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Darla's Games Day 12


I woke that morning with my alarm, did my normal rituals and dressed as was prescribed. It was Tuesday. I thought about that for a moment. How long had it been? Ten Days? Could that be right? Of the sixty days I originally owed, there were only thirty-two left, ten from the passage of time and another eighteen from winning bets. I needed to get Darla to bet me more days or I wasn't sure I could keep my sanity in tact. Then again, at the rate I was going, it could potentially be over in less than two weeks and that was something to look forward to.

My ass felt sore. The anal gang bang had been painful at the time, but if anything, it hurt worse now that the muscles were trying to recover. Even the task of putting the small enema tube in my ass made me slightly cringe at the tenderness back there. I continued with my daily rituals, rubbing myself nearly off five times, writing Darla's name and adding the nipple bands.

I was miserable, but I dressed as prescribed by Darla the night before. The tank top was as dreadful as I feared it would be. With the rubber bands, my nipples were sure to poke obscenely through the ribbed material all day. I was so horny from my five near orgasms today that I probably didn't need the bands anyway. I looked in the mirror and contemplated my life, a life that had a severe two months traded away in a stacked bet enabled by a fifty dollar bet between Darla and Jill.

Jill. Beautiful Jill. Amazing Jill. Jill, who I thought so many times I would love to have sex with, but who betrayed me in such a vulgar manner. Jill, who makes me feel so worthless, so meaningless, so beneath my previously self-acknowledged value. Jill, who at other times, made me feel so valuable, so incredible.

The players in my life were rolling through my mind. Darla, Julie, Farin, Courtney, Rebecca, they all hated me for various reasons. Two weeks ago, the only one that would have even crossed my mind would have been Jules. And, to be honest, Farin loved me. Her hate was more at having to share me, of having to be there, to see me used like a ... like what? A whore? A pet? A meaningless, purposeless piece of an insane game.

And thus, as I pulled a light jacket on over my disgustingly exposed body, I descended the steps to breakfast, my last moments before another day of hell at school. The threat, or perhaps promise, had been made that I was to entertain the cheerleaders at lunch again. I wondered, how long would this go on? At what point would they realize I had not been to a single gathering of the special lunches and then further come to the realization that I was actually the one in the gimp suit? What then? Would I become the subservient full time pussy licker of the entire squad?

This had to end. I truly needed to get my life back, but even when I did, how was I going to reestablish myself. So much had been lost already. Julie would keep on her track, becoming a cheerleader and after football season, I would be leaving the squad and going back to the anti-cheerleader. I would have to reconcile my detest of the squad at some point. Surely these gang bangs were not enduring them to me in the least. Julie had even become one of the most active participants. I still had suspended belief that she could be so mean.

Then there were Rebecca and Courtney. Rebecca flat out hated me, I always knew this. She was never going to be a friend of mine either. She had those damning pictures and could easily convince not only the cheerleading squad, but thereafter, a good portion of the school that I was some kind of lesbian slut. And, I owed her those favors, favors offered to buy Julie and Farin their continued places on the squad and in the superior social circle that Farin was accustomed to and Julie was loving.

Courtney seemed to enjoy risking my discovery while wanting to conceal it at the same time so she could continue to play with me. Of all my torturers, Courtney, while being so devastating last night, was the one who was pretty much consistent in her desire to be eaten out. Perhaps if I took some initiative with her she might not repeat those spanking sessions. Although, I think she just enjoyed the power more than anything, she certainly alluded to that last night.

"Good morning Carrie." My mother's voice interrupted my thoughts as I took the last step. She looked so happy, so I returned the smile, summoning up a pleasant thought of the end of this bet as my motivation.

"Morning Mom." I made myself a bowl of Shredded Wheat and enjoyed a cup of coffee while relaying a rated G version of my joy at being a part of the cheerleading squad to my overjoyed mother. The bright side was, she was extraordinarily accommodating of my evenings after school and weekends and the changes that this was bringing to my time spent at home.

It was finally time to go and I went out to the bus stop and to my surprise Julie was there as well. She looked at my short skirt and just shook her head. But she smiled. "You certainly are going out of your way to get attention these days."

