tagIncest/TabooDaughter Comes in From the Cold

Daughter Comes in From the Cold


Sara waited for her dad to get home from work. Her mom had thrown her out of the house, and she didn't know where else to go.

Dace came home from work, as he drove up he saw his daughter sitting on the steps. He stopped the car as soon as he was in the driveway, and raced to her, "Sara, what are you doing here?"

She was shivering uncontrollably, "Mom...thr...threw...m...me out."

He got her to her feet, unlocked the front door, and pushed her inside. He was furious, "What the hell is wrong with her, its 2 degrees outside! What was she thinking?" Helping his daughter off with her coat, he saw that she was blue, "Come on, we need to get you warm."

Sara's teeth were chattering, "I...knocked...but...no...one...was...home." Her brain took in the fact that he was undressing her, but she could only wonder why until finally realizing it was just her coat. She let her dad pull her up the stairs. She was so cold; her brain didn't want to function.

Dace got them to his bedroom, "I'm sorry baby, but I only have one bedroom, so I guess you are stuck with me."

Sara stood there and sort of understood that her dad was saying something, but she couldn't understand anything. She was sort of aware that he had made her sit on the bed and then he took her shoes off.

Dace made his daughter lay down and piled on blankets hoping she would get warm. He looked at her worried as hell. He kicked his shoes off, and got under the covers with her. Wrapping his arms around her, he tried using his own body heat to warm his daughter up. Holding her next to him was like holding an ice cube. It took quite a while for her to stop shaking.

Sara woke up confused, her brain couldn't figure out what was going on. Why was it dark in her room? She always left a light on. Why was the window in the wrong place? Where was she? Feeling arms around her, she rolled over and sat up. With moonlight coming through the window she recognized her dad and remembered where she was.

Dace was used to sleeping alone and her movement woke him up. He looked at his Sara and saw the tears flowing down her face. He reached for her, and his daughter snuggled against him, not for warmth but for security. He felt her sobbing, and it was making her tremble. Her tears were making his arm wet, and he wouldn't have moved it for the world.

"Mom and I had a terrible argument about her loser boyfriend. She took my cell phone and told me to leave. I didn't have any money or anything so I walked here." She shuddered, "Daddy, what am I going to do?"

"You're 18; you can do what you want." He moved her so that he could kiss her, just a gentle father daughter kiss. "You can live with me if you want."

"Are you sure you won't mind?"

He gave her a grin, licked at the tears on her cheek, "Mm-hum, salty, I would love it."

Sara giggled, "I'll work on the taste." She brought her lips to his, "Thank you daddy." She moved so that she was lying in his arms again. "I don't know what I would do if you didn't want me." Sara had worried for months in an ever increasing horrible situation. She had tried to stick it out until so she could finish high school, but her mom's live-in boyfriend wanted her gone.

Dace knew that they would have to figure things out, but the two were fine for tonight. Father and daughter fell asleep in each other's arms.

The next day, he made sure he pumped medicine into her. When she said she was up to it, he called his ex-wife and fussed at her for what she did. He told her that they were coming over to get Sara's things and that his daughter would be living with him. He had been told to come and get the stuff at 3pm.

Dace drove Sara over, they found her stuff thrown in the yard and no one was at home. He knew his daughter was embarrassed, "This is not your fault." He helped her gather her things, "Just put in all in the back seat, we can worry about it at home where it's warm."

When they were done, they were getting in the car and he stopped her, "Do it."

She scrunched up her forehead, "Do what?" She saw her dad raise his hand and his middle finger was pointing up. Sara grinned and gave her ex-mother the finger. She had no intention of ever seeing her again.

The next few days were filled with Sara sorting her clothes and washing what needed it. Dace made room in the drawers of his bedroom furniture so that she could put her things somewhere. He explained what was happening to his land lady that lived on the first floor, but she was fine with it. Sara had also gotten a really bad cold, but luckily it didn't get worse than that.

