tagExhibitionist & VoyeurDark Psyche: Angel and the Tramp

Dark Psyche: Angel and the Tramp


Since man was able to think there existed the dark psyche, part of our subconscious that we suppress in our rational thinking, and only touch upon when we surrender ourselves to our physical desires. Freud called this side of us our Ego's, we are a race of sexual beings who only now have begun to realise our full selves. Many of us share the same dark fantasies, feelings we dismiss, in thinking we are alone, but you are not.


Angel stepped out of her shower, reaching for her towel, wrapping it around her body. More than anything after a days work at McDonalds, she liked to shower, preferring the instant release of hot water over her dark body, compared to the slow, gradual release that a long soak in the bath provided. Angel released the towel from her body, rubbing it on her hair, feeling the water droplets flicking outwards, her long, straight, shiny black hair glistening in the single yellow bulb.

Angel reached for her blue bathrobe, allowing it to hang open as she stared at her image in the full-length mirror hanging on the door. She reached up and touched her nipple, smiling at the feeling in her breast as her touch sent ripples of sensations through her body. Angel dropped her right hand, covering her crotch. Many, if not all of her friend's, had at one point shaved their crotch, and told her many times about the experience. But Angel enjoyed the feeling of running her fingers through the curly black hairs, feeling her soft skin beneath the bristle of her pubes. So despite the extra effort, she kept her long hair, although recognising the need to keep it trimmed, cutting it at the edges. She pulled her fingers through her pubes, water falling to the floor.

"Angel, get out of the bathroom, I need my shaving gel" her dad demanded, banging on the door. Angel wrapped her gown around her body, tying it shut, and opened the door, staring at her dad. He blushed, turned away, slightly embarrassed to see his young daughter dressed only in a bathrobe. Still, he had enough male pride to push past her into the bathroom, cursing as he found the floor sopping wet from her shower. Angel ignored the protests, shutting her door, reaching for her stereo and playing her favourite tune. Again Angel's music tastes differed drastically from her friends, she did like the current boy bands, but preferred more traditional reggae music, a left over from her parents heritage from Jamaica. She settled for a piece by Cibo Matto.

Angel dropped her bathrobe, sitting on her bed, her wet ass cheeks leaving a temporary impression on the bed sheets. She loved the feeling of cool air on her bare skin. She closed her eyes, lying back on her bed, and felt the warm waves wash over her body, caressing every hole, every patch of skin as the hot tropical sun shone down. At this point, she would have given her soul to be lying on the beach near her uncles home in Jamaica, naked on the beach, the soft sand against her body, the sun deepening her tan.

Her dream was broken as her phone went off against her leg, the vibrations sending small waves of pleasure through her thighs. Angel reached for the phone on her nightstand, flipping it open, resting it on her crossed legs. A small bead of water rolled down between her breasts, over her stomach, onto the screen of her phone.


Angel stood and walked to the end of her bed, opening her cupboard. In it hung 18 years of clothes shopping. What to wear to the Rose? If she was meeting up with the girls, obviously something loose, but something was nagging at her.

Angel had been brought up in Camden, an outer suburb in London, and quite a run down area. Her childhood was spent around drug dealers and gangs, empty bottles and used needles in the playgrounds. But despite this, she, along with her brothers, had been raised with a strict code of standards and moral beliefs. While Angel herself didn't mind the attention from the many males in the bars they visited, she hadn't, yet, slept with a male, only having one boyfriend since her primary school. And only he had got a kiss out of her.

Angel reached up into her cupboard, removing a matching cotton white pair of bra's and panties. She pulled her bra over her breasts, struggling behind until she clipped it together, tightening the straps until it fully supported the weight of her chest. Next, she reached down and stepped into her panties, pulling them up her legs, covering her black pubic hairs, pushing her hand into her knickers, adjusting her hairs, some trapped beneath the elastic of the panties.

Angel settled for a slightly faded pair of blue denim jeans, pulling them up over her smooth wet legs. She reached in and pulled a short cut white string top, slipping it on over her chest, jiggling slightly until it settled on her. Angel took her black long coat from it's hangar, pulling it over her top. She feel of the fabric rubbing against her white skin did more to Angel than she wanted to admit.

"Daddy, I'm going out to the Orchard with my mates" Angel shouted up the stairs as she took her keys from the ring.

