tagIncest/TabooDaughter Sarah the Deep Sleeper

Daughter Sarah the Deep Sleeper


Sarah was a very deep sleeper, she always had been and she could sleep through major storms without flinching. If she had to get up at a certain time then she had to go to bed early and set several alarm clocks in order to wake her on a morning. It was like she almost died when she went to sleep.

Being her Daddy I had known that for years, as I was always responsible for waking her on a morning for school during her early teen years. Then even more so after my wife left and took up residence with a female doctor before they moved away to a faraway city.

Sarah had grown into a beautiful dark haired independent young woman with a stunning figure for her age. School was long behind her now at 22 years old but she still took various courses to further her career as a dental assistant. Of course at her age she was also very fashion conscious and was always buying clothes, but her real mania was buying lingerie.

If those around her knew what she was wearing under her clothes then I'm sure she would have given some of her male dental patient's heart attacks or at least have made them very uncomfortable in the dental chair.

Luckily I had had first hand knowledge as she often showed me her latest purchase when she tried them on. She always said that she could show me anything because I'm her daddy and that she truly valued my comments. I often wondered if she knew how many raging erections that she gave me without even knowing.

It had seemed that as the last few years had gone by that the lingerie she chose had less and less material and exposed more and more skin. "Don't be a fuddy-duddy, daddy, this is the latest fashion." She would say if I showed signs of shock and dismay.

It wasn't just the underwear that was giving me concern it was the nightwear that she chose which was extremely revealing and left very little for the imagination.

It got so bad that in the evening I would purposely wear baggy pants to hide my true feelings but in the height of the hot summer they became much too warm to wear.

What transpired next I am not particularly proud of but after all I am just a mere man.


Sarah had purchased more sleepwear that she said was much more suitable for this unbearable hot humid weather that we were going through. They were a modern version of the baby doll sleep sets, it consisted of nothing more than a pair of skimpy sheer panties and a sleeveless top that was wide open at the front and could be tied with a small bow in the middle. The top came about halfway down her butt, the front closing edges of the top were swept away so that when it was tied closed with the bow then it exposed the bare naval below the bow and lots of bare cleavage above the bow.

The type of material was the same for both the panties and the top, which was virtually, see through especially in the panties because they were pulled tight whereas the top did have some ruffles and could only be clearly seen through in certain positions.

For a while it became her first choice of nightwear and in my mind if she had worn nothing then she wouldn't have revealed as much. Maybe because of the heat and humidity I'm not sure, but the material would cling to her and the front of her panties showed off the very neat dark vertical line of pubic hair but below that, it was very erotic.

She had very fleshy labia lips that splayed apart from fractionally below her clitoris and then down to her vagina and allowed the material to cling in between and show a deep groove or a slit between her fleshy puffy labia lips. If you looked at her from behind then her crack was clearly visible and if she bent over slightly then her puffy lips and the slit between could be seen clearly. Of course any moisture between them, just made things even clearer.

Looking at her from the front, the inner half of both of her breasts could be easily seen and often part of her nipples. Depending on how she stood the rest of her breasts was visible at some point or other.

My thoughts sometimes would I'm sure be classed as criminal but again I was just a man and I had male hormones. It was embarrassing at times that I would have to do so many silly things to hide my erections.

One night she went off to bed and left some clothes that she had been showing me on a chair at the kitchen table, which was unusual, as she was normally very careful with her clothes and always put them away. It was an innocent mistake as the chair had been pushed under the table so they weren't in clear view before she went to bed.

I decided to take them up to her room so that there was no chance of them getting damaged, as I was renowned for being sloppy in the kitchen when preparing food.

Sarah was fast asleep laid on top of the bed with the bow untied and her top wide open displaying both of her beautiful breasts and all of her tight belly. Her left knee was bent outwards, which was stretching the thin panties and showing off a considerable wet spot between her legs where her vagina would be and a distinctive wet line from her vagina up to her clitoris.

The sight was truly spectacular and would have made any magazine proud to display such an erotic view, as her hand was still encased inside her panties.

I'm afraid my erection rose to new heights and I had to move it in my shorts to be more comfortable. I continued to stand there and absorb every aspect of the view and realized that she must have masturbated just before sleep. My mind tried to capture images of her while she was masturbating and it just made my poor swollen cock harder.

