tagIncest/TabooDaughter in Charge Ch. 02

Daughter in Charge Ch. 02


It was in the middle of July that I decided to broach the topic of my new relationship with Dad to my mom. Now, Mom is a kind and loving woman, but she is also strong-willed and assertive. Anytime the wool was pulled over her eyes, I'm willing to bet she was putting on a sweater. After the shock of listening to her dressing down my dad on 'spy night', my admiration for her grew. I knew she liked having things her way, and why not in the bedroom as well? Way to go, Mom. I tuned into their conversations more acutely, and the submissive side of Dad became all the more clear.

My intention to come clean with Mom got preempted, though. One afternoon, I was chilling by the pool. The ice cubes in my tea had melted, and I went inside to make a fresh drink. I was quietly stirring in some sugar and running some plans for the day through my head when I heard Mom come into the living room from the garage.

"I specifically told you to get light mayonnaise. Show me where it says 'light' on the label here." she said sternly.

"I'm sorry, dear. I'll go back at once to..."

"To do what you were supposed to do in the first place, you pinhead!" Mom said with a raised voice.

"Please, Miriam. Jen might hear."

"Really, Robert. And if she did? I guess she'd find proof positive that you are a walking joke. And it would be an amusing one if you didn't wind up being such a pain in my ass on such a regular basis."

"please, dear. Jen..."

"She's out by the pool. I saw her there as we drove in."

"I think she might have come inside, dear. Could we please discuss this in the bedroom?" came Dad's simpering reply.

Right on the heels of these words came a sharp cracking sound, and I realized with astonishment and no small delight that Mom had given Robbie boy a good slap across his face! Go Mom!

"Don't ever tell me what to do, you worm." Mom said in a low voice.

"Go to the bedroom and stay there until I say so."

I could hear old Dad hurrying from the room. I turned to make my way quietly back to the pool, but in doing so knocked the spoon I'd used for my tea onto the tiie floor. I just stood there for a moment.

Mom came into the kitchen as I was heading to the sliding door.

"Just a moment, Jennifer." she said. I stopped and turned to her.

"You heard?"

"I did, Mom. I heard all of it."


Gee, Mom. What can I say?" I said, feeling odd in knowing I was withholding my own secrets around Dad. But I sure wanted to talk to Mom about all of it.

"Your father, he, well... he turned out to be a different sort of person than I'd imagined when we first met."

"You mean like... submissive?" I said, averting my eyes.

"Have you guessed?" Mom said, going to the stove and putting the kettle on the burner. "Care for some tea, hon?"

"No. That's okay." I said. It was uncomfortable hearing my mother talk about personal stuff.

"Sit down. Let's talk." Mom said, and gave me a sympathetic smile. She knew it was an awkward moment for me.

I sat at the table while Mom fixed her tea.

"You're right, Jen. He's a submissive man. He likes crawling around behind a woman. What more can I say? It wasn't entirely clear to me until after we married. Oh, he was very attentive when we were dating, always anticipating my needs, buying gifts for no particular reason. I was flattered. I just didn't see the dynamic behind it all, the sexual aspect of his attentions."

She brought her cup to the table, and we sat across from each other. I was feeling easier then, perhaps because Mom wasn't freaked out about any of it.

"Well, Mom," I ventured, "I guess whatever works, you know."

"Exactly, Jen. And it does work. I found that I liked lording it over him. I enjoy watching him take whatever I dish up, and no complaint. And, believe me, I dish up some demands that would make many men pack their bags."

'Wow!' I thought, 'what could they be?'

"Um, gee, Mom. It sounds kind of cool." I said, hoping that my openness would elicit some juicy details. I was more than curious to see how far little Robbie was willing to bend.

There was also the matter of my spying on their bedroom talk, and having my own up and running 'game show' with Dad. I needed to come clean.

"Mom. I need to tell you something before we go any further." I said. I took a deep breath.

"Well? Go on, dear. What is it?" Mom said, encouragingly.

" I kind of, you know, ... already know about some of this."

Mom gave me a little smile, but her gaze was sharp and somewhat defensive.

"Really. And how did that happen?"

"I listened. I listened to you and Dad one night. I spied on you, Mom." I said, twisting a paper napkin in my hands, first one way, then another. Mom could have a temper, and I was preparing myself to be on the receiving end.

"You listened. Hmmm. And from where, Jen?"

"I was in the closet in the guest room a few weeks back, Mom. I'm sorry, Mom. Really. I feel like such a dirtbag."

"And what did you hear?" Mom said, sidestepping my apology.

"You were scolding him. You called him names."

"What names?"

I felt I was getting the third degree. All we needed was a bare lightbulb hanging over the table. But it was important that I get through it and tell everything.

"Well, things like 'loser', 'good for nothing'." I said, and gave Mom a quick look to see how she was taking all of it.

"Anything else, Jen? Don't worry. I'm not angry with you. I just want to know what you know. I can always fill you in on the rest."

Wow. That last statement just about sent my socks across the room.

