tagIllustratedDaughter's Initiation into Kink

Daughter's Initiation into Kink


Summary: Sweet daughter continues journey of sexual submission.

WARNING: This is a story that includes sex in church, misused biblical quotes and a Minister who uses his power to sleep with high school students, married women and his own daughter... if such things offend you please don't read. (Also, scripture is constantly misused and taken out of context, since the story is about a Minister who manipulates the Bible and the gullibility of women of faith to turn them into his personal playthings).

WARNING 2: Did I mention this story may offend?

Note 1:

Thanks to Robert, goamz86, Wayne and Tex Beethoven for editing this story.

Note 2: Although this story is part 2, I believe it can stand on its own. Yet, if you want to know how our protagonist Eve ends up a submissive slut to her Minister father on her 18th birthday which just happens to be on Halloween, please read:

Daughter's Initiation into Incest.

This chapter continues the very next morning as Eve comes to grips with her newfound sexuality and tries to understand her role in the Lord's grand plan.

Note 3:

Also, Part 1 was illustrated by the great Walt. Unfortunately, after two years and one drawing, I planned to release this Part without pictures. Then at the very last minute I decided to create my own pictures... so here it is. Hope you enjoy. You can see that original single picture at the end of the story.

Eve slept in late on Saturday, her mind, body and soul exhausted from the crazy Halloween evening and the expulsion of the devil from her through three sexual encounters with her father, as well as one final one after midnight with both her parents (where she ate out her mother while her father fucked her pussy and ass one last time... the last load of God's protection landing all over her face).

When she did get up, her body still weak and her ass still sore, she grabbed a robe, not thinking her dad had been serious about her being naked at all times at home and headed downstairs for a bowl of cereal.

She poured herself a bowl, knowing Mom would be at the Saturday farmer's market and her father would be at church working on tomorrow's sermon. Sitting down, she noticed there was a note on the kitchen table.

She grabbed it:


After breakfast wash up, and come and see me at my office.


She wondered what her Dad wanted. Eve usually spent Saturday afternoons doing homework before spending the evening with her friends.

She finished breakfast, then went upstairs to take a shower and get dressed. As she dressed, putting on some of the new underwear her Mom had given her as a birthday present (a lace-up bra, a thong). She was going to put on pantyhose since she always wore them, but decided that since she was wearing sexy undergarments she should also wear sexy stockings. She pulled out a pair of lace top mesh black thigh highs and put them on.

It was then she realized she hated her old wardrobe. She'd always dressed so conservatively, and last night she'd felt liberated dressing up sexy and being noticed. She didn't want to dress quite as revealingly as her devil costume last night, but she also wanted to feel like a woman, and not a girl.

She went to her mother's closet and pulled out some of her mom's outfits. She tried on a few before settling on a skirt and blouse before she looked in the mirror. It wasn't as long as most of the skirts she'd worn before yesterday, but it also wasn't as short as the outfits those slut cheerleaders wore.

The skirt was long enough to hide the sexy lace tops of her stockings... barely, but short enough that a good wind would reveal them nicely. She was really beginning to enjoy her new outlook after yesterday's whirlwind of first-time sexual experiences, and felt like a brand-new girl. No, Eve, she scolded herself, you're a brand-new Woman!

Eve headed to the church, feeling liberated from her childhood, liberated from the devil's original sin and now ready to be a woman. She wondered what her father would have in store for her today.

She entered the church and knocked on her father's office door. When he didn't answer, she went to the chapel and saw him practising his sermon.

Dylan glanced up and noticed his daughter as he kept reading tomorrow's sermon.

Eve walked over and sat down, knowing not to interrupt him when he was speaking.

Once done, he turned to his daughter and greeted, "Hi, Eve."

Eve greeted, "Hi, Daddy."

He smiled, glancing at his watch, checking out his daughter and smiling at how well last night had gone, "It looks like last night took a lot out of you."

"It did," Eve nodded, but added, "but now I feel like a new woman."

"How so?" Dylan asked.

"I just feel like an adult now that the devil is gone," Eve answered.

"Isn't that your mother's clothing?" he asked.