I fought back the urge to tell her why and forced a laugh. "Isn't this typical cheerleader dress?" I quipped.

She looked down at her own modest skirt that came a few inches from her knee and the tasteful cami and tank ensemble that covered her chest with the obvious addition of a bra that I longed for over my own cami-less, bra-less breasts. "No, that is slut dress." She laughed, and I was so happy with the returning comradary that I laughed with her.

The laugher died uncomfortably into an extended silence and I looked into her eyes and saw the apology before it left her lips. I didn't want to have this reconciliation here, seconds before the bus arrived, so I postponed it by changing the subject quickly. "So did you get lucky Friday night?"

She gave me a grin, and it was as if the other day never happened, as if we had never had a fight. "Chad was incredible. But no, not yet." She frowned for a moment, and I knew why when she returned to me, "How about you?"

There was almost no judgment in the question, almost. But the hint of disapproval was on her tongue and I wasn't sure I wanted to share my evening with Farin. I smiled as demurely as possible while I am sure I blushed a little. "Oh look, here comes the bus." I laughed.

"No way!" Julie laughed. "Spill it."

But the bus was pulling up even as she said that and there was no time. "I'll tell you later." I smiled. And she looked almost happy for me, almost.

"Anyway, you have to join us for lunch today." Julie whispered as we got onto the bus and bid an insincere hello to those we knew. "It will be hilarious. I can't believe you missed the first two times."

I swallowed hard, glad she couldn't see my face for fear it would give me away. I braced myself, trying to remove all expression from my face before we sat down. When I finally did sink into my seat, I was out of breath from thinking how to preliminarily excuse myself. As Julie plopped down next to me, she looked expectantly and I had to tear my eyes away from hers for a moment to come up with a plausible excuse.

"I can't." I started and turned back to face her, seeing her eyes instantly betray her disappointment and a bit of anger coming to the surface in the features on her face. "It's Rebecca." I threw out in an exaggerated tone of exasperation. "She is making me diet and work out at lunch to stay on the team." That had enough truth in it that I could maintain a convincing face.

"That bitch!" Julie said a little too loud and gained the unwanted attention of too many of those in the immediate vicinity. She noticed the interest and shifted her voice to a whisper. "You are not fat Carrie. I am so tired of this shit. I'm going to talk to her. She is just fucking with you because of Brad and she is with him, so what is her problem?"

The question was rhetorical even though I could have answered it in with a one thousand word essay and still had more to write. "Maybe I should just quit." I muttered. I wondered if that was even an option.

"No. You are going to stick it out." She whispered angrily. "And you will be with us from now on. I'll see to that!"

She took me a bit by surprise. I wasn't expecting such a strong reaction and when she whipped out her cell phone and started texting, I groaned inwardly as I pondered the trouble I may have just created with my lie. Julie was texting furiously back and forth and looked angry at her screen and texted some more. Back and forth went the texts and I couldn't see what she was typing because of the angle, but I got the distinct impression that she was not getting the response she wanted.

"Well," Julie looked at me frustrated, "I'm not giving up."

I sighed, the implications being that I was indeed going to hear about, if not feel the repercussions of Julie's intervention on my behalf. "It's okay Jules. It's not a big deal."

She glared at me. "What the hell is going on Carrie? This is so unlike you. You haven't been yourself since that night you went out with that boy. You are suddenly a..." She let that statement hang and looked around at those pretending not to be eavesdropping on our conversation. "Anyway, you have not been the Carrie I have known practically my whole life. When are you going to tell me what is happening?"

She was frustrated. I couldn't blame her. She was my best friend in the world and I had a huge secret from her. How could I tell her? There was no way I could. "I can't go into it right now." I muttered.

"Fine, my house after practice tonight." She stated, as if there was no way I could back out.

"Sure." I smiled. I had no idea what I was going to tell her when I got there, but I had all day to figure it out.

We were pulling into the school parking lot at that point, so I got a reprieve from more potentially dangerous conversation.

"I am going to go talk to Rebecca." Julie told me as she got up from her seat and exited the bus.

