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Dark Time



My wife Kim and I have a close circle of friends whom we have associated with for years. The girls have been friends practically since high school and we have attended each other's weddings and other events over the years. The girls, Chrissy, Linda and Angie are all very attractive as is Kim, who at 42 looks much younger and keeps herself in great condition with regular workouts as do the other girls. Their respective husbands, Mike, Tom and Ed are great guys as well.

Mike and Chrissy recently sold out of their own business, doing very well financially in the process. They are now the proud owners or a beautiful home outside of town, complete with pool, waterfall and the world's largest hot tub, or so we call it. That is where we found ourselves several weeks ago on a Friday night unwinding from the work week, except of course for Chrissy and Mike who no longer had such concerns. The alcohol was flowing pretty freely as it usually does when we are together and we kidded around with our usual flirting and sexual innuendo. None of this type of behavior had ever gone anywhere physically and nothing overt had ever taken place as far as I know.

After a couple of hours, Linda's husband Tom, who was well into the alcohol by that time, suggested we hit the hot tub. Linda reminded him that they had not packed bathing suits for the evening. Tom said "don't need a suit" and promptly stripped off and jumped into the hot tub. The rest of us were a little surprised, but Tom is a severe extrovert, so it was all in character for him. He then called out to the guys "hey bros are you going to leave me out here hanging alone." Mike, Ed and I just looked at each other, shrugged our shoulders and followed Tom's lead by stripping and jumping naked into the tub.

Now came the moment of truth. "So girls" called Tom "let's get a move on." I couldn't believe that Kim would even entertain such a thing and the girls all appeared to hesitate. "Come on girls, time's a wasting, show your pretty selves and let's continue the party." Thank goodness for alcohol as Chrissy was the first to give in and say "ok" stripping off her clothes and quickly getting into the tub, but not before we were all treated to a view of her beautiful breasts and shaven pussy.

"Come on, come on" we called to the others who finally agreed, disrobed and got into the tub. Even through my alcoholic haze I could not believe that my Kim had shown her nude body to our friends and was now sitting totally naked with three other guys within arm's reach. Kim had not been exposed in front of another guy since before we were married and even then her experiences were restricted to the back of a Pontiac, which experience, from her description, seemed to have been less than satisfactory.

We continued as before with drinking and generally carrying on. Every once in a while, someone would exit the tub to use the pool house bathroom, so we got an eye full each time one of the girls got out for pee time. It was of particular interest to me that when Kim got out she received appreciative looks from the other guys, which really turned up my excitement. It really got me going to see that the other guys were getting a full view my hot naked wife for the first time and liking what they saw. I did note that the other girls were "clean shaven" while Kim insisted on keeping things more natural, but that was her personal choice. Kim was also a little smaller in the chest area, but still made quite an impression without her clothes.

At some point Mike got out of the tub to use the bathroom. It was hard not to notice how well hung he is and I'm sure the girls were impressed, though no one made any comment. I was a little concerned since I am rather average in that department, but I noted that I at least equaled Tom so I was not the runt in the group, though I have to admit that he may have been a bit thicker. On his way back from the bathroom Mike yelled "lights out" and we were thrown into pitch darkness. Since Chrissy and Mike lived in such a secluded spot far from the nearest house, once the lights went out the darkness was total. I was not used to this, since I had always lived closer to town, but now I literally could not see my hand in front of my face.

"Move to the center" Mike commanded so we all got up and moved forward. "Move around and then sit" he said. We did as instructed as Mike made his way back in to the tub. I ended up sitting next to one of the girls, but I could not tell which one. I moved toward her and put an arm around her as a tentative first move. She immediately moved toward me and we began to kiss passionately. I was freaking at this point notwithstanding my alcohol intake. I moved my hand to her breast and she responded by stroking my growing erection. At this point, I began to wonder what Kim was doing somewhere in this tub, perhaps just inches from where I was fondling one of her best friends. From the sound of things, the others were involved in amorous activities, but I could not identify any specific sound that appeared to originate from my newly adventurous wife. After a few minutes, someone left the tub and we heard Mike call out "move to the center."

Again we did as instructed and Mike then yelled "lights on" and we were again bathed in the outdoor lights. For a moment no one spoke, but then we went back to what we were doing before as though nothing happened.