"Yes, Daddy," Eve nodded, wondering if she should've asked permission first.

"Well, you definitely do look more adult in it," he nodded, "Are you wearing the sexy undergarments your mother got you for your birthday?"

"Yes, Daddy," Eve nodded, happy with her fashion sense today.

"Open your blouse and let me see," he ordered.

"Okay, Daddy," she obeyed, unbuttoning the blouse, undressing in front of Daddy seeming natural after yesterday's thorough spiritual cleansing though sex.

"You look like a younger version of your mother," he complimented as he watched, which was true.

"Thank you, Daddy," Eve replied, flattered at such a compliment, knowing her mother was a very pretty woman.

"Take off your bra, my dear," he instructed.

"Yes, Daddy," Eve obeyed, feeling completely comfortable with her body exposed to her father's view.

"You're a very beautiful young woman, Eve, the prettiest in the whole town," Dylan continued, as he checked her out, thrilled that she was his sweet... gullible... submissive.

As soon as Eve saw her father in front of her, her eyes instinctively went to his crotch.

Dylan noticed and asked, "Does my little girl need a fix of the Lord's seed?"

Eve hadn't realized she craved it until her father offered, yet as soon as the question was asked she knew she did indeed need another fix. She stammered, "I-I-I guess."

"Eve, the Lord doesn't like trepidation. He wants a concrete answer, a complete commitment to Him," the Minister explained.

"Yes, Father," Eve nodded, feeling guilty for the hesitation. Yes, she wanted to suck his cock again, to taste the sweetness of the Lord. There was no reason to be ashamed for craving such purity. "Yes please, Daddy. I definitely want some of the Lord's seed."

"Every morning you will start your day with a full load of the Lord's seed," he explained. 

"Really?" Eve asked, really liking the idea but not wanting to be selfish. "What about Mommy?"

"You need more protection than your Mother. She has years of conditioning and has built up a strong resistance to the devil's temptation," Dylan explained before adding, "but you, my dear, are still very much at risk."

"I am?" Eve asked, crestfallen. She thought yesterday had been the final end of eighteen years of being subject to the devil's grip.

"Oh yes honey, the next few years are when temptation is at its greatest. The devil will be everywhere and it's critical that we protect you by building up your immune system with a surfeit of the Lord's seed," he continued, building onto his devious plan of complete sexual submission over his daughter, "You will likely need two or three deposits a day, using all three holes for full protection."

"Okay," Eve nodded, both mortified that the devil was still going to be a temptation... for years... and yet excited at the prospect of so much protection after all the pleasure she'd received last night from her father, pleasure she hadn't known existed. All three holes... every day... exciting, but she would be a very busy girl... er... woman.

"You know the saying, an apple a day keeps the doctor away?" he asked.

"Of course," Eve nodded.

"Well, a load of the Lord's seed two or three times a day keeps the devil away," he explained in all seriousness, as he walked over to another chair, removed his pants and sat down.

"Okay, Daddy," she again nodded, moving to him, dropping to her knees and happily grasping his cock before placing her mouth around it. 

"Good girl," he groaned, looking down at his adorably cute daughter taking his cock in her mouth without instruction.

As soon as Eve had her father's cock in her mouth, she began bobbing, eager to again taste the Lord's seed.

As he watched his daughter, whose virginity he'd taken in all three holes last night, he couldn't help but be in awe of his own power. Ever since she'd been a young child she'd always been so sweet and innocent, and now within a single day she had totally become his submissive live-in slut, and she didn't even know it. He ordered, "No hands, my baby girl, you need to be able to keep the devil away with just your three fuck holes."

"Yes, Daddy," Eve obeyed, moving her right hand off his big hard shaft and resting her hands on her Daddy's legs.

Eve loved hearing her Daddy's soft groans... nothing made her happier than knowing she was making her father happy. Last night she'd learned that sexual pleasure was one of the greatest gifts a daughter could give to a Daddy, and she had instantly become good at it.

Originally he'd planned just to deposit a load in his 18-year-old's receptive mouth. Yet seeing her looking so sexy, so eager and so submissive, he decided he wanted... no he needed... to fuck her. So he asked, "Does my baby girl want Daddy to fuck her and keep the devil at bay?"

