tagNonHumanDark Weres Ch. 12

Dark Weres Ch. 12


So, we have reached the end of this strand of the story. Chapter 12 is unique because I get to introduce you to another fantastic writer, Andi Downs, with whom I create the story Brother Wolves. No, it's not really collaboration, but more of related stories. Two of the new characters in 12, the wolves twins, are brothers to her dragons in her story, Dragon Twins. I will start posting Brother Wolves at the beginning of next month.

Please message me and I will send you info on the continuing story.

A special thanks to Andi for proofreading a editing this chapter. Now, for the finale, I present Chapter 12.

Chapter 12


Time passed, but Rayan never forgot his real duty. He wanted to help Lyric, but he really helped many other members of Jackson. He recalled conversation with Jebutu concerning Lavinia. Jebutu was angry, and wanted to hurt someone. Rayan helped him realize that she needed his strength. He had to calm down for his mate. She was pregnant, and the added stress of worrying about him was too much for her. Thinking about what Lavinia needed helped Jebutu gain control of his beast. Renny joined them, and Jebutu subjugated his animal even more. Lyric stayed away from him. He would never forgive her and in a way she did not blame him. She just prayed that he could understand and allow her to be in their lives, no matter how brief that was. Lavinia walked over, and the sight of her calmed him. Jebutu pulled her into his embrace, and soon his wolf quieted down.


Rayan had stayed at Jackson for a few weeks, and Suni avoided him. He understood why, but she was his mate. Her reluctance to be around him intrigued him even more. A part of him wondered, if she was in love with Alphonso. After a few weeks, he realized she was not. She was just introverted and shy. So each night after dinner, he would sit with her, Mari and the children. Dreya was adorable, as was Naru. Sun I relaxed a bit more, but he could tell she was still fighting the pull of mates. Knowing what he wanted was not what she needed, Rayan backed off, not completely, but enough for her to at least not be so nervous around him.

After so many members came to Rayan for quick sessions, Alphonso assigned three rooms on the second level of his home to Rayan to be used as his office. A theta was assigned to assist him, and Rayan's small office ran like clockwork.

Today he had one more session with Lyric and her daughters. Having finished several sessions with Lyric and her daughters, he saw a lot of pain in the three women. Renny had to stay back and for a man whose whole life was buffering his mate, that was hard. But Renny knew she had to get through this to heal. So today, he agreed to let her come to the session alone. Rayan knew this was hard, but he promised that if Lyric called, he could come straightaway.

He welcomed LaTonya and Lavinia into his office first. The sisters sat so close together. Then Lyric arrived. They were cautious but not tense. The first session they had together, was so tense, you cut cut it with a knife. Lyric smiled at them, and LaTonya being the youngest greeted her. Lavinia spoke, but her lack of words spoke volumes. Rayan explained that his session was open. He wanted them to talk and be honest. The sisters share a look. Lyric spoke first. "First I want to thank you two for giving me a chance here. I know it may not seem so, but you two girls are my heart. I love you." Lavinia scoffed, and LaTonya poked her. Lyric continued. "I hope we can become a family once more. I need you two in my life." The girls listened, but did not let their mother off so easily. It was obvious that the oldest daughter suffered more than the youngest one.

At their first meeting, Lavinia did not speak. She watched her mother. Lyric was hesitant to approach her, but Renny moved in. Lavinia responded to him and he asked her to give her mother a chance. She relaxed and then addressed Lyric. Rayan did not interfere, at this point. Mostly he observed and asked leading questions. He knew this was not something a few visits would fix. He needed more time with the whole family unit. Besides, if he stayed, then he could get to know Suni.

This fifth session was key. Once they worked through their initial distrust of each other, then healing could really begin. Lavinia and LaTonya listened. Rayan took a chance and stepped out of the room. He was not surprised to see not only Renny, but Lee-John and Jebutu waiting as well. He joined the three men who questioned him about leaving the women alone. Rayan explained that the three women needed to vent, talk freely. Lugz was worried. LaTonya cried all night and there was nothing he could do to stop her from hurting. She loved her mother and her sister, and felt torn. He wished he could fix this, but it was something they had to work through.

