tagIncest/TabooDave Needs Help Ch. 02

Dave Needs Help Ch. 02


Dave woke up Sunday morning wondering if it had all been a dream. Had he really fucked his daughter the night before? What he did know for sure was that his sexual frustration was somewhat diminished. But that really didn't answer his question.

Putting on his robe, he went downstairs to the kitchen and found Nadine standing at the stove in a t-shirt that stopped just short of her beautiful ass. His son, Frank, was probably still in bed so Dave knew he was basically alone with Nadine. But could he go to her and wrap his arms around her, or had he only imagined the passion? Before Dave could decide, Nadine turned and smiled at him.

"Good morning, Daddy. Did you sleep well?" She began to walk towards him.

"Yes, I did. Did you?"

She slipped her arms around his neck and pressed her body against his. "Yes," she answered. "But I woke up wanting you."

Dave knew then, as his youngest daughter gave him a drugging kiss, that it may have been a dream but it was a dream come true. He didn't hesitate to run his hands over Nadine. He ran his hands up under the t-shirt to feel her naked beneath and brought her closer so that she was sure to feel his erection.

"Oh," she said excitedly, pulling away to look down between them. "Is that for me?" Nadine wrapped her hand around her father's cock and squeezed in appreciation. "I didn't think it was possible," she said, opening his robe so she could see it, "but I think it's bigger than last night."

He laughed softly and pulled her back to him. As they kissed, Nadine jerked her hand up and down on his cock. Her tongue moved inside his mouth in rhythm to her hand and Dave moaned. Pulling away, Nadine lowered to her knees. She looked up at her father with a grin before leaning forward to take his throbbing cock in her mouth.

Dave moaned again and gripped her hair to keep her wonderfully wet mouth around his aching erection. Nadine needed no encouragement as she sucked her father's dick, attacking it like a favored meal. Her father was turned on by the whole situation. The sensations from his daughter's mouth were arousing enough but realizing that his daughter was giving him a blowjob in the middle of their kitchen on a Sunday morning was erotic in itself. Dave grabbed his daughter's head and began fucking her mouth. Nadine kept the pace and soon, Dave shot off in her mouth, load after load of cum.

Nadine drank every drop that shot from her father's dick, and then licked her lips as she stood in front of him. "Thanks for breakfast," she said. "I was going to make pancakes but that was better."

Dave saw the bowl beside the stove and laughed. He kissed his daughter again, tasting his own cum but not caring, because he realized it was in his daughter's mouth. His erection began to grow again. Dave backed his daughter up towards the table. He lifted her until she sat, looking at him with a smile, obviously willing to let him do whatever he wanted. He pulled a chair over and sat in front of her spread legs. "Now it's time for my breakfast," he told her.

The taste of his daughter made Dave feel like a starved man. He lapped up her juices as they flowed out of her. Nadine had to lay back on the table and allow her father the freedom of her body. Dave knew his mouth was making her weak as he found her clit and sucked on it. He was at first afraid her moaning would wake Frank but as he enjoyed eating his daughter's pussy, he didn't really care.

"Yes, Daddy," Nadine encouraged. "Eat my pussy. Make me cum, Daddy. Yes!" She babbled a lot as she enjoyed the sensations. It wasn't long before she suddenly leaned up and grabbed her father's head, grinding his face into her pussy. "I'm cumming!" she shouted.

Almost before her orgasm had passed, Dave stood up. He removed her t-shirt and sucked on her nipples to excite them both. His cock was hard again and he quickly thrust it into his daughter's pussy.

"Yes! Fuck me, Daddy!" she shouted. "Fuck me with your huge cock!"

"Take it, baby girl," he said, as she lay back on the table. He gripped her hips and slammed into her tight, wet pussy again and again. "Take Daddy's cock!"

"Yes!" Nadine met each thrust and came quickly a second time as her father fucked her repeatedly.

Neither noticed that Frank had stumbled into the kitchen. The noises had woken him but now he was sure he had to be dreaming as he saw his sister naked on the table and his father fucking her. He watched for several moments in amazement as his father continued to attack his sister's pussy with his cock. He felt his own dick stirring in his pants and wondered how he could be turned on. But the scene was erotic.

Nadine suddenly turned her head and Frank figured he must have moaned. Wondering if he should turn and leave, Frank simply stood in shock when Nadine smiled slowly at him. "Daddy, fuck me hard while Frank watches."

Dave had been about to cum when he heard his daughter's words. He followed her gaze to see his son standing in the doorway of the kitchen watching him fuck his daughter. While he knew he should stop, his body took over and he fucked Nadine even faster, somehow more turned on by the fact that his son saw the act.

Nadine moaned even louder as her father shot his load inside her and she came too. Almost instantly, she began to laugh. "Come over here, Frank."

Frank watched his father pull his semi-hard cock out of Nadine. She didn't sit up but lay on the table, her pussy wide open and leaking her juices and her father's cum. Frank moved forward as his father stepped aside.

"Let me see your cock, little brother," Nadine ordered.

Not knowing what else to do, Frank released his cock from his boxer shorts – the only thing he was wearing.

"Oh wow," Nadine purred. "Looks like large dicks run in the family. We've been wasting time, boys." She laughed again and sat up, only to wrap her hand around her brother's cock. "Wanna fuck me?" she asked him.

Frank looked at his father, he wasn't sure for permission or just to see his reaction. When Dave only shrugged his shoulders, Frank moved towards his sister. Nadine gripped her brother's ass and pulled his cock into her. She moaned as he filled her.

"That's nice, little brother. Yes . . ." She moved her hips against him and soon, they found a rapid rhythm. "Fuck me, Frankie, fuck your sister. Yes!"

Dave watched and felt his tired cock begin to grow again. He watched his son furiously fuck his daughter on their kitchen table. He heard their moans of pleasure. He suddenly felt very left out.

Moving towards them, Dave touched his daughter's tits. He rolled her nipples between his thumb and forefinger, and then tugged them slightly. She moaned and gripped his hand to keep it on her breast. Nadine then leaned up and kissed her father. She sucked his tongue into her mouth as her brother fucked her.

It was this sight that Sarah saw when she came home for a surprise visit . . .

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