After a while, we all climbed out of the hot tub and re-dressed. On the way home, I was consumed by curiosity as to what Kim had been up to when the lights went out. I certainly did not want to confess what I had been doing with one of her friends and I also did not want to come off as accusatory or jealous as that would ruin any chance of a repeat performance. Kim also decided that silence was the best policy, so she said nothing about the lights out experience, but she did screw my brains out as soon as we got home, which I took as a good sign.

Two weeks later we were back at Mike and Chrissy's house. The girls were looking exceptionally hot, Kim in particular wearing a very short and low cut dress with quite a bit of cleavage exposed to view. I made no comment on her appearance, again fearing scaring her off and dissuading her from participating in a possible group event. I met the guys at the outdoor bar by the pool to start the night's drinking. They, of course, had our last hot tub frolic very much in mind. "How cool was that" said Ed. "Hey Andy, hope you don't mind Kim giving me head" he added, "it was great." I tried not to look surprised at his comment. "Dude, she told you right?" he asked. "Sure" I lied," no problem."

At this point I could hardly hide my shock at my wife having performed oral sex on her friend's husband in a hot tub full of naked people, me included. No wonder she did not want to talk about what happened and let the matter lie rather than discuss what she had been doing in the dark. I was dying to know how he knew it was Kim who had sucked him, but I dared not ask since I had acted as though Kim had already told me.

I was also upset that my wife had gone beyond what I had done and I didn't even know who I had done it with. Did Kim even know it was Ed that she had pleasured? She must at least have known it wasn't Mike, since he would have been distinctive by virtue of his massive tool. I was now obsessed with going at least as far as Kim had and any one of her friends would do since even if given the choice, I could hardly choose between them.

After much drinking had been done, opportunity knocked again. "Hot tube time" called Tom and in a minute he was naked and waiting in the tub. The guys needed no further prompting and eagerly stripped and slid into the tub. It was up to the girls to play ball. If any one of them said no, it was all over. Fortunately, they were ready to go and were out of their clothes and in the hot tub in a flash. Now, the questions were whether the lights would go out and what would happen if they did.

I now knew that Kim was up for at least oral sex and might even go further. I wondered what my eventual partner would be up for and hoped I would perform to her satisfaction. Several people went in and out of the tub over time and finally Mike exited to use the bathroom. Sure enough, on his return he yelled "lights out" and we were again in total darkness. "Move to the center and spin," he said "you know the drill" and we all did as instructed.

I then sat next to a female I could not see and immediately reached out to fondle her. She responded and from the feel of her body, my best guess was that it was Chrissy, but I could not be sure. This was fine with me since I always thought Chrissy was hot. I stood up in front of her as she was seated and she stroked my cock. Then she leaned forward and took me fully in her mouth. The feeling was incredible as she was obviously highly skilled in sucking cock. Besides, if it was Chrissy, she was used to dealing with a lot more than she was currently handling.

In a few minutes, I could no longer hold back and had an explosive orgasm in Chrissy's (?) mouth. She appeared to be taking it all and did not withdraw or spit out my cum. I felt guilty shooting so quickly so I had her sit on the edge of the tub and went down on her pussy like there was no tomorrow. Thankfully, she was close to orgasm from the start and quickly had a shuttering climax. I kissed her deeply, tasting my own cum in her mouth and a minute later Mike called for everyone to move to the center of the tub and the lights came back on.

I had now gone as far as Kim had the last time, but in all the excitement, I had no idea what Kim had been doing and who had enjoyed her for the evening. When the guys were together later at the pool bar they were totally pumped. Mike believed he had been with Linda, but was not specific on what they had done. Ed was sure he had been with Angie, so since I had not been with Kim, I had to have been with Chrissy as I thought and Tom had been with Kim. He confirmed this when he said he was sure he was with Kim because of her non-shaven pubic area.

He rather sheepishly told me he had taken her from behind and was surprised at how tight she is. I was again floored by this but retained my composure. I must say that the thought of Tom fucking my wife "doggy" style made me hard as hell and I could not wait to get Kim home to "reclaim" my territory. As I looked over at her in her sexy dress, I wondered whether Tom's cum was running down her legs right now and could not wait to add mine as well.


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