasts that seemed endless. I unbuttoned her silky blouse beneath her jacket and parted it to expose her bra with breast filling and spilling out everywhere.

Soon, she shrugged her jacket off, and slipped out of her blouse. Slowly, she reached around and unhooked her bra causing her straps to fall down over her arms. Suddenly her bra dropped to the floor revealing the most massive and beautiful tits I'd ever seen. I greedily massaged them and grabbed hold, kneading them with vigor. Her areolas were like cup saucers; sexy, dark and worthy of worship!

I began my devotion by sucking and licking each in turn, while kneading the other. I relished their feel inside my mouth and on my tongue - so big, such a mouthful of areola and nipple. They exuded a rich, strong breast aroma and taste that was so erotic. The areola then began to tighten, shrinking in and up as I kept my vigil of oral adulation with endless sucking, licking, then nibbling, and rubbing. Shakira let deep moans escape that urged me on, while she put her hands behind my head and pulled me into her bosom. By now the actual nipples were fully erect, taught and firm, the size of thimbles and tremors were vibrating through her body.

As I relentlessly continued my work on them, Shakira began to shudder; her moans grew louder as I realized her hand had slipped down to her pussy. She smiled at me with swollen lips of willful, abandoned passion to my ministrations and her self pleasure. She was in no rush and took her time playing with herself, building to near climax, then she would shudder and her hand would still. She reached deep into her pussy with two fingers, then reached up with them to caress my lips and eased them into my mouth. Instinctively, I sucked and licked her fingers, tasting her rich flavor, inhaling the intoxicating musky scent. Shakira groaned long and deep with excitement, reveling in the growing intimacy of our passion.

Finally, she reached an edge of climax she could not return from and began the magnificent release of female climaxing. She somehow moaned and groaned as we fucked each other's mouths with our tongues. She arched her back from the glory of her cum and our lips parted, loosing a visceral squeal from her luscious lips that could have shattered crystal and echoed around the room. Several moments passed as we both relished her release.

"That felt good, damn good! Now, it's your turn. I'm going to stroke, lick, suck and milk your big cock sweet Daddy!" Her hands began to grope my thighs reaching for my cock that was hardening down the side of my right leg. As things got more intense, she kept her eyes wide open gazing into mine with a brazen look.

She stood and with a patting motion, had me sit where she was, the seat still caressing the warmth from her sweet ass! She kneeled in front of me and took a knee in each hand and slowly parted my legs. Now, she placed her hands on my legs, feeling up my thighs until she found my cock. I gazed down at her swollen, luscious breasts and relived each moment they were mine in my mouth and on my tongue. I could still reach them with my hands and continued to hold them, fondle them and tweak, pinch and tugged on them. As I did so, Shakira kissed my hands, then took my fingers one by one into her mouth, licking them and sucking them in a mock blow job, teasing me with what was yet to come.

She then quickened her whole motion as she stroked the entire length of my cock from the outside of my slacks with her left hand. After that she gripped it and jacked it and pumped my cock as she licked those luscious thick lips with lusty intent. My cock jerked in her hand and her eyes widened with passionate surprise. She unzipped my pants and groped for me, finding my dick popped out at full mast! Before I knew it, her sweet, honey mouth and tongue were all over my cock. She licked my long shaft and groaned as she did so. Next, she reached deep into my zipper opening and found my balls and with careful effort freed them as well.

They were tight, but still fell to the chair seat. She squealed with delight and said sexily, "Ooh, such a set. I been admiring your bulge for months, and was I right? Hm? Yes! " Not once did she neglect my cock though, as she stroked me, holding my base tightly with one hand and gripping the shaft with the other, which pumped my cock to immense proportion. All along she sucked my balls, building and stoking the load in my balls. Her small, dark hands wouldn't reach all the way around the girth of my dick, but it mattered little. Seeing her dark skin contrasting my light cock turned me on. As if on cue my rod swelled even more.

Now, she scooted in close and took my cock in her hand, then began rubbing the head over her tits, focusing it on her dark nipples as she gazed into my eyes with desire. She worked each erect nipple in turn into my cock hole, both now glistening with oozing pre-cum. With abandon, she licked away the pre-cum as she suckled her own nipples! I groaned from the deepest part of me.

Afterwards, Shakira said with husky voice, "I'm going after more of that man dew," as she nibbled on the head of my cock and mumbled, "Love your cock, so nice and hard for me." "Done told you I love your balls so big and full!" She licked the tip of her tongue into my cock hole and came away with a glistening strand of precum. This excited her even more and she went back, probing her tongue as deep as she could and was rewarded with more dew as she licked her lips.

By now, my cock head was the size and color of a large, ripe plum. Her eyes widened and "Yummy," was all she said before taking the whole head into her mouth. She tongued the rim of the head and flicked hard and fast at the crown below the hole all the while grinning with her dazzling, toothy smile. It was my turn to groan again as she found the spot that curled my toes. I now placed my hands behind her head and pulled her down to my groin area. She increased the rhythm of sucking as her head bobbed up and down faster, faster and faster still, mumbling dirty talk as her tongue made love to my cock.

Shakira sensed my building cum so she quickened her paces even more. She said. "You just let go, baby, don't hold back. Let go and I'll milk you dry," she moaned as she sucked my cock and gobbled me down until I was sure she would gag. Sure enough, without neglecting the rhythm of her sucking, licking and stroking, I felt a powerful, uncontrollable climaxing crescendo building. Now, I kicked into primal gear and began to pump and fuck her mouth. This really got her hotter as she groaned louder, squeezed my dick hard and soon "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ...." I came in waves and spurts of gism that shot hot cum in her mouth. It was a huge load and she tried to swallow it all, but some still drizzled out her mouth which she quickly licked up with that wicked tongue, smiling like a devil - not a shred of angel left.

"Milked you sweet man just like I said I would. You ain't going nowhere but back to little 'ol me."

I let out a bellow in a conquering voice, still coming, still oozing, and still horny, "I'll be back and so will you, and you know that's true." True to her word she squeezed, sucked and milked my cock and balls till she licked and swallowed every last drop of gism!

Slowly and reverently, she licked me clean, patted my cock and balls dry with a tissue and did the same with her breasts covered in wetness. I hugged her and embraced her like a stallion covering a mare for what seemed an eternity. Finally, we parted and kissed again with her standing on her tiptoes to reach up and me stooping to reach down to her dark and luscious lips, fondling each other one last time. Then she wiped her mouth with her hand, and rewarded me with another earth shattering kiss saying, "Well, now, same time tomorrow? We'll get really naughty and nasty you sweet, sexy man. I've got even more ideas than you could ever only dream."

"I'm all ears," I laughed, gazing down at my cock and balls dangling there. It was her turn to stare at my equipment and look at my ears, gazing side to side. "No," she said shaking her head sharply, "all delicious cock, all amazing balls, but no, not all ears that's for damn sure." She grinned widely with a willful smile, then reached down to give my cock a parting stroke, my balls a caress and tucked everything back into my pants. Inspired, I fondled her chocolate breasts, tugging the huge nipples, still erect and helped her into her clothes now covering up her marvelous womanhood. I shivered at what had happened and the glorious promise of pleasure yet to unfold.


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