tagMatureDark Chocolate: A Mature Story Ch. 02

Dark Chocolate: A Mature Story Ch. 02


Hello readers,

In my effort to write in many different genres, I am taking a stab at mature once more. However, I also think this story could be labeled romance, as well. Age in this story, is nothing but a number. This story is being written slowly. I will continue it, and I hope you like it.

**All of the characters in this story are 18 or older.**

As with most of my offerings, it is self-edited and I am not perfect. So if you are going to get hung up on mistakes, then I apologize. Please read it and enjoy. None of the characters are real, or based on anyone I know. Also I ask that you do not replicate this story without asking. Writing is hard work and I really take it seriously.

Again, thank you all for reading my offerings and I hope you enjoy this second installment of DC: Dark Chocolate.

Dark Chocolate: A Mature Story Anniversary Weekend


He closed his door, and I went in my room. No man has the right to look that damn good. And what did he call me, "T Baby", fuck. I wanted him, and I needed to figure out something quick. I invited him with me. I told myself it was to give him a chance to see something other than home. I told myself I wanted to give him a small break before he left for school. I told myself that he was a kid, and nothing would happen. I think I lied to myself.

I decided to simply undress and lay down. It was already after 2am, and I had a breakfast date with Dalia and Steve. I forgot to mention it to Richard, but I'd call early and tell him. Maybe after a few hours of rest, I could get this, this, whatever this was under control.

As I lay in my bed, I looked around the room. I couldn't sleep, so I needed a distraction. I noticed a small bookshelf with novels. I found a novel by one of my favorites, Barbra Johnson. "Twisted". I smiled. I had not read this one, so I reclined on the bed to read. Ugh! She described her characters as tall rugged outdoorsmen, only one man came to mind.

In the book, when he kissed the heroine for the first time, I remembered kissing Richard. I kept reading, but when he touched her intimately, I could not go on. My body burned for him. I was on fire for this geeky young school boy that was fourteen years younger than me.

I was so hot, and I decided to rest. I'll give in to the fantasy, just this once. This would be the last time. So I took off my panties and stroked my hairy pussy. My dark hair was so wet, drenched and it was because of him. I closed my eyes and imagined it was Richard touching me. Would he know how? Would I have to teach him?

His lips were so soft, so smooth. When he caressed my thigh, I should not have stopped him. I closed my eyes and moaned, as I continued to massage my overheated clit. Fuck my nipples were so hard, and my body hummed. I closed my eyes and for that moment I was with him. He was touching me, kissing me, fingering me, and I moaned as I came to the thought of him. I moaned the name of the one man I wanted but could never have. The fantasy ended and I was naked, sated, and dripping in my bed alone.


I could not sleep. So after being in my room over an hour or two alone, I decided to go and knock on her door. I might wake her, but at least I could apologize for my actions earlier.

I stood outside her door and heard her moaning. I knew she was masturbating, and my body reacted. I should have walked away, but I was frozen. I pressed my ear to the door wishing I could peek in and see what treasures she kept hidden. I was hard as steel, and I know was beginning of the term blue balls.

Then I heard my name. She moaned my name. She was thinking about me as she touched herself. In the hallway, outside her bedroom door, I came. My cock and balls throbbed. It was then that I knew at some point, I had to have this woman. Shy and nice wouldn't get it. I had to be bolder. Suddenly it went quiet and I heard her walking to her bathroom.

Not wanting to get caught, I held my dripping cock in my hand and went back to my room. Did I sleep? Hell no. I lay there the rest of the night, stroking my rock hard cock, formulating a plan to be with the woman of my dreams.

Before long, I heard a tentative knock on my door. "Yes?" I called out.

"Hey, Richard, I wanted to meet my sister and her husband for breakfast. Will you join us?" she asked.

"Yes Ma'am. I'll be ready in a few minutes." I answered, memories from a few hours ago played through my brain.

"Um, Richard, I'll be waiting in the lobby." She replied and walked away. I dressed quickly and joined her downstairs. She looked different. She wore her hair down, and it was absolutely stunning. She smiled as I approached and I prayed that my body did not react.

"Hey, did you sleep well?" she asked.

