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Dark Delivery


Sex has always been average in our bedroom. Not that Holly had anything to do with it being average; this much I know. She is petite and buxom; a rare and erotic combination. With round, supple features in all the right places and toned muscles resulting from those endless hours of exercise, she truly had the body of highly tuned athlete. Those breasts, oh those breasts! Soft and perfectly round, with just the right amount of firmness to command your attention whenever they were exposed to view. It was I who brought the average part to this equation.

I'm not a bad looking guy at all. Probably slightly above average for a 40 year guy. A decent sense of style keeps me dressed well and, with a lot of hard work, I've been able to create a decent body for myself. I just can't stack up with other guys when it comes to cocks. Not even close. I could write that I'm of 'average' cock size, but that would just be a lie. Fully erect on my best of days, I would struggle to reach the 4-1/2" mark. With the girth of pencil, I can't help but feel that Holly is being cheated every time we fuck. It's hard to even call it 'fucking' when it lasts only minutes and I'm working with a dainty little cock.

Holly has claimed that she was fully satisfied with what I brought to the table, but I knew better and I wanted her to experience more. Much more. But my eagerness to please Holly was not without a bit of selfishness. I also had fantasies of my own. Not only do I fantasize about Holly fully enjoying a cock the size of a cucumber, heaving and moaning, but I've always had a bit of a cock curiosity myself. I'm sure this longing stems from my lack of a serious tool of my own. Constantly wondering what it would feel like to have a monstrous, thick cock, throbbing and heavy, in my hands. Hanging from my torso like a massive vine. I could only think that Holly must have those same curiosities too.

Bringing a stranger into our bedroom for the first time is not a proposal to be taken lightly, especially when that stranger would hopefully have a cock the size of a drain pipe. What would Holly think about this idea? Would her sexual curiosities overcome her inherent reservations? Would "we" ever be the same after we both had experienced something that neither of us could regularly offer the other? How would I open up this conversation with Holly?

I started slowly by subtly using words like "experiment", "sensual", and especially "fantasies" into daily conversations as often as I could. I had hoped that she would quickly catch on to these nuances and ultimately bring the question to me. Make it seem like her idea I thought. I had my doubts on my plan's success when nothing seemed to click for the first week or so. Finally, she had had enough of my word games and presented the question that would ultimately change our lives forever....

After another 'average' evening of sex, as I lay there breathing heavy, Holly, in full, relaxed breath said "I've gotten the hints you've been laying for the past few weeks, you know. What did you have in mind in terms of fantasies? I'm willing to experiment, but I'm not sure what you had in mind or how far this could go."

I had to take this in for a moment. A question where the answer options were as infinite as my imagination. " I want to watch you", I said definitively. "I fantasize about seeing you in all the heaving, sweating, moaning ecstasy that you can handle. Watching your breasts sway gently as your core muscles flex to keep your body in sync with your partner. I want to see all the little details that I miss when our bodies are so close together. And I want this to last until your orgasms are coming fast and furious. Even though you've been very kind to me, we both know that I can't physically offer this to you. I can't really please you the way you deserve. But I want to see what that's like."

Holly sat there motionless for what seemed like an eternity taking in everything that I had just shared. Finally she spoke again. "So you fantasize about me fucking some guy who's hung like a horse with the stamina of a decathlete while you watch in the corner?"

"Essentially, yes", I said, "as long as you are willing to experiment a bit and try something new."

"I can't say that I'm not curious about your proposal, but I've got some reservations" she said. "You have always been sufficient for me, baby, but I'll admit that I can't help but wonder what another, 'larger' guy would be like. My girlfriends all say that there is nothing like 'it'. No way to compare that sensation flowing through your body, eminating from deep within your pussy. But who is this guy? Where do we find someone that we would both be comfortable with? And, would you really be OK with this whole thing?"

I had a few ideas about where to find a willing cock to come fuck Holly's curvaceous little body. Anywhere. What guy wouldn't! And I was absolutely into this whole arrangement. More that she would know. The hard part would be finding someone we were comfortable with.

The next day, while our adventurous urges were still surging, we took to the internet and began searching the local hook-up websites. Searching for a willing 'stud' to fulfill our fantasies. Browsing through all of the profiles was very arousing; for both us I think. Holly began analyzing every detail: cock size, body hair, ass roundness, even their wardrobe and lack there of. I could sense she was really getting into this now and that excited me even more. I also had an unexpected curiosity in the profiles. We talked about girth, head size, professed stamina, and even how the vein structure differed from cock to cock. I could see Holly's eagerness grow with each profile. It became very apparent in a short time that we both were leaning towards the profiles of the black men. Long, lean bodies with very little body hair and more often that not, a cock that nearly hung to floor (one that actually did!). I began to visualize Holly's soft, sumptuous curves against the toned, dark body of a black man. His erect cock the size of her arm.