The two had a few problems sleeping together. Dace usually slept in his underwear and she fussed at him when he tried pajamas and had stayed awake all night. Sara explained that she was a big girl now and had seen underwear before. She slept in her panties and an oversized tee shirt. They tried sleeping far apart from each other, but by morning, the two always wound up as close to each other as they could get, so they just gave up and went to sleep that way.

Her life got a lot better right from the start. Sara went back to school with Dace going with her to explain what was going on. He had called the school and told them, but wanted to make sure she was going to be okay. She had gotten close with her dad's land lady. Mrs. Tikal was helping her learn how to cook, and she and Sara had become friends.

Father and daughter were lying in bed, when he put his arm around her, Sara turned and kissed him. Moving the blanket out of the way, she laid her head on his chest, listening to his heart, "Thank you, I would have never made it without you."

Dace put his hand to her head and played with her curls. "I love you too."

"Mm, that feels nice," she liked the way his fingers felt in her hair. Sara started to run her finger through the hair on his chest. She accidently ran across his nipple and she heard him suck in his breath. She watched, amazed as his nipple stiffened. She giggled and rubbed it again, "Daddy, do you like that?"

Dace closed his eyes and moaned, "Baby, you shouldn't be doing that."

For an answer she trapped his nipple between her finger and thumb and rolled it back and forth. She felt him respond by pushing her head, making her mouth move closer to his nipple.

Sara stuck her tongue out and licked his hard nipple. Hearing him suck in his breath again, she smiled and closed her lips around it. As his fingers played in her hair, she started to gently suck even as her hand reached for his other nipple. Staying that way for a few minutes, she then moved to suck on the other one. "Did mom used to do this to you?" She felt his hands pushing her away.

"Your mother never did that, and baby, you need to stop." He kissed her, "That felt so good, thank you."

Sara glanced down and saw the bulge in his underwear. Her fingers closed around it, "Mom was an idiot."

Dace grabbed her and lay her on the bed, "Your mother was an idiot when she decided she didn't want you in her life." He gently touched his lips to hers, "Now, you need to stop before I don't want you to."

Sara looked into her dad's eyes, she had just been playing, but now she really wasn't sure if she wanted to stop. As he turned away from her, she lay there wondering.

It had been several weeks since that terrible day but it already seemed like just a bad dream. She had become the woman of the house, and had taken on the responsibility of cleaning and cooking. Her dad had told her she didn't have to do it, but she wanted to. Her teachers all saw an improvement in her attitude and attentiveness almost immediately.

Sara lay with her head on her dad's chest, she had done it every night, but they only talked. It gave her a feeling of security hearing his heartbeat, and she liked the way her ran his fingers through her hair.

Her eyes were drawn to his nipple. She had loved the idea of touching him there ever since she had discovered he liked it. She hadn't done it since that first time, even though it gave him such pleasure. Using her finger and thumb, she trapped his nipple between them and gently teased.

She glanced at the pleasure written on his face and couldn't understand why a woman wouldn't want to do something so simple for her husband. "How come mom never did this to you?"

Dace moaned as he felt his daughter playing. He wanted to stop her, but not very hard. The truth was he missed having attention. "She thought it was strange for a man to like that."

As she closed her lips around it, Sara thought her mom was the strange one. She continued for a few minutes giving attention to both nipples, and then pressed her hand against the bulge in his underwear. Moving so she faced away from him, she put her head on the pillow and wrapped her dad's arms around her. Feeling his erection against her, she fell asleep.

The next few weeks were the same, she would play some then both father and daughter would go to sleep. Then one night, as Sara was teasing her dad's nipple with her tongue, she felt his hand leave her hair and slide down her shoulder. He gently massaged her with his fingers, rubbing her neck and shoulder, finally stroking her arm. She smiled as he very slowly advanced so that he touched her breast. He didn't have to worry; she wanted him to touch her.

She bit her lip as her nipple responded to his touch. When he was sure it was all right, her dad cupped her breast through her tee shirt and played, even as she continued to play with him. A few minutes of that and Sara rose up and took her shirt off, then went back to playing and sucking his nipples. His touch was electrifying, his playing gentle and slow. She responded to the pleasure of his touch by moving her leg in front of him and rubbing against his hard bulge.