"Yeah but I want you back early. And clean the bath when you get back" her dad screamed. As Angel stood in the open doorway, she looked up the stairs where the light from the bathroom doors shone out, interrupted briefly by her dad's feet moving across the edge of the door.

Angel walked along side Jenny, their arms in each other's. Angel couldn't help but notice this simple, almost lesbian gesture of two girls, one black and one white, was having on the males passing them by. Angel, like many women, could not understand the basic homophobia expressed by many men. She knew from first hand experience that all three of her brothers often searched the net for porn, and a lot of the time, accidentally, stumbling across erotic gay scenes that even shocked her. She had never confronted them over it, accepting that deep down, they were exploring their sexuality. Which was what confused Angel when she tried to talk about same sex relationship's with her male friends, and which always resulted in them insulting her or speaking over the conversation.

Still, Angel was comfortable with her sexuality. Despite, some, petty experimentation as a kid with her friends at their sleepovers, she didn't find their bodies particularly attractive, preferring the male form close to her.

"Look at those sad bastards" Jenny remarked, quite loudly, nodding her head towards an alcove in the park where several tramps sat around a small burning fire. Her remark drew some attention from the ragged individuals, staring at the two well-dressed girls as they continued up the path staring at the men.

"It's not their fault Jen" Angel replied grinning at one of the tramps, the man looking away, shaking his heavily bearded face as he took a swig from the bottle of whiskey at his side.

"Doesn't mean they can't shave or get a job lazy shits" Jenny said pulling Angel's arm as they quickened their pace towards the Orchards pub at the bottom of the road beside the park.

As the two girls approached the pub, Angel turned her head, staring at the 6 people now closer to the diminishing fire. Beneath the beards and long hair, Angel couldn't tell from here whether they were male or female, and she hoped she wouldn't be near enough to ever tell whether they were male or female. She was grateful as Jenny led her into the pub, noticing her friends around the table.

Angel sat, pushing the two already high girls further around the table, feeling the pressure of Jenny against her. She smiled as Kathryn set a bottle of Archers down on the table, taking a large gulp from hers. Angel picked hers up, taking a sip as she closed her eyes, smelling the smoke in the air already changing her clean skin. Angel didn't like the smell of smoke on her clothes.

She froze, her bottle of Archers almost falling from her grasp as a hand gripped the top of her leg, the soft fingers pressing into her leg. She managed to pressed the bottle of Archers to her lips, taking a sip and laughing at some joke, noticing a relieved sigh released from her friend, Konnie.

Konnie had been friends with Angel since they were kids, Konnie being the first person she had kissed, before being taught the difference being same sex relationships and normal ones. Angel quickly realised that Konnie had feelings for her, well, for girls in general. All throughout high school, Konnie had carried the reputation as a lesbian, not having one boyfriend, even at the prom. Angel had remained friends with her but had never been as close as she was say, with Jenny, not wanting to explore that aspect of her personality

"So me and Angel were almost mugged by these tramps in the park, it was so fucking scary. Anyway, who got the first round in?" Jenny asked, taking a sip from her bottle of Smirnoff Ice,

"Yeah it was pretty fucking scary" Angel said relaxing slightly in her seat, parting her legs slightly wider as Konnie's fingers pushed their way further up her thigh, brushing against the crotch of her jeans, the water from her shower mixing with a little of her own cunt juices as Konnie's touch enticed a reaction from her body. Angel reached down and rested her hand upon Konnie's, rubbing her Indian friends fingers with her own manicured black ones.

"So Babes, I heard you're quitting your job?" Deborah asked, an Irish lass who had recently moved to England from Ireland. She had got a job at Jenny's office and the two had become friends, pushing Deborah into the group.

"Yeah, serving fries and burgers all day to spotty fat school kids is hardly my idea of a career path. I found a job on the internet for a place of a cruise ship that sail's close to Jamaica. So I should be able to get home a lot more often" Angel said, noticing Konnie had removed her hand.

"Shit" Jenny cursed, drawing the attention from the girls around the table.

A large circle was stained on Jenny's top over her tits, the material of the top sticking to her skin. She reached for a paper towel, dabbing it on her top, soaking in some of the drink. Angel stared at Jenny as she pulled her top up, exposing a smallish set of tits, moist with alcohol. Angel, still slightly wet between her thighs, stared for a few seconds at Jenny's brown nipples, her eyes fixed as the light reflected off them, the two small mounds jiggling on her breasts. Angel would have loved to have crossed the table and cupped one of the breasts, taking it into her mouth, sucking on her nipple.