As I sat beside Holly, I could feel an erection growing against my clothes. Holly knew my intentions as I began to stroke her hips and thighs. She closed the laptop screen and turned towards me, already removing her sweater. Her ample breasts hung there with attentive nipples staring right at me. As she reached for my belt and zipper, and I knew she was dreaming of a giant, black snake springing towards. Instead, all I could offer was a small member, barely breaking it's way through the depth of my jeans. She gave it her best act of moaning and groaning while we fucked right there on the rug, but I knew her mind (and her moans) was elsewhere.

The next afternoon we back at reviewing profiles again. It had become almost an obsession for Holly. The more samples she viewed of those long, lean cocks that she was missing, the more intensely she searched for a match. We had sent out a few feelers in the past few weeks, but none of them seemed right. As we clicked our ways through countless faceless cocks, the door bell rang. Looking out the window, I could see it was our usual parcel delivery man with another package for Holly. Being in sales for business, Holly received a lot of packages at home. As I opened the door, I saw those packages in an entirely different light. Derrick stood there in his usual brown shorts and shirt, holding a stack of boxes. Until that moment, I hadn't thought of Derrick as anything other than a friendly deliver man. He knew Holly and myself since he had been delivering packages to us regularly for the past 5 years. Now I saw him for the potential that lie within that uniform. Derrick was, by chance, an attractive black man. With the build if a former college defensive back, he was lean and tall with toned arms and long, muscular hands. A smooth head that looked well maintained and broad shoulders that seemed to handle those heavy packages with ease. He was a true physical specimen. I invited Derrick in and offered to take one of the packages from his arms to ease his burden. As he spoke and expressed his gratitude, I saw Holly's head pop out from the office. She had recognized his voice. In an instant, I could see in Holly's eyes, as she scanned him up and down hungrily, that she now had the same idea that I did.

Holly came over to sign for the packages and to be sure to make an appearance in front of Derrick. Little did he know, but was suddenly the focus of our fantasies; right there in the flesh. Holly did her little 'hair toss" in front of Derrick and gently touch his powerful hands as she reached for the packages. We exchanged pleasantries about the hot weather lately and about the size and quantities of packages that Derrick needed to handle that day. As he turned to walk out of the house, I follow him onto the front porch. As we walked down to steps together I knew that if we were going to see if Derrick was interested in our plans, we would have start that conversation now.

"So Derrick, do you mind if I ask you a question?" I posed to him.

"Not at all Mr. P. What's on your mind?" he politely responded.

"This may seem forward, but there's really no easy way to ask other than come right out and say it. Do you ever engage in any 'extra-curricular' activities with your customers?"

"Mr. P." he emphatically exclaimed, "I never touched your wife. Honestly! No sir."

"No, no, no." I noted, " I was not accusing you of anything. It was more of a question to see if you would like to engage in some 'extra-curricular' activities."

Derrick stood there a bit confused for moment and then cautiously said, "What did you have in mind Mr. P.?"

The foundation had been laid for what I hoped would be an exciting and pleasurable adventure.

I explained our desires to Derrick and he listened very intently, casually stealing glimpses of Holly as she sauntered by the window frequently. I could see that he was going to enjoy this too. He was imagining how soft and supple Holly's tits would feel. Wondering how tight her cunt would be. Picturing those full lips around his member. As he finally snapped out of his dream state, he eagerly agreed to give it a try and said that he would return that night after his other deliveries were done. He would making that special delivery tonight.

The rest of the afternoon seemed to last forever. Holly and I were both anxious, knowing that our sexual lives were about to change forever. Finally, shortly after 5:00, the doorbell rang. Holly took one last look at herself in the mirror as I went to open the door. There stood Derrick with a big smile on his face.

I invited him in and we moved over to the living room. We exchanged pleasantries about how the afternoon had gone and I made drinks for the three of us. Holly had done a fine job of primping herself that afternoon. Freshly shaving her pussy to make sure it was smooth and soft. Applying moisturizer to every inch of her skin. Then she put on tight tank top and short, flowing skirt. She left off the bra, of course, making sure that there was no way to overlook those sensitive, perky nipples. This outfit accentuated her toned, taught body and ample curves perfectly. It was not lost on Derrick. He couldn't take his eyes off of Holly as she strolled through the house, nervously cleaning and drinking.