"Yes," I lied. "You?" She nodded, but I could see the tired lines around her eyes. I wondered was I the reason she was awake. I think I was. She walked a few steps in front of me wearing a casual pair of blue capris and a colorful blue and yellow halter top. I had no problem admiring the lovely sway in her backside as I followed her to the car.


I dozed after I released some pent up energy for a few minutes. Soon it was eight in the morning and my phone was ringing. Dalia was calling to see if I still wanted to get together for breakfast. I answered and mumbled, "Ok."

I knocked on Richard's door and he answered, groggily. He agreed to join us, so I waited for him downstairs. He walked into the lobby and my heart fluttered. No man has the right to look that damn good so early in the morning. Wearing a pair of tan cargo shorts and a blue polo, blue and white Adidas sock and blue Jordan's. I wasn't expecting this; normally he'd wear black slacks with suspenders, a button down and his glasses. I realized his glasses were missing.

"Contacts." He explained. They came in yesterday before we left and I brought them. Do I look ugly? Funny?" he asked completely self-conscious.

"Um, no, just you look," I swallowed "Handsome, I mean really handsome." I croaked.

I greeted him, hoping I sounded normal. I guess I did because he was polite as usual. We left the hotel and headed to my car, I walked in head of him with a little extra sway in my hips to keep his attention.

We drove to Denny's where my sister and her husband were waiting. As I drove I told him about my plans for the day. We'd eat breakfast and then go search for a gift for our parents. At eleven, we would go to my parents for lunch. He'd love my parents they were the kindest people. I paused. Then I explained the age difference. My dad was a lot older than my Mom.

He nodded. I didn't tell him that my mother and my sister were light skinned, because I wanted to pretend it was not a problem for me. I took a deep breath. I love my sister, but for years knowing everyone liked her more has weighed on me heavily.

Richard looked at me and asked was I alright? I smiled and assured him that I was fine. Then he did the sweetest thing. He took my hand in his. I looked at him, stunned by the emotions he no longer tried to hide. "Richard" I whispered.

He smiled, and said. "I'm hungry. Let's eat."


She seemed nervous as we parked at Denny's. I wondered what she was not telling me. Learning that her father was 15 years older than her Mom gave me hope. I knew that part of the problem she had was with my age.

To me, age did not matter. Yes she was older, but unlike girls my age, Talia was mature, a real woman. I don't want to waste my time playing games, when I've already met perfection. Before this trip ended, I plan to show her I was a man, a man she could trust.

I held her hand, but she gently pulled away. It was ok. I know she's scared. Besides, I have until Monday right. We got out and went into the restaurant. She saw her sister immediately. I knew she had a sister, but this lady looked just like her. We joined her husband, a big bulky red-headed man. He greeted Talia with a hug, and a part of me was angered. Another man was hugging the woman I wanted for myself. "Hey brother-in-law" she hugged him, and I realized her sister was talking to me.

"I'm sorry, ma'am. I'm Richard Harris. I work with..." The big bear let go much to my relief, "I'm sorry, Dalia, Steve, this is Richard, he was my student intern this past year. Richard, this is my twin Dalia, and her husband, Steve. " I greeted them and shook Steve's hand. Talia asked what did I want for breakfast, but I refused to let her pay, but Steve said he was paying. So since he was paying, everybody was getting the grand slam. We sat until our order was ready.

We ate and the two women talked. I could tell they were close and loved this playful side to Talia I wondered what she wanted me to call her in front of her family. At work she was Ms. Greene, alone I called her Talia. This was something we needed to address privately.

The women went to the restroom, leaving me alone with Steve. He looked at me and chuckled. "Man, you are whipped. Have you kissed her yet?" he asked

"Yes, last night. And..." I blushed. This older gentleman would have fun at my expense. Surprisingly he didn't laugh.

"Well, Rick, it's Ok if I call you Rick, right. I'll help you out. Talia is a great person and she deserves to be with someone that sees that. Besides, you're the first man Talia has brought home. That says something." He added.

"Well, she was kind of stuck without a date and..." Steve laughed. "Have you looked at that woman? She is a stone cold fox. She can have any man she wants, but she asked you." He looked at me. "You might act like a scared kid, but I know you like her and if you are like me, she'll know where she stands before you get back home."

I smiled. I liked her brother-in-law. "Stick with me kid. I had to win her sister over too, so I know just what to do so you can get her." He added. Soon the ladies returned.