I followed close behind, fully intending to be there to back her up or back Rebecca up depending upon the direction of the conversation. I never got the opportunity, however, as I was instantly flagged down by Farin with a worried expression on her face. Julie saw her waving me down and looked at me expectantly, as if waiting for me to make a choice between Farin and her.

Things were correcting themselves right now and I felt like it was worth the trouble so I held up a finger to indicate I would be with her in a minute and Julie smiled as I strode across the entry way to the school with her towards Rebecca. Farin looked jealous, but I'd have to deal with her later, I was sure she would understand.

Rebecca was on her cell phone talking when we approached and seeing us, she seemed to hastily get off the phone and smile. I didn't trust her at all. When we got within distance for normal conversation, Julie started in on her.

"Look!" she started angrily, "I know you still blame Carrie for what happened in 9th grade, but it was Brad who broke up with you, and then went back to you. Obviously, you were always the right choice for him and he proved that. So get over it!" The people within hearing range suddenly perked up their eavesdropping abilities, pretending to be engaged in hushed conversations, while eagerly stealing glances in our direction and perking up their ears to hear this confrontation.

Rebecca frowned angrily, then returned her face to a neutral expression before replying, "You're right of course."

Julie's wind instantly changed, deflating her from her tirade. "What?"

"You are right." Rebecca turned to me and actually looked sincere though I didn't believe it for a minute. "Carrie, even though I wasn't completely on board with you joining the squad, you are one of us now and I shouldn't be holding what happened with Brad against you. I'm sorry. You can join us for lunch today." She smiled.

I had no idea what to say. First of all, how the hell was this going to be possible? There was no way I could be with them and their victim at the same time. I guess she noticed the confusion on my face as she smirked at me briefly.

"Well, that's settled then." Julie smiled at me. Turning to Rebecca, "Thanks Bec".

"Yeah, umm, thanks Rebecca." I offered weakly and turned to see Farin, but Julie quickly grabbed my hand and started pulling me towards the school.

I began to feel the dread coming on as my phone buzzed. "This is going to be so awesome!" Julie exclaimed. "I can't wait to see you with her!" She paused as I looked at Darla's name on the phone and hesitated to answer it. "Aren't you going to get that?"

"Umm. Yeah." I lifted the phone to my ear and braced for he worst.

"I am talking softly because I know Julie is right next to you little girl." Came the icy voice that filled my heart with dread. "I don't know what you said on the bus, but you have complicated things tremendously. Still, I guess it was bound to happen sooner or later. I'm sure you are confused right now and maybe feeling a little elated at being off the hook. Just think about who is going to take your place in that suit today and the vengeance they are going to claim on your ass later. Did you do your morning rituals?"

"Yes." I replied and my heart sunk. Someone else was going to be in that suit today. Someone else was going to take my place and I was going to do things to them when it should be me suffering. I would rather it just be me taking the torture than dealing with the guilt of having someone else take it for me.

"Good. Farin is pissed at you, but I understand. I had hoped we could put this off for a bit longer, but Julie was going to get suspicious eventually. Just go along with it and do what you are expected to do. Do not bother going light on her, because I can guarantee she will not go light on you. Enjoy your day." She laughed softly and hung up the phone.

I tried to process what was going to happen, but still couldn't completely come to grips with it. Someone was going to take my place apparently and then they were going to take it out on me later. I got that part. But, who in their right mind would do such a thing? Besides, if they didn't have a similar height and weight to me, this was going to be very unconvincing and I couldn't really think of anyone off the top of my head.

I finished the walk into Miss Galler's class with Julie and we took our respective seats. I glanced over at Sarah, Gina, Cat and Jen and smiled, but only Sarah smiled back. I knew I deserved it, having basically shut them out over the past week and a half, but I really did want to get back in their good graces. Julie, on the other hand, was on cloud nine, feeling a victory at getting me invited to the lunch party.

The bell rang and class started and we all settled down for the lesson. Julie was looking so pleased with herself that I had to smile even though I was not looking forward to this lunch expedition in the least. I just couldn't get it out of my mind wondering who would put themselves through this torture. My mind wandered as I felt my phone vibrate. I glanced up to make sure Miss Galler wouldn't see me pull it out to look at it and I flipped it open in my lap.