"Angel stop staring at my tits" Jenny said laughing, pulling her wet top back over her breasts, finishing her drink as she pushed her chair away, moving towards the bar. Angel looked down at the table, taking another sip from her own drink, noticing Konnie staring at her own set of breasts in her white strap top.

"Oops, I've got to pee" Angel said, standing and walking towards the ladies toilets on the opposite side of the pub, drawing attention from the males in the room.

The toilet was empty, thankfully. She entered the second cubicle, pulling her jeans and panties down. Her bladder was full, and her pee shot out forcefully against the bowl, Angel staring at her vagina as the stream of pee continued, the golden liquid reflecting against her black crotch.

Angel froze as the toilet door opened. Jenny walked in, standing in front of the open cubicle and the mirror. She reached down and pulled her top up and over her head, turning the hot tap, filling the sink with water before dropping it in. She began to rub the top with a paper towel, Angel staring in disbelief as her best friend stood half naked, her tits jiggling up and down as she rubbed the stain. Angel was grateful as her pee slowed, then stopped, although realising she now sat, like Jenny, half naked from her waist down, her crotch on display to her friend in this position.

She shifted slightly, kicking the door shut with her toes, reaching for the tissue, rubbing the drops of urine away, dropping it into the toilet and hitting the flush before re-opening the door and stepping out, slightly confused Jenny still hadn't put her top back on.

"Hi, Jenny. Do you want to borrow my jacket, you must be cold" Angel suggested, washing her hands in the sink beside her friend, ignoring the urge to look across as she continued to scrub her top.

"No thanks. Besides, what turns men on more, a girl in an overcoat or one in a tight wet top" Jenny replied giggling. Angel nodded.

"So, tell me about this job." Jenny said. Angel lent on the sink and talked to her friend, soon forgetting that she was talking to a semi-naked lady.


Angel walked out of the pub, her vision slightly blurred, her legs shaking under the heavy intoxication of the vodka drink. Jenny was in the pub, probably with a group of men, probably getting laid, or worse. But Angel didn't care. Despite the large amounts of alcohol she had consumed, she still remembered her priorities, she knew she had to get home before her father came out looking for her, starting at the Orchard where she said she had been.

The cool night air chilled her to the bone, wearing off the effects of the drink she had consumed. But she was also cold, very cold, and when she saw the flames in the park, she couldn't held but walk slowly towards the huddled mass of figures around the fire, slipping twice on the rain soaked grass, before dropping down beside a man.

Benjamin Sharp dropped the empty bottle of whisky, crawling on all fours to the girl who had crossed the park towards them. It had been many months since anyone had even approached them, treating his friends with as much respect as lepers. As Sharp got closer to Angel lying on her back, he couldn't miss the smell of liquor and alcohol coming off this woman. This wasn't the first time a drunken figure had left the Orchard, but most of the time, they would just take their wallets, phones and watches, letting them wake the next morning with a nasty headache and very few valuables.

Sharp wasn't alone in exploring this new lady. Can's, who Sharp had been close with recently was crouched over Angel's body, Angel not realising what was going on as she felt the heat from the fire warming her cold body. Can's pulled Angel's coat off, tightening it around her body. By the time Sharp got to Angel, Can's had removed Angel's jeans and leather boots, pushing them into a plastic carrier bag.

Ben knelt beside the semi-drunk, semi-conscious body of Angel, lusting after the black woman in front of him, looking at her cotton panties and the dark tuffs of pubic hair contrasting with the white of her knickers. He looked up her body at her chest. Through a mixture of alcohol and drink, her white top stuck over her breasts, her sharp nipples poking through the material.

Angel lay on the grass, feeling the wet mud beneath her body. She was more aware of her situation, but just couldn't be assed to move, comfortable with the floor beneath her. She felt some hand's exploring her body, before feeling her coat being pulled off. It was probably Jenny, Angel assumed, smiling, resting her face on the grass. 'Jenny' continued to remove her jeans and boots. Ah, she must be at Jenny's house, her friend was undressing her.

