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Dark Encounter

bySensuous Storyteller©

Damn it, she was late! Driving down the dark, lonely highway in her red mustang, Laura started to pick up speed, hoping to make up some time. She was thinking it was almost eerie at how little traffic she saw while she was driving. Although, she did see one trucker awhile back, she had seen no one since. Smiling to herself, she remembered how the trucker had picked up speed just to pass her so he could peek into her car window. He seemed to enjoy the eyeful of bare thigh as Laura drove. Grinning from ear to ear, the big burly driver tugged on his air horn to display his appreciation of the lovely view she offered as he passed her. Laura could not help but grin, silly or not she was flattered.

Laura thought about how angry Chrissy would be and she could picture her now, pacing and muttering in their hotel room cursing Laura not realizing it wasn't her fault that Laura wasn't there two hours ago, as she should have been.

Her best friend Chrissy had won tickets to a Sarah McLachlan concert complete with back stage passes and a free hotel room for two nights. Laura was really thrilled when Chrissy had invited her to join her.

That is why Laura was really ticked when her boss had come out of his office at the last minute asking her to do some research for a big proposal he had to offer first thing Monday morning but Laura knew she had no choice but to do it. It set her back in time but she was driving like a maniac to make it up.

When Laura had started out it was daylight but after a very short time darkness fell. Laura hated driving alone and at night, especially when she was not sure of the way. She hadn't seen any other drivers on the road and it made her question if she was even on the right road.

She saw nothing; and hadn't for some time. Not a restaurant; a gas station; not even a house for her to pull over to ask for directions. She decided to just keep going. She picked up speed with every mile she went. At first it was because she was late but soon she realized that she was speeding because she wanted to get somewhere where there were people. She felt the seclusion and didn't like it. She decided to turn on the radio hoping to take her mind off of things like being alone and late. As if reminding her to hurry up the radio poured out the sweet sound of whom else? Of course, it was none other than Sarah.

In the arms of the angels, Far away from here From this dark cold hotel room and the endlessness that you feel.

Laura sang along passionately even if she was a little off key.

You are pulled from the wreckage Of your silent reverie In the arms of the angel May you find some comfort here?

As Laura sang her heart out, she looked up into her rear view mirror again and saw the familiar but tummy lurching red lights flashing from the car behind her. Quickly, she peeked at her speedometer and cringed knowing that if she could not talk her way out of this one, it was going to cost her points as well as a lot of money. She banged her right fist against the steering wheel and muttered, "OH FUCK!"

Following procedure, Laura slowed down the mustang and pulled over to the side of the road. She turned Sarah off in mid-sentence, listened to the hum of the power window as she lowered it and shut off the engine waiting expectantly for the inevitable. Nervously, she peeked into the mirror and saw that he was still not coming, so she twisted the mirror to check her make up. Her long curly red hair framed her lovely face offsetting her green eyes. High cheekbones shaded with a little blush and her plum coloured lips were full and sensuous. Putting the mirror back, Laura watched the uniformed officer stride towards her car. Her heart pounded so loudly in her chest she was sure he would hear it too.

"Good evening, Mam" the officer said politely, and as she had expected the rest of the sentence came out as a question. "Do you know how fast you were going?"

Laura was nervous but wanted to make a good impression so she offered up her best smile. She answered him respectfully, "I am so sorry officer, I assume it was too fast since you pulled me over. I honestly didn't notice. I'm late so I suppose subconsciously I was a little heavy footed"

'Shut up, Laura.' She admonished herself silently. 'You are acting guilty.'

"License and registration please, Mam." The officer did not return her smile.

Thinking that this is definitely a bad sign, Laura handed the officer her license and registration. Using his big flashlight, the officer looked at the license in his hand, and then he looked back at Laura, comparing the person in the flesh with the picture. Surprisingly, he handed them back to her, rather than the usual, "Be back in a minute." that she was expecting. She thought the procedure was to take them to his car radio and call them in to see if she had any outstanding tickets, but he didn't. Laura couldn't help but hope that this was a good omen and that the officer was going to let her off with just a warning. But she soon realized this was not the case when she heard him ask her, "Step out of the car, Mam."

