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Daughter & Mother


"Yeah, I live with my mum", Carly giggled. Her silver t-shirt stretched across her breasts as she arched back in her chair. "Dad left us both when I was born. Bastard", she added impassively.

I grinned as I looked at Carly's creamy belly, exposed above the waist of her satin hipster skirt. These young girls really know how to turn a guy on, I thought to myself, as she stroked her stomach with her fingers.

"Do you have kids?" she asked, flicking her hair back and leaning back even further in her seat, making her t-shirt ride up a bit more.

"Nope", I replied, sipping my beer, and imagining my tongue running across that taut flesh.

I'd asked this little vixen out on a date, assuming she'd think I was too old. She worked in a CD shop and I couldn't keep my eyes off her tight, swaying butt as she moved around the shop. Her blonde hair was growing out at the roots but she had a nice jiggling pair of breasts that she wasn't in a hurry to hide. I met her at the shop after work and, for our dinner date, she'd changed her clothes - swapped her jeans for this slinky skirt and her scuffed sneakers for high-heeled strappy shoes.

"So what now?" she smiled, after the last of the food had been eaten and the bill had been paid.

Her smile continued, as she leaned back again and looped her fingers into the top of her little skirt, pushing it down so I could glimpse her hip bones.

"Looks like that skirt's a bit uncomfortable", I grinned, wondering why I couldn't see the waistband of her panties.

I ended up taking her just a few blocks away, to my office, which was empty so late at night. I lay her down on my desk and kissed her cute little feet with their blue painted nails in their strappy shoes. She wriggled her skirt off altogether, showing me she wasn't wearing panties and offered her warm, wet, open lips.

"You are shameless!" I laughed, as we kissed, her legs winding around the small of my back.

I don't think my desk has ever seen so much work done on it. For an hour or more we alternated positions until we were both completely naked and covered in sweat and, eventually, cum.

"So, do you have a girlfriend or a wife?" Carly asked coolly, as she slid her skirt back on.

"Um, yeah, I do", I offered. Honesty is the best policy in these cases, I've found. Sometimes women flip out when I tell them; other times, like now, they're secretly pleased.

"Wow, that's cool", Carly grinned, flashing her big white teeth. "So, are you just into one-nighters, or would you do it again?"

"It's always more risky to do it more than once with a girl", I added, thinking of another girl who my girlfriend nearly found out about recently.

"But, with you, yes" I added, watching her stretch her top down over her tits.

"I like older guys, that's all", Carly said, sitting on the edge of my desk and pulling up her skirt to show her thighs.

"Shall I?" I offered, kneeling down in front of her.

She nodded, so I helped her do up the straps of her high heels. "Will you take me home?" she asked. "There's nobody there; my mother's away for the night".

+ + + +

"Mum's left me a note", Carly said, back at her place. She was mixing me a drink in the kitchen and a piece of red notepaper was put out for her.

"What does she say?"

"Probably back very late tonight!" Carly giggled. "I hope that means in the morning. She's been going out with this guy, Roger, but I don't think they've fucked yet".

I looked at my watch and saw the time was 1.20am. "Does she know you go out with guys like me?" I smiled.

"Sure she does", Carly replied, with a wink. "She's a bit jealous, I think. That I can pull guys easier than she can. Here's some pics of her". Carly pulled out a sheaf of photos from behind a fruit bowl.

"She's very attractive", I commented, seeing a tall, slim, dark-haired woman with her daughter. Guys older than me would have called her 'well-preserved'. "She looks young", I added.

"Yeah, she is", Carly said. "Only 17 when she had me".

I did some mental calculations. Allowing Carly to be, at the most, 21, that meant her mother was about my age. Hmmm.

As I flipped through the photos a few caught my eye. "What's this one?" I asked, seeing a waist-up shot of Carly with her mother, both topless, sitting either side of a guy at the beach.

"Oh, that's Will. Mum's ex", Carly offered blithely. She didn't say anything about why Will's hand cupped Carly's bare breast.

Another couple of photos were of Carly's mother at some party, sitting in a too-short miniskirt, with a tell-tale little triangle of bare flesh visible between her legs. I laughed as I held the photo to Carly for comment.

"Yeah, mum goes out like that all the time!" she giggled. "You should see some of her outfits". She took me by the hand and led me to a bedroom.

"This is mum's room. In there is her wardrobe. I'll show you some of her things".