Angel felt some more hands touching her body. She opened her eyes and looked down. A large bearded male had his hands on her panties, hesitant, waiting for permission almost. When he saw Angel lift her head, he reached up and pushed her face back into the mud, Angel feeling the wet soil and mud dripping off her cheek.

Ben rolled Angel's cotton panties down her leg, exposing her black hairy cunt to the tramp. He pocketed the panties before moving up her body, pulling a used knife from one of his pockets and cutting the white top in two, exposing Angel's matching bra.

Angel could feel the tramps penis sticking out of his rags now. At first, she had felt his little cock all shrivelled and resting against her thigh. But the sight of her vagina, and the way he had exposed her chest had the effect it would have on most men, with his growing erection now pressing down between her thighs, the side rubbing against the lips of her pussy.

Ben's knife cut the bra away, the cotton dropping to the ground, Angel's tits now shaking slightly as a shiver passed through her, her nipples small, cold, needing to be touched.

Ben lent down, his beard tickling her skin, his mouth taking one of her breasts. From Angel's perspective, she could clearly see the tramp was enjoying sucking on her smooth breast, and in this weather and state, she didn't mind that his warm breath and mouth was heating up her nipple, his tongue and hot saliva dripping and moistening up her tit.

A few of the other tramps had come to see what was going on now, stopping beside Ben and Angel. Angel could see that the 4 other men now had their cocks out wanking. A couple had erections while the other 2 were limp, just touching themselves as Angel was sucked on by Ben. A woman had got bolder, stopping beside Angel. She crouched down, moving her grubby fingers through Angel's straight black hair, one of her other hands tracing around Angel's face, pushing a couple of fingers into her mouth.

Angel reached up and took hold of the woman's hand, sucking it clean of the mud and various other flavours. It was bitter at first but she tasted something sweet, and gladly swallowed as the woman shuffled forwards, caressing the skin on Angel's face.

Ben, still a man, saw the two women touching each other, the drunk black bitch sucking on Can's fingers. He reached down and grabbed each of her thighs, pushing them open as he snuggled into position between her open legs. Angel protested at first but quickly forgot as Can's began to plant kisses on Angel's lips. Some growth on the tramp's face causing Angel to itch her face slightly. Angel had kissed girls before, she had never kissed a girl with a beard before, but then again she had never been stripped naked by tramps and had her breasts sucked on by a stranger.

As Angel's mind cleared from the alcohol, she was able to think about the position she was in. Why the hell had she let these people strip her naked, to touch her and use her like this? She wasn't a lesbian or an exhibitionist, yet she was letting a woman touch her tits while being penetrated by a tramp in the park. Angel moved her hands down her body to push the man away, but smelt him, before he even managed to penetrate her.

Ben's small grubby cock pushed up into Angel's black cunt, a mixture of mud and old cum rubbing off onto her body. Angel could see his dirty penis entering her clean cunt, his long pubic hair rubbing against her own trimmed, black short oily hairs.

"I'm kissing a blackie here" the woman muttered, continuing to kiss Angel on the lips, licking a small path from the bottom of Angel's lip to the top of her breasts, Angel arching her back under the woman's tongue. Angel held the tramp's head to her tits as the bearded lady sucked down on her, her own filthy breasts dropping from her ripped shirt, her nipples touching Angel's.

Konnie walked beside Jenny, their arms together. While Jenny was heavily plastered, Konnie was still quite sober, enough to feel the heat and warmth coming off the girls body. While her eyes were fixed for Angel, the black love of her life, she didn't mind the beautiful and lithe body of Jenny, who had been rumoured to have, experimented, with girls herself. So while it was Angel, Konnie wished she had beside her, she didn't mind feeling the side of her arm brushing against Jenny's breast, her nipple pressing from her wet shirt.

Konnie tightened her grip on Jenny's arm, walking along the path beside the park. She had heard to many tales of rape and abduction to feel safe walking beside here, this late at night. As her eyes scanned the night, she couldn't help but see the writhing bodies on the grass. Two half dressed tramps were fucking a girl. Konnie slowed her pace, staring as a bearded figure kissed the girls flat stomach and breasts. From here, judging by the shadows and what light their was, the two tramps were fucking a black girl. And surprisingly to Konnie, the thin yet beautiful body of Angel, the girl she had dreamed about since they were kids.

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