Finally, she turned and placed her nipple to her dad's lips. "I like having them sucked on too," then as Sara felt him start to suck she did some moaning of her own.

Later, when the playing was done, Sara lay against her dad, his arm around her. Separated from her only by his underwear and her panties, she felt how hard her dad had gotten because he was pressing against her. When she had first touched her dad's nipple and had given him an erection, a delightful thrill had raced through her. Knowing that she had caused him to react that way had been the first time in her life she had even thought of her father sexually, now she knew she wanted him.

Stretching, she ran her hand down her side, outlining each curve. The sensation made her think of how her dad's touch had sent an amazing vibration through her. She sighed as she felt his hard manhood against her body, agonizingly close.

His arm was around her, assuring her of his love. She closed her eyes; -trying to go to sleep; - but could only visualize him next to her. Her entire body ached for him; just the thought of him being so close brought a yearning. It took a long time for her to get to sleep.

The next day lasted forever, she didn't think school would ever be done, and couldn't have said what even one class was about. She couldn't think of anything but her dad's hands exploring her body, his lips on hers and not as a father but as a lover.

Evening finally came, and as they lay in bed, Sara could barely contain herself. She took off her shirt before she even got into bed and laid her head on him. Her fingers and her lips were teasing his nipples as she listened to his breathing get faster. Her eyes were glued to the front of his underwear waiting anxiously for him to react.

She had come to think of his getting hard as her reward, and grinned as he started to grow. Licking her lips, she could almost feel his thick cock in her mouth. Just the thought of how it would taste was making her start to get moist.

Her nipples were hard, and flashes of pleasure quivered up and down her spine as his fingers played. His hand smoothed over her breast, her nipples trapped between his forefinger and thumb. It was getting harder to breathe as Sara turned over, positioning herself so that her dad could use his mouth, her legs went on the outside of either side of his.

Separated by the barest of material, his hard cock pressed against her sensitive flesh. She flexed her muscles and could feel him trapped. Moaning, she pressed herself against his hardness and could feel him throbbing between her legs.

Pleasure from the attention he was giving to her nipples spread through her only to run into the pulsing below her belly. Seeing her dad's lips part, she lowered her breast to his mouth causing his stiff cock to drive against her even harder. Her body was steadily getting hotter, her loins crying for his touch.

As he sucked her nipple, the heat below her waist was becoming intense. It was getting harder for her to breathe; the burning desire was more than her teenage mind could endure. Sara took her nipple out of his mouth, pressed her lips to his in a kiss full of the passion that was going to make her explode.

Sara pleaded in a breathless whisper, "Daddy."

Dace moved his daughter off of him. He had tried, night after night his teenage daughter had made his blood pound, had filled him with desire as she delighted in giving him a larger and harder erection each time. When she had used her hand and pushed against the front of his underwear in an attempt to feel him he had wanted to throw her down and take her. When she had rubbed against his hard cock with her leg, he thought he was going to cum. And then lying next to her each night, his erection pressed against her butt was almost too much. Blocked by the thin material of his underwear and her panties, he wanted to shove it into her so bad he could almost feel it. It had taken forever to get any sleep.

Sara watched her dad reach for the drawer on his night stand and take out a rubber. She smiled with love; he had to be as bad off as she was and thought to protect her. Her eyes were glued to him as he removed his underwear and she saw her first penis. Reaching up, she wrapped her fingers around it and squeezed while her other hand explored.

Dace almost passed out, electricity thundered through him from her touch. The way she had teased him all of this time had almost driven him out of his mind. Her tentative touch made him realize that she had no experience. He wanted her so much, but, "Baby, I..."

Sara understood. Her dad had finally figured out that she was a virgin, and even though he wanted her, he was reluctant to continue. Kissing him, her voice husky with passion, she whispered, "I want you...now." Lying back on the bed, her body trembled as she slid her panties down and took them off.

Sara watched her dad looked down at her belly. He got a look of lust as he looked lower at the triangle of hair. Watching the aching desire on his face at her slightly parted legs made her need for him grow even more intense.