Without hesitation Laura complied with his request. She opened her car door and stepped out. One long leg followed the other, her skirt riding high to offer a healthy glimpse of thigh. Laura glanced up quickly and saw that he did not miss the view. She stood next to him, her high heels making a loud crunching noise as she stepped onto the gravel. Just then the moon suddenly came out from behind the clouds brightening the evening considerably and illuminating the way for them both as she followed his directions. She noticed that he looked to be a very big man in his uniform but then she admitted to herself that she had not seen very many small cops. Looking up into his blue eyes, Laura saw that even though his actions were brisk and professional, his gaze was not.

Wasting no more time, the officer told Laura to close her eyes and with her arms outstretched bend her elbow to touch the tip of her nose with her finger.

"Are you kidding me, Officer?" Laura asked.

"No, Mam, I am not. Please do as I ask." he replied in that no nonsense tone that all cops have.

Laura stretched out her arms so that the clinging sweater she wore strained across her full breasts. Her eyes were closed but she could still feel the heat of his gaze, a woman can sense a man looking at her, she doesn't have to see him do it. Passing the test just fine the officer asked her to come over to the tarmac where he placed both his hands on her arms to have her stand still and then he walked a short distance away.

"I would like you to walk a straight line, one foot in front of the other towards me."

Laura could not believe this but she knew better than to piss off a cop especially when she was speeding as fast as she knew she was. She followed his instructions and had no problem walking a straight line until she was within a short distance from him. She had stepped on a stray stone with her high heel and it caused her to lose her balance. She tripped right into his arms. Laura looked up into his face to quickly apologize, she was even a little worried she may have failed the test but when she looked into his eyes, she knew that she had failed nothing.

His strong arms held her long after there was any need to keep holding her. His arms wrapped around her firmly and she was sure she heard the distinctive sound of him inhaling the scent of her hair.

Nervously, she pulled herself out of his arms and stood away from him, knowing it was no longer the natural fear of his uniform that frightened her but it was the man beneath it that scared her.

Taking complete control of the situation again, the officer told her to stand facing her car. "Place your opened palms on the hood of the car and bend over with your legs spread."

Shocked, Laura complained, "This is ridiculous officer, I was only speeding. You can see I am not impaired and that I am not armed."

Sharply, he responded, "Do it, now!"

Frightened, Laura did as she was told, knowing she had no choice. With her hands placed on the hood of the car she bent over slightly and opened her legs just a little. Hearing his footsteps come up behind her, the officer placed his hands just above her hips at her waist and lifted her right off her feet, pulling her bottom half out farther from the car so she was bent over even more. He placed a booted foot between hers and kicked her legs further apart.

His big strong hands slid across her soft sweater squeezing her shoulders before they slid down her arms. Then he slipped them around to the front of her across her tummy and up to her breasts. He stopped and squeezed them hard making her squeal in shock and pain. Angrily, she tried to stand up but he placed a large firm hand on her back between her shoulder blades pushing her down so her head rested on the hood of the car as well as her crushing her breasts. Her ass high up in the air and her legs were still well spread. The hood of the car was still warm against her cheek. Laura demanded to know what she had done for him to feel that this was necessary.

He answered, "Please be quiet, Mam. You will know in due time."

She felt the heat of his body leave her as he stepped back. She felt his hands slide up her calves, both on the inside and outside sliding up the sheer stockings that covered her long shapely legs. When he reached her thighs, she started as she felt his hands climbed up under her skirt, touching the bare skin where her stockings ended. His hands roamed her ass, caressing her not frisking her! His hands skimmed across the garter belt she was wearing. Then his fingers slid between her legs. Laura was so ashamed because she knew he could feel the wetness on the gusset of her panties. Embarrassed at her own arousal in such a situation, she tried to stand up again to strenuously object to such personal handling, but his strong hands just pushed her down again.

