tagNonHumanDate with the Devil

Date with the Devil


It was Halloween night, the air was bitter and cold. The wind chilled my exposed skin. as Darin and I walked along the empty street.

We had left our friends party early. Though the drinks were still flowing and the costumes had been great, he'd lost interest. My skin tight, black leather, clung to every delicate curve of my body. My perky tits, bounced with every move I made, driving Darin mad with desire. He watched all night while I flirted with other men. They brought me drinks and stood around watching while I danced. Every now and then one would rest his hand on my shoulder, and let it wander down to my ass. I'd giggle loudly, letting their hands stay. Darin just watched from across the room, holding me in his dark stare. Finally, after a couple hours of holiday debauchery he pulled me into a dark room. "You little tease." His long fingers dug into my arm.

I tried pulling away. "I'm having fun." I pouted.

"I can tell." He loosened his grip and ran his hands over my leather clad arms. "I'm tired of watching you flip your ass all over this place. Let's get out of here."

"Aw, come on. Just a little longer?" I begged, stomping my foot, like a spoiled little girl.

"I don't think so. I'm over this place." He wrapped his long fingers around my upper arm again and led me out of the room. I stumbled over my own feet as he half dragged me out of the place.

"Bye everybody! Happy Halloween!" I hollered to the room at large waving as we walked through the room. "Darin's being a meanie, he doesn't want to stay." I whined, waving to many of our friends and several of the guys that had provided me with such good company up to that point. A couple looked more than a little disappointed. I smiled one of my sexiest smiles at a particularly cute guy. Darin pulled me out into the cold night.

"You are such a party pooper sometimes, you know that Darin?" He walked quickly. I had to hurry to keep up with him.

"Yeah well you can be such a slut sometimes. But you know that." He spit his jealous words at me and walked on. I wrapped my arms around myself, rubbing at the cold, thin leather. It did nothing to warm me against the chill. I noticed Darin's jacket, but knew he wouldn't offer it to me. "Come on. It's fucking cold out here."

"Ugh." I stomped passed him, glaring as I went. "I should have let you leave without me." The heavy heels of my boots clicked on the cement. Bitter wind tangled my hair. My face burned despite it.

"What's your fucking problem?" His hand closed on my shoulder. He turned me to face him.

"What's my problem? What's your problem? I was just trying to have a good time. Which you seem to be incapable of." I shouted and shrugged his hand away.

"Sorry if my good times don't involve my girlfriend hitting on everything with a dick that passes by. You were like a god damn blood hound back there."

"Whatever." I turned, and walked away again. I refused to turn to check if he was following me. It didn't matter. I knew where I was going. He would find his way there eventually. My breath rose in front of me in white puffs as I stomped away. I couldn't hear anyone behind me. The night seemed suddenly darker. The wind continued to blow. It pulled at my hair, banged shutters against houses, and shook chain link fences. A dog was barking somewhere on the next block. I shivered against the wind, wrapping my arms around myself again. Big old houses with no lights on loomed around me. Halloween had never been creepier as I walked alone down a seemingly abandoned street.

I was having second thoughts about leaving my companion behind. Sure he'd be alright, but what about me? The neighborhood I was in wasn't terrible, but it seemed a whole hell of a lot worse now that I was walking in it alone, after dark. The walk itself seemed longer too. There were several blocks between me and the safety of my own house. I just couldn't believe that Darin would leave me like that. Or rather, let me leave him. Hadn't he seen the way I was dressed? Forget ghosts and ghouls, what about all the dangerous, men out there? I didn't even have a coat on. I shivered and cursed Darin. How dare he! A car drove by slowly, as if on cue. Two men inside stared out. Goosebumps spread over my entire body. I held my head high and looked forward, pretending not to notice. Though, my heart beat seemed faster than ever before.

As they pulled away I let out a long low breath. I hadn't even realized I'd been holding it. "Jesus Christ." I muttered to myself, shaking away the chill, the fear. Why hadn't I worn a jacket? Tears were forming in the corners of my eyes, hot against my cool skin. I felt a hand on my shoulder. I yelped and jumped turning on my assailant.

"Damn it Tanya. What are you doing?" Darin was standing there, just inches from my raised fists. His tall slender frame, a welcome sight. He pulled his long, lean arms out his dark over coat, then wrapped it around my shoulders. "If you were this determined to fuck a stranger, I wish you would have just told me. At least you were among friends back there."