Dace saw his daughter watching his every move as he opened the package and slipped the rubber on his raging hard on.

She felt light headed watching the thin protection covering his hard cock. The way it softly reflected the light mesmerized her. Her mind could picture it penetrating her, feel it slide inside. Her body was generating a storm; her insides ached for him to the point of a pain.

Using his finger Dace played with his daughter's virgin pussy. Running his finger tip along the lips, he grinned at her reaction as he rubbed her clit.

The throbbing between her legs was becoming intense. Moaning, Sara grabbed her dad's hand, her loins crying for his touch, and pushed his finger inside of her. Her hips began to react; her mind went blank at the mounting pleasure. She could think of nothing more than his hands exploring her body. Her whole body was getting hotter as the pleasure grew.

Sara opened her arms and her dad got over her. She whispered, "Daddy," in his ear as she felt him use his hand to guide his raging manhood to her eager teenage body. The feeling of just the head barely pressed against her, spreading her vagina apart ever so slightly was enough to make her giddy.

Feeling her lips on his burning with passion, Dace return her kiss. As their tongues began to dance, he knew he would never forgive himself if he added to her pain and slowly pushed his hard cock in. Carefully, tenderly, ever conscious of hurting her, fearful of giving into the raging turmoil of his own desire, he thrust himself inside of her, a fraction of an inch and paused, a fraction of an inch, and paused.

Sara felt him penetrate her, maybe it was because she played sports she didn't know, but there wasn't any pain. Because of the days of building up the sexual tension and her anticipation of finally having him, she was so wet he slid in easily bringing a mounting pleasure. By the time he was fully inside of her body a white light exploded in her head. Wrapping her arms and legs around him the crashing waves of release exploded through her, over and over and over.

Dace held himself deep inside of his daughter. Her insides were boiling hot and so tight he knew his entire length was being scorched, and he loved it. Even after she released him from the grip of her arms and legs, he just held himself in her, savoring the intense feeling.

Slowly, Sara felt herself coming down from the plateau of pleasure her dad had sent her to. When her eyes could focus again, she smiled and kissed him. She felt his hard cock still inside of her, but he was slowly moving so that it slid in and out of her. Instinctively she matched him with her hips, and sucked in her breath at the new sensations.

Dace felt Sara responding to him, he varied his angle and how far he thrust into her; he tried to make her first time a gentle rewarding experience. He loved his daughter very much, and realized the special gift he was being given. Feeling his cockhead hitting different places inside of her, he watched her face for any signs that he was causing her pain.

It was a different kind of passion. Knowing her dad was being excessively passive because it was her first time, made the sensations feel different, at least she thought it was like that. She could see in his face that he was enjoying being in her, and knew he needed a release as bad as she had, yet he still refused to not go slowly. It felt amazing. Sometimes a short stroke, sometimes a deep one, his cock was thicker than she had imagined it would be and each thrust brought more intense and varying stimulation, each remarkable sensation built on the last. Her body grew closer and closer to another mind-blowing orgasm.

Dace had found her spot, and stayed there. Each thrust made her pant, her eyes shown with the light of delight. He felt her claw his back, her lips were slightly parted in an erotic pout. A constant whisper of "Yes...yes...yes," made him feel his cock had grown even longer and harder.

Sara clawed the sheet as her body erupted. A convulsing explosion burst from her cock filled vagina to course through her young body, only to reverberate back in a shockwave that made her entire body shudder.

He was at the end, he loved her but his own needs took over. He still tried to be gentle but his thrusts became harder, more demanding. He went deeper than he meant to, unable to have the control he had before. Her shuddering from head to toe was just too much.

Doing his best to keep from just ramming himself into her, he still thrust faster, deeper and harder. His cock was surrounded by the quivering muscles of a fleshy vise grabbing his hard cock. Dace had never felt a scalding hot grasp like that, and it made him want to give in to the passion, demand a release. He was close, very close. She was incredible, and even now he desperately wanted to be gentle for her, but it was being so astonishingly hard not to give in to the built up lust as he neared his own climax.

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