"Mom." I suddenly blurted out. "Dad knows that I know! I've been,... I've been doing things... doing things with him."

Mom threw her head back and laughed. There was just no end to the surprises here!

"So, you're not, you know, pissed at me?" I ventured, feeling terrific relief.

"No, no. It's okay, baby. What the heck, eh? Your father and I can stop slinking about, now. Welcome to the club, Jennifer." she said.

Mom got up from the table, came over to me and gave me a hug as I sat there dumbfounded.

"We'll talk some more later, okay?" Mom said, giving my hair a gentle tousle. "I can't wait to compare notes with you!"

I left the kitchen and went to my room. So much had changed, and so fast. I needed to sit down and think. My initial reaction to the talk with Mom was relief. I would no longer be hiding something from her. I was also quite elated! Our household would almost certainly see some major changes soon, and I was very eager to see how it would all play out.

I guessed, first off, that we could share Dad. The thrill of bossing him around hadn't ebbed one iota for me. I loved it, and I wanted more. Think about it: one, he was just aching to be my slave. The old man had a hard-on for his daughter, and I was going to work his ass into a lather to pay for that privilege. The bitter memory of being coerced and nagged by him was fresh in my mind, in the very cells of my body. Now, the future looked to me like a sunny cloudless, and carefree day, just brimming with opportunities for retribution. I lay on my bed and smiled at the prospect, and imagined Dad on his knees before me.

That night, I sat in a chaise longue under the stars, thinking about what the future might hold. I heard the sliding glass door, and turned to see Mom approaching. She pulled a chair up beside me.

"So, Jenny. There's a lot to process here, agreed?" she said.

"Boy. I'll say. It's like one day, after years have gone by, you realize that you don't truly know someone." I said, gazing at the lights from the house reflecting and rippling in the pool.

"There may be things you'll be learning about yourself, too, dear."

"Yes. I know." I said. And, indeed, that was happening.

I was beginning to see that I had the skills, the intellect, and the will to get what I wanted in life. I was always good at school, but this was different. Here, with our small family, I could redefine my role, my identity in the family system. And I found that exciting. Plus, there was the 'getting back' aspect with Dad. I'd been fooled into thinking that he was strong, learned, etc. But now, it was a new day.

"For instance?" Mom prompted, bringing me back from my reverie.

"It sounds kind of... well, perverse to say," I began, " but I've been enjoying dominating Dad. Actually, I've been loving it, Mom."

"It's a whole new world, honey. It's your new playground, really." Mom said. "Believe me - and I'm going to help you in this department, if that's what you'd like - you can just let your imagination run wild."

"It's exciting!" I said, feeling the erotic charge that the new arangement with Dad had already stirred in me.

"And empowering." Mom added.

"And that's exciting, too!" I said, feeling a bit giddy for a second. And although that moment with Mom was so very important, so supportive of my burgeoning sense of Womanhood with a capital "W", what I really wanted just then was to be cooking up some test for Dad to prove his devotion to me. Something creative and wicked. But that would need to wait. I owed Mom and myself that moment of reveling in our shared strength.

Mom was busying herself putting away groceries and I sipped my drink at the table.

"So, what have you two been up to?" Mom suddenly asked, but not accusingly; more from curiousity, it seemed. Nevertheless, I was a bit thrown off guard by her question. She was asking for details about what I'd been doing with (and doing to) Dad!

"Oh, you know... just stuff." I said, sounding like a ten year old.

"You don't need to be shy about it, hon." Mom said, and I felt foolish about the evasion.

"I know, Mom. It's just that we don't... we haven't, you know talked about private stuff before. Not like this."

"Jen, now's the time if ever there was one." she said, kindly. And I knew that if I really wanted to become Dad's mistress, the kind who owns him and rules him, (And, boy, did I ever want it!), I'd have to open up to Mom.

"well, mostly I've been sort of controlling him. Sexually, I mean."

"of course, Jen. That's where our power resides."

"I'll say! I mean, really, Mom, you should see how he begs. It's amazing. It just makes me feel so good having all that influence over him."

"I know exactly what you're saying, dear. Personally, I think it's wonderful that there are weak men like your father in the world. They are here to partner with the kind of strong, assertive, self-interested women who have their sensors out for men like Robert. And if Fortune smiles, such a twosome will spend happy years together, perhaps in complete secrecy, as a female owner and a male slave."

"Does that mean we own Dad?" I asked.

"I control him whenever I like, Jen. I let him go his own way a lot, but if I want him around, he'd better be there." she said, giving me a wink. "And, to answer your question, we own him the way a neighbor might own a cocker spaniel. He's got absolutely no say in the matter."

"So, you can, like, schedule him?" I said.

"Certainly. I set aside specific times when he must be available. We have bedroom sessions a few times each week, and they occasionally go on for hours, depending on my libido level or whether I want to let off some steam. Then there are the household chores. I've got him to where he pretty much does it all: laundry, food shopping, cooking... what else... Hmmmmm... Oh! This was whimsical of me, but he now must present me each week with a poem honoring me." Mom said, chuckling.