I knew that something significant went on. Dalia was red-faced and Talia looked sheepish. I wondered if they talked about me. Steve held his wife close as I sat next to Talia.

We finished and decided to go shop. The girls wanted to buy pre-gifts for their parents. They already had the big gift, but the gift today was to be given when we got there for lunch. Talia and I got in her car to follow Steve and his wife to the mall as she was driving is asked, "What do you want me to call you?" I know what I want to call you, I thought, but it was only in private that I called her that.


We arrived at Denny's and he held my hand. My heart raced. I know it's just a crush, and I can't give in to my desire. But for a moment, I wonder what could be wrong with giving in. We get out and Dalia meets me at the door we hug, and then I hug Steve. Steve is perfect for my sister, He is tall and bulky. As a construction worker, he keeps himself in shape. Today he is also very bushy. His red beard scratched my face as I hugged him.

I went to pay for breakfast and Richard took money out for his food. Steve laughed at both of us and said we were getting the Grand Slam, he was paying. So we sat as he ordered and waited for our food. Richard was quiet, mostly listening to banter between Dalia and me. Steve piped in. Soon he got him to talking about sports, and soon our order was ready. One of the workers brought it over, I noticed how she looked at Richard, but he was oblivious. Dalia kicked my foot and I yelped.

Richard was so shy and cute. We sat and talked over breakfast. Dalia had to tell Richard about our antics when we were younger. As we talked, I noticed that the girls kept watching our table. I tried to ignore them, but Dalia could tell I was annoyed. She decided to use the bathroom, and I went with her.

When we entered the bathroom, Dalia checked to make sure we were alone. Then she pounced. "Talia, spill. Is there something between you and Richard?" she asked point blank. I looked at my sister, too stunned to speak.

"No, he's leaving for college in less than a week. I just wanted to reward him with a trip. I mean he worked so hard, and never gets to go out." I exhaled. "Dalia, besides, I'm too old for him. He's a kid."

Dalia shook her head, and said, "The heart does not recognize numbers. You care about him, and you're scared." Someone came in and she primped in the mirror. The lady finished, washed up, and left.

"Dalia, even if what you say is true. He has his whole life ahead of him. Besides, he wouldn't want someone like me... I mean look at me. I'm not... I can imagine what people will say. I can't do that to him or even worse... What if he sees me as a joke?" I whispered.

"Talia, what do you mean? You are beautiful. Have you looked at yourself?" Dalia whispered. "You need to be honest with yourself, and then with him. Because, he has not taken his eyes off of you since we got here."

"Really, I mean." I took a breath. "Dalia, I won't take advantage of him, so I want him to have fun this weekend, and I'll get over this fascination I have with him." I told my sister.

Dalia laughed, "We'll see. But just so you know, the first little bitch you take out over him, I'm right there. OK." She laughed, "Besides, you might be right. You'll have to teach him too much. How to kiss, touch, everything."

"Um, Dalia, he knows how to kiss." I smiled, "Believe me, he's good."

"You slut, way to go girl!" She teased, and we laughed.

We rejoined the guys and finished breakfast. Dalia sat with Steve and he held her close, as I sat beside Richard. We left Denny's and headed to Newark Mall. As I was driving, Richard was pensive. He looked at me and asked, "Around your family, what do I call you?"

I paused, "Talia is fine. We are not at work and I want you to have fun," I answered. He nodded and was silent for a moment.

"Talia, you look beautiful this morning. I want you to know that." He said softly. I gasped. "Thank you, Richard, you're very handsome as well."

"Talia, don't. Don't try and make what I say something simplistic and common. I told you how I feel last night, and you keep trying to ignore me. I know you think your being older is an issue, but not for me. Today, can you give me a chance? Let me show you I can be the man for you." He asked.

YES! that word was on the tip of my tongue, but he was a kid and this had to be a crush. I ignore the way my body creamed for him, wanted him, and tried to stay in the role of the grown up.

"Richard, this is just a crush. When you get to school, you'll meet so many girls your age. You won't even think about me." I explained. I drove into the parking lot at the mall, and I could tell he was frustrated. But ever the gentleman, he exited his car, and opened my door and held it for me. Dalia was already at Kirkland's Home Designs, and we joined her there. Steve asked Richard to come with him, He wanted to visit the electronics store.