"Yes, Daddy," Eve quickly replied, remembering not to prevaricate as her cunt dampened at the words, recalling the intense pleasure she'd received last night at the hands and cock of her big dicked daddy.

He ordered, "Take off your panties, honey."

Eager to have her Daddy's big dick in her, she quickly obeyed like the obedient daughter she was, still with complete trust in her father. She stood up and pulled the thong down from under her skirt.

She thought her father would like to see her pose, so she placed her hands behind her neck, one foot in front of the other, and cocked her hips, smiling eagerly at her father, thinking of the nice cock she'd just been sucking.

Dylan's eyes swept up and down his daughter's hot body admiringly, saying, "Very nice, dear." But his mouth was watering, wanting to suck on his daughter's big tits and erect nipples. Then he thought of a better idea and a ploy, so he explained, "I've just realized we haven't protected your breasts from the devil."

"How do we do that?" Eve asked, realizing that her breasts had indeed been mostly ignored during last night's exorcism.

The father loved how naïve his daughter was, accepting so trustingly whatever he said without question. He ordered, "The Lord has blessed you with big wonderful tits, and I need you to squeeze them around my cock."

"Okay Daddy," she nodded, as she knelt back down in front of her father again, erectly this time so her tits could reach his cock, leaned forward, and squeezed her breasts together around her father's fully hard cock. They just fit... she was glad her breasts were so big, perhaps God had created them with her father in mind.

"Very good daughter, now move your body up and down and fuck your Daddy's cock with your tits," he instructed.

"Okay," she again nodded, hunching her back up and down awkwardly as she tried to fuck her father's cock.

"That's it, my baby girl, milk Daddy's cock with those luscious knockers of yours," he groaned, loving to talk dirty to his daughter, further enhancing his pleasure.

Eve struggled to keep her balance, even as she enjoyed the task at hand, or at breast. So she moved her right hand to her dad's ass to keep her balanced as he began fucking her tits.

Although he'd fucked his wife's ass this morning, waking up horny after last night's successful initiation of his daughter into naïve incest, his balls began boiling after only a few minutes of cock sucking from his inexperienced but eager daughter's mouth and now the sexy tit-fucking.

Wanting to watch his daughter get a full load on her tits and face, he ordered, his balls boiling, "Beg for the Lord's seed to wash away your sin."

Craving his seed, craving his protection, she begged, "Oh yes, Daddy, please cover my face and big tits with the Lord's seed."

"It's called cum," Dylan corrected, wanting to train his sweet daughter to have a slutty vocabulary as well.

"Shoot the Lord's cum all over your servant's slutty face and huge knockers," Eve reworded, opening her mouth, hoping some would land in it. Since yesterday she'd discovered she enjoyed using naughty words to please her father. She was glad she was now eighteen... there was a lot of fun new stuff to learn!

Dylan loved hearing his daughter use such wicked words and after just a few more strokes, the first rope of cum rocketed out of his cock, flew up into his daughter's hair and dripped down her forehead. A second rope of white goo hit all over her face before the rest splattered her big tits.

Eve, disappointed no cum had landed in her mouth, leaned forward instinctively and took her father's cock back in her mouth to retrieve every last remnant of the Lord's cum. There were a lot of sinful men out there whose cum wasn't blessed by the Lord. She wondered if their cum could possibly taste as good as her father's. Hopefully she would never have to find out; Holy cum must be better.

"You're such a loyal servant of the Lord," the Minister groaned, as he watched his daughter take his cock back in her mouth without being told.

Finally, he pulled out and said, "You really are a perfect daughter, Eve."

"Thank you, Daddy," she smiled, still on her knees, looking deliciously sticky with his cum.

"Now I need to get back to work on my sermon," he said, putting his cock away and returning to his desk. "Come back in exactly one hour. Until then please go and organize the nursery for me."

"Okay, Daddy." She nodded, standing up. "What is tomorrow's sermon on?"

"Trusting in the Lord without hesitation," he answered, looking back at his laptop.