I admired Carly's bare butt as her skirt rode up as she pulled clothes off the upper shelves of the wardrobe. She turned and surprised me by sliding her t-shirt off, then her skirt. Standing there naked, except for high heels, she just grinned seductively.

"Well? What shall I wear?" She rummaged amongst the clothes she'd pulled out, selecting a lime green nylon piece of fabric.

We both laughed, as Carly struggled to get into it. "I've got bigger tits than mum, and I'm an inch or two taller, so her dresses look a bit small on me".

"But I'll bet that doesn't stop you wearing them, huh?" I laughed.

"No way!" Carly giggled, as she adjusted the straps that didn't quite cover her ample bosom. The dress had a low waist and showed the curve of her belly nicely and hugged her butt from behind. It was thin enough to show that Carly wore nothing underneath.

"Does your mum let you go out in these things?" I asked, already feeling my cock hardening again.

"Sure she does. I say to her that if she can wear them, surely I can!" Carly said defiantly. "She started doing this stuff young, anyway. How do you think she had me?"

Just then there was the sound of jangling keys and a door opening somewhere in the house. "Speak of the devil!" Carly laughed, as she shut the wardrobe doors and picked up her own discarded clothes.

"Is me being here OK?" I asked, wondering if I'd have to do the quick out-the-window getaway.

"Hey, relax. Mum's cool. You'll see", Carly said as she kissed me before taking my hand and walking into the hallway.

+ + +

I was introduced to a slightly surprised Cheryl, a slightly trashy looking woman with big hair, wobbling on her high heels.

"Not much of an evening", Cheryl said. "Just went dancing with Roger".

I wondered why Roger wouldn't come in and take advantage of Cheryl's obvious charms: almost all of her long tanned legs in their strappy platforms were visible under her white miniskirt and her cleavage was on show too, courtesy of a yellow push-up bra and a low-cut button up top.

"Roger's gone already, has he mum?", Carly asked, giving her mother a hug.

"Yeah, hon", Cheryl replied. "Get us all a drink why don't you?"

Half an hour later, the three of us were sitting in the lounge, listening to Carly's dance music CDs, drinking our third vodka and lime. I'm sure Cheryl could smell the sex on her daughter and I, for she kept glancing across at Carly who was stretched out on the rug in front of us.

"It's really nice of you two to sit up and wait for me", Cheryl said, slightly woozily. "Carly, please sit up properly".

She'd finally noticed that Carly had let her dress ride up, exposing her shaved pussy. I'd been staring at it for minutes, with a growing hard-on, as Carly idly toyed with her long fingernails.

"That dress looks really nice on you darling", Cheryl said. "But you need to wear a g-string under it", she added, as Carly still hadn't pulled her dress down but now had pushed a finger right inside herself.

"I didn't wear underwear tonight, mum", Carly giggled. "I'm just a little bit horny still. Laszlo doesn't mind".

I was wondering what sort of girl has a mother who'll let her masturbate in front of her, when Cheryl answered my question.

"You know, Laszlo, I've always brought Carly up to be very open sexually. I've always walked around the house naked and encouraged Carly to do the same", she said, relaxing back into the arm of the sofa.

Sitting next to her, I couldn't help but admire her long legs stretched out which were almost touching me and started to wonder if Cheryl herself had panties on.

"Mum!" Carly said, sitting up with her legs crossed, "You're flirting with Laszlo, I can tell."

"Well, he's a good looking man", Cheryl murmured, pushing her feet against my thighs. As her legs moved, I caught a glimpse of bare flesh under her skirt and my cock stiffened some more.

+ + +

Carly started ringing me almost every night after that. We'd flirt on the phone - and, a few times, have phone sex.

"You get off on chicks in sexy outfits, don't you Laszlo?" she asked, after we'd spent almost an hour talking about how sexy Carly would look in sheer minidresses and high heels. "That's why you've got the hots for my mum, huh?"

Both parts of what she said were true, but I was only prepared to admit to the first. "Well, Carly, you're right about the outfits. You wear a skirt very sexily, hon".

"Right", she said, a little sarcastically, obviously not liking the way I evaded her question. She was silent for a few seconds before asking, brightly, "Anyway, mum wants you to come with us to Ian's party next weekend. He's a friend of mum's".

"Do you want me to come too?" I asked, wondering if Carly could tell I was attracted to her mother.

"Of course, hon. I always want you to come!" she giggled.

+ + +

At work, peoples' tongues started wagging, too, when Carly dropped in to say hello one lunchtime. I was at the reception desk when, suddenly, she appeared at the entrance to our office suite.