"Fuck off, Darin." I moved away from his embrace, but pulled his coat tighter around me. I was glad he had come.

"Come on Tanya, you know that was stupid. I considered letting you go. But then I saw those creeps watching you and I just couldn't leave you in that kind of danger." He motioned in the direction the car had driven and stepped closer to me. I didn't pull away. It felt good, being so close to him. It didn't matter that he was such an asshole. At least he was there. The street light cast his shadow across my face. I looked up at him.

His face was gaunt and pale like the rest of him. His large dark eyes sat under his heavy brow, always brooding. He rarely smiled. But at that moment he let one escape. His thin lips revealed two rows of perfectly straight, gleaming white teeth. He had the look of a predator then. Something evil, crept into his eyes. "Hey, if I say I'm sorry will you help me with something?"

I looked at him, my eye brows drawn together. The look in his eye made me wonder if my safety was ranking very high on his list, after all. "What do you want?" I narrowed my eyes and stepped out of his shadow.

"Oh just to live out a fantasy." His eyes darted to something behind me, then back to my face. "If I recall you have a similar one yourself." He nodded towards what he'd been looking at. I turned to see it. There it was in the shadows, standing several yards from the sidewalk, a large, dilapidated church. Over grown ivy clung to it's brick exterior, the spindly stems brought to mind spider webs. Many of the stained glass windows had been broken out and covered with boards of plywood. A heavy chain and padlock hung from it's double doors.

"What, exactly did you have in mind?" I had to admit the prospect was exciting. I could recall telling Darin that I had wanted to be sodomized in a church before. Though, my fantasy involved a full congregation on Sunday morning. His idea wasn't so terrible. It had a nice dark feel to it, very holiday appropriate.

"I think I can get us in." He stepped behind me and wrapped me in his long arms. His breath was hot on my ear. The mere prospect of doing something so bad allowed me to forget that I was mad at him. After all, he had given me his coat right? "Follow me." The excitement in his voice was contagious. I took his hand as he led me around the back of the building. It was even darker there, as we stumbled through the brambles and bushes that surrounded it. He pulled something out of his pocket then began jiggling the handle of a single wooden door. I leaned against the wall, the dried ivy grabbed at my hair. We stood out of the wind, though it still shook the bare trees above us. Darin laughed triumphantly. I heard the door creak open then thud against the wall within. "Eternal damnation awaits." He reached for my hand. I took it, laughing as I crossed the threshold. Scenes from a hundred scary movies flashed in my mind but I ignored them. What was there to be afraid of anyway?

I wondered where we were going as I followed Darin through the dark, musty hall. It lead to a closed door and a stairway. Darin tried the door, it was locked. Using his cell phone as a flashlight, he examined the lock. "Let's go up." He held the phone above his head pointing it up. The pale blue light illuminated the stairs. My heart raced at the ghostly appearance. Cob webs hung like cotton from the ceiling and trailed the length of the stairs. The darkness from the top landing crept down, devouring everything in it's path. The light from Darin's cell phone seemed to falter with fear of the heavy blackness before it. I dug my nails into Darin's arm.

"I think we should go. This is really creepy."

"Oh, come on Tanya. Where's your sense of adventure?" He wrapped one arm around my waist.

"My sense of adventure is just fine. It's my sense of dark creepy stairways in abandoned churches that is worrying me right now."

"Here, let me help." He closed his phone with a definite snap. Everything went black. I squealed. His arms were around me instantly. He pressed me against the wall. I could smell his arousal as his lips searched for mine in the complete darkness. With his hands on either side of me, he leaned against my body. His hard cock nudged at my belly, bringing that familiar warmth to my pussy. "We'll be alright, we just have to let our eyes adjust to the darkness." With one hand in my hair and the other on my ass he pulled me against him. His tongue seized my mouth. His hand kneaded my ass. I raised my knee up over his hip. He pulled me up with both hands on my ass. I ground my leather clad pussy against his cock. It strained against his jeans, as he moaned into my mouth.

"Do you wanna fuck me here?" I asked, breathless, between his deep searching kisses.