His fingers hooked themselves into the inside of her panties and his hairy knuckles were rubbing her hot wet slit as he gripped the crotch in his fist and tugged. A loud rip echoed into the night as he tore the panties right off her ass. Terrified, tears began to roll down Laura's cheeks.

"Please, don't do this. Please let me go." she cried.

"Relax Mam, and I promise you nothing will hurt you." he was his response.

His warm hands pulled her skirt up to her waist leaving her bare ass framed in her stockings and garter belt. The full moon was shining bright and clear, and was aiding his view as his hands traced across her plump cheeks and down the crack of her ass, causing her to jump in surprise. Chuckling softly, he ordered her to stay still and he emphasized his order with a resounding slap on her ass. He watched her soft white flesh jiggle as he left his red hand-print against her pale bottom, so he smacked her again and again. He spanked her on both cheeks as she softly cried, more from fear than pain.

His erection was strained against the pants of his uniform as he took his warm hand and slipped between her legs. He felt the wetness creaming her slit moistening her curly pussy hair and covering it with the fragrant excretions. Her tears may have told him one thing but this womanly flood from her most intimate part was telling him something quite different. He decided that he loved what her cunt was telling him not her tears. Taking his fingers from between her legs, he brought them to his nose, inhaling deeply, loving the scent of a woman. Slipping them into his mouth he tasted her. Hmmm, the only thing better than the scent of a woman is the taste of a woman.

Surprisingly, the officer dropped to his knees. Using his thumbs to spread open the cheeks of her ass, he saw the little puckered opening in the moonlight. Leaning forward, his tongue slid out to let the tip tickle her dark star. Sitting back on his haunches to look, he saw the nervousness he had caused and he enjoyed how her little pucker tightened as it tried so hard to close itself to him. He laughed as he leaned forward again to push his tongue deep into her tiny opening slipping passed her defenses. He heard her whimpering above him. He loved how she was standing on her tippy-toes while his tongue fucked her ass. His fingers tugged on the pubic hair covering her wet and swollen lips. He could hear the wet smacking sound as her nether lips parted. Moaning softly to himself, he pushed his tongue deep inside her with one last thrust before he removed it completely. He made sure that he left a load of spittle on her wrinkled orifice to aid in his access.

Holding her cheeks open, he saw the shiny wetness painted on her thighs from her dripping cunt and he looked up to see the glistening glob of salvia he had left on her ass. He hardened even more as enjoyed the throbbing ache just from looking at her. The officer stood up behind her and leaned into her trembling body, he bent himself over her lovely back. His warm breath tickled her ear as he pulled back her silky hair and whispered.

"I love your ass, sweetheart. I think I am going to fuck it right here in the open air. I know you would love that."

Grinning he continued to whisper in her ear, "Your whimpers are trying to tell me no, your body struggling under mine is trying to tell me no, but that beautiful wet cunt of yours and that swollen clit is telling me the only thing I need to know and that is YES!"

Abruptly, he lifted her upright from the car and pulled her sweater over her head. His fingers fumbled with the clasp on her bra and it wouldn't open, so in his impatience he ripped it from her body. Her large lovely breasts jiggled in the moonlight and his eyes sparkled as he saw them. She gasped aloud when his mouth fastened itself to her puckered nipple. Without really hurting her, he suckled her rosy nipples and gave them tender little love bites.

Hearing her moaning now, he lifted her from the ground and laid her on her back across the warm hood of the car. His hands slid down her rounded tummy and across her crumpled skirt still bunched up at her waist. His hands raced down her thighs, calves and then down to her ankles. Gripping them tightly in his hands, he bent her knees so that her thighs were crushed against her large breasts. In this position her hungry pussy, her rosy full ass were all face level to the man in blue inviting him with their silent pleas. Lowering his face to her welcoming cunt, he buried his face deep into that greedy scented grotto. Fucking her passionately with his tongue he slid up to lap at her engorged clit that seemed to swell with each lick of his tongue. He felt her legs tremble, and she raised her ass and pussy closer to his talented mouth. Coming mindlessly, her body sent her passion to flow on his tongue and he swallowed it greedily. As her orgasm receded, Laura slowed bucking and moaning realizing now that she just came in this ridiculous situation. And she loved it!