Eve understanding it was time to leave him alone, quickly got dressed and silently walked out. She was almost out of the church when she remembered her face was still coated with the Lord's cum. She went to the washroom and looked at herself in the mirror. Her father had really coated her face with the white goo. She scooped some cum off her forehead and put it to her lips, the taste already something she hungered for, before washing her face thoroughly. 

An hour later, her pussy burning, the Devil still inside her, she returned to her Daddy who was still working on his sermon.

He looked up, ready to fuck his daughter, his entire sermon dripping with innuendo that some of his MILF sluts and teenage cum buckets would catch on to, but that would sound holy and logical to the rest of the parishioners.

Of course, composing such a sermon had made him horny. He could see she was also horny, such perception being a gift of his, and he asked, "Are you okay, honey?"

"Daddy," Eve answered, "I think the Devil is still in me. My vagina is burning."

"You mean your cunt?" he corrected.

"Yes, Daddy, I think the Devil is in control of my cunt. It's burning like the flickering flames of Hell," Eve answered.

"Take off your outfit and sit up on the communion table," he ordered. "This may even be worse than I thought."

"Okay, Daddy," Eve nodded, insecurity swarming her. What did Daddy mean by 'this may even be worse than I thought'? She got undressed, hoping Daddy could rid her of her sinful insides once and for all.

"Keep the stockings on," he ordered, as his daughter was about to take them off.

"Yes, Daddy," Eve agreed, and hopped onto the table and laid back... nervous and horny... two very different feelings competing inside her.

The Minister removed his pants, he of course not wearing underwear, and walked over to his naked, beautiful daughter. "Spread your legs, my dear."

"Okay Daddy," Eve obeyed, spreading her legs, feeling another burn in her pussy and a little wetness gushing out.

"Oh my," the father said, staring at his daughter's wet pussy. "Is your cunt on fire?"

"Yes, Daddy," Eve moaned and trembled as her father touched her pussy lips... no, her cunt lips.

"The Devil is rooted in you deeply," he responded as he moved his entire hand into her wetness. "Close your eyes as I try to extract the sinister sin consuming you."

"Yesss, Daddy," Eve moaned, his intrusive touch only intensifying the fire burning inside.

As the father slid his fist inside his daughter, he declared, "Your cunt is overheated my dear... the Devil is definitely still inside you."

As her cunt was widened and filled, Eve begged, "Please, Daddy, please the get the Devil out of me."

The father started vigorously fisting his daughter, watching her body quiver, her moans getting louder as she gave herself unconditionally to him.

"I'm going to have to really fuck this cunt," he explained to his daughter. "I'm going to have to fuck the living hell out of you."

Oddly she couldn't believe how good this felt, even as she responded with this new liturgy, her orgasm growing quickly, "Yes, Daddy, please fuck the living hell out of me, purify me to the Lord."

He warned, his entire hand inside her to his wrist, "You can't come, my sinner. You must control your body from the Devil's temptation until I tell you to."

"Okay, Daddy," she moaned, but objected, "But it's so hard. My cunt is controlling me, Daddy."

"No, the devil is," he corrected, as he fisted her fast and deep.

"D-D-Daddy, oh God," Eve screamed, the pleasure consuming her very being.

"Don't you come, my sinister slut," he demanded, making that command possible... barely... as he stopped fisting her, just keeping his hand deep inside her.

"The devil is taking control," Eve whined, her orgasm so close.

The minister pulled his hand out and ordered, "Hop off the table and bend over, Eve. I'm going to have to really attack the stronghold the devil has on you."

"Okay," Eve nodded, even though her body felt so weak.

She got into position and felt her father slide his cock in her wanton cunt. "Yes, Daddy, fuck me, fuck the Devil out of me."

He smiled, loving how innocent his gullible daughter was as he began slamming into his daughter's wet, tight box.

"Yes, Daddy, fuck the living hell out of me," Eve pleaded, reciting this liturgy again with enthusiasm, her Daddy's cock feeling so good in her.

"I need to get deeper, my dear. The Devil is hiding deep inside you," he told her, lifting both her legs at once and bending her feet forward against her sweet ass, making Eve lean forward onto the table.

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