"Poems? Has he given you any yet?" I said with no small interest.

"Oh, several. Some quite good. From his unique perspective, mind you, as something that I own, like a car or a refrigerator." Mom said. "The results are qite interesting."

Mom gave me an inquisitive look.

"So besides telling me you control him sexually... well, that doesn't draw much of a picture. How about an actual event." Mom said.

I told Mom about the kitchen clean-up scene, and him staring lovingly at my cunt that same day as we awaited for her return.

"There's another thing." I said.


"There was the time I teased him really badly with my pussy as well as my ass. No kidding, Mom. I had Dad going in all directions. I showed him exactly what he'd been dreaming of and jerking off over for years. In particular, I loved taunting him by waving my ass in his face. Really, he was like a rabid dog, or something. But it was so so cool to see!"

"Robert can become very excited." Mom said, and I couldn't help imagining what things she and Dad had gone through such that she'd seen the real Robert.

"Your father is a skilled oral slave, Jennifer. He won't disappoint you. Of course, you need to give him a bad grade from time to time. He pays for that through his punishment, plus it keeps him on his toes."

"Thanks, Mom." I said, grateful for the advice.

"Have you punished him yet, Jen?" Mom inquired.

"No. Just tormented him. You know, withholding the things he wants."

"Like your private parts." Mom said without skipping a beat.

"Well... yeah. It's been working." I said, knowing I was stating the obvious. "I mean, Dad is clearly an asslicker straight from the womb, as far as I can tell." I volunteered, feeling somewhat reckless in my choice of words.

"And has he serviced you in those...particular areas?" Mom offered.

"I've mostly teased him." I said. "Once I let him kiss my foot. Another time I let him kiss my ass through my jeans." I said, beginning to laugh as the memory came forward. Dad had kept thanking me for the 'honor' of it. It was pretty funny. Plus, it was the moment that I knew I could do just about anything to him, and make him do anything for me. Opportunity had knocked and I had most happily opened the door.

"Well, Jen, would you like to hear about what I do with your father?"

Boy, did I ever!

"Sure Mom. I mean I'm dying to hear." I said, propping my elbows on the table.

"I don't know how much you learned from your ear-to-the-wall session, but I never seem to grow tired of using your father's tongue on my anus. He has a very sensitive approach, and knows exactly what I like. God, it makes me a bit aroused just thinking of it."

"It sounds fabulous, Mom." I enthused. "Mmmmmmm. Just what a woman needs sometimes, I'll bet."

"As I said, he's become quite good at it. He's also gifted at cunnilingus. Either way, I wind up having orgasms, sometimes more than one. I know this must seem odd, me talking about my sex life to you."

"A little, I guess. But don't stop!" I said, eager to hear the details.

"Well, first off, when we're in the bedroom, I normally wear just a top - a blouse or tee shirt - and your father is on his knees. I carry, and sometimes use, a riding crop. You know, it's like a short little whip with a flat piece of leather on the end of it. It's mostly a training tool. When I need to punish him, I use a belt. One of his, of course."

I had to laugh at that! Wow. She beat him with his own belt. Cool.

"You mean like when he screws up?"

"Or not. Sometimes I'll just say ' Go to the bedroom and get the belt.' And he'll be asking me what he's done wrong, etc, etc. It's the best expression of who the boss is. Just whipping him because I feel like it. So, he never knows quite what to expect." Mom said, nonchalantly, a devilish grin on her face.

I could imagine Mom doing all this, strutting around Dad, letting him look but not touch. And Mom has a really nice bod, fairly slender overall, but curvy and soft where it counts. I'll bet old Dad was in love with her ass! It was strictly show quality.

"If there is punishment, I administer it when you're not at home. I tend to be a bit loud, chastising him while I whip. And once I get going, he starts begging and pleading. It's a wonderful turn-on."

"But you reward him, too, if he's been good, right?" I said.

"He's almost always well-behaved, so yes, I let him pleasure me."

"So... he really likes your ass, sounds like."

"He does. But mostly my anus. I tell him he's a filthy pig for being so fixated on it. He actually wrote one of his poems addressed to it! I'll read it to you sometime. Called it his 'queen', if you can believe that." Mom said, chuckling.

"This is so good, talking like this, Mom. I'm glad things are out in the open."

"Me, too, dear. We have much to explore together. Let's see... how about if tonight... no, not tonight. I'm going over to Lisa's after dinner. Tomorrow night, then. We'll all get together, the three of us, and I'll show you how I do things, how I handle him."

"Cool, Mom. It's exciting!" I said, barely believing I'd be right in the middle of the action. I couldn't wait to hear old Robbie on his knees begging to kiss Mom's ass! And I had some novel ideas of my own, mind you. Who needs a TV or computer games when you've got a weak pervert of a father at your disposal? I was determined to rule over him with a firm hand, and have all kinds of fun doing it.

To be continued.

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