"No, let's find a better place." He lowered me to the floor. I slid down the cool, damp wall. We stumbled up the stairs, hand in hand, testing each step gingerly. Once at the top we stumbled around some more. Our eyes had adjusted, though just barely. I ran into something then screamed. It clanged loudly on the floor, accompanying the echoes.

"Shit Darin, what was that?" I felt him lean forward in front of me to inspect what had fallen.

"Were in luck, baby." I could hear the smile in his words. Then, with the flick of his lighter he lit several old candles in a tarnished candelabra. His wicked smile stretched from ear to ear. "Come on."

My heart still racing, I followed him through a long dank hall to another doorway. There was no door and we passed through it. We stepped out into a loft, several pews stretched out before us. Darin held the candelabra above his head and turned around slowly. It's soft golden light flickered over the sanctuary below. The altar lay under years of dust. A statue of Jesus looked out over the absent congregation, his bloody tears showed in the shimmering candle light. I stood in awe of the scene as the three small candles burned. Their tiny light shinning dimly among the long shadows that stretched from the ceiling to the floor.

"How perfect is this?" Darin came up behind me. He pulled my thick dark hair off of my neck and breathed in my ear. His hard cock let itself be known in the small of my back. His hands danced over my shoulders and tits as he pressed me against him from behind. He bit at me ear. My nipples grew hard under his hands. Working quickly, he pulled the zipper in the front of my costume and slid his cold hands under the leather, kneading and squeezing my tits. I backed myself into him, he guided me forward, slowly with each step he took. When we reached the banister at the front of the balcony he peeled my jumpsuit off of my shoulders, revealing my small perky breasts to Jesus' crying face. The cool air hit them, teasing my nipples to even harder points. Heat rushed through my core as he slid my costume over my hips. It dropped to the floor. There I stood, like a sacrifice to some arcane belief. 'God is dead, and no one cares...' a line from a nearly forgotten song played in my mind. Darin's long cool fingers ran the length of my body. I could feel his breath, hot on my skin as he kissed the backs of my shoulders. He pushed my torso down so that my tits pressed against the banister. His kisses trailed down my back.

I stiffened when he laid his hands on my ass, spreading my cheeks apart. "Mmm, how I love sin!" His silky voice drifted from behind me as his tongue darted between my cheeks. He licked at my tiny puckered hole, and squeezed my cheeks. He pulled so hard I felt as though he was splitting me in two. The unmistakable zip of his pants being undone warned me of what was to come.

He kept licking at my ass, lapping at it hungrily. When I turned to look, he held his cock in his hand, stroking it wildly. "Are you going to fuck my ass or what?" It was more of a demand than a question, and it did the trick. Darin stood without hesitation.

We moaned together as he eased his rock of a dick into my asshole. My face burned and I pushed myself against him. I gasped as my ass met his hips, taking the full length of him inside. He reached around and squeezed at my tits. As his thrusts grew harder and harder, my screams grew louder. They echoed throughout the empty church. The sound alone was thrilling enough to send me reeling. Then another sound caught my attention. It was the sound of the rotten wood splintering with each thrust of Darin's cock, the sound of crumbling debris as it fell onto the pews beneath us. Then, finally, the sound of Darin's scream as we fell two stories to the ground below.

That was it. There was nothing. Nothing and blackness. I called out for Darin. There was no reply, not even an echo. I drifted, in a daze, rolling through the blackness. Then, gradually the blackness faded into gray, but still nothing. I felt a calmness I've never known as I watched my naked body tumble before me. It went on for what felt like eternity. I fell, my body sprawled aimlessly, legs and arms rolling, flopping. And, with a thump, I landed.

The distant horizon materialized first, high craggy mountains of black and gray, laced with molten red veins. The sky above waved with the intensity of a heat not known to the living. Fire blazed around me, licking at my exposed flesh. I screamed, the sound didn't leave my head. It rattled inside, driving me mad. I ran, but the flames followed everywhere I went. The sound of my screams propelled me forward. I ran and ran, until my lungs felt like they would burst. Then, I collapsed. As my chest heaved I realized the cries were not my own. My own had been drowned out by the screams of so many others. Wailing torment surrounded me. Figures came into view, twisting, writhing, screaming. Creatures of indescribable splendor poked and prodded at their tortured frames. My insides rolled with fear and excitement. I wretched, bile splattered on the hard, broken earth beneath me. My tears followed, rolling down my cheeks, cold compared to the heat of the burning landscape.