Letting her legs drop from her chest, the officer quickly gripped her by her small waist and flipped her over to her tummy with her gorgeous ass proudly displayed. Moistening his finger with saliva he placed it at her tight little anus. Slowly he inserted his finger first one knuckle deep, then the next until finally his finger is embedded inside her. He placed his other hand on the small of her back to hold her still while he finger fucked her ass until he could no longer feel any resistance.

Laura heard the rustling of his clothes; the sound of his zipper lowering told her what was coming next. Big hands firmly spread her cheeks as the cool breeze tickled her hole. His warm thick smooth cock buried itself deep into the cleft of her ass as he slid it up and down between her crack. Placing the head of his cock at the opening of her ass, she felt the pressure as he slowly pushed it in against her rubbery resistance.

Moaning so softly, Laura was so angry at herself for loving how this big cop is taking her against her will; or was it? Was this really rape? She wanted it to happen. She enjoyed the hot burning sensation as he slid just the head of his cock inside her ass. It hurt. She gasped. He knew that she was feeling a bit of pain but he also knew it would only last a moment before she would ride him herself. He held himself still allowing her to get used to the feel of his cock. She would soon relax and let him in on her own. As he had predicted he felt her defenses fall and she welcomed him. That was all it took to make him push forward and fill her lovely ass.

Laura had been holding her breath the entire time, when he was finally inside her she let it go in a whoosh. He pulled his cock from her body slowly only to get ready to shove it in again. Laura was finally remembering to breathe when she caught her breath again as he withdrew only to explode as he thrust his hips forward and fucked her deep and hard.

She screamed out but was only heard by the owl hooting his protestation of erotic scene below him. The officer pumped into her in with a slow rhythm; in and out; in and out. He pushed deep and hard and then faster and faster. Laura's hips banged against the car and she knew she would be bruised but she no longer cared.

Both Laura and the nameless officer moaned louder and fucked faster riding that roller coaster of desire together. They were both at the summit and holding there for just a moment before they both came crashing down to earth with a thrill that only a zipless fuck could give. Her fear changed to the same thrill he felt as they were lost in the throws of a mutual orgasm. Laura felt every spurt as he emptied his fluid deep inside her and the proof of her own passion was painting the insides of her thighs.

With his hand still pressed on her lower back, the officer held her still as he pulled his cock from her ass. He slid his hand gently to her wet cunt and then up to caress her ass before he bent to kiss her bottom cheeks. To her surprise he gave her hearty slap that stung and brought her standing upright in a hurry. She turned around to him and smiled as he smiled in return. Gently he offered a soft kiss on her lips and it was then that they both knew that nothing had happened here that both of them didn't want to happen.

The handsome officer tucked himself back into his "uniform of respect". Laura started to pull herself together and decided it was time to dress too. Realizing that her panties were torn and long gone, Laura just lowered her skirt and smoothed it down. Bending at the waist, she adjusted her stockings. Her rosy nipples were still swollen from the rough attention and the cooling night breeze. Laura held up her bra and saw that it will never be serviceable again so she tossed it away along with her panties and pulled on her sweater. The sweater molded lovingly to her large bare breasts emphasizing the hardened nipples so much so that the officer wished he had time for more.

Admiring the lovely woman from head to toe, the officer opened her car door and told her to get inside. He closed the door and leaned in the opened window to speak to her. The musty scent of her cunt was still on his lips as he talked to her.

"I will let you off with a warning this time, little lady but I suggest you slow down or next time you are down this road I will not be so understanding."

Smiling up at him, her face aglow as only a well fucked woman glows, she answered him, "I will and thank you, Officer."

But she soon realized that she only spoke to the retreating back of the man in blue as he was already headed back to his car. Smiling into her rearview mirror, she watched him climb in the patrol car and pull away. As he sped passed her, she noticed that he did not look back.

Laura looked at the tumbled mass of red hair and her lips smeared with her lipstick and sighed contentedly.

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