I started to stroke myself over my shorts but I quickly realized that I needed them off to be able to get my hand around my swollen cock. It only took a split second to make that decision and they were around my ankles and I was lifting a foot to shake them off.

It felt incredibly good to get my hand wrapped around the hard shaft as I moved a little closer, then even closer to appreciate the magnificent sight. My eyes were glued to the wetspot where her vagina would be and my mind conjured up wild thoughts of the last few seconds before she had orgasmed. I practically convinced myself that she would have been calling out for her daddy. Oh it felt like months since I had masturbated but deep down I knew it was only just a few weeks. This was far better than looking at any magazine and in just a few seconds I had a picture in my mind of her thrusting into her fingers and calling out for her daddy to keep going.

Deep down somewhere inside me there was a churning, a rumbling, a wonderful feeling building rapidly and with just a few more rapid strokes of my swollen cock I erupted. Several great globs of CUM shot out like miniature rockets, one landed on her thigh another on the side of her belly and the rest on the edge of her bed and on the floor.

I kept pumping and I was almost breathless from the sheer intensity of the moment as I dripped even more onto the floor beside her bed. Then I just oozed for what seemed like minutes so I stepped back and picked up my shorts and wiped the wet dripping head of my cock.

Suddenly reality set in, and fear rose quickly in my mind, what on earth had I just done? I quietly slipped out of the room and grabbed a towel from the linen closet then returned to wipe the edge of the bed and the drippings on the floor. Then I contemplated what I should do about the glob of CUM on her thigh and side of her belly.

"The first thing is to look decent." I thought to myself so I quickly slipped into my shorts again, then I took the edge of the towel and gently wiped once over the area on her thigh then once on the side of her belly. "There that was easy." I thought and walked away. When I got to the bottom of the bed I looked back and to my horror it looked like a glob of CUM had landed on her panties, almost on top of where her hand was located.

"Oh god there was no way, I was going to risk wiping that away." I thought and just walked away then quietly closed the door.


Sarah never made any comments about that night so I figured that I had gotten away Scot free with my little escapade and the memories served me for numerous days afterwards whenever I felt that urge to masturbate. But I also had this obsession to see her actually masturbate, as I knew it would be an incredible sight.

I devised a few simple plans and took something of hers from the laundry and bundled it with mine. Then I figured that when the time was right I would deliver it to her room. Another plan was to inadvertently show off my erection the next time that it happened when she was there, as in the past I had always gone out of my way to hide it, now I decided that I simply wouldn't.

A few days later it was still quite warm and I was just wearing thin shorts and no shirt, it was late in the evening and Sarah had put on her favorite nightwear and we were catching the last half hour of a show on TV that we both enjoyed. Sarah had popped a tape in earlier to record the TV show for a friend where she worked who couldn't get that channel on her TV.

It had involved Sarah having to bend a few times to get to the VCR which was fairly low down in a rack near the floor. There were some pretty wonderful sights and my poor cock was feeling restrained in my shorts then a wonderful thing happened as that show on TV finished and Sarah stopped the VCR. She came and sat on my knee and put her arms around me: "Daddy, I was thinking of going to the beach on Saturday for a few hours, do you wanna come with me?"

I wrapped my arm around her and rested my hand on her belly then told her that I would think about it. "Oooooh daddy, don't be a stick in the mud. I have a new bikini I wanna wear and I need you there to fend off all the weirdo's."

"A new bikini, have I seen it yet, I don't recall."

"No, I only got it last night, do you want me to show you?"

"Yes, I'd love to see it sweetie." I said and she stood, then I didn't even wait until she had gone because I was so uncomfortable that I just grabbed my hard cock in my shorts then moved it to a more comfortable location and she just smiled then left. She was back in minutes with a little bag and was taking it out and holding it up in her hands.

Then she stepped behind the couch and took off her panties and slipped into the bikini bottoms then she turned her back to me and took off her top and then put on the bikini bra top.

She came and stood in front of me and asked what I thought, I told her it looked stunning but it didn't cover very much and to turn around. She did very slowly and just about all I could see of the bikini was a string disappearing down her crack. Her ass cheeks were completely exposed. "Wow, what a gorgeous sight." I said out loud and she grinned.

"You look stunning Sarah, but you don't need me, you need an army to defend you in an outfit like that." I said and laughed.

