tagIncest/TabooDaughter with My Friends

Daughter with My Friends


NOTE: This story characters are all above 18 and college going. This story is of incest and gang bang. Anyone offended are please warned not to read any further.

This is a story of a father who sees his daughter being groped and gets onto a fantasy on his daughter and tries to see her being groped again and make it happen. The problems he faces and how he does and the aftermath is the outline of the story. I have divided it into parts with headings to give an idea of what is inside. I thank all my fans who mail me especially Tom, Simmy, John, Shwetha, Nofer, etc & anonymous critics who are pointing out what to write and what not to. People have different choices so if you are not interested in incest with daughter- STOP -Don't read further, for all others Happy reading!

Jasmine groped

Peter my friend from early times before marriage, lived with Swan, his wife, his son Jhonathan & daughter Ginger while Robin my recent friends that is to be precise – after marriage friend - was still a bachelor. My wife Jenny and daughter Jasmine, looked much older than they were. Jenny was the type who gets beautiful day by day after marriage making their husband look old & ugly within 2 years. Jasmine had her mothers figure with a voluptuous ass. Her ass was the most attractive feature. Whatever she wore the ass part would be tight and when she walked we could see the ass line. Funnily I never thought of her in such a way until that particular day.

The particular day, which changed my life, was at Robins house, where we partied whenever we were free or if our wives were out, since he lived alone. Our wives didn't like our partying so sometimes we had to come on the pretext that we were going either for a walk or to the market. These were the only 2 places we were left alone but our Kids wont leave. If Jasmine, Ginger & Jhonathan were together they would get along in their room and there was no need for bribing but if alone we had to bribe them else they would nail us. We would put them in the adjacent bedroom where they would either play or discuss if together or watch the cartoon channel if they were alone. We would always joke how helpful the cartoon channel was for a father. Also they needed a $ 100 tip. With the bribe in effect, we would go to the adjoining room and party, which was card playing, booze & sausages and ofcourse XX films. The party would continue till the drinks got over, then we would take a bath and refresh ourselves before going so not to give any doubt to our wives. We hated interruption especially if the nearby room was occupied it was always interruption with knocks with questions or permission like ' May we go to the bathroom or May we change the channel'. As soon as the knock started there would be a dive for the remote. Also the $100 tip was becoming costly, so a condition was bought up - if anyone had company he would be avoided the last 2 rounds and had to pay for others round. So naturally we all tried our best to come alone but sometimes we had no choice. July 4th was such a day.

That day we had decided to party but Jenny gone for shopping left me stuck with Jasmine. We reached at 4.00pm. Peter had already arrived.

"Hey!! We got free drinks today" Robin shouted seeing Jasmine with me.

"Aww shut up!!" I poked at him jokingly as Peter smiled.

"There's Wonder Woman in Pogo now" Peter said " My daughters favorite" he smiled.

Jasmine sat on the bed with remote in hand and a $100 in her pocket. We went to our party room. We had more than the usual today, but still we would have continued had not Robin upset his glass on me with a big 'OOPS'. I jokingly dumped the biscuits on his head and went to wash. On my way I said I was quitting early since I had to both wash my shirt & take bath. I stripped naked and washed my shirt after hanging my pants. My shirt still had a whisky stink, so I thought to clean it with soap. I looked around for the washing soap and didn't find it in the usual place. I opened the door a little to call out. No one was around. I covered myself with a bathrobe and came out.

"Lift her to the bed."

I heard Robin's voice in the adjacent room where jasmine was sitting. So I moved there. A feeling of something wrong made me tiptoe to the room. Peter was placing jasmine on Robin's lap. As he did Robin slowly held her skirt from behind so when she sat her skirts were up. Peter was giggling and rubbed her thigh. But all of them were watching TV and what they were doing seemed just like a friendly gesture. Only her skirts being a little high worried me. I thought maybe it was just my dirty mind as Peter too had a daughter of the same age maybe he was only showing his love like his daughter. I was going to announce myself opening the door when Robin moved Jasmine a little to front and opened his zip. Taking out his dick he pulled her back to his lap. Jasmine was now sitting on his dick. He was holding her skirt high as she moved backwards; only her panties separated her ass from his dick.

"Change the channel," he said

"How about FTV" Peter asked

"Yeah, lets see those gorgeous tits." He replied

Their language froze me. I wondered if I was dreaming or did I have too much. Maybe I was lying unconscious in the bathroom and dreaming this dirty incident. Was it so? I wondered because I never had seen my friends behave like this and neither did they give me a chance to suspect them. Or had they become drunk and doing things they would never do if they were sober? It was a question to which both 'Yes' and 'No' seemed correct and wrong at the same time. I watched my dream or maybe the truth.

"Do you like their dress Jasmine?"

"Yeah" she replied.

While talking to her Peter's one hand was slowly moving from her thighs to her ass. With the help of Robin he was pushing her panties to her ass crack, thereby making it look like a G-string. Her ass became naked other than the piece of cloth, which was pulled together into her asscheeks. Robin shifted her a little and I saw her start as his red-hot flesh touched her soft ass. He began to move rhythmatically as the models marched along displaying their panties and swimsuits. Within seconds he shuddered and I saw him hurryingly take a sheet and wipe her ass. Peter now sat on the bed and opened his pants as Robin shifted Jasmine to his lap. Peter placed his dick on her right ass cheek and pushed her to & fro saying some joke, as she was laughing unknowing that he was literally ass fucking her. I watched Peter pull her back and embrace her. His palm cupped her small tits tightly while his fingers groped her nipples. On each movement he made it sure to turn her concentration to TV. His hands once more moved on her thigh and towards her pussy. His fingers touched the line dividing her pussy. She twitched in his lap. As her ass moved his dick rose to its zenith. With 2-3 thrust on her ass, he climaxed. He too did the sheet method.