"Don't cry, little one." A sound like rolling thunder broke over me. I slunk as close to the scorched earth as I could. His hand, as hot as wild fire, found my chin, turning my face upward. Sharp, gleaming, white teeth smiled down at me. His face was kind, despite the sparkling teeth and golden eyes. He wasn't red, but reddish. His skin shone like burnished stone. Thick black hair hung long around his beautiful face. Full, soft lips closed over his frightening teeth. "You've had quite a fall, haven't you?" I nodded. What else could I do? My voice would have failed me. The hand that held my face was huge, with each finger large enough to crush me. "Do you know where you are?" I nodded again, still in awe of my captor. "Do you know why you are here?" He raised his eyebrows as he looked down at me. I looked into his golden eyes, unable to even blink, let alone speak. I must have nodded, again, because he smiled again and helped me to my feet. "Your life of debauchery reserved you a place here many years ago. As your desires grew more and more obscure your placement here shifted from one area to another. When finally, your foolishness in that old church brought you here. Directly to me." His laughter rumbled in his chest, seeming to shake the very ground. Flames licked at my bare feet. I jumped away, clinging to his massive arm. It was so smooth, warm, and polished. "Don't mind the heat, little one, you'll get used to it." I relaxed my grip, but kept my hand upon his skin.

I looked around again, taking in all that I saw. For Hell, it didn't seem all that bad. It was nothing like the scary Sunday School stories that I remembered from my childhood. In fact, as I looked around I realized the similarities between it and many of the nightclubs that had been a regular at. A lot of the torture was sexy, even tempting at times. I looked around myself, marveling at all the strange and interesting things that were happening. My companion's rumbling laughter soothed me, despite the screaming and thrashing that surrounded us.

"You're here for me. Did you know that?" I shook my head, still unable to speak. "You're here to do what I say when I say it." He held me at arms length, examining me. "You are a rather nice human specimen aren't you?" I blushed at the complement. He pinched my nipple with his large fingers, then slapped at my tit. It jiggled in response. I blushed again. "Well, let's see what you're made of then." The dark cloth he'd been wearing around his waist disappeared. My eyes grew wide at the sight before me. There was no hair there, just the same beautiful reddish skin. That, and a cock like no other. It stood huge and erect nearly level with my eyes, pulsing and throbbing. And right behind it (or above, depending on where you were standing) stood another cock, not quite as big but pulsing with the same intensity as it's counterpart. My mouth watered at the sight, my pussy jumped and sizzled. I don't know that I had ever been so excited in all my life. I wanted to taste it, to taste them, to feel their smooth hard skin against my face. My new friend smiled down at me, motioning for me to come closer.

I reached out to touch, first one, then the other. His skin was so hot, it nearly burned. The thrill of it coursed through me as I held them both, one in each hand, stroking their hot flesh. The juice from my pussy gushed and ran down my thighs. I moaned and rocked my body, pressing my tits against his double cock. Then, out of nowhere came another cock. It was smaller than the first two, but still large enough to make any lady blush. It stroked my cheek, and ran over my lips. I felt something on my back and realized that the third cock had come from behind. His long, snakelike tail was wrapped around my waist, pulling me closer. At the tip of it was the cock that teased my mouth.

I writhed and moaned, completely under his spell. My body shook with a passion I'd never experienced as mere contact with him sent orgasm after mind numbing orgasm through my whole being. Tears poured down my face as he lifted me into the air and turned me away from him. The smallest of his three dicks prodded at my lips. I opened them eagerly, welcoming every inch, sucking it into my mouth. I shuttered as it forced itself into the back of my throat. And there, the rolling, crushing beauty of yet another orgasm began in my throat and radiated right through me.

My empty pussy convulsed wildly. But not for long. The huge tip of his largest cock split me open as he lowered me onto it. Before I could accustom myself to it's girth, his second cock tore through my ass. Complete ecstasy shook the very core of me as he brought me down on both of his glorious cocks. He pumped with ease as I screamed out again and again, tears streaming down my face. It should have hurt, but it didn't. My screams should have been of pain not pleasure. But they weren't. Every second was a joy I'd never known. This was what I'd been looking for all of my life. And I had to die and go to hell to find it.

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