"I can see that you like it daddy and I'm glad." She said as she looked down at my crotch.

"Oh god Sarah, I was like that before you put the bikini on."

"I know daddy." She said as she sat back on my knee and put her arms around me again.

"Be careful you don't squash it, it's the only one that I've got."

"I know and it looks like a nice one daddy." She said as she kissed me gently on the lips and then she got up and collected her nightwear. "I better go now and let you get comfortable daddy."

"You're right, I'll be glad to get to bed and get outta these shorts."

"Why don't you just wear boxers around the house, wouldn't they be more comfortable and give you more ballroom?" She said and I couldn't believe the way she was talking.

"I guess that's not a bad idea Sarah, but its not only the ballroom I need."

"Oh I can see that daddy, its beginning to look like you had 5 viagra pills." She said and grinned then she laughed.

"Well what can you expect when I'm looking at your gorgeous figure all night." I said and then she walked around then bent over the VCR and ejected the tape. My god, I thought my shorts were going to explode.

"It looks like you need a cold shower."

"Or something else." I said.

"Yes, maybe you will have to come in my room again and beat your meat." She said and my mouth dropped wide open. "What do you mean sweetie?"

"Daddy, do you really think I was asleep so quickly that night. You had actually interrupted me from something else."

"Oh my goodness, I'm so sorry honey, I've never done that before or since."

"Daddy, it doesn't matter. You left me a little present and it worked out well for me after you had gone. Maybe you will have to comeback again, tonight."

"Are you sure honey?"

"Yes, I'm sure daddy, hurry." She said as she turned and went upstairs.

I rushed around and locked the doors and then turned off all the lights and went upstairs. Should I wait or should I just go into her room? I couldn't decide but then I realized that she had said hurry so I walked into her bedroom and she had put on her nightwear again. She was lying on the bed fairly high up with two pillows propped under her head, her top was wide open displaying both her firm breasts and her legs were wide open with her knees drawn up.

"Take off those shorts daddy and kneel between my legs then do what you did last time, I've made enough room for you on the bed." She said softly so I dropped the shorts and knelt on the bed then she lifted her legs high and pulled down her panties and threw them away. She moved her legs back to where they were; wide open with knees lifted.

I was staring between her legs and looking at the thin vertical line of pubic hair and below it the most beautiful pair of thick fleshy labia lips that were slightly parted that I had ever seen. "When you CUM daddy, this is where I want it all, last time you only left me one little glob." She said as she pointed at her fleshy lips.

My swollen cock was just throbbing and lifting on its own as I wrapped my hand around it and slowly pumped. Sarah was holding her breasts and rubbing her fingers over her hard dark nipples as she watched every single movement. I pumped a little faster and she opened her legs even wider and slowly shuffled down the bed with her hands dragging the pillows under her head. When she stopped my cock was just a few inches from her pussy.

"Keep going daddy, CUM on my pussy, shoot your beautiful warm sticky CUM all over my wet lips." She said very seductively and I knew I was getting very close to fulfilling her wish. "Keep going daddy, keep going, CUM for me, CUM for me daddy."

Suddenly I erupted and CUM was shooting out of my cock almost uncontrollably so I held it downwards a little and pointed it towards her pussy. Blast after blast landed perfectly on target. Her eyes were aglow then seconds later her fingers were stroking through the CUM running down her mound and rubbing it between her labia lips and over her clit.

Her head fell back as she rubbed her wet pussy harder and faster and then she muttered in low tones that got louder and louder. "OOOOH DADDY... I'M CUMMIN... ALREADY... OOOOOH... WOW." Then she just laid her head back and continued very slowly stroking her pussy for a few minutes longer.

"Oh daddy that was so intense, wow. It was the best orgasm I've ever had."

It was a sight to behold; it was my dream come true. Her smile, the look on her face afterwards was simply priceless. I kissed her gently on the lips and quietly slipped out of the bedroom then just got into my bed and replayed in my mind the events that had transpired and before I knew it I was fast asleep.


Up to now we have had five sessions almost exactly like the above. We have still not had sexual intercourse although we have on occasion come perilously close. It's like something invisible is keeping us from making that final connection and I have no idea if we will ever cross that threshold, but even if we don't I'm still a very happy person and I know my daughter is too.

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