"Hi!" I said, looking up, taking in her curvy shape squeezed into a cute white sundress which was dotted with tiny strawberries.

"I just wanted to drop something off to you", she said, with a smile, leaning against the reception counter, her hip thrust out to one side, her long legs shown off nicely in her high-heeled wedge sandals.

"Yes, that's right, I'd almost forgotten" I said quickly, noticing Bev, our receptionist, eyeing Carly's very short dress up and down.

I took the packet that Carly held out to me. I blushed as I realised I could see right through Carly's dress at her brown nipples and I noticed Bev, too, fixing her gaze on the little glimpse of fuschia-coloured satin which had become visible between Carly's legs.

"Photos, huh?" I said, opening the packet. I didn't have a clue what this visit was all about - not until I saw the first one, anyway.

It was a photo of Cheryl, rear-view, head turned to look at the camera. She was outdoors on a sunny day, standing on steps in very high white strappy platform shoes. Her denim cutoffs were cropped so short, though, that much of her smooth butt was visible.

"Very nice", I said, wondering why Carly had brought these in to me, flipping to the second photo.

Full-length shot of Carly with two girlfriends, all laughing, at a party. A very tall and slim girl is on Carly's left, wearing a thong bikini and nothing else - very pert small tits sticking straight out. On Carly's right, a buxom Indian girl, again topless, with a short skirt. Carly, in between, wearing her white strawberry dress but, clearly, with nothing underneath.

"Whose party?"

"Ian's. He's in the next photo".

The next photo was close-up Carly on a bed with a man aged around 35. Carly was sitting spread-legged, with high heels on and panties under her dress. The photo captured the texture of her skin nicely, her painted toenails and silver toe-ring. However, the panties were totally sheer, showing her pussy lips clearly.

"I like this one", I smiled. Carly smiled back and I thought I saw a tiny blush on her cheeks.

Bev kept looking at us and kept answering calls, while keeping her eyes firmly on Carly's delicious butt which was more easily in view the further she leaned against the counter.

"One more", Carly said.

The last one made me blush. It was of Carly, surrounded by a group of people. She was lying, on a beanbag, her legs slightly apart. Naked. Well, almost naked. She had a pair of silver high heels on, looking slutty and wanton.

"I like this outfit best", I smiled.

"I do too. That's at Ian's as well", she said, taking the photos back from me. She leaned and kissed me chastely and turned on her heel towards the lift. I admired the swell of her butt cheeks under her dress as she got into the lift.

"Who's that young woman?" said Bev, with a disapproving look on her face.

"Oh, just a friend", I said nonchalantly.

+ + +

After that little visit, I couldn't wait until the Saturday night of Ian's party but, finally, having made my excuses to my girlfriend, Karen, I headed off to pick up Carly and Cheryl.

I rang their doorbell but wasn't sure if they'd heard me: loud dance music was booming loudly. I wondered, too, if I'd worn the right clothes; I had a new blue shirt, undone a little, and my favourite tight black pants which show off my butt nicely. At least, that's what girls tell me.

"Hey, hon, you look fabulous!" Carly said as she greeted me.

"I should say the same, babe!" I commented, as I hugged and kissed her.

I held her at arm's length to admire her: her large breasts jiggled behind a tiny metallic halter top which caught the light and was held together by a slender chain across her back. A tiny slit skirt - no more than two flaps really - was sitting so low on Carly's hips that her slit was visible from above whenever she took a step.

"Does your mother know you're wearing this?!" I laughed. "You don't even have panties on, Carly!", I added, wagging my finger and grinning.

Carly laughed too, and shook her butt, before replying, "Wait till you see mum. C'mon, she's in her room".

I was hardly able to walk, my cock was so hard, as I followed Carly's swaying butt, first into the lounge to turn the music down a little, then into Cheryl's room.

"Mum, Laszlo's here!" Carly called.

I started to wonder what sort of relationship Carly and her mother really did have when I saw Cheryl's outfit. It was a minidress - I suppose that's the word for it - which didn't really cover anything.

"What do you think, Laszlo? Sexy enough?" Cheryl asked, pirouetting for me.

The honey-yellow 'dress' barely extended below Cheryl's waist. Like's Carly's top, it was a halter neck, but tied so loosely to allow the fabric to fall either side of Cheryl's tanned breasts, still quite firm for a woman her age. Underneath, she was wearing a g-string made of fishnet; through it, I could see her cleanly-shaven lips.