Watching my daughter being used should have made me angry, instead seeing her huge ass gave me a big hard-on. Unknowingly I was massaging my dick. I had opened my bathrobe and was pushing it to & fro. Her cute ass on his dick made me almost cum but with a convulse, I had controlled it.

Robin now placed her on the bed. I barely heard him say of some game. He took out a handkerchief and tied her eyes, then pulled out his dick and rubbed it to & fro right in front of her. He slowly pressed it on her lips and rubbed then inserted into her mouth. She began sucking it. He held her head and pushed his dick slowly to her mouth. His hips moved as he began to fuck my daughter's mouth. I understood he was going to cum as he increased his speed and held her head as he bend backwards driving his dick deep into her mouth filling it with his cum. Then he moved and Peter did the same process, but as he was to cum he told her to lie down facing him. As she lied down he slowly raised her skirt high and watching her panties began to masturbate. Then he told her to turn over. As she did he slowly turned her skirt too. She was lying on her stomach; the panties buried deep inside her ass gave a beautiful display of her round ass. He increased his speed of masturbation.

"I will whisper a secret in you ear" he said

My hand was busy helping my dick with the input I received. Kneeling over her, with one swift movement, placing his dick on her ass pressed her boobs. As his dick pressed on to her ass and his hands cupped her breast he shouted into her ear thereby distracting her. With in seconds he had ejaculated on her ass. He still continued shouting as Robin laughed loudly. Before she knew he had wiped the cum of her ass. She got up angry and removed the handkerchief tied to her eyes trying to shout back at his ear. Robin encouraged her to shout at his ear. She jumped towards Peter Who embraced her and fell on the bed with her. Holding her tight in one hand he pulled up her skirt. Robin took out his dick and lay on top of her with his dick pressed on her ass. They were like a sandwich. As Robin's dick pressed her ass down, Peter's dick pressed her pussy up. Laughingly she tried to move still playing the game. They turned her with Robin going down and peter coming up. Together they rocked her laughingly and then pressed her squeezed he private parts as they began to explode on her ass & pussy.

Robin told her to sit once more on the bed and covered her eyes again. He placed his dick on her lips and then slowly pushed it in.

"C'mon suck it," he said

She began sucking it hard & deep. He supported her by pushing it deeper and enjoying her nipples with the back of his hand. He pulled his dick out and asked

"OK What was the fruit I gave you?" and laughed

"What's there to laugh so much?" she asked angrily. "You think I am a small girl? I know what it is and what you are doing."

Both Peter & Robin looked at each other.

"Last time you didn't cover my eyes nicely and I peeped. "

Both Peter & Robin looked worried.

"Don't worry, I ain`t gonna squeal on you but its going to cost you- cost you a little lot." She replied smiling.

They smiled back.

"Sure Kid. Anything you say. You are the bossie."

"Also I did remember that taste anywhere."

"Taste? You mean you have done this with other than us?"

"Lots of times. The first was with the college professor in our class, then there were drivers, teachers and so on except my father."

"Well, Well if it isn't the bitch in heat." Robin said and jumped to the bed grabbing her.

She squealed and giggled as his hands swept her boobs and pussy. Peter too jumped up and started groping her ass.

"Hey, we better do whatever we plan to do fast and I mean real fast, c`os dad is due to come any moment."

"Yeah and how about shutting up and sucking this." Robin said pushing his dick to her face.

"Hmmm." She hummed sucking his dick.

Peter was busy pulling her panties down and sucking the young cunt. He spread her eagle as his tongue found all the wet spots and dig deeper. Then teased her cunt with his huge dick getting ready for the push they had all evaded.

I stood there unbelieving what I was seeing. My little girl was an adult but I always felt her as a kid. Maybe because she was a quiet girl. While I was thinking about her my hands were busy moving to & fro. Watching their hands over her ass and boobs, her sucking and her panties, I could hold no longer. The sperms shot out as if they had their own life and was trying to reach her. I felt the flow but my eyes never left her ass. I felt my eruption would never cease. I felt a kind of dizzy and wanted to grab on to something, but before I could I fell.

I don't know how long I had passed away, but when my eyes opened I found Peter, Robin & Jasmine around me worried.

"Hey Man!! You got us all worried." Robin said sighing with a relief.

"Yeah" Peter agreed, "What happened?"

"Dddont----know" I stammered, " Looks like I had too much."

"Heeeee haaa heeee" Jasmine laughed easing the tension as we all joined in.

I looked at the TV – the carton channel- Tom & Jerry was on the show. Was it all a dream? Did it happen? No nothing happened it was all in my head. Maybe I had dreamed or hoped for my daughter and the booze intensified it. I smiled at my friends. They smiled back extending their hands. I took it. Was I dreaming or did I feel a shivering in their hands. I looked at their eyes. Did I see a guilty feeling or was it lust? I shifted my eyes towards Jasmine. She was watching the TV. Her back was facing me. I eyed her ass. It was bulging out. I could see her ass divided in the tight skirt. Her assline had a good curve. Was it-wet spots on her ass line? Maybe the grope part was true the rest was what my head made up on seeing it.

I had many questions with no answers I could confidently think of. But I knew one thing for sure – Things would never be the same between my daughter & me. Her ass and my dick stood in the way waiting to know each other.

Yeah, it was just a matter of time when I would set aside my feelings and lust usurps everything. Like full moon to Werewolves it was just a matter of time.

Just a matter of time.

Continued in Daughter with my friends II (Jasmine in bus.)

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