I watched him walking away, my heart pounding while Dalia rattled on about a painting she liked.


She told me to simply call her Talia. That's fine, but I am so frustrated. She keeps telling me what I am feeling. She keeps telling me I'm crushing on her. Well, if I'm crushing what as last night. I know what I heard, and I haven't said anything, but it's on the tip of my tongue to ask.

We arrived at the mall, and she went with her sister. Steve asked me to come to the electronics store with him. I was looking at the newest phones, and Steve interrupted my thoughts.

"She is stubborn, but you can get her attention. What happened on the way here?" he asked.

I didn't know Steve, but right now I needed to vent. So I told him what was said. "She keeps telling me I have a crush. Maybe she's right. But I've never felt like this about anyone. So I think she's in denial. When she kissed me last night, she didn't want to end it." Closing my eyes I recalled those feelings.

"Rick, have you ever had a girlfriend?" I looked at him angry. If he was going to dismiss... "No, listen. You seem like a nice guy, but you also seem sheltered. What do you have to compare your feelings to?"

I looked at this man and wanted to argue , but what he said made sense. "I know Talia. She is very sensitive, and has a big heart. She also has her own issues. But knowing her, she would see being with you as taking advantage of you because you have no experience."

I scoffed. "I've dated, but girls my age bore me. I haven't looked at another female since I met her last year. She is the most amazing woman."

Steve nodded, and then he asked a question that made me pause. "How will you support her? If something happened and you had to be the bread winner, what do you have to fall back on?"

"I..." he made me think. I was a nineteen year old high school graduate. I took a year off to intern with this company, and took my basic courses at a local community college. I was moving three states away to live on campus as a student for the next three years. I worked, but I had enough money to cover my emergency expenses.

He was right, I had nothing to bring to the table for her, but it didn't negate my feelings. "Steve, I understand what you are asking. And I see your point. I can't take care of her, but I still care..."

"I know, and Rick I was not trying to dismiss your feelings. But for this weekend, back off. She wants you to be a kid, right. Then be a kid. You'll meet Pops at lunch and he is astute. Meet her folks, talk to them, and give them a chance to know you." He chuckled. "Pops is in his sixties, but he's no fool. He told me I would marry Dalia, and I laughed at him. I have to say this, you have meet beat in two areas: You're black and you're educated. With her parent's that will be in your favor."

Steve looked around, and continued. "Like I said, I'm not an expert, but have fun. There are quite a few of guys your age in the family, try hanging with them today. If they invite you out, go." He laughed, "Make her miss you, and then don't pressure her. In other words, back off, Rick, I bet you'll get another kiss, maybe even more before you get home Sunday night."

I nodded, because what he said made sense. It was easy to calm down when she was not around, but I knew as soon as I saw her, my body, mind, and spirit would want her. "Steve, how do I turn it off? What you said makes sense in here, " I pointed to my head, but here, "She is all I think about. All I dream of." And I pointed to my heart.

Steve nodded and said, "Man, I hear you. I hear you."

I looked up and saw both women walking our way. I alerted Steve and he looked at his wife and smiled.


Dalia and I found a beautiful painting for our parents. It was a picture of the Old South, and being southern, we knew they would appreciate it. While we were shopping, it was easy to allow myself to be distracted, but after our purchase, Dalia wanted to talk.

I knew she wanted to talk about Richard, but I was wrong. She had something more exciting to discuss.

"Talia, I'm pregnant." Dalia announced. I stared at her shocked. "Look I have not told Steve. I want to announce it tomorrow night. But he cannot suspect anything. When we go to dinner tonight I am not drinking and he might notice. Help me come up with a reason, alright.

I smiled and hugged my sister. I was going to be an aunt. "Dalia, I've got this. Don't worry." I assured her.

"Now, Talia, I like Rick, and I hope you two can figure something out soon. My baby will need cousins to play with." She teased. I sputtered, shocked at what she'd said.

"Dalia, he's a kid." I screeched, and several other patrons looked. My sister laughed.

"OK, tell that to yourself. I tell you what. You know our cousins are coming to mom and Pop s for lunch. Most of them are his age. Let him play and don't get jealous, and I will believe you just have a crush." Dalia held out her hand and added, "But, if seeing him with girls his age bothers you, you need to realize you're sprung girl."

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