I asked Derrick if he had ever done anything like this before. He assured us that he was not the type of guy who fucked around and certainly had never been involved with a couple before. This would be a first for him too. Everyone was very anxious and the tension in the air was thick. After another quick cocktail I suggested that we move into the bedroom and make ourselves more comfortable. I didn't need to ask Derrick or Holly twice. As I put my arm around Holly's waist to walk with her, I could feel her heart racing throughout her body. She was pulsing and I could feel the perspiration on her skin. As we watch Derrick's muscular body stroll into the bedroom, I could see why Holly would be nervous. She was about to be taken by a full man for the first time in her life.

I kissed Holly gently on the cheek and made my way over to the lounge chair in the corner of the room where I had set up the video camera. This would be my perch for all of the action. Derrick could sense that Holly was very nervous about this whole scenario and he was very gentle. He started by taking her hand as he began walking backwards towards the king size bed. He let go of her hand momentarily so that he could take off his shirt, exposing his toned torso. Broad shoulders, a smooth, hairless chest, silky chocolate skin, and slightly pronounced abs rippling downward into his jeans. Leading to his treasure.

Derrick slowly put his hands on Holly's hips and leaned in to kiss her. She paused, glanced at me in the corner, and then opened her mouth wide, finally letting her guard down to Derrick. They sucked at each others lips slowly and sensuously. He then began moving his hands around the bottom of her tank top and then slowly lifted it over her head. Her ample breasts rolled out of the fabric and hung there beautifully. Ready for him. The image of her soft, pale, round breasts yielding to his firm, dark, chiseled chest was amazing. I was now fully erect, sitting upright in the corner as they groped each others' bodies. Derrick bowed and began licking and kissing Holly's nipples as the slowly began to perk up. She lowered her head backwards and stretched her arms upwards, fully exposing her neck and chest to her eager partner. Derrick took the hint as a sign that Holly was now ready to open up more fully to the rest of the experience.

He slowly backed away from Holly, leaving her breasts exposed and her wanting to get back next to his skin. Derrick gracefully stepped up onto the bed, his tall stature now almost reaching the ceiling. He stood there as if he were on a stage for the world to see. The perfect dramatic pause. He reached down with his muscular arms and pulled off his belt, letting it drop to the floor. Without ever taking his eyes off of Holly, he unbuttoned his jeans, slowly pulled down the zipper, and allowed his pants down to his feet. I'm certain that at that instant I heard a gasp come from deep within Holly. Exposed before our eyes was one of the greatest organs that I have ever seen. His cock seemed to fall out of his pants with the weight of an anchor and hung there proudly. At what appeared to be a full 12" long, and as thick as a tree trunk, this was a cock truly made for working the insides of a woman all the way up to her ribs. Attached to this monster was also a sack big enough to hold two enormous balls that seemed to be the size of golf balls. His sack could hardly contain the weight of these balls, as the skin appeared stretched and strained under their bulk. Derrick stood there proudly, like a god. A physical specimen prepared to fuck all who would dare attempt to conquer his body. He was obviously very comfortable with his member as he firmly grasped and stroke his cock for the camera. His enormous hands appeared diminutive as they massaged his sack and presented his cock to Holly as if to say "Do you think you can handle this? All of this? Are you prepared to be fulfilled like never before." Derrick lowered himself to his knees onto the bed. His lean thighs flexed as he bent backwards slightly, creating a perfectly smooth torso with rippled abdominal muscles, and cock the size of a tree sapling hanging ready for work. The muscles in his back and round, strong ass strained to keep his cock and balls from pulling him down to the floor. His cock was so long that it's head draped on the bedsheets. Derrick had obviously taken meticulous care of his organs as they we completely hairless and clean, exposing every wrinkle in his sack and vein in his cock. His skin was the color of chocolate silk, with not a blemish in sight. A truly regal body.

I glanced at the video camera to ensure that every image was accurately being recorded in high definition. It was a struggle to turn my gaze away from the magnificent sight before my eyes. Holly was breathing heavier now, her ample breast rising and falling at a slightly quicker pace. Her taught stomach vigorously rolling in and out. As Derrick arched his back to expose his hardware in full, Holly reached out with both hands and grabbed his monster. Her feminine hands appeared dwarf-like astride his cock. She slowly bent down and opened her mouth wide. She had no choice. As both hands slid up and down his shaft, there was still plenty of exposed cock for her lips and then some. Derrick was still soft and flexible; slowly adding to his length and girth. I watched as the enormous head of his cock disappeared into Holly's mouth. Her tongue slipped out of her mouth to greet his cock and enjoy it's taste. She let out a short moan. She didn't want to let it go. After a long, hard suck, Holly released his head to take in a breath; a string of saliva strung from her engrossed lips to his cock. She eagerly opened up again and took in that beast. Her cheeks sucked in and out in stride with his cock. She swallowed more and more chocolate cock with each stroke. His cock grew and grew to meet the challenge. She began to squeeze his hanging sack, filling both of her hands with his enormous balls. Derrick simply sat back and enjoyed. No matter how she tried, Holly could not swallow more than a third of his cock. Being used to only my diminutive tool, she was not in practice for this amount of meat. But she gave it her all and vigorously worked his brown meat. Licking and gnawing on his low hanging fruit. Rubbing his cock along her face and breasts. With his cock now fully engorged, his true size became apparent. His cock was as long as Holly's forearm and as almost as thick. As she wrapped his cock in her breasts, it stretched from her abdomen, through her tits, and up to her chin. Now she was wet and ready.