Rayan explained that the three needed to talk. Lavinia needed to be free to address her mother, and LaTonya needed to find understanding as well. Jebutu was hesitant, but Lugz looked to him for guidance, so he checked his temper. Renny called both men and they sat. Rayan returned to the office and the session continued.

When he entered, neither woman was speaking, so he sat. Lavinia faced her mother. She asked one question, "Why? Why Momma?"

Lyric stayed strong and she answered truthfully. "I don't know, Lavinia. I just know he was so scary and I was often afraid. When you were younger, I protected you as best I could, but as you blossomed, he focused on you more. I should have gone to Madam Alpha, but I let my own pride stop me. There is no excuse, no words. I fucked up, but I want you to know I loved you even though I didn't show it."

"Stop it. You loved me. You know what he did to me and had me to lie. You knew he was coming in my room before that night and all you said was lock the door. You never confronted him." Lavinia accused.

Lyric shook. Her daughter was right. She failed to protect her; failed as a mother.

"Lavinia, sweetheart, I have no excuses anymore. I am to blame. Hate me if you must, but please, go on and live your life. Don't let my mistakes ruin your future. My thinking has always been warped, until Renny. I want you to know, that I love both of you and I will spend the rest of my life trying to earn back your love for me." Lyric wept.

"Momma, stop. I remember he was always so mean to you. The only time he wasn't was when the alphas were around. You should have left. You should have said something. He raped my sister, Momma. He took her childhood. He took my childhood as well. He didn't deserve it." LaTonya looked at her sister who was crying silently.

"Lavinia, you have every right to be angry. If you want nothing to do with momma, then I understand. But she is Momma, and she was hurt too. We need to be a family again. Please, Lavinia, try to forgive her." LaTonya pleaded.

Lavinia stood and walked to the window. "LaTonya, you don't know what it was like after."

"Yes, I do. I was there. I heard what they said about you. I saw Momma break and you two fell apart. Then you started..." LaTonya stopped. Everyone knew Lavinia was very promiscuous.

"I became the pack slut. You can say it, LaTonya. It's true." Lavinia whispered.

Kitty, are you OK? Jebutu sent, ready to end the session.

I'm fine. I need this. Give me some time, please Sire. She replied and Jebutu sat and waited.

Tonya? Lugz sent. He felt the hurt she carried and it was almost too much for him. He could only imagine how it crushed her.

Babe, I'm fine. I need this. Latonya replied.

Renny to checked his bond with Lyric. She was strong and he sent her all of his love and strength. He smiled when she hugged him back.

Rayan spoke. "You three women are amazing. To have gone through so much and come out still intact, I admire all three of you."

All three women looked at him. Honestly, they had forgotten he was in the room. Lavinia wiped her tears away as Lyric gave her a tissue. Then Lyric whispered some words she would say to them often when they were small. "Debutok manyamo diterre." My little ones, I will give my life for you.

The words brought back memories for Lavinia and she knew they rang true. Her daughter was due to be born soon and she knew she'd die to protect her. Her mother didn't, but when she remembered. Lyric did as much as she could.

Lavinia recalled a time when she was younger and her father touched her. Lyric exploded and he started hitting her. She and LaTonya ran and hid, but Lyric tried to protect them. Soon some Betas came and Lyric shifted into her wolf and pretended to be asleep. The girls came out as he lifted her by her neck and told her if she ever struck him again, all three of them would die. Lavinia gasped.

"Momma, I am so mad at you. He hurt me and you told me to lie to the alphas. Then you blamed me when he was banned. I have to forgive you, but I'll never do to my daughter what you did to me. I won't let someone hurt her if I can prevent it." She added.

Lyric cried and nodded. She understood, and Lavinia's words made her proud. "Lavinia, LaTonya, thank you for at least listening." She wept softly.

Lyric for the first time in the hundreds of years that she existed, acknowledged her failure as a mother. She never told her daughters of her past, but maybe she should have. Lyric held both of her girls close as she remembered the dark times. Her mother held her and cried one night. The Massa had just came and used her. He told her the young ones would be sold. The girl would fetch a fair price. She begged him to not sell her baby girl, and he beat her. Lyric watched. When he left, three year old Lyric helped her mother off of the floor.

