tagIncest/TabooDaughter's Twenty First Birthday

Daughter's Twenty First Birthday


My daughter's twenty first birthday was fairly large. She had gathered a dozen of her closest friends and made a pool party out of it. I sat laughing and enjoying the spectacle of young girls jumping in, pushing in and being thrown in to the pool. It was a lot of men's dream to watch a dozen wet women in bikinis run around tipsy and wild. About halfway through the party my daughter brought me a drink.

"To my father. The one who raised me to be this fantastic piece of intellectual ass that stands before you." My daughter said as she raised her glass laughing the whole time. I took down the drink in a single swig and chuckled. A fuzziness crawled over my mind and the shapes of the girls became blurred and distorted. The light faded until it was all black.

Next thing I remember when coming to, was that my wrists were bound and my eyes were covered. I tried to speak but a couple of damp panties had been shoved in my mouth. The sound of girls giggling around me became apparent. A cool breeze drifted over my body, my naked body to my realization.

"Hi Mr. Miller." Said one of the girls. Her syllables slurred in her drunken state. "Sorry for this. Your daughter insisted." She giggled.

I tried to say something but it was lost in the panties. My mind whirled and then froze as young hands started stroking my limp cock. Soft hands prodded and pumped my cock, coaxing it into arousal. I felt a warm tongue slide up and down my cock as it grew. I was not ashamed of my cock, by no means at all. I had eight inches of raw hardness but drugged into showing it. That felt shameful.

Different hands touched my cock, stroking it and licking it and eventually sucking it. The girls giggled as they discussed how an eight inch cock would feel in their pussies. From somewhere off in the distance I heard a wrapper tear and a few moments later felt the oily rubber of the condom slide over my erect cock.

"Okay ladies! Mount up!"

One after another the girls slid my cock into their pussies. At one point this was like a dream come true. I was fucking a dozen different women. Their pussies wet and soft and tight around my cock. Each girl whined something or moaned as my cock entered their pussy. My mind felt like it was going to explode from the mounted pressure.

There was always a minute or more pause between the trade off of pussies which meant my cock would get further and further away from coming each time. My balls felt like they were being filled with heavy hot lead. Painful as it cooled and even more painful as it reheated with each pussy.

There was no telling how long they used my cock. An hour, two, maybe more or less. It felt amazing but at the same time it felt embarrassing. The girls rode my cock one after another until they orgasmed or were pulled off by another eager girl.

"Does my pussy feel nice Mr. Miller?" A girl would ask.

I would respond with something incoherent and they would just laugh.

After a long while the part slowed and the girls riding me drifted away leaving me mildly cold and painfully hard on the carpet of my outdoor patio.

"Thanks for the party Emily!"

"Thanks for the fucks!" Another girl said as they left.

All was quiet for a long time until I felt scissors cut away the thick rope binding my wrist and the panties were pulled from my mouth. I tore away the blind fold to stare at my red faced daughter.

"No daddy wait!" She pleaded as I chased her up the stairs.

"I'm sorry. I just-"

"What!" I said back interrupting her.

"Wanted you to have fun too." She said as I followed her into her bedroom. Still naked and still hard with burning balls. I grabbed my daughter by the throat and forced open her legs and plunged my hard condom-less cock into her pussy. I watched her face crumple in surprise and pleasure.

"Oh. I'll have fun." I said as I pushed my cock deeper into her pussy. She gasped as my eight inches of hard cock struck her cervix and more.

"Daddy wait." She said planting a weak hand to my chest.

I pulled back and thrusted forward again. She screamed with a mixture of pain and pleasure.

"Daddy please-" she started to say but I cut her off as I rammed my cock again into her pussy. And then started jack hammering her pink pussy. Emily arched, writhed and gasped as she orgasmed flooding my cock with cum.

I turned her over grabbing her by her light brown hair and pulled hard until her face almost met mine. I pushed my cock in deeper, harder and deeper.

"Daddy. Too. Deep." She gasped.

"Too. Bad." I groaned back as I picked up the pace.

Her eyes rolled into the back of her head as another orgasm rolled through followed by another.

"Oh fuck daddy! I'm cumming!" She screamed.

I pulled her hair harder, tangling it into my fingers as I pushed my cock hard and fast.

"Daddy don't stop! Fuck me! Fuck me! Daddy please don't-" she stopped and gasped as I changed position and angle causing an instantaneous orgasm that trumped all the others.

My balls ached and cock burned as I fucked my daughter, bareback and close to climaxing. My cock felt huge in her tight pussy. Pumping I and out harder and deeper. Her cervix was soft as the tip of my head plunged in and out.

"I'm going to cum." I groaned.

"Daddy. I'm not on birth control. Daddy wait!" She yelled.

But I had her in my grip. There was no where for her to go. No way she could get out as I held her by her hair and breast.

I flipped her over again. Looking into my daughter's eyes as I held her firmly by the hair and neck. Her legs were bent around me like jello as I pounded her red pussy with my cock. Each time I went in brought me closer to the edge. I could feel my cock hardening and growing and balls tightening with the expectation of unloading.

"Daddy!" She whined as my cock dove into her cervix.

I met her eyes, the eyes of my daughter which looked helpless beneath me.

"Daddy. Cum in me daddy."

I let go and pressed deeper into her cervix until I was sure that my entire head was buried deep. Intense pulse after pulse I unloaded my hot thick sperm deep into her cervix. Groaning with each pulse but never leaving her eyes.

It would be another five months until I saw my daughter again, home from college on winter break with a baby bump.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous09/05/18


I wish I had a daddy to do this too me fuckkkk my pussy is aching begging to be touched right now. I can imagine a daddy just pounding into me stretching my tight little hole and making me orgasm so hardmore...

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by Anonymous07/16/18


This was so hot! Especially when his daughter asked her father to cum inside her!

I have been lucky enough to have fucked my own daughter, who is on the pill. We let her drink since she was 15, andmore...

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by Anonymous07/16/18

To "Total crap"

Long and thin goes too far in and brings about the babies
Short and thick does the trick and satisfies the ladies.

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by Anonymous07/15/18

Fun times

Daddy needs to spend some time with his daughters girlfriends and see how many of them he can get pregnant too. Start his own little community of fuck dolls out in the country somewhere.

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by Anonymous07/15/18

Well done

I would like to hear more as he gets even with all the girls at the party, and even uses his daughter a little more often.

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