Holly hesitantly released his cock from her grip and mouth and stepped back. It was her turn on the stage. As Derrick's cock sprang proudly towards the ceiling, Holly slid off her skirt, exposing her perfectly toned ass and shaved pussy. She was so wet, I could smell her juices from across the room. Derrick flexed forward, reached down his long arms, placed his fingers between her legs. Slowly rubbing her mound, he began kissing her neck and stroking her hair. Holly's head bent back and she fully enjoyed the feeling from both ends of her body. Her nipples were now fully peaked, seeking out a soft, warm mouth to suck on them. She grabbed his cock again and began stroking the beast. Derrick began to moan as well as his own juices began flowing. I could see the small drops of pre-cum begin dripping from the head of his cock, creating spiderwebs on Holly's hands. Seeing these two muscular, toned bodies writhing in pleasure right before my eyes was too much. I stripped off my shirt and pants in the corner, exposing my erection and tiny balls. As I wrapped my hand around my cock, the 4-1/2" disappeared into my palm in pleasure.

Derrick grabbed Holly by the hand and directed her up onto the bed, then down on her knees. He gently persuaded her body down and grabber her thighs in his long, powerful hands. He was orchestrating her every move carefully. She knew what was coming and did all she could to ready her entire body. Stretching her arms above her head, over the edge of the bed, she grasped the plush comforter in her hands and squeezed. She looked majestic, toned and flexed on the bed, feet in the air, panting and dripping juices from her cunt. Derrick swung his pillar of dark meat around and his huge sack followed. He grasped his cock and slowly guided it's apple-sized head towards Holly's hole. He circled and rubbed every inch of her pussy lips with his plump head, causing Holly to bite her lip and moan. Then he began to push. The monster's head stretched her like she had never felt before. Every nerve ending in her cavern twitched and throbbed. Slowly it disappeared into her. More moans. Then groans and even grunts as Derrick began easing that pole in and out. As he pushed to bury his cock inside her, Holly tensed and flexed. As he slid it out, she went limp and exhaled. The lips of her cunt clinging to the giant, dark pole as it pulled out of it's home. Every nerve in her body knew what it wanted. Then Derrick began to get into a rhythm. He slid in and out with more ease each time as Holly release every ounce of juice she had to lubricate the beast. Then Holly hit her first orgasm; one like I had never witnessed with her. Her back arched, her head bent back, and she let out a deep, guttural moan loud enough to wake the dead. She squeezed the bed with a vise-like grip. Her ribs now visible through her skin as she stretched her body. Then Derrick pushed harder, burying another two inches further into her. She froze and began to twist and moan faster now. Both bodies glistened with sweat now as Derrick strode faster. After what seemed like an eternity, Holly hit her second, then third orgasm, her muscles flexing and straining each time. Derrick drove on like the machine he was, his giant sack swinging and slapping into Holly's ass like a wrecking ball with each push. Even with Holly as wet and wide as she had ever been, Derrick's cock did not fully fit into her cave. He truly was enough man for two women at the same time. Finally Derrick appeared to be reaching his peak. His taught abs began flexing faster now. His lean thighs strained and tensed. Just when I thought he was going to fill her up with his load, he slid that snake out of Holly's wrecked hole, grasped her thighs, and turned her over, propping her up on her knees. He grasped his dripping wet cock in his hand and guided back into Holly's hole. She placed her head down onto her hands, which improved Derrick's driving angle from behind. Derrick didn't skip a beat and was lighting up her interior nerves like never before. She hit her fourth orgasm almost instantly as he hit new sides of her cave. Derrick now seemed to be intent on burying all 14 of his thick inches into Holly's cunt and he pushed even harder. Holly screamed as his cock reached deep into her core. Again he pushed. Again she screamed. Again he pushed, hiding every black inch in her cave. This was the finale that Derrick had been striving for.

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