"I can see you're already getting a bit frisky, Cheryl", I laughed, looking at her shiny pussy, as she faced me.

"Oh damn!" she giggled, "Is it really that obvious?" She pushed her scrap of fishnet aside and ran a finger along her pussy before offering her hand to me.

"You be the judge", she giggled, pushing her long painted nail against my lips.

The characteristic musky odour filled my nostrils as I took her finger into my mouth and ran my tongue around it. I held it there, while I looked calmly at Cheryl. Her free hand was back at her pussy and I knew she was starting to masturbate.

"Mum!" Carly said indignantly, "Would you stop flirting with Laszlo?"

Just then, the doorbell rang.

"Who's that?" I asked, popping Cheryl's slim finger out of my mouth.

"That'll be Erin", Cheryl said. "Answer the door, Carly, there's a dear".

Carly looked petulant as she clomped to the door in her platform heels. As soon as she'd gone, Cheryl pressed herself against me, her breasts rubbing my chest , her tongue entwined around mine. With the beat of the music, I could hear the giggle of female voices at the door and, enjoying a few moments of bliss, I ran my hands around Cheryl's butt.

"Mum, Erin and Paula are here", Carly announced, standing in the doorway, hands on hips. Cheryl and I moved apart and I was introduced to Erin, a friend of Cheryl's about her own age, and Paula, her daughter.

For half a second, I thought that Erin and Paula would be shocked by Cheryl's half-naked, lipstick-smudged appearance. But they obviously knew her better than I did.

"Cheryl, darling, you're up to your old tricks, I can tell", cried Erin, tottering forward in her black stilletos.

Erin's frizzy peroxide blonde hair was matched by an equally amazing gold minidress, held together at the front by a precarious knot. Her firm suntanned breasts were in danger of popping out altogether, as she wobbled over to me after kissing Cheryl.

"Hi, I'm Laszlo", I said, straightening my shirt and holding my hand out, trying not to stare at her impressive tits.

"He was supposed to be my date", Carly was saying to Paula. "But I guess I can find another one at the party, huh?" she added with a slightly forced laugh.

Paula was a slightly plump olive-skinned girl who'd managed to get into a lace minidress which, like her mother's, only just covered her butt. Her legs were a little too chunky for such a short dress, but she was wearing the highest heels I'd seen yet, as if to make up for her height.

"I've just gotta adjust this, then we're ready to go", Cheryl said, motioning towards her g-string as she sat on the bed with her legs apart.

"God, mum's such a slut", I could hear Carly complaining, in a loud whisper, to Paula.

"Would you help me adjust this, Laszlo?" Cheryl asked, with a wicked little giggle.

She slumped back, legs apart, as her finger looped the slender knot of black fabric which was all off to one side of her wet pussy lips. Her high-heels were dangling on the ends of her toes and I was just about bursting out of my pants.

"Your mum's pretty hot, though, Carly", I heard Paula say, and I could hear their shoes click-clack across the parquetry floor as they moved towards us from the doorway. Erin simply stood where she was and looked at Cheryl's wanton pose.

"You like the mothers of the young girls, too, huh, Laszlo?" she smiled.

I wasn't sure if that was an offer and, in the few seconds I thought about it, my attention was distracted from Erin's breasts to Cheryl, who'd started stroking her pussy.

"Dad hated it when mum did this in front of other people", Carly was saying to Paula, who just watched. I wondered what sort of mother masturbates in front of her own daughter when I felt Carly's hand on my shoulder.

I turned to meet her gaze: her clear eyes looked steadily at me as she raised her arms and draped them around my neck. Pouting her lips towards mine, she ground her hips against me.

"Untie my top", she whispered.

A single knot at the back undid it. Carly stepped back, her breasts now swinging free, and started swivelling her hips to the music which could be heard from the stereo in the lounge.

I hadn't seen Carly dance before and my attention was diverted long enough from Cheryl's moaning to notice that her daughter was a great dancer. Her little hands ran up and down her juicy breasts and her tiny skirt flipped around as she flicked her hips, giving us glimpses of bare teenage pussy.

"Sit here!" Cheryl's voice said behind me, as I felt a tug on my elbow. "You too", she added, motioning to the other women. Erin and Paula obeyed and, for a minute or two, we all watched Carly dance with her eyes closed.

As soon as Cheryl touched me though, my cock sprang to attention. She knew it, too. I couldn't resist at all; I just lay back and let her do what she wanted.

"Naughty boy!" she said, elatedly, as she undid my pants and my cock sprang free, "No underpants!"

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