"I didn't think he'd sell his own. You is his child." She cried. "I don't know who bought you, but be a good girl. Do whatever they say. You are the music in my heart, my Lyric, my music. "Debutok manyamo diterre." She whispered, then she passed out. The next morning, lyric awoke next to her mother's body. The Massa came and put her on a wagon. She never saw her mother again.

Lavinia knew her mother was a slave. She knew she was born human. She never talked about the past. She knew her mother had seen unimaginable evils, yet she never talked about it. She looked into Lyric's eyes and her heart broke. She saw the shadow of a young girl, so broken, so abused. Without saying one word, Lyric shared her story through one soulful look.

"Momma, he can't hurt us anymore.' Lavinia whispered. She needed to comfort her mother. She needed to make her feel safe. "He is gone, and we are all safe now." She continued as LaTonya joined in on the embrace.

Rayan smiled and cleared his throat. He was awed by these amazing women. Rayan worked with Lyric for months. She wouldn't break. Then she learned of Lavinia's pregnancy and shook with fear. What if Jebutu was like Dion? Renny told her Jebutu was not, but that news broke through her barriers and Rayan learned of the depravity of the father of her girls. She was one tough woman. His admiration for the Dark Were grew exponentially. The things they lived through. Their history and ability to adapt amazed him. He understood and wanted to meet them. Rayan held a stoic face as Lyric and her daughters shared her first real memory. She was a girl. She was a baby, that was forced to grow up so soon.

He ended the sessions and let their mates enter. Renny held Lyric close as Jebutu held Lavinia. LaTonya was in Lee-John's arms as she watched her family with tears running down her cheeks. Then she spoke to Rayan, "Thank you Dr. Maclean. We will be whole once more." Rayan nodded as the six people left the room

His day was not done He needed to talk with Alphonso. He needed to claim his mate and knowing she had a child with the alpha could be problematic. So, he'd meet with him and put everything on the table. It did not matter how he reacted. Suni and her daughter belonged to him.

Ray, are you going to talk to him? Brecken sent.

Yes, I'm headed to his office now. Rayan replied.

Good, I'm joining you. Brecken stated.

For once, Rayan did not tell his brother no; they had to clear things up with Alpha Jackson. Then they would take their women and children home.


"I know who you are. I recognized you the first day you arrived." Alphonso stated, then he smelled a strange scent. "What is that? Who is there?" he asked.

Brecken appeared in his office. Alphonso knew these fair Weres were different. "I'm Brecken MacLean, and I'm here to claim my mate and my son." Brecken stated, This alpha dare touch my mate, give her his seed, and then stand here as if he was protecting her.

"What are you?" Alphonso asked. He knew wolves were not the only shape-shifters that existed. It was clear these men were mixed with another creature.

Rayan explained. "We're part dragon. However, we were born werewolf."

Alphonso nodded. He knew these men were honorable and he also knew the two girls would be cared for. He stopped and waited. "Dark Weres are not like the fair were. How will you protect my children?" Alphonso asked.

Brecken growled. "My mate and child will no longer be your concern. Let me introduce myself to them and then we can go home."

Rayan placed his hand on his brother's shoulder. Brecken, let's listen to the alpha. Father always said listen to the whole story, then decide.

OK, I'll listen. Brecken conceded. The men sat down.

"I mean no disrespect, but explain this to me. How could you touch them and impregnate both of them? You placed them in harm's way. And yet you want us to understand?" Brecken asked with barely contained fury.

Alphonso explained to both men how his relationship with the two women came about. He also explained that the Dark Were could have children without being mated. Alphonso could feel Brecken's anger, and he faced him. "Mari is yours. I am glad. If you were a Dark were, then I'd be overjoyed, but I've learned it's just skin. I wish I could say that I no longer have any desire for her, but I'd be lying. You see, Mari is important to me in many ways. Naru is a gift that she blessed me with and in him, I will always exist." Alphonso smiled, revealing to these two men, just how much he cared for this young woman. "If I were younger, we would not be having this conversation right now." Brecken growled. "But I'm old and she deserves a full life with her true mate. She is a precious jewel in my pack that needs to be cherished. Naru will grow to be a strong fighter one day."