There was a text from Farin. 'Thanks for blowing me off this morning, I can tell you really do appreciate me.'

Great, now I had a pissed off girlfriend. I laughed a little at how odd that sounded. 'It was unavoidable, you know that. Stop pretending to be mad. See you next period. XO' I sent back, hoping it would be enough.

'Don't condescend me. I'm tired of being a secret. I'm tired of being second.' Farin texted back.

'You said you could do this. I'm not ready. Please Farin.'

'I love you Carrie, can you just say it to me one time in front of someone, in front of anyone?' She replied.

'I love you Farin.' I texted back.

'When it is convenient.' Came the response.

I put my phone away. This was going nowhere and it was a conversation better suited for being face to face. I couldn't understand why she needed me to 'come out' so much. Class ended and I said my goodbyes on the way to the hall as Julie headed for her college level math. I tried to get a word in with Sarah and the others, but they ignored me.

Rebecca looked cheerful as ever as I walked into math. I reluctantly slumped into the seat next to her and awaited Farin, hoping to get things straight between us. Just before the bell rang, Farin came in, as if she had timed it that way. She glared at me and then sat next to me and looked pointedly at our boring math teacher.

"Domestic squabble?" Rebecca whispered loud enough for Farin to almost turn to her in response, but then just returned her gaze to the teacher. Rebecca just giggled.

I reached over to take Farin's hand, but she pulled it away. Why was she acting like this? Why today? I guess the hurt and confusion showed on my face, because Rebecca picked up on it immediately and smirked at me.

I had resolved to sit through the boring class and ignore them both, when the teacher turned to work out a problem on the chalk board and I heard rustling to my right. I looked over to see Rebecca and Courtney switching seats. Courtney, her still slightly blackened eyes covered in thick make-up, her nose bandaged, smiled starting right into my eyes. She sat down like she had before, with her body facing the front and her legs twisted to the side and she took my right hand and placed it on her inner, upper thigh.

I looked away, over to Farin. She had seen the movements and looked at me with an angry expression. I whispered to her, "What do you want me to do?" She turned away and stared at the teacher again, refusing to acknowledge my question.

Courtney's hand on my wrist became more insistent and she moved my hand deeper between her thighs. I exhaled loudly and began to manipulate my fingers into her panties. She was already wet in anticipation and I slid a finger easily into her pussy. With my middle finger sliding deep inside her, I used my thumb to slide up and down her slit, bumping over her clit. She tensed slightly at his touch of her most sensitive part.

I never looked at her again, I just stared at my books while I played with her pussy during class. Well, that isn't entirely true, I looked around the classroom to make sure we weren't being watched. Rebecca had her usually look of disdain for me, but she wasn't really that interested. She wasn't watching me masturbate her friend.

I caught Courtney's eye briefly, her smug smile glancing at me, then back to the teacher as he droned on about fractional division. I tried to pay attention as well while my fingers continued to play with her folds. I used my other fingers to toy with the petals of her sex. I softly slid them up and down as I slowly withdrew my middle finger to the last knuckle before slowly sliding it back in again. I let my thumb continue its own exploratory ride up and down her slick inner folds, pointedly brushing against her exposed clitoris again and again. I was being intentionally slow and I guess Courtney liked it because she never made any effort to rush my manipulations of her pussy. I could smell her arousal and hoped that it wouldn't attract unwanted attention to my actions. The teacher began to put problems on the blackboard and while the rest of the class worked them on their own paper, I pretended to do so with my left hand since I am right handed and my right hand was otherwise occupied.

As the minutes ticked by and I continued to play with Courtney, I found I had lost myself in exploring her. There was something exciting about it, at least to my own sex, which was beginning to make secretions of its own as I continued my play with Courtney. Not that I hadn't found my way around a vagina very well in the past ten days, having masturbated at least five times daily. According to my own quick math skills, I bit my lip to think I had masturbated my own sex over fifty times in just ten days.

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