He faced Rayan. "Don't get me wrong. I loved Suni as well. She is the light of my world. What I have done to them is something I will forever feel guilty over." He sighed, and spoke to both brothers, "I know they will go with you. I know I don't have the right to ask, but let them stay here for at least another year. I can give you my blessing, but Suni and Mari are special to me and these are my last two children." Alphonso whispered.

Rayan and Brecken faced him and wanted to rant at the much older gentleman, but Thomas came into the room and stood beside him, and both men deserved his respect. Rayan finally made his declaration, "Alpha, she is mine. I know Dreya is your daughter, and I will love her unconditionally. I won't deny her the right to know her father. I know that Brecken feels the same way. Out of respect for you as Alpha and as their father, we will stand back, but we will not go away. My brother and I weren't born when the hunters killed our father and we were pups when they killed our mother. So, if you want time, we will gladly give it, but we will be here as often as we can to get to know them."

Brecken bit his tongue. He wanted to disagree with his brother so badly, but Rayan was right. If they forced the issue, their mates would be forced to leave their families and he could not hurt Mari in that way.

Rayan continued, "Today, I learned something. The dark were is a powerful creature. You have endured unimaginable hardships and suffering. I have learned of your past and I do understand your ambivalence. I will teach our children of the dark Were and their people. I won't let the forget, but Alpha and Thomas, Suni and Mari will have a life away from here with us. Will there be issues? I'm sure there will, but I will die protecting them. We are not naïve enough to think that people will accept us. Of course some people will have a problem, but they are ours, and they belong with us."

Brecken spoke, "Make no mistake, Alpha, Mari is mine. I see you still love her, but she is claimed. Naru will know you're his father. I would never take that from you. However, in a year, I plan to come back and be with my mate and our child."

Alphonso sighed, he had to do what was right. Asking these men to disappear for a year was not right. "Come visit with them. Get to know them. They are wonderful, strong women. I know a year seems like a long time, but really it's not. It will give you time to woo your women, and give them time to accept you as their mates. " He sighed. This was harder than he thought it would be. "So, Brecken and Rayan, I expect to see you around often in this next year."

Alphonso nodded, but Thomas knew his heart hurt. He would never deny those young women their mates. They walked outside, as Brecken became invisible once more. Alphonso looked around. He smiled as he saw Lavinia and LaTonya walking. His son was watching his mate so closely. Then LaTonya's new mate, Lugz, walked over. They only had eyes for each other. Everyone smiled at the new couple, sharing in their joy.

Rayan was scheduled to meet with a other group, so he went back to his office, leaving the older men alone. Thomas sighed. Alphonso would leave him, and he had to find a way to accept it.


Thomas walk with me. We must make plans." Thomas knew. He was not really ready to accept it, but he knew.

"Alphonso, it is not time yet. You have a long time to wait." He whispered. They walked until they were far enough away not to be overheard.

"My true name is Akeemo Obayatuku. I am from the Nakenda tribe. No one here, besides you, Thomas knows my real name. Even my children do not know my real name. I was brought to this land by force, and had my identity ripped from me. I had my entire life stolen by the white man's whip. My life has been hard, yet I've had some proud moments. I need to tell them who I really am. Before I depart this life, I need them to know who I am." Alphonso stared at his friends whose eyes filled with tears. "Thomas, you are not alone here. You have Hattie, Suni, and a host of people that love you. You are not my slave. Why you pretend to be is beyond me. You are my best friend, my only friend. Look out for them, guide them. When Rayan returns for Suni, and Brecken returns for Mari make sure those two men can accept my children Taking advantage of your little girl is one of my biggest regrets." He smiled, "But I don't regret, my little girl."

Thomas nodded, "Akeemo, we have been together since the moment you saved my life. You have always been there, and I don't know if..." The strong man sobbed, and Alphonso hugged his friend.

"I'm sorry, Thomas. I need to be with Eva. I can no longer live without her. It's time." He whispered. Thomas knew that his friend was done now.

"Akeemo, let me get your sons. We can go to your office and talk this through." He turned to leave and Alphonso stopped him. "No, my friend, you take today off. I will call them when I am ready. You go spend time with your mate." Thomas nodded and he and Alphonso returned to the alpha home. Something was amiss, but the alpha held his head up and walked on. Once he was alone, he shed a few more tears and then he called his daughter.

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